Chapter 1031: Pill Cleansing

    Chapter 1031: Pill Cleansing

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    Mo Wuji still intended to cultivate within the Furnace but the sheer number of corpses left him feeling slightly disgusted. Even though he knew that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth would only absorb the spiritual energy of cultivators, he still felt uncomfortable. He casually brought out a storage ring and sent all these messy rubbish into it. He was going to throw this ring away after he left the Mortal World.

    After which, Mo Wuji found large amounts of herb impurities at another array rune. The Furnace probably hadn't had the chance to expel these dregs.

    After cleaning the entire pill furnace, Mo Wuji dragged in two supposed peak-grade god spiritual veins and he prepared to cultivate.

    The pill air within the pill furnace was free from impurities. The Furnace was even able to integrate the Laws of the Heaven and Earth into the pill air. One could only dream of cultivating in such an environment.

    Jing Xinjue was right. That pool that full of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills was definitely good stuff. While he did not manage to obtain those pills, he was fortunate enough to obtain a Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. In comparison, his gains were much higher.

    108 meridians simultaneously went into reverse circulation. Boundless pill air and the god spiritual energy from the spiritual veins merged and formed a huge whirlpool around Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji could clearly feel the different Laws of the Heaven and Earth changing before him, as well as the evolution of the various Laws. Within the Furnace, it felt as though a pair of hands was continuously moulding the Laws for him to gain insights from.

    Within such concentrated Law-filled pill air, Mo Wuji's cultivation rose rapidly. His spiritual will also became more profound as it got refined by the universal laws.

    The faint sounds of his meridians expanding could be continuously heard around Mo Wuji's body. Without any obstacles, Mo Wuji stepped into Heavenly God Level 3.

    At the instant that he stepped into Heavenly God Level 3, he suddenly shot his finger forward.

    Even though he was within the Furnace, the space that his finger passed through seemed to have become a melting pot. Everything within that melting pot started to melt and disappear in a vast world of fortune.

    At the same instant that he stepped into Heavenly God Level 3, he gained insights on his Seven World Killer's third finger - Fortune!

    After stepping into Heavenly God Level 3, Mo Wuji became increasingly aware of the usefulness of this pill air and he started to cultivate with even greater fervour.

    The pill air within the Furnace was like shapeless and clear water. After being sucked into Mo Wuji's meridians, it washed away the impurities within Mo Wuji's body. Coupled with the god spiritual veins' spiritual energy, Mo Wuji's cultivation continued to soar.

    Various Laws moved and interweaved within Mo Wuji's dao will. At the same time, Mo Wuji began to gain enlightenment on his various sacred arts.

    After cultivating for an unknown amount of time, Mo Wuji suddenly felt boundless elemental energy forming a bridge within his meridians. As this bridge formed, a shackle was broken.

    Powerful god elemental energy filled his entire body. At this moment, Mo Wuji wished to charge out and roar into the sky. His cultivation had broken through another shackle; he had reached Nascent God Level 4.

    New Sacred Art Laws started to become increasingly clear within Mo Wuji's mind. Mo Wuji suddenly started to form countless hand seals. His formed hand seals unendingly. There were clearly strong gales and billowing winds, but at the end of his hand seals, they were all turned into light breezes and fine rain before ultimately dispersing into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji knew that he had understood a new sacred art. However, when he repeated the hand seals for this sacred art, he was slightly stunned.

    This was actually a Pill Dao sacred art. Since Mo Wuji started cultivating, he had learnt various kinds of sacred art. Because of his Immortal Mortal Technique, his Pill Dao improved at a god-like pace. But there was actually a sacred art for the Pill Dao? In his Pill Dao, he only knew how to improve his hand techniques and his understanding of concocting the various pills.

    But today, he had gained enlightenment on a Pill Dao sacred art.

    This sacred art didn't have any attack power but it could remove the pill poison from the pills that he concocts. At the same time, it would integrate his own Laws into the pills, forming the purest kind of law pills.

    In a few breaths time, Mo Wuji started to rejoice. This sacred art was definitely priceless. It was equivalent to a simplified version of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

    Pills have always been the number one method to support cultivation. But in reality, even the wealthiest would not dare to eat pills like rice to increase their cultivation.

    The main reason behind this was pill poison. Of course, aside from pill poison, another reason was that cultivators that raise their cultivation rapidly through pills would be weaker in combat.

    If pills could be freed from pill poison, then the pill refiner that could concoct such pills would definitely be the pill refiner sought after by the entire universe.

    Mo Wuji exhaled deeply and practised the hand seals for the Pill Dao sacred art once more. Only then did he mutter to himself, "This sacred art will be called Pill Cleansing."

    At this instant, Mo Wuji came to a realisation. When he cultivated within this Law-filled pill air, he would gain insights on a sacred art with every advancement in cultivation level. When he went from Heavenly God Level 2 to Level 3, he understood the Seven World Finger's third finger, Fortune. When he went from Level 3 to Level 4, he gained enlightenment on the Pill Dao sacred art, Pill Cleansing.

    Mo Wuji was also very clear why he could gain enlightenment on Pill Cleansing. Besides his dao revelation pill, it was also because he was within the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. The pill air within the furnace was free from impurities, much less pill poison. If there were any impurities in the air, it must have come from the two peak-grade god spiritual veins that he brought in.

    Because of the pure pill air within the Furnace, he came to gain enlightenment of one of the methods of the Furnace itself - concocting without pill poison.

    Sensing that the pill air within the Furnace was still very concentrated, Mo Wuji wanted to continue to see what new sacred art he would learn when he stepped into Heavenly God Level 5.

    Just as Mo Wuji was ready to cultivate, Da Huang sent a message.

    Mo Wuji immediately charged out of the Furnace and landed beside Da Huang, "Da Huang, you discovered something?"

    Da Huang pointed at the monitoring array and said, "Just now, I saw two people enter. One of them seemed to have been controlled by the other."

    "How long have I cultivated for?"

    "Seven months."

    "I understand." Mo Wuji anxiously charged out of the Mortal World. At the same time, he activated a transfer talisman.

    He took one day to get to this spot from White Bone Mountain Range. But because he inscribed a transfer array rune before he left White Bone, he only needed a few breaths to return.

    The moment he landed at the entrance of White Bone Mountain Range, Mo Wuji started to install a trap array.

    With his current cultivation at Heavenly God Level 4, he only needed two hours to create a mini trap array.

    After installing the trap array, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to rush into the depths of White Bone Mountain Range.

    He was sure that there was no such thing as an air-tight wall. Since people could have escaped from here and even escape with large amounts of Heavenly Law Elemental Pills, Mo Wuji guessed that someone would eventually find out about this place. From the looks of it, someone really found this place.

    Since that person could come here, that person must have a source of that information. That source of information was what Mo Wuji cared about.

    Mo Wuji launched his Wind Escape Technique. With one Wind Teleportation after another, he only took half a day before he finally stopped.

    Within his spiritual will, he found two male cultivators. One was extremely short with a huge beard. His eyes looked extremely vicious. What left Mo Wuji slightly apprehensive was that this shortie was already at the Great Circle of the God Monarch Stage; he only needed a single step to enter the World God Stage.

    The other person left Mo Wuji shocked. This was because Mo Wuji recognised that person - Kuang Jin.

    Kuang Jin was still in the Immortal Emperor Stage. Moreover, he was the one that provided Kuang Jin with the True Emperor Pill to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage. It was just that Kuang Jin was too shameless. After using his True Emperor Pill to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage, Kuang Jin didn't help him when he needed help. Not only that, Kuang Jin even wanted to make use of that opportunity to ask him for green crystals.

    When those Immortal Emperors came knocking at his door, Kuang Jin didn't even attack once before escaping. Fortunately, Mo Wuji had already made his preparations. As long as Kuang Jin helped him slightly, he would not die at the hands of those Immortal Emperors. Eventually, he was still forced to escape to the depths of Heaven's Beyond Corridor, hiding and cultivating for years before he finally revealed himself.

    At this moment, Kuang Jin clearly wasn't doing well. Kuang JIn was probably controlled by that shortie.

    From the looks of it, Kuang Jin should have also came from Cosmos Wall. Mo Wuji turned to look at the spot where White Bone Pool was previously. At this moment, it had actually disappeared.

    That shortie should have forced Kuang Jin to come here for the Furnace of Heaven and Earth or the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill. However, after arriving here, Kuang Jin was unable to find the location of White Bone Pool.

    Kuang Jin was also Mo Wuji's target for questioning. Kuang Jin came together with Shuyin. He might actually know Shuyin's whereabouts.

    When Mo Wuji noticed that shortie, that shortie also noticed Mo Wuji.

    This shortie didn't even say a word. He grabbed Kuang Jin, his figure flashed and he sped towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to run away using his Wind Escape Technique. If he continuously used Wind Teleportation, this shortie definitely wouldn't be able to catch up to him even though this shortie was a Great Circle God Monarch.

    However, Mo Wuji's motive wasn't to flee. When he just stepped into the Heavenly God Stage, he could already win a Level 1 God Monarch in a straight battle. Now that he was at Heavenly God Level 4 and he had a Grade 5 trap array prepared, why would he need to fear a Great Circle God Monarch?

    "Mo Wuji?" The instant Mo Wuji fled, Kuang Jin recognised him. Kuang Jin immediately cried out in alarm.

    In reality, Kuang Jin had cried out intentionally. He believed that Mo Wuji had also come from Cosmos Wall. If Mo Wuji joined him, his pressure would be reduced by half.

    "You recognise this person?" When the shortie heard Kuang Jin call out Mo Wuji's name, he immediately snorted and asked.

    Kuang Jin hurriedly said, "Senior, this person came from the same place as me. Since he's here, he definitely knows about the situation with the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. Senior only needs to catch him to force out the entire truth."

    When the shortie heard Kuang Jin's words, his figure began to flash more rapidly. One fled while one chased. After half a day, Mo Wuji finally charged into his trap array.

    Mo Wuji was also rather helpless. If he was alone, he wouldn't even have needed half a day to return.

    That shortie was a Great Circle God Monarch. He didn't even place Mo Wuji in his eyes. He did not hesitate to blindly follow Mo Wuji into the Grade 5 trap array.

    He could not be blamed. No one could have thought that Mo Wuji, a person that came from a lower world, could actually install a Grade 5 trap array in such a short time.
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