Chapter 1029: Furnace of the Heaven and Earth

    Chapter 1029: Furnace of the Heaven and Earth

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    "Alright, then Brother Jing will follow behind me." With that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he directly charged into the black hole.

    Jing Xinjue did not fall behind; he followed Mo Wuji and charged into the Cosmos Wall.

    Mo Wuji had entered the Cosmos Wall before. He knew that this was a tangible passage which was vast and broad. When he entered, he faced a powerful force of expulsion. Back then, he managed to reach a considerable height, but he was ultimately expelled out of the Cosmos Wall.

    This was Mo Wuji's second visit to the Cosmos Wall. Indeed, there were some slight differences as compared to his first visit. Firstly, there were fewer low tiered god herbs and green crystals. Secondly, the expulsive force had become weaker. There's no need to talk about how he was already at Heavenly God Level 2. Even if he was a Grand Luo Immortal, he would still be able to easily sail through this expulsive force.

    This expulsive force was nothing to Mo Wuji and Jing Xinjue. The two of them felt as though they were flying through ordinary space; they moved extremely quickly.

    However, this Cosmos Wall seemed to be interminable. Mo Wuji and Jing Xinjue felt as though they had been flying for days but their spiritual wills were still unable to detect an end.

    In the beginning, Mo Wuji was slightly anxious. After ten days, Mo Wuji regained his calm. After waving goodbye to Jing Xinjue, he activated his Wind Escape Technique and disappeared into the winds.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji could actually move faster, Jing Xinjue's eyes lit up. At the same time, he whipped out a stimulation talisman. His figure flashed and his speed became as fast as Mo Wuji.

    Another tens days passed. Mo Wuji's eyes shone as his body emerged from a god spiritual energy whirlpool.

    The moment he landed on hard ground, Mo Wuji knew that he had either returned to God Domain or God Continent. The Laws of the Heaven and Earth here were definitely not those of a lower world. This Cosmos Wall was truly mystical; Mo Wuji wondered exactly who was the one who built it.

    Before Mo Wuji could accurately determine his location, he was stunned by a huge pill furnace.

    This pill furnace was at least 30,000 meters tall and tens of thousands of meters wide. It had three feet and its two ears were like winding rivers.

    Mo Wuji felt like an ant beneath this behemoth-like pill furnace. If not for his spiritual will, he wouldn't even be able to see this pill furnace in its entirety.

    Multiple ancient words were engraved on the exterior of the pill furnace: "Heaven and Earth as the Furnace, Fortune as the Labour! Yin and Yang as the Charcoal, All Objects as the Copper."

    Although "engraved" was used, it was more accurate to say that those words were born together with the pill furnace. There were no scars of engraving and the words seemed to be a complete set with the furnace.

    "It's the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth..." Jing Xinjue's shocked voice resounded. He landed beside Mo Wuji.

    "What's the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    As he was speaking, he came to realise why low tiered god herbs were continuously thrown down Cosmos Edge.

    This was because there were ten plots of huge god spiritual herb gardens around the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. There were various arrays installed around the gardens. After some time, the god herbs in these gardens would be swept up by these arrays and sent into the Furnace. The Furnace would then expel the dregs.

    Those expelled dregs were then sent into an array passage. This passage was the passage which led to Heaven's Beyond Corridor, the same one that Mo Wuji and Jing Xinjue had just emerged from.

    Clearly, one could only come up through the passage. Going in other direction was not possible. This was because after they emerged, Mo Wuji could no longer sense the Cosmos Wall. As for the green crystal shavings, it seems like they were the leftover dregs after the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth absorbed the Laws and god spiritual energy from the god crystals in the surroundings.

    What left Mo Wuji feeling slightly pitiable was that the god herbs in those gardens were horribly low in tier. There wasn't even half a strand of a good o e.

    "I didn't think that I would actually see the Furnace of Heaven and Earth from legends. This is truly a great fortune, a great fortune..." Jing Xinjue was completely bubbling with joy. He didn't even notice Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept outwards. There was no one else here.

    In front of him, there was also a huge pool. This pool was completely empty.

    Sensing that there was still a rich pill fragrance within this pool, Mo Wuji stepped in. After scanning carefully with his spiritual will, he picked out a pill fragment from a corner of the pool.

    "This is the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill concocted by the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. What a huge pool, what a huge pool..." Jing Xinjue also jumped into the pill pool. However, he only said one complete sentence before continuously muttering to himself:

    "What a huge pool."

    "What 'What a huge pool?'" Mo Wuji said in slight displeasure. This fella's words were like goat **' they came one at a time.

    Jing Xinjue finally regained his countenance. He looked at Mo Wuji and spoke with a sob, "Wuji, this was a huge pool of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. To think that those bastards that came first took them all way. They didn't even leave a single one for this Lord Jing..."

    Noticing the way that Mo Wuji was looking at him, "Jing Xinjue forcefully repressed his inner disappointment and envy at those that took away the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill. He explained, "The Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill can only be concocted by the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. This sort of pill is formed by gathering countless god herbs. These god herbs are from different varieties; they can be high tiered and low tiered... Do you see those herb gardens?

    The herbs in those gardens would be swept away by the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Then the Laws of the Heaven and Earth and the purest spiritual energy would be mixed into them to form the Pills. Those crystal fragments that we previously saw in the Cosmos Wall weren't true crystal fragments. Instead, they are trash crystals expelled from the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth after concocting the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. Those fragments contain impurities and they do not have complete Laws. The Furnace of the Heaven and Earth is the only furnace which can refine Laws."

    After hearing Jing Xinjue's words, Mo Wuji finally realised that the green crystals that he used to fight for were simply useless residues of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Clearly, those herbs thrown away were also rubbish to this Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    Mo Wuji placed that pill fragment into his mouth. Instantly, a sense of clarity towards the Laws of the Heaven and Earth struck him. With just that single pill fragment, Mo Wuji felt his cultivation stabilising by a bit.

    This was truly good stuff. Looking at the empty pool in front of him, Mo Wuji could imagine how fortunate that fella who took all the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills was. Reaching the God King Stage definitely wasn't a problem. In fact, it wouldn't be weird for the pills in this pond to allow that fella to surpass the Unity God Stage.

    "After the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth sucks those god herbs in, they will grow again after some time because of the god spiritual vein. However, as time passes, the tiers of the god herbs would become increasingly low. Those bastards that took the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill definitely took the best stuff. Their futures are immeasurable."

    When he heard Jing Xinjue's words, Mo Wuji could not help but be worried about Cen Shuyin. Cen Shuyin had also been here. If she saw such Law Pills, she would definitely have fought for them. However, her cultivation was still very low. If she met with an expert, she would be placed in danger.

    Not noticing Mo Wuji's worry, Jing Xinjue continued, "It's bad enough that those bastards took away those Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. They actually extracted all the god spiritual veins here. This is too cruel. They didn't even leave behind a single spoonful of soup for the rest of us who came later."

    After Jing Xinjue finished his angry rant, he removed his regulation talisman. Regardless of what happened, he was still slightly happy that he finally returned to God World.

    "Then why is this Furnace of the Heaven and Earth still here?" Mo Wuji looked at this huge furnace and asked questioningly.

    Jing Xinjue snorted coldly, "They would need some capabilities to take it away. No storage ring can store the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Even Xiantian treasures cannot hope to envelop the Furnace. This is something born from the Heaven the Earth. In your eyes, this Furnace looks tens of thousands of meters high, right? But in reality, if the Furnace is fully extended, it would be as huge as a world. This is just the Furnace's mini form. Previously, I always thought that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was only a myth. I can't believe that I would actually see it today. Unfortunately, I'm unable to enter the Furnace. Otherwise, I would have definitely entered to take a look.

    I'm sure that this set-up was prepared by a person. That person also couldn't take away the Furnace, which was why he prepared everything here. I wonder whether this person has reached the end of his longevity and entered the cycle of reincarnation."

    Mo Wuji suspected that his spirit storage channel's spiritual will might actually be able to enter the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. However, he didn't do that. Instead, he continuously threw out array flags. At the same time, he started to inscribe multiple shift-type array runes.

    "Wait, wait..." Seeing Mo Wuji's actions, Jing Xinjue hurriedly stopped him, "You couldn't be thinking of taking the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, right?"

    Mo Wuji looked at Jing Xinjue, "Since you aren't taking it, I will naturally take it. Someone else had already taken the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. Am I supposed to leave this Furnace behind for someone else? You might be kind but I'm not."

    Jing Xinjue stammered and said, "I'm kind? That bull crap. It's just that I can't take it. If I can store it, I wouldn't be wasting my words on you. I would have taken this furnace a long time ago. Others weren't able to take it. The same goes for us."

    "That's good. That means that I have one less competitor." As Mo Wuji was speaking, he continued to throw out array flags.

    Jing Xinjue said speechlessly, "Wuji, stop doing useless things. I know that your Array Dao is very strong, but so what if you could move the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth? This Furnace is a supreme treasure of fortune. In front of it, Xiantian treasures could only be considered as rubbish. Even if you move this Furnace, can you take it away?"

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about Jing Xinjue. He didn't know whether his Mortal World could store the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. But if he didn't try, how could he know? Now that the Mortal World resonated with his own Dao Laws, it was complete with the various kinds of Laws. Although the Laws were slightly weak, it was still a complete and world. If it was the same Undying World of the old, he really wouldn't have a chance of storing this Furnace.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji had completed the shift-type array and prepared countless array runes.

    Finally, Mo Wuji threw out the master array flag. At the same time, his hands continuously formed hand seals.

    A loud rumbling could be heard. Jing Xinjue stared in shock at the huge Furnace started to vibrate.
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