Chapter 1044: Are You Back For Revenge

    Chapter 1044: Are You Back For Revenge

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    By the time God King Pavilion rushed over to the God Protection Hall, he discovered that over 10 God Kings had gathered there already. The head of the 10 Great God Kings of God Domain, God King Blazing Heaven, sat at the top. Other than God King Blazing Heaven, God King Uncruel, Scoured Sea, Orchid Tomb, Ming Yang, Lone Cauldron, and Rising Sea were here as well.

    Seeing that his old friend God King Yi Ming was present, God King Salt Pavilion heaved a sigh of relief before angrily speaking, "Fellow dao friends, I, Salt Pavilion, put my life on the line in the fight against the Gods Race, but my Phoenix Soul God Estate was reduced to rubble by others. If the God Domain is as such, how can we continue to motivate cultivators to fight for our sovereign lands? I would like to ask everyone to give judgement on behalf of the Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect."

    In his heart, God King Rising Sea snorted to himself, but he didn't speak up. He knew that out of the 10 Great God Kings, God King Uncruel supported God King Salt Pavilion, and God King Yi <ing was also God King Salt Pavilion's friend.

    Who didn't know the reason why, back in the day, Heavenly Mortal Sect was destroyed out of the blue, and God King Pang Jie of Heavenly Mortal Sect was surrounded and killed? God King Wei Zheng, who had the closest relationship with the Heavenly Mortal Sect, was determined to get justice for the Heavenly Mortal Sect, but in the end, he disappeared from the God Domain completely as well.

    As long as one wasn't stupid, one would know that God King Wei Zheng was ambushed by a few other bold and daring God Kings.

    In actual fact, it was precisely because God King Wei Zheng and Pang Jie were killed that God King Blazing Heaven's credibility took a huge dip. One had to know that due to the low population of God Kings in the God Domain, God King Blazing Heaven had said before that there had to be minimal fights between God Kings.

    As for what God King Salt Pavilion said about wagering one's life in the fight against the Gods Race, it was even more preposterous. Who didn't know that the god spiritual energy at the border between the Gods Race and God Domain Nest was dense as hell, and the laws there were the clearest? Almost everyone present cultivated here, and God King Salt Pavilion heard about Phoenix Soul God Estate being destroyed while in closed door cultivation before rushing down here.

    "Dao Friend Salt Pavilion, all of us know of this incident. Sit down first, we'll slowly discuss a plan of action. After all, it's definitely not an ordinary person behind it if he can use a god explosion array to destroy two large sects." God King Blazing Heaven had a headache.

    Back in the day, his heart was filled with rage when Pang Jie was ganged up on and God King Wei Zheng went missing. But it was a pity that he couldn't just round up a few God Kings and kill them. He clearly knew that while he was the main coordinator of the God Domain on the surface, in reality there weren't many God Kings that would listen to his commands.

    "God King Blazing Heaven, I've investigated this issue before. If I'm not wrong, it was done by Mo Wuji." God King Salt Pavilion spoke while gnashing his teeth.

    "Mo Wuji?" God King Blazing Heaven asked.

    Mo Wuji had left too deep an impression on him. Back then, Mo Wuji, as an elementary Nascent God, could kill 42 Nascent Gods and five Heavenly Gods while under attack from all of them. The remaining two cultivators were severely injured and crippled respectively.

    Although he, Blazing Heaven, had seen much of the world before, he had never met someone as impressive as Mo Wuji.

    Due to Mo Wuji's low cultivation level and low growth rate, the thought of forcing out Mo Wuji's secret to allow the God Kings of God Domain to level up did cross his mind. After all, Mo Wuji did condense his own great dao. If he, Blazing Heaven, could condense his own great dao as well, perhaps he could really enter the ranks of Unity Gods.

    Following the expansion of the God Domain nest, the God Domain became increasingly dangerous. If no one in God Domain became a Unity God soon, it would be the greatest threat to the domain.

    If it wasn't for the assistance of Unity God experts from God continent, God Domain would have landed in the hands of the Gods Race long ago. Even with the God Continent helping God Domain now, they were on the losing end.

    In the end, Blazing Heaven never expected that a few God Kings would get messed up when trying to catch an elementary Nascent God like Mo Wuji. Could it be that Mo Wuji eliminated the two large sects that destroyed Heavenly Mortal Sect and killed God King Pang Jie the moment he returned?

    Was this cultivator that sent shock waves through the community in the past back for revenge?

    Upon thinking about this, God King Blazing Heaven couldn't help but shudder. Although he didn't want to catch Mo Wuji for himself, and he didn't plan on killing Mo Wuji, there was indeed some enmity between them.

    "Yes, it's Mo Wuji. This person appeared in the New God Domain City, and I suspect that God King Dark Bodhi of Nine Evolutions God Sect has already been killed by him." The moment the God King Salt Pavilion mentioned God King Dark Bodhi, his tone changed slightly.

    "Impossible." God King Uncruel replied without hesitation. "Back then Mo Wuji should have been an elementary Nascent God when he fled God Domain Nest. Even if he were in advanced Nascent God Stage then, how many years had passed only? 10,000 years right. If he could reach Heavenly God in 10,000 years, he would be considered a genius amongst geniuses. Moreover, on the path of cultivating dao, the duration between breakthrough only increases the further one progresses.

    Even if he used 10,000 years to cultivate to elementary Heavenly God, he wouldn't be able to reach God Monarch without another 1,000,000 years right? To kill God King Dark Bodhi, no matter how impressive Mo Wuji is, he would have to be at God King Level 1 at least. Tell me, what genius can cultivate from Nascent God to God King in a mere 10,000 year's time?"

    God king Blazing heaven nodded his head, "Indeed, it is impossible for one to cultivate from Nascent God to Heavenly God in 10,000 years. Unless he used primal god spiritual energy to cultivate all the way, and even if it were so, reaching God King Level 1 is still rather absurd."

    "Mo Wuji can be a match against those of higher cultivation levels. Perhaps he doesn't have to cultivate until God King Stage." God King Yi Ming feared Mo Wuji in his heart as well, and at this moment he really wanted to have God King Blazing Heaven lead the charge to take Mo Wuji out.

    However, he didn't expect that God King Blazing Heaven was actually thinking about pouring the entire God Domain's cultivation resources into developing Mo Wuji, since Mo Wuji had such heaven defying talent and had reached God King Sage, so as to allow Mo Wuji to reach Unity God Stage as soon as possible. For someone like Mo Wuji that could get rid of 49 cultivators, who were much stronger than him, that ganged up against him, once he became a Unity God, what would the Gods Race be compared to him?

    If Mo Wuji could really reach Unity God Stage, so what if he was killed by Mo Wuji in revenge?

    As for the destruction of Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect, God King Blazing Heaven actually had some idea that this would happen. When Mo Wuji fled back then, he suspected that Mo Wuji would come back one day to take revenge.

    "Even if Mo Wuji reached Worldly God Stage, it would at least take him a million years, so this incident has to be investigated first." God King Clear Rise, usually a man of few words, spoke up.

    Seeing that God King Salt Pavilion still wanted to add on, God King Blazing Heaven waved his hand, "The situation with the Gods Race doens't look good. I heard that the Gods Race had a new Unity God expert join their ranks not long ago, and if this continues, the God Domain and even the God Continent will be wiped out. As for the issue of Phoenix Soul God Estate and Nine Evolutions God Sect, I will send some people to investigate. Let's discuss among ourselves first before going to request Senior Cang of God Continent for advice on how to defend God Domain Nest."

    These words made it seem like a bucket of cold water had been poured on the entire situation: it made God King Salt Pavilion realise that it wasn't possible to ask Blazing Heaven to stand up for him.


    God Domain Nest, Leafless Forest.

    The Leafless Forest got its name because there was an endless forest here. The only difference between this forest and conventional ones was that all trees here were completely bare and without leaves. Almost like they were shriveled up poplar trees that had gone through a thousand years in a desert.

    Regardless whether it was with the Gods Race or God Domain, the Leafless Forest was an extremely well known location in God Domain Nest.

    Countless primal spiritual eyes were present in the Leafless Forest. Large ones were many metre in radius, while small ones were about the size of a wash basin. No matter large or small, as long as one was found, it was enough to drive cultivators crazy. This was because cultivating in a primal spiritual eye was many times faster than cultivating elsewhere. Moreover, the laws in a primal spiritual eye were much clearer, making it the best place to go for raising one's cultivation level.

    At this point, deep inside the Leafless Forest, one person was standing his ground against seven others.

    A dried up primal spiritual eye lay between them. This spiritual eye wasn't very large - only being half a metre wide. At the centre of the spiritual eye, there was a curled up female cultivator whose clothes were rather torn up.

    The single person was a hemp clothed youth with a fierce aura and a worn out face. In terms of cultivation level, his wasn't that high - just at Heavenly God Level 5. On top of that, this hemp clothed youth was facing off against seven people. Other than three elementary Heavenly Gods, the remaining four were all intermediate or advanced Heavenly God Stage, with the one with the highest cultivation level at Heavenly God Level 7.

    "Young man, don't think that you've gotten somewhere with your exploits around here. If you dare to spout nonsense again, don't blame us for killing you." The person that spoke was a grey haired cultivator of medium build at Heavenly God Level 7. Out of the entire group, this guy was the strongest.

    "Let her go and I'll naturally take her and leave." Although he was up against seven people alone, the hemp clothed youth didn't give in to their threats and continued to speak calmly.

    It was just the dao aura around him that flamed up, having an intensity never seen before.

    "We're giving you face, but you don't want it? Everyone attack him together and kill him!" The grey haired cultivator flared up and directly blasted his magic treasure at this hemp clothed youth.

    Following which, the remaining people charged forward towards the youth.

    Without breaking a sweat, the hemp clothed youth drew his magic treasure, a dark red halberd, throwing out waves of halberd radiances.

    The clash of god elemental energy in the Leafless Forest caused many leafless trees to be split into half.

    A few sacred arts landed on the hemp clothed youth's body, creating mists of blood one after another.

    But it seemed like he couldn't see how serious those injuries were becoming as he continued to swing his halberd to use one sacred art after another.

    "Boom!" A bloody explosion rang out as one of the youth's arms was severed and a bloody hole appeared on his belly.

    At the same time, his halberd produced multiple halberd radiances that broke through two Heavenly God's domains and swept their heads off their shoulders. One of the two was even at Heavenly God Level 6.

    "Boom!" After killing two people, a beam from a sacred art blasted straight onto the hemp clothed youth's chest. This beam blew the youth away, hitting and breaking a leafless tree.

    Killing intent bubbled up from the grey haired man as he took a step forward, ready to split the hemp clothed youth in half.
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