Chapter 1032: Notorious Reputation

    Chapter 1032: Notorious Reputation

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    The moment that short God Monarch entered the trap array, Mo Wuji drew multiple array runes, activating the array.

    Waves of pressure and killing intent surged out, filling this short God Monarch's heart with fear and astonishment. As an expert that was about to step into the World God Stage, how could he not know that this was at least a Grade 5 god array?

    At this moment, how could he care about capturing Mo Wuji? He even threw Kuang Jin to the side and whipped out a flame-bladed sword. He wanted to break through and escape the array as soon as possible. If he didn't escape, even the most ordinary early-stage Heavenly God could eliminate him.

    Unfortunately, he was overthinking things. Mo Wuji's Grade 5 trap array clearly couldn't be broken apart so easily.

    Mo Wuji continued to inscribe void array runes. Lightning bolts, halberd lights, spatial blades, they all shot towards this shortie.

    Mo Wuji didn't even bring out his halberd. He directly stabbed forward with his finger.

    Sacred Art - World of Man.

    Dealing against a trapped God Monarch, Mo Wuji didn't even need to use a sacred art to kill him. It was just that Mo Wuji wanted to capture Kuang Jin as soon as possible and question Kuang Jin.

    This shortie couldn't even escape. The moment Mo Wuji's finger appeared, he felt his entire world change.

    At the very next instant, he was no longer a high and lofty Great Circle God Monarch. He wasn't even an expert that could oppress other people. He was merely an insignificant dust particle; a man with no means of resistance.

    He didn't have a cultivation, nor a long longevity. As time passed within the World of Man, he could only look in despair as he turned old and walk towards his eventual death.

    "Bang!" The shortie's domain exploded. All the restrains, lightning bolts and halberd light around him disappeared without a trace.

    At the same time, his sea of consciousness and dantian were completely bound.

    "Crash!" This God Monarch could no longer endure any further as he sat paralysed on the floor. He had become a true mortal, not simply a mortal within the World of Man.

    "Who are you?" As this shortie sat weakly on the floor, he stared at Mo Wuji in shock. His cultivation should be been much higher than Mo Wuji but he felt as though he didn't even have a chance of resisting Mo Wuji. It was true that he couldn't break out of the Grade 5 trap array immediately. However, Mo Wuji's World of Man had left him filled with fear. He suspected that even if he wasn't trapped in this array, he would still be heavily injured by Mo Wuji's World of Man.

    "Kuang Jin didn't tell you?" Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    Kuang Jin's cultivation had been controlled by the shortie. The moment Mo Wuji immobilised that shortie, he came to a realisation. He stared at Mo Wuji with his mouth agape; he was completely unable to utter a single word.

    Since when had Mo Wuji become so powerful? Even if there was a god array prepared, Mo Wuji also couldn't have easily won a Great Circle God Monarch, right?

    "Mo Wuji, you are Mo Wuji..." This short God Monarch finally recalled the name that Kuang Jin said previously.

    Before Mo Wuji captured him, he had no care about what Mo Wuji's name was. To him, Mo Wuji was simply another ant. But now that Mo Wuji had easily captured him, he finally realised who Mo Wuji was.

    Back in the newly incubated God Domain Nest and under the encirclement of 40 to 50 Nascent Gods and Heavenly God geniuses, the early-stage Nascent God Mo Wuji was able to slaughter everyone. Oh wait, it seemed like one person managed to escape.

    If that was not enough, this person had also snatched the Medicinal Cauldron Stone, obtained the Primal God Lattice, then stupidly gave the Primal God Lattice to a woman.

    The consequences were obvious. This Mo Wuji had infuriated multiple God Kings, causing these God King to join hands to hunt him down.

    In theory, an ant could only die when hunted by God Kings. Even if God Domain was any bigger, it still had limits. Moreover, how many people could dismiss the conditions stated by God Kings. Thus, it could be said that there was no place for Mo Wuji to hide.

    However, reality had shown that Mo Wuji was still roaming around freely. Those God Kings weren't able to do anything to Mo Wuji.

    Today, he had actually seen Mo Wuji.

    Originally, he intended to use his sect's name to threaten Mo Wuji. But after realising that it was Mo Wuji, he completely gave up on that idea.

    This fella didn't even fear God Kings and offended multiple top-rated sects. Even if he threatened Mo Wuji, it would be useless. If he had known that it was Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't have chased after Mo Wuji without any plans. He wouldn't even have been lured into a Grade 5 trap array.

    If Mo Wuji was so easy to deal with, he wouldn't have been the one to deal with him.

    Actually, that's not right. He already knew that he was dealing with a person called Mo Wuji. It was just that he didn't connect this fella to the notorious Mo Wuji.

    Looking at the despair which appeared on this God Monarch's face after realising Mo Wuji's identity, Kuang Jin's heart began to pound heavily. This Mo Wuji definitely couldn't have arrived at God Domain for long. How could it be that, in such a short time, Mo Wuji had gotten so famous?

    Unfortunately, after he obtained those large amounts of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill, he had always been hiding and on the run. He managed to find a place to cultivate after much difficulty but someone still managed to discover traces of the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill

    "Pill Emperor Mo..." Kuang Jin bitterly cried out Mo Wuji's name. Throat dry, Kuang Jin spoke, "Back then, I had just stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage and I was feeling powerful and free. I didn't wish to die just like that, which was why I escaped and reneged on our agreement..."

    Mo Wuji said emotionlessly, "I have seen many ingrates like you. Now, tell me how you got here and whether you saw my wife, Shuyin. Speak in detail. If I'm satisfied with your answer, I will not kill you personally. I will only leave you in this trap array. Whether you escape will depend on your own fate."

    Kuang Jin was only in the Immortal Emperor Stage. When thrown into a Grade 5 trap array, he would undoubtedly die. Even so, Kuang Jin still said, "I'm willing."

    Even Kuang Jin knew that he would definitely die in such a trap array. However, he knew that he would still have a chance to reincarnate. At least his soul wouldn't be burned.

    Back then, he had been shameless and cunning towards Mo Wuji. It wasn't wrong for Mo Wuji to casually kill him.

    Even without prompting, Kuang Jin said, "Because I knew of Pill Emperor Mo's methods, I didn't dare to show myself. I had always been hiding in Heaven's Beyond City Square. Besides hiding, I also went to the Cosmos Wall to fight for treasures. As time passed, the expulsion force within the depths of the Cosmos Wall became increasingly weaker. Someone was actually able to reach the depths of the Cosmos Wall and he disappeared. I figured that I wouldn't have a future in Cosmos Edge, so I also took the risk to enter Cosmos Wall."

    I flew continuously in Cosmos Wall for years before I finally emerged and arrived at the periphery of White Bone Pool.

    When I arrived, there were already more than ten people there. These people all came from Cosmos Edge. They did not find it strange that I appeared. In fact, they knew that there would be newcomers every time the Cosmos Wall opened."

    "You're saying that those that first arrived at White Bone Pool didn't leave?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    At this point, Mo Wuji was more interested in knowing why those people hadn't been sucked up by the Furnace of Heaven and Earth for their spiritual energy.

    "Yes. They were all attacking a pool surrounding by pill air. Through the pill air, it could be seen that the entire pool was filled with pills." Kuang Jin explained, "I also joined the group and attacked the pool. It was just that the grade of the array defending the pool was too high. Even though years passed and the god spiritual vein gradually depleted, we were still unable to break through."

    Towards the end, Kuang Jin had completely calmed down, seemingly resigned to his fate, "We continued to attack like this for more years. Just as the defensive array was about to break, your wife and two other women arrived. I recognised one of them, she was Immortal Empress Wen Lan. Many people attacking the pool knew of your wife. Moreover, with Immortal Empress Wen Lan there, no one dared to do anything to them.

    Because the three of them joined in the attack, the array, which was already about to collapse, finally succumbed and shattered. Back then, the entire pool of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill left me dumbfounded. Everyone rushed in and fought for the pills furiously. I was not an exception and I joined in the frenzy. After the nearly 20 people obtained all the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills, they all packed up and left. I also fled."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, "This means that you don't know where my wife and Immortal Empress Wen Lan went?"

    Kuang Jin shook his head, "I do not know. We all went in different directions."

    At that time, they had obtained large amounts of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. Who would care about where the others went? They probably wanted to find a place to cultivate and raise their powers.

    Mo Wuji was truly grateful to Immortal Empress Wen Lan. If not for her, with Cen Shuyin's and Lin Gu's powers, people would be likely to snatch their Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills.

    "What happened to your Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills?" Mo Wuji stared at Kuang Jin and asked coldly.

    Kuang Jin pointed to the short God Monarch and said, "I found a quiet place and prepared to cultivate. I didn't expect that there was already somebody there. It was this fella. He stole all my pills and forced me to come here."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, sweeping away the short God Monarch's storage ring. This Kuang Jin's luck was truly bad. He actually brought out his Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills in a place where a God Monarch was cultivating in.

    "Dao Friend Mo, please spare my life..." Seeing Mo Wuji take away his storage ring, this shortie cried out anxiously.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and a lightning bolt shot over. At the same time, a flame swept over. In an instant, this God Monarch was burned to ash.

    After doing all this, Mo Wuji's figure flashed. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the trap array.

    As Mo Wuji left, the trap array was re-activated. Kuang JIn knew that he would undoubtedly die. He could only choose to reincarnate.
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