Chapter 1045: Tian Nus Secret

    Chapter 1045: Tian Nu's Secret

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    "That's enough!" A voice echoed out, stopping the grey haired cultivator. Following which a beautiful woman in light green clothes seemed to appear out of nowhere.

    When he saw this woman, the grey haired cultivator didn't dare to maintain his killing intent and quickly bowed respectfully, "Min Feier greets senior.'

    With Min Feier's experience, he could tell from a single look that this woman's cultivation level was definitely beyond Heavenly God, with a 90% likelihood of her being a God Monarch expert.

    The woman in a green dress didn't bother with the grey haired man, instead looking at the hemp clothed youth, who just had his arm chopped off, and asked, "You knew that you weren't a match for him, so why did you still stay here to court death?"

    The hemp clothed youth swallowed a few pills and struggled to stand up. Yet, his eyes continued to stare at the curled up woman behind the grey haired cultivator as he spoke, "Back in the day my senior brother taught me that a person has to do a few foolish things in his or her life. At that time, I let my senior brother face a group of men alone while I fled. For that, I've regretted till this day, and now I will not allow Xiangyu to remain here alone. Even if I die, I will die here."

    "A person had to do a few foolish things in his or her life. If she, Qu You, could do it, why can't I, Cen Shuyin, do it as well?..." The woman in a green dress mumbled to herself. A good while later, she said to the hemp clothed youth, "What's your name, and who is she to you?"

    This woman in a green dress was precisely the Cen Shuyin that Mo Wuji desperately wanted to meet. Back when she went to New God Domain City, she was still together with Empress Wen Lan and Lin Gu.

    Because of what Kun Yun said, Empress Wen Lan made the decision for the three of them to stop searching for Mo Wuji and focus on using their existing resources to cultivate.

    The three of them had large numbers of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills on then. Other people desired to have such a treasure, but the three of them were actually randomly roaming around God Domain with that many cultivation treasures in their possession.

    After arriving at the border of God Domain Nest, the trio found an extremely secluded area to undergo closed door cultivation. In the span of a few thousand years, they used the pile of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills to reach advanced Heavenly God.

    Following which, the three of them stayed in the area to fight against the Gods Race, collect contribution points, and earn more cultivation resources. This went on for over a thousand years, then they entered the ranks of God Monarchs.

    At this point, a great messy battle had broken out with the Gods Race at the border of God Domain Nest. In the chaos, Cen Shuyin, Lin Gu, and Empress Wen Lan lost contact with each other.

    Although Cen Shuyin had been scouring the area for many years and her cultivation level had risen to God Monarch Level 4, but there was no news about Lin Gu and Wen Lan. On the other hand, she had heard a lot about Mo Wuji. Some said that Mo Wuji died in the Nirvana Ocean, while others stated that Mo Wuji went to God Burial Valley in search of Qu You.

    After all, Qu You entered God Burial Valley for Mo Wuji and was also his dao companion. As time passed, Cen Shuyin also began to suspect that Mo Wuji entered the God burial Valley. She always wanted to go there to take a look, but never managed to overcome her hesitation.

    She wasn't afraid of dying, but of entering the God Burial Valley when Mo Wuji wasn't inside. As for the God Continent, she never thought that Mo Wuji would go to there. The transfer array connecting God Continent to God Domain wasn't something ordinary people could use. Even if low levelled cultivators did use the array, they were transported from God Continent to God Domain, not the other way around.

    No matter how famous Mo Wuji was on God Continent, it was just within Nirvana Learning Academy. Moreover, he had been missing for 10,000 years, so how many people would still remember him since there was just too many exceptional genius cultivators around?

    "Junior Wei Ru, her name is Murong Xiangyu. If she didn't save me previously, I would most likely have been killed. Now I definitely can't leave her behind." The hemp clothed youth said while he bowed.

    Murong Xiangyu? This name seemed rather familiar to Cen Shuyin. She took a look at the woman curled up in the primal spiritual eye but did not feel like she knew her.

    "Your senior brother is a very impressive person. He's right. A person must do a few foolish things in his or her life." After finishing her sentence, the image of her blocking the killing blow from Ceng Houyi for Mo Wuji flashed before Cen Shuyin's eyes. The scene of her igniting her life energy and using the Wind Escape Technique to flee with Mo Wuji in space also appeared.

    Were these foolish things? She never regretted any of it, and if she turned back time, she would still do the same things all over again. Because she saw Mo Wuji bring her physical body to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond to save her and bring her out, while he was swept into the pond with the other incomplete soul... she knew that no matter how many times they repeated this, she wouldn't regret it.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji had a dao companion, but as long as he never told her to leave, she would definitely not leave.

    "Yes, senior brother is the most greatest person to me." Upon hearing Cen Shuyin mention his senior brother, Wei Ru immediately straightened up and spoke with reverence.

    Cen Shuyin nodded her head and threw a jade bottle to Wei Ru. "This is for you. It can help you heal your wounds."

    After finishing, her cold gaze fell onto Min Feier and co. as she commanded, "Scram!"

    "Yes, yes, senior." When they heard Cen Shuyin ask them to get lost, Min Feier didn't dare to spout any more nonsense and quickly backed up before turning and leaving. Once Min Feier left, the few injured Heavenly God cultivators that remained behind also swiftly fled.

    Then, Cen Shuyin nodded at Wei Ru and disappeared with a flash.

    In the direction that Cen Shuyin disappeared in, Wei Ru bowed and gave his thanks. After which, he also brought Murong Xiangyu away as fast as he could.


    "Kun Yun, you've been referring to yourself as a sage, so does this mean that all those above Unity God can be called sages?" Mo Wuji asked once he exited the transfer array.

    As someone without a master, Mo Wuji's path of cultivation was forged by himself. Kun Yun wasn't that simple, hence Mo Wuji suspected that this guy was one of the old fogeys left behind from the ancient times. Perhaps Kun Yun was even older than those people in the Gods Tower. If there was anything he didn't understand, it would be the best to ask this guy.

    Kun Yun chuckled, "There's no use for you to know with such a low cultivation level. Moreover, if you don't leave God Domain in your lifetime, you'll become a Unity God at best, so there's no need to think that much."

    "If you don't want to tell me, just say it." Mo Wuji didn't dispute that statement but he didn't feel very happy inside either. His Mortal Dao had almost completely been born from his own insights, and now his Undying World had complete laws while the God Domain didn't, which shouldn't affect him from gaining further insights.

    Naturally, Kun Yun knew what Mo Wuji was thinking of and didn't prompt him further.

    Compared to the newly incubated God Domain Nest that he first entered, this time, Mo Wuji could immediately feel the great change that happened to the God Domain Nest.

    Initially, this place was nothing but a large open air marketplace, but now it was totally transformed into a major cultivation god city. This city might not have had the grandeur of New God Domain City, but in terms of prosperity, it did not lose out to New God Domain City at all.

    "Mo Wuji, you should be looking for a place to rest for a few days right? Why don't I go to inquire which location in the God Domain Nest allows one to raise his cultivation level the fastest?" Kun Yun looked at Mo Wuji casually, not caring about Mo Wuji's attitude.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was shocked. He really intended to find a place to rest at, primarily to go to the Undying World to take a look at Tian Nu.

    Could Kun Yun know of his Undying World? Or does he knew Tian Nu? Based on his tone and attitude, it was rather possible.

    Mo Wuji never told Kun Yun anything about Tian Nu as the news of someone having two Mind Palaces and seas of consciousness was really too shocking. That kind of situation was almost like his own as he possessed the Mortal Dao - a little too frightening.

    "I'll make a move first. In two days' time, I'll come looking for you." Kun Yun chuckled again, disregarding how shocked Mo Wuji was. With a flash, he disappeared into the masses.


    Nirvana Resthouse. When Mo Wuji saw this name, he entered the establishment without hesitation.

    He was from the Nirvana Learning Academy, and since a Nirvana Resthouse appeared here, it was very likely a resthouse opened by the academy.

    Although he didn't fear anyone now, it was always better to err on the side of caution.

    Everything of the Nirvana Learning Academy was very expensive, hence there weren't many cultivators staying here, and as a result rooms and specialised cultivation estates were available.

    Without giving a sh*t about Kun Yun, Mo Wuji booked a room for himself only.

    The moment he got into the room, he redid the restrictions of it before entering the Undying World.

    Inside the Undying World, Tian Nu remained in a lifeless state.

    Mo Wuji sighed. He asked Da Huang to feed the Breath of Hongmeng and various other vitality pills to Tian Nu, but Tian Nu had already been tortured to the point that his primordial spirit was breaking apart. If there wasn't some top notch spiritual item that addressed this specific problem, he wouldn't be able to save Tian Nu either.

    While Mo Wuji used his vitality channel to nourish Tian Nu, Tian Nu's condition didn't improve at all. Shaking his head, Mo Wuji prepared to stand up. Tian Nu and him were linked through fate and they became friends. But now he had tried his best and not only was Tian Nu's foundation was gone and primordial spirit dissipated, all vitality was gradually eroding away. At most in a few days' time, Tian Nu would completely leave this world with his divine soul destroyed.

    At this point, Tian Nu suddenly opened his eyes. When he saw Mo Wuji, he was surprised.

    "Sorry Tian Nu, I've tried my best." Mo Wuji knew that even though Tian Nu had opened his eyes, he was only seeing his life flashing before his eyes.

    "Brother Mo... Thank you for bringing me out of Black Mustard... and allowing me to die peacefully..." Tian Nu spoke with a stutter and an endless longing for lift. "There's a big secret in God Burial Valley... I have two seas of consciousness... The only path of survival in God Burial Valley... cave..."

    Finally, Tian Nu could speak no longer and he passed away in the Undying World.

    Sadness rose up in Mo Wuji's heart. So what if one cultivated to become a god? Death still awaited at the end of the line. Tian Nu's cultivation level was at the bottom of God Domain, but regardless whether it was in the Immortal World or Mortal World, he would be considered a god. But ultimately, he still met with the same end as a mortal.

    Mo Wuji stood up soon after personally burying Tian Nu in Undying World. He had to grow stronger. Only by doing so would he not get stepped on. Only if he was stronger would he not end up like Tian Nu - kidnapped and tortured to the grave.

    Tian Nu's secret was that he had two seas of consciousness, but Mo Wuji's secret was much greater than that: he was cultivating dao as a mortal. If this was found out by some scheming experts, he would end up like Tian Nu did. At least Tian Nu had Mo Wuji to bury him. If Mo Wuji died, he would just be turned to ashes.
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