Chapter 1038: The Man With Two Seas of Consciousness

    Chapter 1038: The Man With Two Seas of Consciousness

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    Mo Wuji also guessed that there weren't any God Kings in the Black Mustard God Merchant House. If there were any, then Xi Nianmo would not have dared to randomly kill the guy named Ying Congchang from Black Mustard God Merchant House.

    The inside of the Black Mustard God Merchant House was actually bustling with noise, and there was at least quite a lot of people there.

    Although Mo Wuji was at God Monarch Stage, his Mortal Dao was progressing towards completion. As long as he did not reveal his true cultivation level, to others he would be no different from an ordinary Nascent God cultivator.

    Walking to the counter deep inside, Mo Wuji knocked on it and said to one of the shop assistants, "I want to buy some valuable items, are there any here?"

    He wanted to know if the Black Mustard God Merchant House was still in the business of god lattice crystals. Many people knew that 80% and above of god lattice crystals came from the God Burial Valley and even how they were collected. But there were no people that really went to bother about it.

    Newcomers like Xi Nianmo, who killed Ying Congchang on the spot after hearing that the Black Mustard God Merchant House did immoral things, were very rare. Moreover, Xi Nianmo might have killed Ying Congchang because the Black Mustard God Merchant House abducted her fiance, not because they harmed Nascent Gods to obtain god lattice crystals.

    Of course, the most important factor was that the Lightning Sword Manor was not afraid of the merchant house.

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, the shop assistant uninterestedly swept his gaze across Mo Wuji without caring a single bit. With one look, he could see that Mo Wuji was of low cultivation level and had average talent, so there probably wasn't any money on him.

    Chuckling, Mo Wuji took out a ring and said, " I have god crystals, take a look."

    As the shop assistant's spiritual will casually scanned the insides of the ring, his eyes lit up. He clenched his fists tightly and took a few steps forward until he was right in front of Mo Wuji. While he was just a shop assistant, it wasn't his first few days doing business in the Black Mustard God Merchant House, so he had seen many situations before.

    However, Mo Wuji's methods really took him aback today. Mo Wuji's ring not only had 3 high grade god spiritual veins but also at least a few tens of millions of high grade god crystals.

    A mere Nascent God like Mo Wuji was already this wealthy. If he missed this opportunity, then he would not be worthy of being a shop assistant of Black Mustard God Merchant House.

    "We can go inside to discuss what dao friend wants." Seeing that Mo Wuji kept the ring, the shop assistant softly said.

    Mo Wuji responded with a nod, "Sure, please lead the way."

    The shop assistant instantly sent out a message before bringing Mo Wuji into the shop, directly to the second floor.

    This didn't worry Mo Wuji at all as he was here to exact revenge anyway. Since he had altered his appearance, as long as there were no top notch experts here, after he destroyed the Black Mustard God Merchant House, he would flee from New God Domain City. Then he would alter his appearance and enter the city again a few days later.

    No matter how high the grade of the New God Domain City's defensive array, it was as good as non-existent for him. Those void runes were originally taught to others by him.

    When Mo Wuji entered the room, his spirit storage channel had spread out it spiritual will and soon he was relieved. There were a total of 7 Heavenly Gods, 3 God Monarchs, and over 20 Nascent God shop assistants. The person with the highest cultivation level was a slightly plump, small-eyed, middle aged man who was at God Monarch Level 4.

    The shop assistant brought Mo Wuji outside an average sized VIP room on the second floor and said, "Dao friend, please go inside. Our manager knows that you're a VIP and has personally come to welcome you."

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji chuckled as he strolled into the VIP room.

    Inside, there was the small eyed, middle aged cultivator at God Monarch Level 4 that his spiritual will detected previously.

    Once Mo Wuji entered, the middle aged cultivator stood up and set up a restriction. He bowed respectfully towards Mo Wuji while smiling, "I am Black Mustard God Merchant House's manager Wu Jingde. Dao Friend is very skillful. Your technique for concealing your cultivation level is unparalleled. Even I can't sense your true cultivation level. You must be from a large sect."

    Wu Jingde definitely did not believe that Mo Wuji was only at Nascent God, as he would not have shown the storage ring to the shop assistant if it was so.

    Of course, he did not believe that Mo Wuji's cultivation level exceeded God Monarch either. There were next to no Worldly God experts that continued to use storage rings beyond God Monarch stage. The reason why Worldly Gods got their name was that they could create a world of their own.

    The world that a Worldly God created was only a foundational world that used one's grand dao as a base unless it was an expert that cultivated multiple daos concurrently, then the world that one created would have complete laws and could eventually form a true world of laws. Otherwise, that world was definitely inferior to Mo Wuji's Undying World.

    However, regardless what kind of world a Worldly God created, they would not have to use storage rings ever again. Even if they did, it was for storing some unimportant items. All valuable treasures would be kept by the Worldly God in their own world - a world that only they could access.

    When a Worldly God was killed, then his world would dissipate, and his opponent might not be able to obtain the items in his possession.

    In Wu Jingde's eyes, even if Mo Wuji concealed his cultivation level, he would be at most at Heavenly God Stage. After all, Mo Wuji's spirituality was not obvious and dao ripples around him were barely existent, hence he must not have been very talented.

    With a chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "Manager Wu can directly call me Liu Xing. I've recently hit a small jackpot, so I wanted to come to the New God Domain City to trade it for some cultivation resources. I heard from a friend that the Black Mustard God Merchant House has lots of good stuff, hence I made it a point to come here first."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't want to mention his cultivation level and background, and only said that he wanted to trade items. Wu Jingde couldn't probe further either. If Mo Wuji came from some large sect, his Black Mustard God Merchant House wouldn't be able to handle it. The Black Mustard God Merchant House might have grown very quickly these few years, but it still originated from a small merchant house.

    Despite knowing that Mo Wuji wasn't from a large sect, Wu Jingde still chuckled while he spoke courteously, "What could Dao Friend Liu Xing be looking for?"

    "Resources, large amounts of cultivation resources. Of course, if there are god lattice crystals, I'm interested as well." Mo Wuji said without hesitating.

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji mention god lattice crystals, Wu Jingde was shocked to the point that he almost used his spiritual will to scan Mo Wuji.

    What kind of person required god lattice crystals? Only Nascent God cultivators. Didn't this mean that the other party's cultivation level was really at Nascent God Stage, and he didn't conceal his cultivation level?

    Wu Jingde replied, shaking his head, "As one of the top experts of the God Continent, Cang Zhengxing, extremely dislikes the matter of collecting god lattice crystals from the God Burial Valley, there has been a lack of god lattice crystals all this whole. If it isn't that urgent for you, you can make an order in advance and I ensure that I can get a Two Star god lattice crystal for you in at most a month's time."

    A disappointed look appeared in Mo Wuji's eyes as he stood up and said, "If that's the case, I'll come by one month later."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to leave, Wu Jingde panicked. He hadn't found out Mo Wuji's background but the other party was going to leave. How could he allow that to happen?

    "Dao Friend Liu Xing, actually, my Black Mustard God Merchant House has another kind of cultivation resources that everyone wants. I'm sure that once dao friend knows of it, even god lattice crystals would pale in comparison..." Wu Jingde was relentless in his selling.

    "Oh?" Mo Wuji responded, surprised. "What cultivation resource is that?"

    Wu Jingde chuckled, "Dao friend should think that condensing one's god lattice requires the help of an external object right? However, my Black Mustard God Merchant House has already discovered a method for one to condense a god lattice without using any items. Moreover, the god lattice produced is much stronger than the one condensed with the help of other items."

    This information shocked Mo Wuji. He knew that the Mortal Dao did not require god lattice crystals to condense one's god lattice, but he was not aware of other methods to do the same thing.

    As Wu Jingde saw that Mo Wuji was stunned, he continued speaking without being flustered, "This method is actually very shocking. I don't dare to casually speak of it either. Unless dao friend signs a contract with the Black Mustard God Merchant House, I can't reveal anything."

    By now, Mo Wuji had regained his composure, and he calmly replied, "Since Manager Wu isn't willing to reveal anything, then there's nothing to talk about."

    After finishing his sentence, he turned and left, sure that the other party wouldn't let things end like this. If it was really going to be allowed to end like that, Wu Jingde wouldn't have mentioned the method that didn't require god lattice crystals.

    Never did Wu Jingde expect Mo Wuji to be so decisive, hence he quickly stopped Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Liu Xing, I'm not sure if you've heard of double mental palaces and double seas of consciousness?"

    When Mo Wuji heard the 'double mental palaces and double seas of consciousness', his heart leapt inside him, and the image of Tian Nu appeared before his eyes immediately. (Chapter 882)

    Tian Nu wasn't destroyed instantly because he had two mind palaces and two seas of consciousness. After he met Tian Nu, they became friends in the face of doom and pledged to help each other out in the future.

    Eventually, Xi Nianmo killed Ying Congchang, and he was brought away by Xi Nianmo, never again receiving news about Tian Nu.

    In reality, Mo Wuji wasn't that worried about Tian Nu. After all, members of the Black Mustard God Merchant House were all eliminated by Xi Nianmo. He had also removed the poison inside Tian Nu, so based on Tian Nu's talent at hiding, it shouldn't have been difficult for Tian Nu to escape.

    Could this person that Wu Jingde was referring to be Tian Nu? Tian Nu never managed to escape?

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji turned around and said, "Manager Wu, it's really quite shocking to hear of someone with two seas of consciousness, but what does this have to do with condensing one's god lattice?"

    Wu Jingde replied while chuckling, "Dao Friend Liu Xing. If a person with two seas of consciousness can evolve a set of spiritual roots and spirit channels, and this condensation and forming process can be observed clearly by a person, what do you think would happen?"

    Mo Wuji created the Mortal Dao by himself, so how couldn't he understand what Wu Jingde meant? Immediately, he asked, "Does Manager Wu mean that you have a person with two mind palaces, and as long as I pay a certain amount of god crystals, I can watch the person evolve a set of spirit channels and spirit meridians once, and use the method used to do that to condense my own god lattice?"

    "Of course." Wu Jingde replied firmly. "This method also depends on your talent. Even though it isn't guaranteed to succeed, but once it does, the god lattice will be at least be of 5 Stars or even stronger."

    "I agree. Manager Wu, name your terms. I need to see the man with two seas of consciousness." Mo Wuji said without hesitation.
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