Chapter 1035: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Statue

    Chapter 1035: Heavenly Mortal Sect's Statue

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    The transfer talisman accurately brought Qu You to the outside of God Burial Valley. The area that she landed on was barren and desolate.

    Qu You's spiritual will swept outwards. A thousand miles in front of her was a valley which inhibited spiritual will. The entrance of the valley was covered in fog. This fog seemed to be held in place by some invisible hands. It only roamed around the entrance of the valley, seemingly unable to dissipate.

    Qu You knew that if she entered that valley, she would be in God Burial Valley.

    She lifted her head and looked towards the clear sky. Her eyes were filled with tranquillity. At this time, she didn't have any wishes or requests. She only wanted quiet.

    She slowly walked towards the entrance of God Burial Valley. The state of her heart was just like her footsteps, free of any worries.

    "Qu You, all those that enter God Burial Valley die. Mo Wuji was merely a passer-by in your life. On the other hand, you are a proud child of the Heavens. If you can't even understand that fact, then you would be wasting your time on cultivation." God King Guiding Wood's voice came timely, causing Qu You to stop in her tracks.

    Qu You knew that God King Guiding Wood had also arrived through a transfer talisman. She slowly turned and bowed, "Two ancestors, I only wish to go and pay my respects to Wuji. Otherwise, my heart wouldn't be at ease."

    When Guiding Wood heard Qu You's words, he nodded and said, "That's fine. Remember not to get within 10 meters of the fog at the entrance."

    Guiding Wood didn't consider that Qu You would choose to commit suicide by entering God Burial Valley. With Qu You's talent and her Primal God Lattice, she would definitely enter the God King Stage. No one would believe that a cultivator with the potential to enter the God King Stage would choose to end her own life.

    Cultivators cultivated the Great Dao. Love was merely a small part of the Great Dao. Cultivators that could reach a certain level wouldn't really care about love. If they couldn't even severe such an emotion, then it would be extremely hard for them to reach the God Monarch Stage. On the other hand, Qu You didn't spend much time to reach the God Monarch Stage.

    The remaining God Kings also didn't have such considerations. Their thoughts were roughly the same as God King Guiding Wood's. Qu You was such a talented cultivator and she was even a person that condensed the highly sought after Primal God Lattice. If she said that she would commit suicide, everyone would think that it was a joke.

    Qu You turned back and continued walking to the entrance of God Burial Valley.

    "Dao Friend Guiding Wood, you said that her dao companion's name is called Mo Wuji?" Cultivators Embassy's Embassy Lord Xu Ping suddenly asked.

    Not just Xu Ping, even Star Concealing Mountain's Elder Rao Xi turned to look at God King Guiding Wood.

    At this moment, Qu You's footsteps got faster. Soon, she arrived at the entrance of the Valley. Seeing that Qu You had stopped at the entrance of the valley, Rao Xi and Xu Ping didn't continue looking at her. Instead, they both focused their attention on God King Guiding Wood. After all, this name 'Mo Wuji' was related to them deeply.

    Even Tie Lanshan turned to look at God King Guiding Wood. He had also heard the name 'Mo Wuji' multiple times. However, he didn't have much of an understanding towards Mo Wuji.

    "That's right. His name is indeed Mo Wuji. Dao Friends, you might have heard stories about him. This person is reckless and daring. He killed tens of genius disciples of top sects..." God King Guiding Wood nodded and explained. Mo Wuji had a notorious reputation in God Domain. It wasn't weird that the people from God Continent had heard about him.

    Rao Xi suddenly sketched an image in mid-air, "Dao Friend Guiding Wood, are you referring to this person?"

    Even after Rao Xi drew Mo Wuji's image, God King Guiding Wood didn't seem to notice anything as he said, "That's right. It's this person."

    Mo Wuji had many great treasures on him. It was normal for many experts from God Continent to focus their attention on him.

    Rao Xi said coldly, "That meant to say that God King Guiding Wood's previous claim that Mo Wuji had died was a lie?"

    God King Guiding Wood hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "I seek your forgiveness regarding that. My sect's Qu You has a stubborn way of thinking. If I hadn't said that Mo Wuji had died, she might continue waiting for him. Thus, I decided to shatter her hopes. Moreover, it was true that Mo Wuji had been captured and sent here by the Black Mustard Merchant Union. It was just that it had happened a long time ago."

    God King Scoured Sea, on the other hand, seemed to see through Rao Xi's words. He hurriedly asked, "Dao Friend Rao Xi, could you have seen Mo Wuji?"

    Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping harrumphed and said, "Mo Wuji had already gone to God Continent. In God Continent, he behaved even more viciously. In a secret domain, he slaughtered the disciples of countless sects. He even killed my sect's Li Wuzhent who had only just stepped into the God Monarch Stage..."

    "What?" This time, both Guiding Wood and Scoured Sea uttered sounds of shock. Back when Mo Wuji fled God Domain, he was only in the Nascent God Stage. In such a short time, he was actually able to kill God Monarchs?

    "Dao Friend Xu isn't bluffing. Not only did Mo Wuji kill Cultivators Embassy's Li Wuzhen, he also killed Single Return God Sect's genius disciple, Gai Ji, as well as snatched resources from my Star Concealing Mountain's Ju Shen. We have to leave things be if he chooses to hide. But the moment he comes out, I'm afraid his life would no longer be under his own control."

    God King Guiding Wood and God King Scoured Sea both inhaled breaths of cold air. This Mo Wuji truly knew how to cause a ruckus. Even they knew how powerful the Cultivators Embassy and Star Concealing Mountain were. That Single Return God Sect's Sect Head Fang Qiling was also a supreme expert. Exactly what kind of food did Mo Wuji eat for his balls to grow so big?

    In retrospect, his act of killing those disciples from Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect was only a small matter.

    "How did he get to God Continent? The transfer array through Nirvana Ocean had only been completed not long ago?" God King Guiding Wood muttered to himself.

    Rao Xi frowned and said slowly, "This person should have used some other method. He definitely arrived at God Continent before the transfer array was completed. Moreover, even if this transfer array was completed a long time ago, he wouldn't have the rights to use the array."

    "This person had offended so many powerful sects in God Domain and his whereabouts have been revealed. I'm sure he definitely can't live as freely as he did before," Guiding Wood said.

    Rao Xi shook his head, "I'm afraid that's just wishful thinking. Mo Wuji offended many experts in God Continent but he's still living fine. Everyone knows where he stays but no one dares to touch him."

    "Why?" Guiding Wood asked in disbelief.

    Even God King Scoured Sea looked at Rao Xi doubtfully. Even if Mo Wuji's cultivation was any stronger, he could not be anything more than a Great Circle Heavenly God or a God Monarch. But was that very amazing? He offended God Kings but no one dared to touch him?

    "He stays in Nirvana Learning Academy. He's even the controller of Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals," Rao Xi said coldly.

    Before Nirvana Learning Academy's competition for cultivation resources, Mo Wuji was merely an outer disciple of the academy. Staying at the Land of Mortals was equivalent to wasting his life. However, after the competition, Mo Wuj got first place and obtained cultivation resources that everyone desired.

    The Laws of the Land of Mortals were incomplete, causing it to be unsuitable for most cultivators to cultivate. However, cultivators that cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique were like fish in water when cultivating in the Land of Mortals.

    God King Guiding Wood and God King Scoured Sea both glanced towards one another. They sighed inwardly. It seemed like this Mo Wuji would reach the top no matter where he went.

    Back when Mo Wuji was in God Domain's Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji was also able to obtain a high placing despite his low cultivation. Now, even after he went to God Continent, he was still a prominent figure. The only difference was that no sects dared to do anything to him now.

    Although they had not personally gone to Nirvana Learning Academy, they had heard many stories about it.

    At this moment, both God King Guiding Wood and God King Scoured Sea were wondering whether Mo Wuji would actually knock their Forgotten Creek Dao School's door because of Qu You.

    As they thought of this, their moods instantly turned sour.

    "Ah..." Wang Yunqian suddenly cried out in alarm and he fell to the ground.

    Tie Lanshan sighed. He casually waved his hand and picked Wang Yunqian up. "It's too late. Come, let's return back to the sect."

    Everyone had seen it clearly. Qu You, who had stopped outside the entrance, suddenly charged into God Burial Valley.

    At this time, there was no need to talk about God Kings, even Unity Gods couldn't have stopped Qu You.


    There was no longer any news of Shuyin after White Bone Mountain Range. Fortunately, Immortal Empress Wen Lan was by Shuyin's side. This fact slightly reassured Mo Wuji.

    With nowhere else to go, Mo Wuji returned to Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Those years ago, although Heavenly Mortal Sect had fallen, it was still surviving.

    But now, weeds grew around Heavenly Mortal Sect. There was not even a single bit of god spiritual energy.

    Mo Wuji walked to the outer plaza of Heavenly Mortal Sect. It was also filled with weeds. At the same time, there were countless corpses littered between the weeds. This was a miserable and desolate sight.

    Mo Wuji picked up a grey wood tablet. He looked at the wood tablet doubtfully. This was because the words on the tablet seemed to be offering respects to Heavenly Mortal Sect. Although the wood tablet was broken, the words on it could still be seen.

    Heavenly Mortal Sect was exterminated by Nine Evolutions God Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate. Supposedly, those sects should have slaughtered everyone here. Who was it? Who managed to survive and returned to pay respects?

    Mo Wuji casually sent the tablet into his storage ring, then he hastened into the sect.

    The huge statue that stood at the foot of the mountain used to be slightly weathered. But now, it had completely fallen to the grown. It looked incredibly defeated and lonely.

    Looking at this statue, Mo Wuji's heart started to feel a sense of grief for no apparent reason. He was very confused. Back when he first arrived at Heavenly Mortal Sect, Yin Lin said that the statue looked slightly like him. In reality, he also felt that the eyes of the statue looked like his. At this moment, he suddenly had this sense of grief. Could he actually be related to this statue?
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