Chapter 1040: The Person Mo Wuji Feared

    Chapter 1040: The Person Mo Wuji Feared

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    Wu Jingde never thought that Mo Wuji would dare to make a move here, but he wasn't worried at all. So what if Mo Wuji was a God Monarch? Even he did not dare to attack anyone in the New God Domain City, hence it was simply courting death for Mo Wuji, a mere outsider, to attack him here.

    Since Mo Wuji had done so, Wu Jingde didn't bother holding back anymore and tried to draw his magic treasure out in a fit of rage.

    But soon his eyes were filled with fear, he discovered that the space around him had been locked in place by some extremely strong law power - it was a trap array. In that moment, he knew that he was wrong. Mo Wuji wasn't some fat sheep ripe for the taking, and no matter what happened to the other party, he was going to die now.

    His opinion previously was that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to kill him in a short period of time even if Mo Wuji was at the Great Circle of God Monarch. Moreover, to him, Mo Wuji definitely wasn't a God Monarch yet. However, now that Mo Wuji had attacked, it left him without the ability to fight back. He wouldn't be able to block a single strike, much less for a short period of time.

    "Boom!" Before the hopelessness had dissipated from Wu Jingde's eyes, his body was already blown to bits. The Spiritual Beast Sack was directly kept into the Undying World by Mo Wuji.

    The first finger of the Seven World Finger killing Wu Jingde was just the start. At that moment, the entire Black Mustard God Merchant House had degraded to a form similar to the World of Man.

    Time flowed incessantly, life ceased to be in the blink of an eye.

    "Boom boom boom!" Continuous explosions rang out in the Black Mustard God Merchant House. Everything in the World of Man eventually turned to dust.

    The other two God Monarchs of the Black Mustard God Merchant House didn't even have a chance to fight back, and their lives were wiped out under the effect of the World of Man.

    All cultivators surrounding the merchant house were stunned. Ever since the God Domain and God Continent joined forces to set up the New God Domain City, no one dared to fight in here, much less destroy an entire merchant house.

    If a merchant house in the New God Domain City could be destroyed just like that, the city wouldn't have been able to progress till this day.

    Streaks of light shot towards the Black Mustard God Merchant House immediately, and no matter how fast Mo Wuji was, he couldn't escape the enforcers of the city.

    "Ha ha Wuji, why have you gone into such a rage after arriving at the New God Domain City?" A warm voice rang out beside Mo Wuji's ears.

    Stopping in his tracks, Mo Wuji replied excitedly, "Is this Senior Cang?"

    Mo Wuji used void runes to set up the deathtrap array here, hence if Cang Zhengxing was in New God Domain City, he would definitely not be able to hide it from Cang Zhengxing. Regardless how much he altered his appearance, once he made a move, a top notch expert like Cang Zhengxing would surely recognise him.

    "Yes, I was coincidentally in New God Domain City..." Cang Zhengxing paused for a moment and an array flag landed in front of Mo Wuji. "Wuji, this is the deathtrap array flag for New God Domain City. I'm giving it to you. Will you come to where I am to visit me now, or will you be going elsewhere first?"

    "Thank you Senior. Junior will be going elsewhere first." Mo Wuji felt extremely grateful towards Cang Zhengxing. Without asking why he destroyed the Black Mustard God Merchant House, Cang Zhengxing just directly gave him the array flag.

    Once the array flag was in his possession, Mo Wuji knew that there was a Grade 7 deathtrap array here.

    This meant that as long as he had this array flag, even if God Kings ganged up on him in New God Domain City, he would be able to easily take them out and control the situation.

    Mo Wuji was aware that if he went to look for Cang Zhengxing now, no one in the New God Domain City would dare to touch him. However, he didn't want others to speak badly of Cang Zhengxing behind his back. After all, he had just destroyed the Black Mustard God Merchant House.

    After keeping the array flag, Mo Wuji easily left the city with a flash.

    By the time a few of the city's enforcers landed on the rubble, Mo Wuji was already outside of the city.

    Once he exited the city, Mo Wuji let Tian Nu out of the Spiritual Beast Sack and took a few Life pills for Da Huang to help to save Tian Nu with. He then changed into a fresh set of clothes, removed his mask, and entered the New God Domain City again.

    "Mo Wuji?" When Mo Wuji step foot into New God Domain City, a slightly thin male cultivator stared at him in shock.

    10,000 years had passed and Mo Wuji had gradually been forgotten by many. But once he appeared, people would immediately recognise him.

    The person that recognised Mo Wuji was named Lu Xingteng, a disciple of the Nine Evolutions God Sect. Back then, Mo Wuji saved Liu Ruting and Liu Ruting asked Lu Xingteng for a favour: to arrange for Mo Wuji to enter the Nine Evolutions God Sect as an outer disciple. In the end, Lu Xingteng simply ridiculed Mo Wuji and left, never bothering with Liu Ruting's instructions.

    Actually, Liu Ruting didn't bother about this herself either. To her, Mo Wuji was just a random passerby that she made use of.

    After seeing Mo Wuji, Lu Xingteng was agitated to the point that he was shivering. His talent for cultivation was quite decent, and in the 10000 years, he had advanced from Heavenly God Level 3 to Heavenly God Level 5. However he knew very clearly that his level of strength was peanuts compared to Mo Wuji.

    The hate between the Heavenly Mortal Sect that Mo Wuji was part of and the Nine Evolutions God Sect ran as deep as the oceans, hence at this point, since Mo Wuji appeared in New God Domain City, how could Lu Xingteng let this chance slip away?

    When Mo Wuji entered the city, Lu Xingteng immediately sent out a message. This time, they definitely could not allow Mo Wuji to escape out of New God Domain City. If it weren't for his limited strength, he would have acted on his own already as it was rumored that Mo Wuji could have been carrying large amounts of treasures, possibly even a Medicinal Cauldron Stone.


    Cang Zhengxing's home was very easy to locate as it was the Nirvana Ocean transfer array's headquarters in the city centre.

    Upon Mo Wuji's entrance into Cang Zhengxing's house, Cang Zhengxing stood up and smiled, "It had been 10000 years, and your cultivation level has risen again. The Land of Mortals indeed has exceptional abilities."

    "Mo Wuji greets senior. I'm really happy to be able to meet senior here." Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully.

    These words were from the bottom of his heart. Compared to Xing Mu, Cang Zhengxing was the senior that Mo Wuji truly respected.

    Cang Zhengxing responded with a wave, and gestured for Mo Wuji to take a seat, "I thought that something bad happened to you with the Yu Clan, and I went back to kick up a fuss with that old fogey, Xing Mu. But everywhere the Yu Clan were at were transformed into voids, and I could not peer inside with my current level of strength. There was nothing I could do. Now that I know that you're ok, I'm very relieved."

    Mo Wuji knew that Cang Zhengxing sincerely cared for him, and he quickly replied, "There was a primal god spiritual vein hidden underneath the where the Yu Clan was located, and they asked me to set up a defensive array there to lock in the primordial energy. I took the opportunity to remove the primal god spiritual vein, which caused the space there to collapse, and I was transported to the Seven World Stone..."

    "The Seven World Stone?" Cang Zhengxing repeated with a surprised tone when he heard Mo Wuji mention this term.

    "Senior knows of the Seven World Stone?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Shaking his head, Cang Zhengxing responded, "I heard my grandmaster mention the Seven World Stone before. It's rumored that the place that its located at is linked to seven worlds. Don't ask me which seven worlds, I don't know either. Wuji, do you have any way to get to the Seven World Stone?"

    Without hiding anything, Mo Wuji replied, "If we were in the Immortal World, I would know how. There's a place called the Great Desolate Sea Domain in the Immortal World, and there's a passage that's directly linked to the Seven World Stone. While from here, I can't go to it."

    Cang Zhengxing didn't ask about it any further and carried on, "There's a great secret to the Seven World Stone. When your cultivation level is higher, you can go to investigate it. I'm very happy to see that you're fine, but when you return to the Nirvana Learning Academy, you have to be careful of Xing Mu that old fogey. He has rather ill intentions towards you."

    "Thank you senior for caring this much about me. Junior understands." Mo Wuji suspected long ago whether Xing Mu had intentionally asked him to go to the Yu Clan, but he had to evidence to prove it thus he didn't mention this. Moreover, there was too large of a gap between Xing Mu and him currently.

    "Good, I'm about to leave this place too. Next time if you want to look for me, you can go to the border of God Domain Nest." Cang Zhengxing stood up as he spoke.

    "The battle with the Gods Race is still going on?" Mo Wuji asked. Since the time he came out from closed door cultivation, he had not found out anything about the Gods Race yet.

    With a sigh, Cang Zhengxing replied, "How could things end so easily. The people of the Gods Race indeed live to cultivate. Initially, we still had the upper hand, but as the laws became equal, experts from the Gods Race began to grow in number which didn't bode well for God Continent and God Domain. Next time if anything happens, you can try to go to the Seven World Stone and only come back to take a look after your grand dao is complete. Also, the array flag that I gave you not only controls the deathtrap array here, but it's a symbol of me as well. It will be as though as I am there in person."

    After finishing this statement, Cang Zhengxing disappeared with a flash.

    Mo Wuji bowed in the direction that Cang Zhengxing left in. This was a senior that he truly respected. When he mentioned the primal god spiritual vein, he considered giving it to Cang Zhengxing.

    In reality, Cang Zhengxing left before waiting for him to say so.

    Cang Zhengxing's house had an unparalleled density of god spiritual energy. Mo Wuji knew that this was left behind by Cang Zhengxing for him to cultivate in. Although he really wanted to undergo closed door cultivation for a period of time, he knew that this wasn't a good time.

    Since Cang Zhengxing gave him an array flag of power, he could at least use it to do some things.

    As he thought about this, Mo Wuji decided to go to the Hall of Missions in New God Domain City to try to gain information on Cen Shuyin and Ku Cai.

    As long as the both of them were still in the God Domain, they would definitely have come to New God Domain City. After all, this was the largest god city in the entire God Domain, and it was very well connected. On top of that, to go to the God Continent, one had to use the transfer array in New God Domain City.


    The Hall of Missions of New God Domain City wasn't any smaller than Nirvana Dao City, and its interior was crammed full of people. On the various mission displays, most of the missions involved forming teams to kill Gods Race cultivators at the border of God Domain Nest.

    "Kiddo, what a coincidence meeting you here." A voice echoed from Mo Wuji's side.

    This voice was extremely familiar, and it made Mo Wuji shudder inside. Upon turning around, he saw a long haired youth standing a few metres away from him, smiling. The youth appeared to be very young, and his cultivation level was around Heavenly God Stage. However, he had a rust covered buddha shovel on his back.

    "Kun Yun?" Mo Wuji instinctively took a few steps back. If there were anyone that he feared, Kun Yun would definitely be number 1 out of them.
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