Chapter 1037: Cut Cut Cut

    Chapter 1037: Cut Cut Cut

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    Mo Wuji, who sat motionlessly on the bottom of the Nirvana Ocean, seemed to have transformed into a statue, with slight dao ripples around him. This was the only indication that he wasn't a statue and was still deducing something

    In the 10,000 years, even though Mo Wuji didn't intentionally refine them, the six pages of the Book of Luo that protected his sea of consciousness had been refined to the 106th restriction.

    Endless cycles of circulation through his meridians kept going, which made Mo Wuji's god elemental energy accumulate to an extreme amount. If Mo Wuji began breaking through at this moment, he would reach a level that he couldn't even imagine in a short period of time. However, all of this accumulated god elemental energy was only circulating in his sea of consciousness, Dantian, and meridians, and wasn't used for breaking through his bottleneck in cultivation level.

    "Crack!" The dao revelation meridian gave out a small sound, and Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes as he felt a sharp pain in the meridian.

    There was no way for him to continue the deduction. His dao revelation meridian had reached its limit, and it wouldn't be impossible for it to collapse if he continued using it to search for possible methods.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to continue deducing the next step for his Wheel of Life and Death either as he already had a rough idea from his efforts of the past 10,000 years. With his present cultivation level, it was very impressive to get a rough idea at his current cultivation level. If he tried to push for more, it might backfire.

    After standing up, Mo Wuji reached the surface of the Nirvana Ocean in a step.

    The Nirvana Ocean appeared boundless and not a single figure could be seen on the horizon. Other than Mo Wuji, even if it were Unity God experts, no one would be able to stand here. Only he didn't use spirit channels to cultivate and didn't have spiritual roots.

    Calmly gazing at the ripple-less surface of the Nirvana Ocean, Mo Wuji's heart started to form two sides on it and spread outwards in a similarly boundless fashion.

    One day, two days...

    After the 49th day passed, Mo Wuji let out a long roar while his 108 meridians started to circulate wildly. He took a step forward on the calm water surface, and with continuous hand techniques, he formed a simple hand imprint in midair.

    Everything started from being ordinary. Only when starting from the ordinary can one slowly progress towards being extraordinary.

    This simplest hand imprint seemed to cross the boundless time and space, from the most ordinary to the strongest dao. It seemed as though as the scene before him was growing and then dying with the usage of more hand technique.

    "My Mortal Dao, Cut! Cut! Cut away all unnecessary thoughts and all illusions!"

    As Mo Wuji roared out, his hand imprint formed one after another dao killing instances which directly landed on his body.

    His vitality was struck down and his deathly energy was destroyed. At this moment, all sacred art dao unrelated to Mo Wuji were displayed clearly within his Grand Mortal Dao.

    The killing instances of his Grand Mortal Dao unhesitantly split apart the sacred art dao that did not belong, causing the energy of a consciousness that was invisible to the naked eye to fall into the Nirvana Ocean.

    "Boom!" The eternally peaceful Nirvana Ocean suddenly seemed to have top speed winds and crashing waves all around, and they formed walls of waves at Mo Wuji's feet.

    This caused Mo Wuji to furiously spit out tens of blood arrows, making his entire face as white as a sheet of paper.

    However, at this point, Mo Wuji was extremely excited without any indication of being severely injured. A sort of relaxing and happy feeling never experienced before welled up within, and Mo Wuji felt this comfortable and free for the first time, without any restrictions.

    After cutting away the trace of consciousness that did not belong to him from the Wheel of Life and Death, his Mortal Dao finally improved!

    A long roar was expelled from his mouth, which made the surrounding waves seem like they were roaring for him as well, rising higher than before.

    Regardless how high the waves went, they could only roar at Mo Wuji's feet and could not touch his body at all.

    Tens of array flags were shot out while void runes were drawn. Following which, a half peak grade god spiritual vein was thrown at his feet.

    At that moment, the 108 meridians in Mo Wuji began circulating at faster and faster and the vitality from the vitality channel nourished his entire body in the shortest amount of time possible. Mo Wuji cultivation level instantly broke through Heavenly God Level 5, Level 6...

    The half peak grade god spiritual vein at beneath Mo Wuji also dissolved at a visible rate which prompted him to throw a pile of Heaven and Earth Law Pills and another half peak grade god spiritual vein at his feet again.

    Heavenly God Level 9, Level 10...

    "Boom! Crack!" When Mo Wuji's cultivation level reached Heavenly God Level 12, a terrifying thick lightning bolt struck him.

    Another loud howl went out, and Mo Wuji punched out at the bolt of lightning.

    Previously, when he underwent heavenly tribulation, he could absorb the lightning essence, but once the lightning tribulation became too strong, he had to switch to fighting the lightning instead.

    But now he could easily beat down the lightning essence, and the stronger the lightning tribulation, the greater the insights he would gain towards the lightning origin energy. Never before was there a more comfortable lightning tribulation, and never was his life as easy.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Bolts of lightning landed, each met with a punch. Mo Wuji's cultivation level broke through the bottleneck and into God Monarch Stage.

    Only then did he completely exhaust everything he accumulated over the 10,000 years.

    The energy of the lightning bolts that rained down became increasingly weaker, and the roars of the waves at his feet weakened as well. Mo Wuji even stopped fighting the lightning bolts, focusing on his Undying World instead.

    The Undying World had grown to over 100,000 kilometres in radius, and the hills had gradually taken form. In the skies, there were even the sun, moon, and stars. While this was just the preliminary formation of a type of law, it had an actual outline. After gaining greater insights into lightning type origin energy, his Undying World had a new transformational energy.

    Shuai Guo and Da Huang watched the changes happen in the Undying World in surprise. During the 10,000 years, Da Huang's cultivation Level was already had Heavenly God Level 7, and Shuai Guo also entered Heavenly God Level 3.

    Just as predicted by Mo Wuji, neither Shuai Guo nor Da Huang required any god lattice crystals to condense their god lattice and still could advance to Heavenly God Stage in the Undying World.

    Opening his hand, a jade box landed in Mo Wuji's hand.

    Inside the box was the collected remains of the statue at Tian Ji Sect. At this point when he looked at these remains, it was like looking at a pile of broken rocks, without any effect on his emotions.

    The box of statue remains was thrown away, and at the same time, a ball of fire landed on it, reducing it to ash.

    Although Mo Wuji clearly knew that it would be better for the statue remains if he threw them into the sea, he didn't really destroy that sliver of consciousness on his Wheel of Life and Death and only released it into the Nirvana Ocean. The sliver of Liu Xing's consciousness should have belonged to this set of statue remains, so not destroying them would only benefit the consciousness.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't have such a kind heart. This sliver of consciousness caused him to go into closed door cultivation for 10,000 years and used the Wheel of Life and Death to backstab him. While it wasn't sentient, he wouldn't just ignore it and even help the other party.

    After completing these actions, Mo Wuji threw out countless hand techniques once again, creating a Yin Yang Wheel of Life and Death on the wild surface of the Nirvana Ocean.

    Wheel of Life and Death!

    The Wheel of Life and Death no longer had the ability to absorb vitality and energy of death to grow, instead, the strength of its present iteration was completely determined by the level of his insights. The greater his cultivation level, the deeper his insights, the stronger the Wheel of Life and Death.

    Mo Wuji used a few dust removing techniques on himself, changed his clothes, and disappeared from the surface of the Nirvana Ocean.

    Since he became a God Monarch, Mo Wuji's Wind Teleportation not only left no traces behind. Even at the moment when he teleported, there wasn't any disturbance in wind element.

    Even if he were to face off against a God King, he was sure that he could escape.

    10,000 years had passed. He didn't know whether Shuyin and his Land of Mortals were ok.

    Originally, Mo Wuji should have spent the time to refine the Kun Wu Sword and Book of Luo, and as his cultivation level advanced to God Monarch Stage, he had to re-expand his sacred arts. But Mo Wuji missed Shuyin dearly, so he decided that all of this could wait until he found her.


    New God Domain City.

    This was the first time Mo Wuji set foot in the new God Domain. To the entire God Domain, the New God Domain City was the largest cultivation city around.

    The city was built because the transfer array that crossed the Nirvana Ocean was situated it in.

    Not only was the transfer array connected to the God Continent located here, there were other transfer arrays leading to the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Transfer arrays linked to the New God Domain City were located in all major cities as well.

    This made the city a crossroad for all traffic, regardless whether it was a slowly developing mortal world or a cultivation world with high level laws. Simply put, being well connected meant that the city would develop very rapidly. In the God World, this still applied.

    The New God Domain City had been around for around 10,000 years, but it had already become undeniably the number one cultivation god city in the God World. Every inch of soil was worth an inch of gold, hence the factions with slightly less financial power couldn't even establish themselves in the city.

    Altering his appearance to that of a nomadic rogue cultivator, Mo Wuji walked into the New God Domain City and the first thing he felt was how dense the god spiritual energy was. The energy gathering array was definitely Grade 7, which made him miss Cang Zhengxing a little. Only Cang Zhengxing could set up a Grade 7 energy gathering array. Compared to Xing Mu, Cang Zhengxing was the one that Mo Wuji truly respected

    These runes of the defensive array were too familiar to Mo Wuji. They were originally passed down by him, hence even if the New God Domain City activated its defensive array, it wouldn't be able to stop him.

    Every green stone street was many meters wide, and the main street was over 100 meters in width. Although it wasn't as grand as the Nirvana Dao City, the plans for this new city in the God Domain was definitely the most appropriate.

    Mo Wuji spiritual will scanned the streets without obstruction, and when he saw the sign of 'Black Mustard God Merchant', rage and fury filled his heart.

    Back in the day when he just entered the God Domain, this god merchant house abducted him and almost sent him to the God Burial Valley. Now that he saw the Black Mustard God Merchant again, Mo Wuji immediately walked over. If there wasn't any God King around, he would first destroy the merchant house. The number of organisations he had offended wasn't just one or two, hence it didn't really matter if he offended one more. Moreover, he had altered his appearance, so who would be able to recognise him?
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