Chapter 1046: Seven Worlds

    Chapter 1046: Seven Worlds

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    After leaving his Undying World, Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood to cultivate.

    Just as he sat down for a moment, a large commotion could be heard from the outside.

    Puzzled, Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will outwards, and he saw that the outside of Nirvana Resthouse was in a mess. Everyone seemed to be in shock.

    What happened? When Mo Wuji was about to leave the room to take a look, Kun Yun casually entered.

    "Kun Yun, I know that you're very well versed in Array Dao, but can you at least knock before coming in?" Mo Wuji said unhappily.

    "Sigh, I really can't do anything about you. You don't have any skills but you have a whole bunch of rules." Wile Kun Yun spoke, he really went back ot the door and knocked on the restriction at the doorside, asking, "Can I come in?"

    Kun Yun chuckled, walked in, and sat down. "Have you seen the commotion outside?"

    "Yes I have, what's going on?" Mo Wuji was a little confused.

    "It's because not long ago a Unity God expert of the Gods Race gained insights in a sacred art. He used the sacred art once at the border of God Domain Nest and killed hundreds of thousands of God Domain cultivators at one shot. There was even a God King among them..."

    "What?" Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji leapt up. This piece of news made him stunned. A sacred art could kill tens of thousands of God Domain cultivators, even including God Kings? What sacred art was this?

    If it was some Gods Race expert attacking a planet in a lower world, eliminating a billion cultivators wouldn't make Mo Wuji raise an eyebrow, as an expert could ignore the Laws of the Heaven and Earth of the lower world in that scenario.

    However, in God Domain, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were very sturdy, so no matter how strong a sacred art was, it would be contained within a certain boundary. Outside of this boundary, it would be destroyed by the laws. This meant that regardless how strong one was, one could only affect a limited area around himself. A Unity God was only one level higher than a God King, but he was this powerful?

    "I'm not lying. I heard about this outside, and against such a sacred art, I had no choice but to come back first." Kun Yun said indifferently.

    "What kind of sacred art is it?" Mo Wuji asked, slightly worried.

    For this type of sacred art that could kill hundreds of thousands at once, if it was used continuously, God Continent would be wiped out, much less God Domain.

    Obviously, Kun Yun knew that Mo Wuji was thinking about, and he added on, "There's no need to worry. This person might have gained insights into this sacred art, but it's already very taxing to use it once. He still does not have the ability to fire it off continuously. Of course, with such a sacred art in the picture, God Domain is definitely at a disadvantage in the battle against the Gods Race."

    "You still haven't told me what sacred art it was." Mo Wuji stared at Kun Yun. He was very concerned about this sacred art.

    "It's called Curse Arts, and this sacred art was originally a top notch great sacred art of the Gods Race, but..."

    "Great Curse Arts?" Mo Wuji interrupted Kun Yun out of shock. He had heard of this sacred art before. Who knew that it didn't get eliminated by him and still went to the Gods Race.

    Kun Yun grinned coldly, "Great Curse Arts? Keep on dreaming. It's just a partially complete Minor Curse Arts. There's nothing to be surprised about."

    "A partially complete Minor Curse Arts is already so impressive, then for the Great Curse Arts..." Mid sentence, Mo Wuji didn't dare to continue thinking about it. Wouldn't the Great Curse Arts be able to destroy the entire God World?

    Chuckling, Kun Yun replied, "I know what you're worried about. That's not something to worry about. With this level of laws, it is already very lucky for that member of the Gods Race to gain insights into Minor Curse Arts. I believe that guy must be a super genius. It's simply impossible to gain insights in the Great Curse Arts."

    "Is this Curse Arts the number one sacred art in the universe?" Mo Wuji was slightly relieved after hearing Kun Yun's words.

    Once more, Kun Yun laughed coldly, "Number one sacred art? Stop dreaming. Out of the infinite number of sacred arts, the Great Curse Arts is treated as a treasure by the Gods Race because they don't have any better sacred arts."

    "Kun Yun, can you tell me more about a few other great sacred arts?" Mo Wuji quickly probed. When it came to asking Kun Yun about something, he became very courteous.

    Although he was consulting Kun Yun, in his heart he was thinking about his own Seven World Finger and whether it was considered a great sacred art.

    Unfortunately, Kun Yun didn't answer Mo Wuji and instead stared at him. Once he seemed to be a little disturbed, Kun Yun chuckled and grinned, "If we're talking about great sacred arts, you seem to know some yourself."

    "I know great sacred arts?" Mo Wuji was stunned. He was sure that the Domain Crushing Fist, Four Halberd Strikes, Spatial Imprisonment, and Wheel of Life and Death shouldn't have been considered great sacred arts. Even for the Seven World Finger, while it had immense power, it paled greatly in comparison with the Minor Curse Arts.

    Kun Yun then casually explained, "When I was in New God Domain City, I saw you unleash that finger. Although it was nothing to write home about, it had a tinge of the first world's aura.

    Knowing that it was not possible to continue hiding it in front of Kun Yun, Mo Wuji admitted, "Yes, that's my strongest sacred art, World of Man."

    "World of Man!" Kun Yun said to himself, and turned around to reply, "Not bad, that's a good name. It's indeed suited for the seven worlds."

    In his heart, Mo Wuji was shocked. This guy actually knew about the Seven World Finger.

    Kun Yun continued, "You should have had some special opportunity to be able to gain a sacred art that crosses the seven worlds. A seven world sacred art is much stronger than Curse Arts in my eyes, it's just that you haven't even reached the tip of the iceberg yet."

    Mo Wuji responded unhappily, "I can use the third finger of the Seven World Finger now, so is that still not even reaching the tip of the iceberg?"

    "It's been renamed as the Seven World Finger by you? That's not bad too." Kun Yun spoke without holding back. "You can use the third finger because you cultivate the Mortal Dao. Otherwise, you won't even be able to use the first finger. True seven world sacred arts are boundless .With the stretch of one's hand, one will be able to turn the heaven and earth upside down and tearing the universe and stars is also within one's grasp. Can you do that?"

    This made Mo Wuji fall silent. He knew that Kun Yun should have been speaking the truth, as there was no reason to lie to him about this. Soon after he stood up and bowed respectfully towards Kun Yun, "Could Brother Kun teach me more?"

    Chuckling, Kun Yun pointed at Mo Wuji and spoke, "You're too snobbish. I'm many generations your senior, yet you call me by my name, and now when you need my advice, you call me Brother Kun. Let me tell you then, I'm not giving you any advice."

    Never did Mo Wuji expect that Kun Yun would act arrogant when he was giving face, so he replied coldly, "Since you're not going to give me any pointers, please leave. I want to cultivate."

    Kun Yun touched his nose, and looked at Mo Wuji expressionlessly, "You can't be going back on your word about our cooperation right?"

    "What do you mean going back on my word. The 10 years are not up yet. I need to cultivate now."

    "Ok, I'll give you a few pointers. I don't know where your seven world sacred art originated from, but it only has the form but no true laws. You're simply borrowing the Mortal Dao for your laws, so before your Mortal Dao is largely complete, it's secondary if you can use your Seven World Finger. Hence that's why I said that you're training your Seven World Finger without understanding it properly." Kun Yun was also afraid that Mo Wuji wasn't a person of his word. He had spent so many years searching for this guy.

    "So how can I allow my Seven World Finger to have true power?" Mo Wuji quickly asked. This wasn't a chance he would give up.

    Pointing in the air, Kun Yun explained, "If you can find the Seven World Stone one day, you can gain some insights from it, and after that there'll be some chance that you can understand the true meaning behind your Seven World Finger."

    "Seven World Stone?" Mo Wuji had already been to the Seven World Stone twice.

    Kun Yun nodded, "That's right, the Seven World Stone. Don't ask me where the Seven World Stone is. Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you."

    "I understand. Can you tell me which seven world there are?" Mo Wuji calmed down/ He knew about the Seven World Stone, but he wouldn't reveal it to Kun Yun.

    After sweeping his gaze across Mo Wuji, Kun Yun spoke, "You're really getting a steal by following me. There's no problem with telling you. They are the Mortal World, Underworld, Immortal World, God World, Darkness World, and Fortune World."

    "There's only six worlds." Mo Wuji said.

    "It's seven worlds. You only see six because your cultivation level is too low and you haven't gained enough insights. Once your cultivation level is high enough, you'll know that I'm talking about seven worlds."

    Deep inside Mo Wuji was not convinced. Wasn't this like the emperor's new clothes? "If you don't know then I won't bother asking any more. But why are there no Demon, Devil, Ghost, Asura, and other worlds?"

    As Mo Wuji was from Earth, he knew that the seven worlds weren't the seven that Kun Yun mentioned.

    "That's why I said that your cultivation level is insufficient. The Great Dao is boundless, and once you reach the end of your path, how would there still be the distinction between Demons, Devils, and other races?" Kun Yun waved his hand and interrupted Mo Wuji's question.

    "Do you still have any questions?" Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't rebut him further, Kun Yun happily asked another question.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "No."

    Some questions weren't very suited to be asked to the current Kun Yun. For example, if he wanted to ask about how to get back to the Immortal World or how did the location in God Domain that he arrived at have any relation to Kun Yun's sea of consciousness, they would have to wait.

    "Since you have no more questions, let's start cultivating. I found an extremely good location whether there is an endless supply of primal god spiritual energy. He he, it seems like the 10 year period that I stipulated might be a little too long after all." Kun Yun chuckled as he stood up.

    Without moving, Mo Wuji calmly said, "The Gods Race expert could use the Minor Curse Arts outside. You might have some way of defending against it, but I don't."

    Kun Yun responded tartly, "The expert of Gods Race used the Minor Curse Arts to chase all of the God Domain cultivators away from the area around the God Domain Nest, so that the area's cultivation resources can be given to the Gods Race for cultivation. If you're afraid of something like this, then perhaps cooperating with you was a mistake. Moreover, every bit of cultivation resource that you use up is a bit less that you have, so why don't you come with me to strike it rich together instead."

    Initially, Mo Wuji wanted to use the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills and the energy within the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to cultivate, but upon hearing Kun Yun's last sentence, he couldn't help but be moved. Hence he casually asked, "Where are we going?"

    "Leafless Forest." Two words came out of Kun Yun's mouth.
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