Chapter 1034: News Of Mo Wuji

    Chapter 1034: News Of Mo Wuji

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    God King Guiding Wood could tell that the situation wasn't going right. He hurriedly said, "Qu You, these God Kings have paid a personal visit. This was not easy for them. You must not casually muddle through."

    After lightly scolding Qu You, God King Guiding Wood clasped his fists to Rao Xi and co. and said, "Dao Friends, it's true that Qu You used to admire a rogue cultivator. The reason was that this rogue cultivator had saved her life. However, that rogue cultivator had perished in God Burial Valley. We were worried that this would affect Qu You's heart state, which was why we hid that fact. Qu You..."

    By the time God King turned to look at Qu You, she had a blank look on her face. Her eyes were filled with grief.

    God King Guiding Wood sighed and continued, "Qu You, I know that you are a person who understands gratitude. It's not that we wished to hide the fact from you. It's because your innate talent is truly too outstanding. If you knew of this matter, it would have affected your ability to step into the God King Stage."

    "So it's like that." Star Concealing Mountain's Elder Rao Xi nodded. He said in an understanding manner, "This junior understands favour and gratitude. This is a rare quality. Thus, he has entered the cycle of reincarnation. This is a natural outcome. There's no need for the both of you to suffer. Junior, you should come to accept this unpleasant fact, so that you would not disappoint the person who helped you."

    In his heart, Rao Xi's approval of Qu You grew. No matter what, a person who understood gratitude couldn't be a bad person.

    It was unknown whether she agreed with Rao Xi's words. However, the grief within Qu You's eyes disappeared. She regained her calm and she turned to bow towards God King Guiding Wood and God King Scoured Sea, "Two ancestors, this disciple's heart still longs for Wuji and wishes to take a look at God Burial Valley. I hope that the two ancestors can oblige."

    God King Guiding Wood jolted and he promptly scolded, "Qu You, don't you know that none of the people that enter God Burial Valley survive? Do you know how those god lattice crystals from God Burial Valley came out? Those people who have lost their reason went in the Valley and used transfer array runes to send them out. Since ancient times, have you seen anyone that emerged from God Burial Valley? All those that enter God Burial Valley would have their vitality corroded."

    Qu You's expression was resolute. She bowed and said, "This disciple must pay a visit to God Burial Valley. Otherwise, I would never find peace and my heart wouldn't be able to cultivate."

    God King Scoured Sea seemed to understand Qu You's thoughts. He sighed and said, "Let her go, ai..."

    He could only sigh at his powerlessness. He was ranked fourth among God Domain's Ten Great God Kings but he was still unable to help a disciple of his sect.

    "I have heard of God Burial Valley. No one was able to come out of it alive. If junior wishes to pay respects to her benefactor, I would also go and take a look." Rao Xi actually nodded in agreement.

    It was rumoured that 9 out of 10 people die in God Burial Valley. However, the reality was that 10 out of 10 die. There might have been instances of people coming out of God Burial Valley, but those were definitely exceptions among exceptions. Otherwise, practically all the cultivators that enter God Burial Valley would have their vitalities corroded and they would die. Even God Kings weren't an exception. As for the god lattice crystals inside, those were exchanged for the cultivator's life. Sometimes, ten lives needed to be exchanged for a single god lattice crystal.

    "God Burial Valley is one of the reputed death zones of my God Domain. I, Tie Lanshan, will also take a look." God Evolution Sect's Tie Lanshan also stood up and said in a forthright manner.

    For his personal disciple, Wang Yunqian, he was willing to spend this effort.

    Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping also didn't hesitate to stand up and offer his participation. He was increasingly satisfied with Qu You's character. If Qu You entered his Xu Clan, the Xu Clan have a member that has a Primal God Lattice. More importantly, Qu You's descendants would definitely be top-class talents.

    No matter what, he was not going to give up on Qu You.

    If not for his son, Xu Sha, favouring Qu You, he would have also made an attempt towards Qu You. Naturally, Qu You's beauty was an important reason. But her Primal God Lattice was a more important reason. If Qu You could become his, Xu Ping's, dao companion, it was possible for him to go beyond the God King Stage and reach the Unity God Stage.

    His heart began to burn with fervour but Xu Ping remained calm. He was the Embassy Lord of Cultivators Embassy, he definitely couldn't fight with his son for a woman.

    Even if he wanted Qu You's help, it would have to wait till Qu You entered his Xu Clan.

    Qu You did not seem to hear that the few God Kings wanted to follow her. After paying her respects to God King Scoured Sea and God King Guiding Wood, she turned to walk out of Forgotten Creek Dao School's Guest Hall.

    God King Guiding Wood hurried to catch up to her. He handed her a talisman and said, "Qu You, the road to God Burial Valley is long. I have a transfer talisman for you. It can directly bring you to the outside of God Burial Valley. It's rumoured that Mo Wuji had been forced by the Black Mustard Merchant Union to enter the God Burial Valley. After you pay your respects, you can turn to the Black Mustard Merchant Union for your revenge. Rest assured, my Forgotten Creek Dao School will whole-heartedly support you."

    Qu You accepted the talisman. She turned to look at God King Guiding Wood. Disappointment and grief flashed across her eyes. After bowing to him, she crushed the transfer talisman.

    Compared to the grief she felt when she heard that Mo Wuji had died, Qu You was now completely calm.

    The time she spent with Mo Wuji wasn't very long but she understood him. If Mo Wuji could be duped or captured by a merchant union to enter God Burial Valley to search for god lattice crystals, then Mo Wuji wouldn't have even escaped from the newly incubated God Domain Nest alive.

    It definitely wasn't luck that Mo Wuji could escape from the hands of several God Kings. With Mo Wuji's abilities, he could even stage a rescue attempt from Forgotten Creek Dao School's Punishment Cliff and leave safely. How could he be sent into God Burial Valley by a merchant union?

    Others might think that Mo Wuji loved her to her bones, which was why he gave her the Primal God Lattice. However, only she knew that Mo Wuji only felt gratitude to her. There was no love. There wasn't even love involved when he risked his life to save her from Forgotten Creek Dao School's Punishment Cliff.

    Perhaps, Mo Wuji was the only person in the entire universe that would do such things purely out of gratitude.

    The time she spent with Mo Wuji was very short, short to the point where she could clearly remember every single breath that happened. When Mo Wuji left, she knew that it was impossible to find a dao companion like Mo Wuji.

    There was no need to talk about how the two of them had a physical relationship. Even if they hadn't, she knew that she needed a dao companion and that dao companion must be like Mo Wuji. However, there was only one Mo Wuji and she was a girl. She couldn't openly tell Mo Wuji that she wanted to be his dao companion.

    Her feelings were like this till she came to realise that Mo Wuji had been plotted against by her sect. He had gone to Forgotten Creek Dao School's Punishment Cliff alone just to save her. Her younger sister impersonated her and ambushed Mo Wuji, causing Mo Wuji to be heavily injured. Since then, she could no longer repress her feelings. She did not care about the various people coming to her and asking for her hand in marriage. She directly proclaimed that she was Mo Wuji's dao companion. Even if Mo Wuji didn't want her, she wouldn't feel any regrets. In this life, she wouldn't find a second person.

    In reality, even if Qu You didn't announce that she was Mo Wuji's dao companion, others would still believe it. Otherwise, why would Mo Wuji give her the Primal God Lattice? In fact, people wouldn't even give the Primal God Lattice to their own dao companions.

    Thus, she began on her trip around God Domain in search for Mo Wuji. However, she didn't find any traces of Mo Wuji. By this time, she realised that she didn't have the fate with Mo Wuji. If there was just a bit of fate, Mo Wuji would know that she was looking for him and he would come to meet her.

    On the other hand, Qu You was completely disappointed with Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Not only did they set up a trap for Mo Wuji, they even tried to sell her out for the peace of the sect.

    Even though she knew that God King Guiding Wood was lying to her and that Mo Wuji wasn't in God Burial Valley, she still wanted to go there.

    This was because she had no other options.

    If she didn't go to God Burial Valley, she would have to choose from one of the three families. There were benefits when the three families came together. But at the same time, there was a disadvantage; that was, there was no road for retreat. Eventually, they would probably compete to be her dao companion.

    God King Guiding Wood lied to her so that she could give up on Mo Wuji and choose one of these families. Even so, Qu You felt grateful towards God King Guiding Wood. At the very least, he gave her an option to die. Otherwise, she wouldn't even have that option.

    When the God Kings came out of the hall and realised that Qu You had already left, they all jolted. God King Guiding Wood hurriedly said, "I have a high0grade transfer talisman here. Everyone can stand together and I will activate the talisman."

    God King Guiding Wood's words allowed everyone to come to an understanding. Qu You was a girl, so it wasn't good for her to be transferred together with the rest of them. Not only did Guiding Wood's action help Qu You, it was also taking care of them. After all, Qu You could be a member of one of their families.

    White light burst forth and wrapped around them. In an instant, they disappeared.

    "Was the person that just left Junior Sister Qu You?" A weary cultivator with thick brows and big ears arrived and stared questioningly towards the white light.

    "Eh, Senior Brother Jing, you've returned?" Looking at this cultivator, a pretty female cultivator cried out in delight.

    This thick-browed and big-eared cultivator was the same Jing Xinjue that separated from Mo Wuji. The reason why he only just returned was because he had been searching for a place to stabilise his cultivation. Since he stepped into the God Monarch Stage, he hadn't had that chance. Not only that, he had to expel the poison from White Bone Pool. Doing all this already required several months.

    Just as he returned, he saw Qu You leave. After which, Ancestor Guiding Wood and Ancestor Scoured Sea left with a group of people.

    "Junior Sister Kong Man, long time no see, I have returned. Oh right, what just happened? Why did I see the two ancestors leaving?" Jing Xinjue asked doubtfully.

    Kong Man's eyes went dull as she said, "Senior Sister Qu heard that Mo Wuji had died in God Burial Valley and she said that she must go and take a look. The other people had come to seek a marriage with her, which was why they left with her."

    Kong Man liked Wang Yunqian, but Wang Yunqian's eyes were on Qu You. Even though Qu You ignored him, his heart continued to burn with jealousy. Thus, he didn't want to give up on her. Because Kong Man was one of the disciples in the Guest Hall, she knew what happened.

    "What?" Jing Xinjue startled. Which bastard came up with such a lie? Just a few months ago, he was together with Mo Wuji. Who said that Mo Wuji perished in God Burial Valley?

    No, I need to hurry and inform Junior Sister Qu You. However, as Jing Xinjue thought about God Burial Valley, he sighed. He didn't have a transfer talisman. If he wanted to go to God Burial Valley, he would have to take a very long time.
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