Chapter 1039: You Can Go To Die

    Chapter 1039: You Can Go To Die

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    When Wu Jingde heard Mo Wuji's words, he was stunned. Before he had the chance to give some examples, the other party had actually agreed and even let him propose a price.

    Originally, Wu Jingde wanted to make Mo Wuji stay behind and slowly dig into Mo Wuji's background. However, now Mo Wuji let him state his terms willingly, so he definitely wouldn't miss this chance, "Dao Friend Liu Xing, honestly, it was your sufficient wealth that prompted me to do business with you. As this is the greatest secret of my Black Mustard God Merchant House, you'll have to tell us your background first."

    Nodding, Mo Wuji replied, "That request is very reasonable. I am a rogue cultivator. I obtained some cultivation resources by chance. But with my level of talent, god crystals alone are not enough to allow me to improve. What I need are a large amount of good quality god pills and an excellent god lattice crystal."

    This declaration shocked Wu Jingde. Could this be a poser? Did he really think that large piles of god crystals and god spiritual veins could be used to purchase another pile of cultivation resources? Impossible.

    However, if the other party really came from some impressive background, wouldn't it be better to reveal it? At least the Black Mustard God Merchant House would not dare to lay a hand on him, or could he really be a rogue cultivator?

    Suppressing the suspicion in his heart, Wu Jingde carried on, "The second condition is that dao friend has to first submit a high grade god spiritual vein and five million high grade god crystals as deposit. Of course, as compensation, I will allow you to view a crystal ball. We couldn't record down the evolution of spiritual roots and spirit channels, but we can show you how others use this method to condense their god lattices."

    "Sure, I agree." Mo Wuji took out a storage ring and handed it over to Wu Jingde without hesitation. "There's one high grade god spiritual vein and five million high grade god crystals inside."

    Wu Jingde had been thoroughly bamboozled today. Never did he imagine that Mo Wuji would be this easy to negotiate with, as this was practically Mo Wuji agreeing to anything he said. This really put him in a spot. Initially, his intention was not for Mo Wuji to pay that high a deposit, but for Mo Wuji to disagree and allow him to suggest different terms.

    However, before he could move on to the next condition, Mo Wuji directly fulfilled his previous one, so how could he play any tricks now?

    "What is it? Could Manager Wu have cheated me? Just to take my god crystals?" Seeing that Wu Jingde didn't react at all, Mo Wuj frowned and spoke coldly.

    Indeed, Wu Jingde was in a dilemma. He wasn't sure whether Mo Wuji was really a rogue cultivator, but he was extremely sure that once Mo Wuji was the recording in the crystal ball of Black Mustard God Merchant House, he couldn't let Mo Wuji leave the building no matter what.

    The Black Mustard God Merchant House was very weak, and if the news that they possessed a unique treasure of a person with two Mind Palaces and seas of consciousness leaked out, it would be a major incident.

    "Of course not." When he heard Mo Wuji's word, Wu Jingde grit his teeth, took out a crystal and spoke while activating it. "Dao Friend Liu Xing, please watch the recording."

    He decided to make a gamble in the end. If the other party was a disciple of a major sect, then Mo Wuji shouldn't have taken out that many god crystals and god spiritual veins to Black Mustard God Merchant House in search for god lattice crystals. He didn't believe that a large sect didn't have god lattice crystals of their own.

    As for the possibility that Mo Wuji intentionally went to them looking for trouble, this was completely ignored. What cultivation level was Mo Wuji at? What could he cause trouble with?

    A distinct figure appeared before Mo Wuji's eyes in the recording, and when he saw it, he almost swung his fist towards Wu Jingde.

    That figure was Tian Nu. When he saw Tian Nu for the first time, Tian Nu was already very skinny and weak. However, the Tian Nu at this moment was more like a bamboo pole. Two eyes without any life and skin on bones - how was there any sign of life inside him?

    Before Tian Nu appeared, a man in expensive garments stared at him. Although the process of Tian Nu evolving a new set of spirit channels and spiritual roots with his sea of consciousness could not be shown on the crystal ball, Mo Wuji could guess that he was being forced to do so.

    Upon noticing Mo Wuji's disturbed look, Wu Jingde explained at one side, "Dao Friend Liu Xing, that cultivator with double Mind Palaces will not be able to endure a few more evolutions. Hence, our price will be a little higher this time. We'll require four high grade god spiritual veins and 30 million high grade god crystals..."

    "Ok>" When the recording in the crystal ball disappeared, Mo Wuji sucked in a breath of air, and he spoke with a firm tone. "When can I see it."

    As Mo Wuji didn't even try to haggle at all, Wu Jingde knew immediately that the amount of money Mo Wuji had was much more than this. There was no way he would allow Mo Wuji to observe Tian Nu evolving spiritual roots and spirit channels. Tian Nu was on the verge of death now, and no one knew if he would still survive. If it weren't for the Black Mustard God Merchant house wanting to earn more god crystals off Tian Nu, he would have been killed long ago.

    Wu Jingde even didn't bother to ask Mo Wuji to sign a contract. After all, this fat sheep was his for the taking.

    "That cultivator with two seas of consciousness is naturally not in the new God Domain City, so I'll need you to follow me." Wu Jingde said with a smile on his face.

    Mo Wuji's expression turned dark as he replied, "If that's the case, would you please return my items to me? I'll go to another merchant house."

    Leaving New God Domain City with Wu Jingde? Mo Wuji wasn't that foolish. Inside the New God Domain City, Mo Wuji could attack because the defensive array was in a sense set up for him, and he could use Wind Teleportation to leave easily. Once out of the city, as a person only at God Monarch Level 1, how was he qualified to trade with someone at God Monarch Level 4?

    He wasn't afraid of Wu Jingde, but at the same time, he didn't believe that he would be up against Wu Jingde alone.

    "Dao Friend Liu Xing, what's the meaning of this?" Wu Jingde voiced up unhappily as he frowned.

    Since the items were in his possession, it was impossible to back out anymore.

    In response, Mo Wuji casually spoke, "I'm only a Nascent God, and I'm willing to make a trade in the New God Domain City because it's the largest god city in the God Domain. There are top notch experts guarding the place, so there's no risk to me. Once we're out of the city, who can assure that I'll be safe? As long as I have god crystals, I don't believe that I can't obtain a god lattice crystal."

    All this while, Wu Jingde didn't intend to return anything to Mo Wuji, and now that he found out Mo Wuji dared to come forward to trade with him because this was the New God Domain City, his heart was put to ease. Then, he chuckled while speaking, "Dao Friend Liu Xing, a deposit is equivalent to a promise, so how is it reasonable for you to go against your word?"

    With a wave of his hand, Mo Wuji caused a pile of consciousness crystals to fall onto the ground, "Manager Wu, it's my fault this time, but those god crystals and god spiritual veins are meant for buying a god lattice crystal, hence would you please return them to me? To express my apology, how about I give some black god rocks that can be used for smithing to you? These black god rocks might not be some top grade stuff, but they can be used to make decent low grade god equipment, and even occasionally an intermediate grade god equipment."

    While speaking, Mo Wuji secretly hid an escape talisman in his hands although he knew that this action could not escape the eyes of Wu Jingde. The reason behind this was to prompt Wu Jingde to bring Tian Nu over and not attack until he was in a stable state. His initial plan was to destroy the Black Mustard God Merchant House, but since he found out that Tian Nu was in the merchant house's hands, naturally he would also conveniently take Tian Nu away.

    "Consciousness crystal?" Wu Jingde almost exclaimed as he saw this pile of consciousness crystals. Thankfully, he was still smart enough not to do so.

    At this point, his heart was definitely not as calm as what he appeared to be. What black god rock used in smithing? This was consciousness crystals - a treasure which could also be used to condense one's god lattice. There was actually such a large pile, so how much would this be worth?

    "Ha ha, Dao Friend Liu Xing is thinking too much. My Black Mustard God Merchant House has always worked based on trust, thus even if dao friend didn't want to leave with me, I wouldn't have kept your deposit. Please sit here for a moment, I'll get someone to bring that double sea of consciousness cultivator over." Wu Jingde quickly followed up. Since he saw Mo Wuji's escape talisman, he could sense that Mo Wuji was in a hurry to leave.

    Therefore the most important task at hand was to stabilise Mo Wuji's emotions. Even if he wanted to get rid of Mo Wuji, he couldn't afford to make a large commotion within the city. The only reason he didn't dare to attack now was that Mo WUji's true cultivation level was not known. He was afraid that if he couldn't take out Mo Wuji, who had a concealed cultivation level, in one blow, a commotion would ensue.

    "Sure, I'll wait here. Don't worry Manager Wu, I have tens of millions of this black god rock to change to god crystals to pay you." Before Wu Jingde could lay his hands on the consciousness crystals, Mo Wuji swept and kept the entire pile.

    This statement shocked Wu Jingde thoroughly, and it made him a tad more worried. Was Mo Wuji doing this on purpose? Otherside, could Mo Wuji not know that consciousness crystals could be used to condense god lattices?

    After this thought went one round through Wu Jingde's mind, he threw it to one side. Regardless, he couldn't allow Mo Wuji to take those consciousness crystals away. No matter how strong this Liu Xing was, he was just an ant in Wu Jingde's eyes. Thinking a few steps back, even if he really killed a disciple of a large sect, he would at most have to flee after performing the act. With tens of millions of consciousness crystals, why did he had to remain tied to the Black Mustard God Merchant House? What did the survival of the merchant house have to do with him?

    "Of course, I believe you." As he spoke, Wu Jingde sent out a message.

    Now, Mo Wuji closed his eyes and entered into deep thought, not speaking a word again. In reality, his spirit storage channel was setting up a deathtrap array in the merchant house.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't continue talking, Wu Jingde wanted to probe about the origins of these consciousness crystals, but he was also worried that Mo Wuji would become suspicious. Hence, in the end, he just joined Mo Wuji in sitting there.

    As for bringing Tian Nu over here, Wu Jingde wasn't worried about it at all. Tian Nu was almost dead, and his men were looking after Tian Nu as well. All he had to do was to ask his subordinates to bring Tian Nu to New God Domain City, and the Black Mustard God Merchant House wouldn't stop him.

    Half a day passed, and finally, the restriction on the door was disturbed before a blonde youth appeared at the entrance of the VIP room.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes up wide, and Wu Jingde took over a spiritual beast sack as he said, "Dao Friend Liu Xing, you can use your spiritual will to scan the insides of this, then we'll go to the meditation chamber to proceed further."

    Killing Mo Wuji definitely couldn't be done in this VIP room, hence he had to trick Mo Wuji into leaving this location before carrying on with anything else.

    In an instant, Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected a corpse like Tian Nu. At this point, Tian Nu's entire body was grey, to an even greater extent than what was shown in the recording, and even his skin had a thin layer of black in it, showing his greyish-black bones very clearly.

    The sight of this caused killing intent to rise up from within. With a wave of his hand, all of the deathtrap array runes were activated and he unleashed a finger towards Wu Jingde, shouting out loud, "You can go to die now."
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