Chapter 1030: White Bone Pool

    Chapter 1030: White Bone Pool

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    After a few breaths time, the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth was suddenly pulled into an indiscernible void. It disappeared.

    Mo Wuji saw the Furnace within his Mortal World and his heart was filled with excitement. He didn't think that his attempt would ultimately result in success.

    "Did you really store the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth? Or did it teleport away?" Although the Furnace disappeared, Jing Xinjue still didn't believe that Mo Wuji had the capabilities to take and store it.

    "Enough with the nonsense. Let's go." Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he sped away.

    Jing Xinjue hurriedly followed behind Mo Wuji. The news of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth appearing here would definitely be spread. One day, an expert would definitely come here in search of the Furnace.

    As Mo Wuji sped along, his spiritual will was constantly scanning outwards. In just half an incense's time, he stopped. He seemed to be within a huge canyon. Poisonous gas filled the air, invading the skins and into the bones and meridians.

    Mo Wuji had the detoxification channel, so he didn't really care about the poison. Jing Xinjue, on the other hand, was continuously consuming various kinds of pills.

    "This seems to be a canyon." With a few steps, Mo Wuji arrived the side of the canyon. He casually talked to Jing Xinjue.

    "We're screwed. How did we end up in the White Bone Pool?" Jing Xinjue seemed to recognise their location and he wailed in anguish.

    Mo Wuji looked at Jing Xinjue questioningly, "What's the White Bone Pool?"

    Jing Xinjue took out several healing pills and popped them in his mouth. Then, he said, "It's rumoured that this place was built by an extremely evil person. This person isn't even from God Domain. I heard from my school that this fella was a heretical cultivator that cultivated the Laws of Darkness. I suspect that his a bastard from the Gods Race."

    Laws of Darkness? Mo Wuji's heart was filled with confusion. He had heard of this matter before. Ku Cai's ancestor had arrived at God Domain. However, because those that cultivated the Laws of Darkness were considered as heretics, Ku Cai's ancestor was hunted down by the rest of God Domain. He was probably killed. However, Ku Cai's ancestor had left behind a bloodline. And now, the only person carrying on that bloodline was Ku Cai.

    Mo Wuji had interacted with Ku Cai before. He had also studied the Laws of Darkness before. In fact, he had even seen the Laws of Darkness and possessed the Darkness Origin Bead. Hearing Jing Xinjue say that his pond was built by Ku Cai's ancestor, Mo Wuji felt slightly suspicious.

    If Ku Cai had escaped from this place, she definitely wouldn't hide it from him, considering their relationship.

    Jing Xinjue did not seem to notice the change in Mo Wuji's expression. He continued, "That fella that cultivated the Laws of Darkness fled here. Because there aren't the Laws of Darkness here, he captured billions of people and extracted their life force, all in an attempt to build a Yin Pool to cultivate. Eventually, it's said that the heretical cultivator was killed. But because of the heavy death energy, no one could come here. All those that do will only meet with death. Although I still have several pills, I probably cannot last much longer. Moreover, we can't get out... Eh, Wuji, why do you look fine?"

    Mo Wuji was sure that Jing Xinjue's words were complete bull**. This story wasn't told by those involved but fabricated by those that had nothing better to do.

    The Laws of Darkness had always been one of the proper Laws of the Heaven and Earth. It had no relation to a Yin Pool, nor the cultivating of death energy.

    If there's light, then there will be darkness. This was the proper Dao and the order of the world. Back then, those experts probably hunted him down because they wanted to obtain his technique of cultivating the Laws of Darkness.

    To speak frankly, that was eviler than cultivating the Laws of Darkness itself.

    "That's not right. Why do I feel like I can fly out." After muttering these words to himself, Jing Xinjue's figure flashed and he really flew upwards. According to the legends, one could only fall in the White Bone Pool and there was no way to fly out. From the looks of it, those legends were completely false.

    Mo Wuji's figure also flashed and he landed on the edge of the White Bone Pool.

    Immediately, he was greeted with a sight which was the same as what he had seen in Gods Precipice Continent's curse runes - an entire space of white bones.

    Even though Mo Wuji and Jing Xinjue had just come from the bottom, they could only see dense fogs when they looked down below. The bottom was completely out of sight.

    Mo Wuji also knitted his brows. He thought that since he and Jing Xinjue could fly out, it showed that the magic array over the array had grown weak with time. Since the array had weakened, they would naturally be able to fly out. However, according to this logic, they should be able to see the entire White Bone Pool with a single glance.

    "Boom! Boom!" Thundering rumbles could be heard. Jing Xinjue hurriedly brought out a flying treasure, "Wuji, let's hurry and leave. This place is about to turn into dust..."

    Whether or this place would turn into dust as Jing Xinjue said was unclear. However, Mo Wuji was very clear that he needed to leave as soon as possible. The ground beneath his feet was shaking, seemingly about to collapse.

    Mo Wuji also brought out a flying treasure. Following behind Jing Xinjue, he charged into the mist.

    After flying for an entire day, the two of them finally landed at the periphery of a mountain range.

    As they set their sights towards the mountain range, they could only see a patch of blur. The mountain range was completely hazy.

    "Wuji, this is the White Bone Mountain Range. That White Bone Pool that we were in was in the depths of White Bone Mountain Range. There's no god spiritual energy inside, nor any form of treasures. Thus, no one would typically come here. I didn't think that I would actually return to God Domain through White Bone Pool. If I told others about this, they definitely wouldn't believe it. What luck, what luck." As Jing Xinjue explained to Mo Wuji, he was secretly rejoicing.

    Mo Wuji was slightly worried. He didn't know whether Cen Shuyin had been able to come out.

    "Xinjue, do you have a map of God Domain?" Mo Wuji casually asked.

    "Of course." Jing Xinjue casually passed a jade letter to Mo Wuji. Then, he continued, "We are not particularly far from my Forgotten Creek Dao School. Do you want to follow me back? I'm sure that Junior Sister Qu You would be very happy to see you."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I'm not going. You can return first."

    Jing Xinjue slapped his forehead, "Oh, how stupid. I didn't remember that you were being hunted by several God Kings. Rest assured, I definitely wouldn't reveal any news of you. Oh right, if I meet Junior Sister Qu You, should I tell her that I met you?"

    Mo Wuji rubbed his temples, "I truly do not have such relations with Junior Sister Qu You. Stop spouting nonsense."

    "Yes, yes, I know. Farewell then." Jing Xinjue chuckled as he ignited his flying treasure. In an instant, he disappeared. He desperately wanted to return back to the sect. As for Mo Wuji's words about his relationship with Qu You, he didn't believe a single one of them.

    Mo Wuji glanced through the jade letter than Jing Xinjue gave him. Soon, he decided to stay in the area for a period of time before heading back to the depths of White Bone Mountain Range.

    This Jing Xinjue was very talkative but Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't treat him like an idiot. Don't simply look at his garrulous and unfiltered behaviour. In reality, this fella had some brains. The way Mo Wuji looked at it, Jing Xinjue definitely suspected that he managed to store the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. However, Jing Xinjue did not mention a single word about it since.

    Still, Mo Wuji did not believe that Jing Xinjue was an unscrupulous person. He believed that Jing Xinjue was a person worth befriending and Jing Xinjue definitely wouldn't reveal his whereabouts. Even so, Mo Wuji still decided that it was better to be careful.

    At the entrance of White Bone Mountain Range, he installed a Grade 5 monitoring array. After which, he secretly left.

    One day later, Mo Wuji arrived at a dense forest which had ordinary levels of god spiritual energy. There, he found a secretive spot to hid in.

    After hiding himself, Mo Wuji entered his Undying World where he had Da Huang monitor his monitoring array. Finally, he came to the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    Mo Wuji had high expectations towards the Furnace. Jing Xinjue had said that this was a supreme treasure of fortune. As for what a supreme treasure of fortune was, even Jing Xinjue wasn't very clear about it.

    Within his Mortal World, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was still 30,000 meters tall. As it stood within the flat land of his Mortal World, it felt like the centre of his Mortal World.

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he easily arrived at the top of the Furnace.

    Pill air circulated within the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. Mo Wuji took in a slight breath and he felt his entire spirit being elevated. This was a feeling that could not be described with words.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned the insides of the Furnace. He could only sense the rich pill air and the various energies of purified Laws of the Heaven and Earth. As for the corners of the Furnace, his spiritual will was actually unable to reach them.

    After standing at the edge of the furnace for a few breaths of time, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to jump into the pill furnace.

    This was his Mortal World. He did not believe that, in his own Mortal World, he wouldn't be able to protect his own life.

    The moment he entered the Furnace, he was surrounded by pill air. This was pill air which was devoid of pill poisons and impurities. Mo Wuji had a feeling that if he cultivated here, his cultivation would rise rapidly.

    Mo Wuji curbed his intentions to cultivation. What he needed to do now was to refine the Furnace.

    The Furnace was like a vast and boundless world. Within this Furnace, Mo Wuji was like a single dust particle. Within the Furnace, Mo Wuji moved using his Wind Escape Technique. After an incense's time, Mo Wuji arrived at the array rune at the centre of the Furnace.

    He did not find the core of the Furnace. At the same time, he had a faint feeling that it wouldn't be so easy to refine this pill furnace. The reason why he could send this pill furnace into his Undying World might be because this pill furnace had a spirit. It sensed the complete Laws of this world, so it volunteered to come in.

    What caused Mo Wuji's skull to turn numb was that he found many withered corpses around this array rune. There were even storage rings which had their internal Laws of Space destroyed.

    This showed that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth did not only suck in god herbs. It could even suck in cultivators and extract their spiritual energy. After which, it would cast out all the corpses and residues.

    After some time, Mo Wuji gradually calmed down and accepted that reality. The Furnace of Heaven and Earth could probably refine anything that contained spiritual energy.
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