Chapter 1036: The Owner Of The Statue

    Chapter 1036: The Owner Of The Statue

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    Mo Wuji bent down, extended his hand and stroked this statue. Strange information suddenly seemed to rush towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness like tides. Mo Wuji hurried to protect his mind.

    After a long time, he finally released his hand with a look of shock on his face. His sea of consciousness was huge and vast, and he even had the violet lake of energy in his sea of consciousness. Even so, the information that surged into his mind was vast and complex to the point where the sea of consciousness of an average person could have collapsed. Within this complex jumble, there was extremely little useful information.

    Hours later, Mo Wuji only managed to organise a bit of the information while those information which he could not understand were burned. The owner of this statue was called Liu Xing. This Liu Xing seemed to be an impressive person. He also had a strong personality: he treated himself as the centre of the world.

    Eventually, this person offended an expert. He was surrounded and injured to the point where he could not recover. At the final instants of his life, Liu Xiong found a person called Guan Huan. Guan Huan's talent was poor but he had an optimistic character. Liu Xing imparted his Dao to Guan Huan.

    After imparting the Dao to Guan Huan, Liu Xing broke his will into millions of strands and sent them into the vast universe. He hoped that a person could gather his scattered will and he would come back to life.

    This was all the information that Mo Wuji received.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji could no longer sit still. He knew clearly who Guan Huan was.

    Guan Huan was the progenitor of Heavenly Mortal Sect. All this time, he thought that Heavenly Mortal Sect's existence was solely due to Guan Huan's efforts. But now, Mo Wuji realised that Guan Huan had actually learnt the Dao from an expert called Liu Xing.

    Guan Huan probably crafted this statue with Liu Xing's remains. The descendants of Heavenly Mortal Sect do not even know who this statue was. Some might even think that this was Guan Huan.

    However, Mo Wuji did not care about this. What Mo Wuji cared about was that Liu Xing had split his will into million strands and sent them into the vast universe. This fella was probably hoping for a day where he could use his will and come back to life. This was not a small matter.

    Mo Wuji was sure that he had a strand of Liu Xing's will on him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have felt such grief from seeing Liu Xing's statue.

    Even though he had the Furnace of Heaven and Earth as well as the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill, he wasn't in the mood to cultivate. He stored the entire remains of the statue in a jade box.

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji sped into the depths of Heavenly Mortal Sect and entered his Mortal World. He started to search for that strand of will.

    Mo Wuji knew that this was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. This was because the will did not have a consciousness, even if it was attached to his soul. Only after his cultivation reaches a certain level and when this will becomes sufficiently strong, would it begin to develop a true consciousness.

    However, this was something that Mo Wuji definitely couldn't allow. He needed to destroy this will before it started to develop a consciousness.

    The Mortal World was Mo Wuji's own world. Inside, there was a pile of god spiritual veins and high-grade god crystals. Together with the Breath of Hongmeng and the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, this place was a cultivation haven. There was no need to talk about Da Huang, even Shuai Guo knew that it had to raise its cultivation, so it was assiduously cultivated by the side.

    After Mo Wuji entered the Mortal World, his consciousness seeped into every part of his body. This included his blood, his bones, his meridians and even his soul.

    One month later, the fatigued Mo Wuji opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with disappointment. He wasn't able to find that strand of will. When he opened that jade box and touched that statue, the sense of grief was still there. This meant that the will was still in his body.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fists. No matter what, he needed to find that strand of will.

    Another month passed. Mo Wuji was exhausted to the point where his face was pale and his body had thinned. However, he was still unable to find that will.

    Mo Wuji stopped searching. He thought to himself: "Could I be the reincarnation of Liu Xing?" If this was the case, then he definitely wouldn't be able to find that will.

    In reality, Mo Wuji didn't like Liu Xing's egoistic and self-opinionated character. But if he was really the reincarnation of Liu Xing, he would have to accept it even if he didn't like it.

    Sighing, Mo Wuji decided to stop the search. He was going to raise his cultivation to the late Heavenly God Stage before deciding anything else.

    At this time, Mo Wuji suddenly thought of Broken Sect's imprint. Back when he was struck with Broken Sect's imprint, he was also unable to find it.

    Although wills and imprints were completely different things, they were similar in concept. They both latched onto a cultivator, either through the will or spiritual will. An imprint was merely a tracker for the person who placed it. On the other hand, a will was far more terrifying. If it grew, it could completely take over a cultivator.

    If not for Nong Shuwan, he might not have been able to locate Broken Sect's imprint.

    Nong Shuwan was a gentle-looking girl-next-door. However, she actually had the alias of Poison Fairy. She was an assassin for the Broken Sect and she had helped the Broken Sect kill countless experts. If he did not have the detoxification channel, he would have been one of those people. (See Chapter 318).

    The Poison Fairy Nong Shuwan was also a Transmigrator like him. Before she died, she told him where the Broken Sect's imprint was.

    Broken Sect's imprint was located within the circulation path of a cultivator's cultivation technique.

    This imprint latched onto elemental energy as it flowed through the circulation path. In the beginning, a cultivator might feel that there were problems with his cultivation. However, most would probably attribute these problems to a lack of spiritual energy or cultivation insights. As time passed, that cultivator would gradually dismiss it.

    In reality, he had also dismissed the imprint latched onto his elemental energy during his cultivation.

    The Broken Sect's imprint was the most brilliant imprint method that he had ever seen. Even now, he could only expel such imprints but he had no way of placing such an imprint on others.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji started to circulate his energy. This time, he carefully checked each strand of energy in his 108 meridians.

    What left Mo Wuji disappointed was that after another ten days, he found that there weren't any hindrances nor problems to his cultivation.

    Just as Mo Wuji prepared to give up for the second time, a light suddenly flashed in his mind. Mo Wuji's heart suddenly shook as he finally thought of what felt wrong.

    Actually, he had already felt that something was wrong a long time ago. It was just that he didn't really take it to heart. Today, he finally found an answer.

    That was his peak-grade sacred art - the Wheel of Life and Death.

    Back when he stepped into the Immortal Reverent Stage, his Wheel of Life and Death also experienced a change. His original Wheel of Life and Death could suck away life force and convert it to death energy. After he gained a newfound insight into this sacred art, his Wheel of Life and Death could actually evolve from the life force it sucked.

    Back then, Mo Wuji already felt some apprehensions towards this. He had never heard of any sacred arts growing and evolving by itself. It wasn't impossible for a sacred art to turn on its master if it had grown strong enough.

    Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao was about slowly and personally gaining his own understanding and insights. The main reason was that he had his dao revelation channel to lead the way. Thus, Mo Wuji didn't really understand much about why his sacred art could grow by itself; he only knew that something was amiss.

    Today, he finally understood what was wrong with his Wheel of Life and Death.

    A sacred art was always a tool for a cultivator. How could a tool grow by sucking the life force of its own master? This didn't follow the natural laws.

    Mo Wuji knew that his Wheel of Life and Death was very strong. Before his Seven World Finger fully developed and before he had a more profound understanding towards the Laws of Time, his Wheel of Life and Death was his number one sacred art.

    Now that he understood the problem with his Wheel of Life and Death, Mo Wuji could no longer stay in his Mortal World and cultivate. He left his Mortal World and arrived at Heavenly Mortal Sect's Sect Head Mountain.

    He definitely needed to get rid of the hidden problem in his Wheel of Life and Death. But if he wanted to retain his Wheel of Life and Death, how was he going to get rid of the hidden problem?

    Not use the Wheel of Life and Death? But that did not mean that the hidden problem was removed.

    The Wheel of Life and Death had always been one of Mo Wuji's favourite sacred arts. Because of his vitality channel his Wheel of Life and Death would make him unbeatable among those in his same stage. In fact, it allowed him to transcend stages and defeat those with higher cultivations.

    Heavenly Mortal Sect definitely wasn't the optimal place to expel the hidden problem in his Wheel of Life and Death. His Mortal World also wasn't the best place. After some contemplation, Mo Wuji decided to go to Nirvana Ocean. Only in the Nirvana Ocean, would he be free of interruptions.

    Before he got rid of this hidden problem, he wasn't going to find Shuyin.


    Three months later, Mo Wuji arrived at the edge of Nirvana Ocean.

    He chose a location which was far from the Clear Ocean Path and the transfer array. After verifying that there weren't any cultivators in the surroundings, Mo Wuji stepped into the Nirvana Ocean.

    The Book of Luo and the Sage Dao Talisman protected his sea of consciousness. Because of his Sage Physique, he didn't even need to circulate his cultivation technique to prevent the seawater from corroding his body.

    Days passed before Mo Wuji found a flat ground in the bottom of the Nirvana Ocean. After installing a defensive array, he sat down and his 108 meridians went into reverse circulation. Each circulation path ended in his dao revelation channel. He wanted to use his dao revelation channel to search for a way to resolve the problem with his Wheel of Life and Death.

    There was no time in cultivation!

    10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years passed in the blink of an eye. Travel between God Continent and God Domain was now a normal thing. New God Domain Nests continued to incubate, and the conflict with the Gods Race still persisted.

    In these 10,000 years, countless of Gods Race cultivators were killed. At the same time, countless cultivators from God Domain and God Continent were killed by the Gods Race.

    The notorious Mo Wuji had become a figure of the past. There were few that would even talk about him. Only when stories were told about the Primal God Lattice, people would remember about the generous cultivator called Mo Wuji. At the same time, they would remember the beauty Qu You who understood gratitude and chose to perish in God Burial Valley.
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