Chapter 1033: Seeking Marriage

    Chapter 1033: Seeking Marriage

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    Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    This was definitely one of the top sects in the entire God Domain.

    If someone said that a person would try to force a marriage on Forgotten Creek Dao School, it was obvious that someone was telling a joke.

    But today, in Forgotten Creek Dao School's Guest Hall, God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood had no other choice but to welcome several guests with warm smiles on their faces.

    A joke had become reality. These guests were here to seek a marriage. In fact, they were here to force a marriage.

    God Kings Scoured Sea and Guiding Wood both sat on the left side. Opposite them, on the right side, was God Evolution Sect's Sect Head Tie Lanshan, God King Level 7 in cultivation. Beside him was a dashing and elegant young man, Wang Yunqian.

    Wang Yunqian was God Evolution Sect's number one genius, God Monarch Level 7 in cultivation.

    The next person on the right side of the room was a wild-looking man. This fella was Star Concealing Mountain's Elder Rao Xi, God King Level 7. Beside him, there was also a young man beside him. However, this young man's cultivation was relatively lower; it was only at Heavenly God Level 5.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would definitely recognise this Heavenly God. This was the first place for Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment, Ji Feiyan. This person was a true genius.

    The next person was a clean-shaven middle-aged man. He gave off a gloomy impression. In God Domain, many people wouldn't recognise him. But in God Continent, the people that recognised him were countless. This was Cultivators Embassy's Embassy Lord, Xu Ping, God King Level 9 in cultivation.

    Sitting beside Xu Ping was a youth that looked similar to him. His cultivation was God Monarch Level 3. This was Xu Ping's eldest son, Xu Sha. Although his looks couldn't be compared to Wang Yunqian and Ji Feiyan, his innate talent definitely wasn't inferior.

    God King Scoured Sea rubbed his temples; his head felt pain. The main reason was that Qu You was too outstanding. It's not enough that she was exceptionally pretty. She also condensed the Primal God Lattice. Who didn't know that the Primal God Lattice was the optimal choice for a dao companion?

    There were simply too many people that wanted to court a marriage with Qu You. But before the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean opened, no one could force anything on the Forgotten Creek Dao School. But now that the transfer array was open, the experts from God Continent had come over. Forgotten Creek Dao School could no longer be considered a top-rate sect.

    God King Scoured Sea was forced into helplessness. He could only invite all those that wanted to marry Qu You to Forgotten Creek Dao School and explain things clearly. After which, his Forgotten Creek Dao School would be freed from this problems.

    Among the three that brought their disciples to seek marriage, Star Concealing Mountain's Rao Xi's cultivation was the lowest. However, Star Concealing Mountain's position was definitely the highest. He was the first to clasp his fists and say, "Dao Friend Scoured Sea, Dao Friend Guiding Wood, over countless years in God Continent, my Star Concealing Mountain has nurtured countless geniuses. All these geniuses were famous existences with high reputations. However, none of those talents could compare to Ji Feiyan."

    As Rao Xi said this, Ji Feiyan walked forward and bowed.

    Xu Ping didn't say a word. No matter what perspective one looked from, Star Concealing Mountain was stronger than the Cultivators Embassy. It was also true that Ji Feiyan was the top genius in the entire God Continent; everyone knew that. However, in his eyes, his son, Xu Sha, definitely wasn't inferior to Ji Feiyan. Xu Sha had cultivated for so many years but had never considered a dao companion. But after laying his eyes on Qu You, he could no longer keep his heart to himself. Moreover, after knowing that Qu You condensed the Primal God Lattice, Xu Ping wanted Qu You in the Xu Clan regardless of the means.

    Looking at Ji Feiyan's meagre Heavenly God Level 5 cultivation, God King Scoured Sea could not help but be slightly shocked. A Heavenly God Level 5 couldn't be considered a genius, right?

    Rao Xi seemed to know what God King Scoured Sea was thinking. He laughed faintly and said, "Previously, Feiyan had spent most of his time on the Pill, Talisman, Array and Equipment Daos. Fortunately, he had the talent to do so. Today, he is a Grade 4 Master in all these Daos. Ten years ago, Feiyan started to cultivate in earnest. Within these ten years, he went from Nascent God Level 9 to today's Heavenly God Level 5."

    God King Scoured Sea inhaled a breath of cold air. A Grade 4 Master in the Pill, Equipment, Talisman and Array Daos. Moreover, he went from Nascent God Level 9 to Heavenly God Level 5 in just ten years. This wasn't a genius; this was a monster.

    Rao Xi sighed and said, "Previously, Feiyan had never considered the matters of a dao companion. But after he came to God Domain's newly incubated God Domain Nest, he saw Qu You. From that day, he could not forget Qu You's face. Thus, I could only thicken my skin and come to Forgotten Creek Dao School and seek a marriage. I request that Dao Friend Scoured Sea and Dao Friend Guiding Wood could oblige the two young ones, as well as accept a friendship from my Star Concealing Mountain."

    This time, God King Scoured Sea didn't even need to say anything. The first person on the right, God Evolution Sect's Sect Head Tie Lanshan could not help but say, "God Continent is vast and abundant with resources. There are many talents and it's true that Junior Feiyan is one of them. However, something like destiny cannot be forced. My God Evolution Sect's number one genius, Wang Yuanqian, and Junior Qu You both have a fond appreciation of one another. Although he only cultivates, he doesn't disappoint our expectations. Now, he's already at God Monarch Level 7. Previously, I have always been in secluded cultivation and I have neglected Yunqian. But now, I have come with sincerity to seek a marriage for Yunqian."

    As he finished speaking, Tie Lanshan clasped his fists towards God King Scoured Sea, indicating God Evolution Sect's high regard towards this matter.

    Xu Ping was extremely eager to have Qu You, who possessed the Primal God Lattice, into his Xu Clan. Naturally, he wouldn't fall behind. He also clasped his fists and said, "God King Scoured Sea, God King Guiding Wood, I have come on behalf of my Xu Clan. Xu Sha is my eldest son. He has always been devoted to cultivation but after killing those Gods Race barbarians together with Junior Qu You, he developed a mutual understanding with her. I hope that Dao Friend Scoured Sea and Dao Friend Guiding Wood can oblige the two young people."

    At this point, Xu Sha even stood up and said, "This disciple swears that I will never disappoint Junior Sister Qu You. On the long road of cultivation, we will hold hands and advance together."

    God King Scoured Sea knew that he couldn't offend a single one of these people. Don't simply look at how polite they all seemed. This was because he had invited them all at the same time. If each of them came individually, they definitely would have spoken with threats.

    God Evolution Sect used to be on the same level as Forgotten Creek Dao School but recently, there were three new God Kings in God Evolution Sect. Two advanced because of the Nirvana Ocean's Nirvana Dao Sand while one advanced because of a fortune in God Domain Nest.

    At this moment, God Evolution Sect had already surpassed Forgotten Creek Dao School. Moreover, God Evolution Sect had close ties with God Continent's Nirvana Learning Academy. This was an existence that Forgotten Creek Dao School could not offend.

    God King Scoured Sea could only stand up and speak, "Various Dao Friends, it's my, Forgotten Creek Dao School's, honour to have all of you here seeking a marriage. Qu You is a disciple of my Forgotten Creek Dao School but we can't force her regarding the matters of her dao companion. How about this, we can have Qu You make her own choice. The person she chooses would be her dao companion."

    If only one family came, God King Scoured Sea's suggestion definitely wouldn't be accepted. But now that three families had come together, no one would nitpick his words.

    The three experts that came to propose a marriage looked towards one another and nodded. Rao Xi was the first to stand up, "Since that's the case, we will have to request Dao Friend Scoured Sea to invite Junior Qu You in."

    When he invited these three families to Forgotten Creek Dao School, God King Scoured Sea already knew what would happen. He had already called Qu You back and she had been waiting.

    Not long later, Qu You was called into the Guest Hall.

    Although no one said anything to her, Qu You had a slight understanding of the situation.

    She calmly bowed towards the five God Kings before standing beside God King Guiding Wood.

    Qu You was still gorgeous. She looked as though she had walked out from a painting. However, compared to those years ago, she had an additional agedness and weariness in her eyes.

    Those years ago, after she left Nirvana Ocean, she travelled across half the entire God Domain in search for Mo Wuji. If not for the conflict with Gods Race, she might have already continued on to search for the other half.

    As she roamed around God Domain alone, her experiences and cultivation grew. At this moment, she was already at God Monarch Level 4.

    After condensing the Primal God Lattice, she didn't even need to use any pills to advance from the Heavenly God Stage to the God Monarch Stage. Her cultivation journey had been smooth sailing.

    In the entire God Domain, there was no second cultivator who could improve at a pace like Qu You. This time, if not for these peak powers that came visiting, God King Scoured Sea definitely wouldn't have called Qu You back.

    As Qu You stood there, whether it was Rao Xi, Xu Ping, or Tie Lanshan, they all sighed inwardly. This was a fresh and pure girl that was even more beautiful than paintings. There was no wonder why their disciples felt so strongly towards her.

    "Qu You, you should know why I have called you here. Let me introduce these people to you. God Evolution Sect's God King Tie Lanshan, Star Concealing Mountain's elder, God King Rao Xi, as well as Cultivators Embassy's Embassy Lord, God King Xu Ping." God King Scoured Sea said cordially.

    Although she had already paid her greetings when she first entered, Qu You still bowed towards them once more.

    God King Scoured Sea continued, "You should know the reason why they have come but I will explain it once more. You should already know Wang Yunqian. There's also Star Concealing Mountain's number one genius, Ji Feiyan. Ji Feiyan is a Grade 4 Master in the Array, Pill, Talisman and Equipment Dao. In ten years, he advanced from Nascent God Level 9 to Heavenly God Level 5. You have also worked together with Cultivators Embassy's Xu Sha. This time, you need to choose your dao companion. We can only explain the situation but the exact decision still goes to you."

    Qu You's expression was calm. She had already known what this matter was about. She respectfully bowed towards the God Kings and said, "Esteemed seniors have personally come to visit Forgotten Creek Dao School just for this disciple. This disciple truly feels honoured. It's just that this disciple's heart already belongs to someone and this disciple already has a dao companion. Thus, this disciple has to disappoint the seniors' good intentions."

    Rao Xi's face sunk. He was an elder of Star Concealing Mountain and he had personally came to seek a marriage for his disciple. This was already considered a huge show of favour. However, this Qu You actually dared to lie right to his face. She was clearly a virgin but she actually claims that she had a dao companion.
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