Chapter 1025: I Am The City Lord of The Cosmos Edge

    Chapter 1025: I Am The City Lord of The Cosmos Edge

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    "Where are they from?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

    Ni Kai let out a breath before speaking, "In fact, they seemed to be related to the people on our side. They could come here because of Demon Race's Dao Lord Ce Hong and Sea Race's Jiao Luan."

    Hearing the name of Demon Race's Ce Hong, Mo Wuji instantly pictured a cultivator without eyebrows. That fella even coveted for Shuai Guo before but didn't dare to attack after being rejected by Mo Wuji.

    "Those two b*stards Ce Hong and Jiao Luan were always unwilling to give up on God Precipice Continent's void curse runes..."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, he instantly understood. Back then when he brought people to destroy Gods Race in God Precipice Continent, they discovered a massive void rune in Gods Race territory. Previously when they visited that, all of them felt dizzy and had their sea of consciousness muddled.

    "They opened my seal?" Mo Wuji became stern as he sounded unhappy.

    He was, after all, the Dao Lord and City Lord of Cosmos Edge yet Ce Hong and Jiao Luan actually dared to destroy his seal while he was not in Cosmos Edge? Mo Wuji wouldn't mind if it was some ordinary seal but that seal imprint was likely to bring about some curse runes. Even so, Ce Hong and Jiao Luan dared to open it so evidently, they were dangerous people.

    Ni Kai nodded. "Not only did they open it up, they even used 100,000 people as a blood sacrifice to open that seal."

    "They used 100,000 cultivators of Gods Race for blood sacrifice?" Mo Wuji asked shockingly.

    Ni Kai shook his head, "There were not many cultivators of Gods Race in God Precipice Continent to begin with. Ce Hong and Jiao Luan secretly grabbed cultivators from the various races including my blood race and human race. They secretly captured these people in a hideout and followed Gods Race's technique to open up that massive void rune."

    Immense killing intent surged up in Mo Wuji's heart as all he wanted to do at this moment would be to kill those two b*stards.

    Ni Kai continued to speak. "After that massive void runes have been opened up, my guess is that they had obtained a lot of benefits. Furthermore, the two of them started learning some minor Curse Arts. Later on, it was a tragedy. In that rune, there was actually an extremely long distance transfer whirlpool. Eventually, a large number of Gods Race experts were transferred over from the transfer whirlpool. The moment they arrived, they murdered Jiao Luan. Ce Hong mentioned that he knew some minor Curse Arts and was willing to be the Gods Race's lackey so he managed to keep his life.

    I suspect that the reason why Gods Race managed to kill their way into Cosmos Edge so quickly should be related to Ce Hong."

    Mo Wuji's killing intent grew stronger by the seconds as he said to Ni Kai. "I want to go to Cosmos Edge. Are you coming with me or will you be staying here?"

    Ni Kai instantly grew hesitant. No matter how strong Mo Wuji was, Ni Kai believed that Mo Wuji shouldn't be capable enough to deal with those Gods Race experts in Cosmos Edge.

    Before Ni Kai could answer, Lu Ziting stood in to respond. "Sect Head Mo, I will go with you. Even if I could only kill one ant of Gods Race, I want to collect some debts."

    Ape Mo didn't say anything because it was guaranteed that he would follow Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji said to Ni Kai, "Dao Friend Ni Kai, why don't you stay here to help me look out for Cosmos Wall? The moment Cosmos Wall appears, may I ask Dao Friend to send me a message immediately."

    While speaking, Mo Wuji took out a communication bead for Ni Kai.

    Ni Kai accepted the communication bead before replying, "Dao Lord Mo, I will go with the few of you too. I, Ni Kai, am indeed slightly fearful of death but Gods Race had exterminated almost all of my Blood Race. If I choose to hide here, I am not worthy of being a member of Blood Race. As for the opening of Cosmos Wall, we would be able to know from Cosmos Edge. There is no need to wait here."

    "Alright, since this is the case, let's go to Cosmos Edge together." Mo Wuji started heading towards the transfer array of Heaven's Beyond Human Corridor.

    He had been here once so he was considered familiar with the place.

    The transfer array used from Cosmos Edge to Heaven's Beyond Corridor was in perfect condition. Evidently, Gods Race's cultivators had been here often and had no intention to destroy this transfer array. Mo Wuji threw out a pile of array flags as he protected this transfer array. He was already a Grade 5 God Array King so in just a short period of time, he was able to install a Grade 4 god array.

    Mo Wuji believed that as long as there were no God Monarchs, a Grade 4 god array should be able to stop a Heavenly God expert.

    After protecting the transfer array, Mo Wuji, Ape Mo and co. got onto the transfer array.

    Cosmos Edge and Heaven's Beyond Corridor wasn't very far apart so after a short travelling time, four of them landed on another piece of massive stone.

    It was still the same massive stone just like before. In front of it, there were two void stone paths.

    Back then when Mo Wuji was here, the words carved on the signboard on the side of the path were: Heaven's Beyond Corridor Transfer Array. Now it was written as Gods Race's Heaven's Beyond Corridor Transfer Array. The only difference from previously was that there was nobody here to guard it. Clearly, Gods Race wasn't too interested in this transfer array.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand and destroyed the signboard in an instant. He reconstructed another signboard without the word 'Gods Race' in front.

    Having done these, Mo Wuji immediately set up an array surrounding the entire massive stone. He didn't just install defensive arrays as he included some killing arrays as well as deathtrap arrays.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji didn't just install Grade 4 deathtrap arrays but spent a little more time and effort to set up a Grade 5 god deathtrap array. In such a small space, Mo Wuji only needed half a day to set up a Grade 5 god deathtrap array.

    Once that was done, the four of them arrived at Cosmos Edge and had yet to see anyone.

    Many years ago, the once crowded and bustling Cosmos Edge was now like a dead city.

    "Could everyone here be slaughtered by Gods Race? And the people of Gods Race left right after that? It shouldn't be like this right?" Ape Mo muttered to himself.

    He found it odd because even if Gods Race were to leave, they would have destroyed this place right?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already extended to within Cosmos Edge. Cosmos Edge was filled with nothing but deathly energy and corpses. However, because there were waves of god spiritual energy fluctuating, Mo Wuji knew that someone was cultivating here.

    The defensive array of Cosmos Edge was set up by him many years ago and there were not many changes to it. It should be because the cultivators of the Gods Race didn't view the cultivators here as anything threatening so they didn't bother strengthening it.

    Mo Wuji raised his hands and thousands of array flags flew out. Back then, he left some tricks on the defensive array and now that his array flags were out, the entire Cosmos Edge appeared right in front of the few of them. Besides the defensive array, there was suddenly one more trap array. This trap array was much more frightening than the previous defensive array. In a few seconds, Mo Wuji managed to casually set up a Grade 3 god deathtrap array.

    Some words were formed using countless skulls of cultivators and it read: Gods Race's Cosmos Edge.

    A few survivors were basically seated on the ground like puppets. Every now and then, someone's body would turn into blood fog. Even Lu Ziting was aware that Gods Race must have been cultivating some black sorcery.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected a strange fluctuation of the laws. This strange law was neither part of the five elements nor something he was familiar with.

    Ni Kai grunted, "These b*stards are really cultivating the Curse Arts. This is using the remaining cultivators to cultivate the Curse Arts."

    "Who dares to extend their spiritual will so brazenly in the territory of Gods Race? Die for me!" A stern voice could be heard and following that, a massive hand imprint was struck towards Mo Wuji and co.

    This fella couldn't even be bothered to show his face. Evidently, he was treating Mo Wuji and co. like mere ants.

    Mo Wuji grunted as he threw out another tens of array flags. Concurrently, a hand imprint flew over as well.

    A devastating cry could be heard and a tall and white-faced man was thrown to the ground by Mo Wuji's hand imprint which got hold of his neck. At the instant Mo Wuji threw him to the ground, this white-faced man's spirit channels were instantly destroyed.

    "Whoosh!" Seven lights surged over and they landed right at the entrance of Cosmos Edge's defensive array. The man standing in front was a green skin man. He stared nervously at Mo Wuji. "Who are you? Why are you able to come here?"

    Out of the seven people, four of them were Nascent Gods while three of them were Heavenly Gods. Mo Wuji could tell that these people were certainly not from this world domain.

    Those three Heavenly Gods had the aid of Heaven and Earth's talisman so they managed to restrain their strength at Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage. The Nascent Gods cultivators didn't have any sort of aid from the talisman.

    Mo Wuji understood now. It seemed like this place wasn't completely without restraints of the Laws of Heaven and Earth. At the very least, it seemed like Heavenly Gods couldn't come here and only Nascent Gods were able. If the Heavenly Gods were to come here, they must use a regulation talisman to restrain their cultivation level.

    Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao so none of these Laws of the Heaven and Earth would be of any effect to him.

    "Wuji, this was the man who chased after me many years ago..." Ape Mo finally reacted to the situation as he pointed to the white-faced man lying on the floor.

    Ape Mo was already very stunned when Mo Wuji was able to ambush Yu Nan previously. Even though Yu Nan was a God Monarch, who was many times stronger than this puny Nascent God in front of him, Ape Mo didn't have any idea how strong a God Monarch was. Now that Mo Wuji had blatantly used his god elemental hand to kill an expert whom he failed to defend against previously, Ape Mo realised that Mo Wuji's strength had greatly surpassed what he imagined.

    Ni Kai and Lu Ziting took in deep breaths of cold air. They knew that Mo Wuji should be strong but they didn't expect him to be this powerful.

    An expert whom they couldn't even defend head on was not even worthy to be called an ant in front of Mo Wuji. Just how strong was Mo Wuji?

    "I am the City Lord of Cosmos Edge." Mo Wuji's mighty whirlpool domain extended outwards. As he spoke, his god elemental hand was sent out for the second time. The Nascent God, who was speaking earlier, also had no strength to fight back as he was grabbed by Mo Wuji. In the next moment, his entire body was pinched into a blood fog by Mo Wuji.
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