Chapter 1049: Here Come The Unity Gods

    Chapter 1049: Here Come The Unity Gods

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    Just as Kun Yun hadn't seen someone absorb god spiritual energy as fast as himself, Mo Wuji never knew someone that could match his speed in doing so. Sensing Kun Yun's frightening speed of absorbing god spiritual energy, Mo Wuji kicked it up a notch as well.

    In his heart, he knew that Kun Yun's actual cultivation level was lower than his own: probably not even at God Monarch Stage yet. For someone not even at God Monarch Stage, the commotion caused by Kun Yun cultivating almost caught up with him, so how could this not cause him to worry. He still had to work together with Kun Yun and since his cultivation level was slightly higher than Kun Yun's at the moment, there was some room for cooperation. Once his cultivation level was actually lower than Kun Yun, it would be much more dangerous to remain around Kun Yun.

    Mo Wuji's 108 meridians went into reverse circulation to form a major circulation route, causing the primal god spiritual energy whirlpool above his his head to gradually increase in size. At this point, his cultivation level was going up at every moment but he wasn't satisfied. It had to be even faster.

    A bunch of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills were taken out and at the same time, Mo Wuji placed the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo by his side. He was worried that his rate of cultivating was too fast, which might lead to his dao laws becoming messed up.

    Now that his 108 meridians were wildly in reverse circulation, and with the primal god spiritual energy and Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills as cultivation resources, his cultivation level seemed to rise as fast as a rocket in the sky.

    "Crack!" Many days later, Mo Wuji's cultivation level broke through the bottleneck of God Monarch Level 1, entering God Monarch Level 2.

    Just as he wanted to double down to progress to God Monarch Level 3, another God Monarch trespassed into his deathtrap array. It was even a God Monarch Level 1 expert.

    Mo Wuji didn't want his deathtrap array to get damaged. After all, he had set it up in a hurry. Hence, after the God Monarch entered the array, he threw a punch out to eliminate the ant trapped in his array.

    Following this, Mo Wuji didn't continue cultivating. There were seven to eight people that entered the deathtrap array these few days, and even a God Monarch came today. Who knew if there would be Worldly Gods or God Kings arriving tomorrow? He really wasn't as capable as Kun Yun.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji kept the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and walked out of the deathtrap array, shouting at Kun Yun's defensive array, "Kun Yun, we can't cultivate for now."

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's voice, Kun Yun stopped cultivating as well. He walked out of his defensive array and frowned, "Mo Wuji, I was just in the zone for cultivation, what's the meaning of this?"

    Mo Wuji pointed at Kun Yun's Grade 6 deathtrap array and said, "How many people have your Grade 6 deathtrap array killed these few days?"

    "It should be around five people?" Kun Yun replied. His deathtrap array got rid of five cultivators recently - one of which even being a Worldly God Level 3 cultivator.

    "What was the cultivation level of the strongest one?" Mo Wuji continued probing.

    Finally, Kun Yun understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's actions and he chuckled, "Worldly God Level 3. But in my deathtrap array, he was no different from an ant."

    Deep inside Mo Wuji wasn't very happy, but who could he blame for himself not being able to set up Grade 6 deathtrap arrays?

    Hence, he could only say, "Kun Yun, you should get the gist of what I'm talking about. There was a Worldly God Level 3 cultivator in out deathtrap array today, and it could be a God King tomorrow or even a Unity God expert the day after. Moreover, the primal spiritual eye seems to be never ending. It's a spiritual eye that's unparalleled in size. Once the Unity God experts come over, should we still cultivate?"

    "I'm fine with it. My deathtrap array can take these people on." Kun Yun casually shrugged.

    In response, Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "I believe that you can hold off a God King, but I don't think your deathtrap array can handle Unity God experts. Even if a God King came, you can only flee and leave the position for him right? If you're still not afraid, then we can only split up. I'll change my location, and you'll have this entire place to yourself."

    "What's your intention?" Kun Yun also knew that Mo Wuji was right. In reality, even if Mo Wuji didn't come out to look for him, he intended to go over to contact Mo Wuji. But now that Mo Wuji took the initiative, he had to make it seem like he was helping Mo Wuji.

    "My intention is very simple - to set up a Grade 7 deathtrap god array. Once Unity God experts come over, we will join forces to eliminate them." Mo Wuji calmly proposed.

    Kun Yun seemed irritated, "Kill Unity Gods? Mo Wuji, do you think you're that impressive after killing two God Kings in New God Domain City?"

    However, Mo Wuji didn't bother with this comment, instead calmly staring at Kun Yun. If Kun Yun didn't agree to it, he would leave immediately. He was sure that this place would draw the attention of experts sooner or later, so instead staying here and waiting for death, it would be better to make a move earlier.

    With a serious face, Kun Yun replied, "Mo Wuji, I can set up a Grade 7 deathtrap array, but with it, the both of us can only handle God Kings and definitely not a Unity God. It's not that the array is not good enough, but we're simply too weak. Also, the laws here are incomplete, so a Grade 7 deathtrap array has at most the power of a Grade 6 deathtrap array."

    This made Mo Wuji frown. If a Grade 7 deathtrap god array couldn't eliminate Unity Gods, the only option left was for him to leave.

    "You were also right. The primal god spiritual energy here is extremely dense, thus I suspect that there's some creation energy wrapped around a primal space. I propose to set up a Grade 8 deathtrap god array here, and with it we will be able to kill Unity Gods together." Kun Yun said.

    "You can set up Grade 8 deathtrap god arrays?" Mo Wuji stared at Kun Yun in shock. On God Domain and God Continent, the person strongest in Array Dao was Cang Zhengxing, but even he could only set up Grade 7 god arrays.

    Kun Yun casually replied, "Grade 8 god arrays are nothing. If you give me the right materials, I can even set up Grade 9 deathtrap god arrays for you."

    Mo Wuji just shrugged, "I don't have anything for you though."

    "That Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo you used while you cultivated is quite good, why don't you give it to me." Kun Yun commented.

    In response, Mo Wuji chuckled, "If we're going to work together, then let's just work together. If there's going to be these terms, then I'll take my leave."

    "Wait..." Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to leave, Kun Yun quickly stopped him. "I need some high grade god equipment as the array base, and I already used mine for this array. You can't expect to enjoy the fruits of my labour without contributing anything right?"

    What Kun Yun said was very reasonable, but Mo Wuji felt that the items in his possession were either too high quality or too low quality. It was impossible for him to give a natural treasure to Kun Yun too.

    After hesitating for half a day, Mo Wuji could only say, "Kun Yun, didn't you say that the planet with broken laws which I found primal god spiritual energy on has treasures in it? How about I'll bring you there after we're done with this joint venture, and we'll split the treasure evenly."

    "Deal." Kun Yun agreed without hesitation.

    Now Mo Wuji began to suspect that Kun Yun said so much before in order to wait for him to bring this issue up. But it didn't matter to him whether there was such an agreement. He believed that as long as he asked Cang Zhengxing, Cang Zhengxing would definitely tell him where that planet was.

    There was once thing good about Kun Yun: once a deal has been struck, he would become very motivated.

    Array flag after array flag was put out by Kun Yun, and pieces of high grade god equipment were placed at the various locations of the array flags like pieces of trash, which made Mo Wuji feel that it was a little wasteful. The best magic treasure he had was the half moon halberd, which was only a low grade god equipment.

    But soon after, Mo Wuji didn't think about the high grade god equipment anymore, as he was captivated by how Kun Yun set up the deathtrap array.

    Previously, Kun Yun's setting up of the explosion array was too fast, which prevented Mo Wuji from learning anything, but now when Mo Wuji watched Kun Yun set up the Grade 8 deathtrap array, he could feel his own Array Dao improving slowly.

    A few points that had eluded him for the longest time now seemed like they had their answers presented to him.

    Hence Mo Wuji suspected that if he started to go into closed door cultivation to research Array Dao now, he would probably become a Grade 6 God Array King within a month.

    This place wasn't that large all this while, and Kun Yun saved a large amount of time by using high grade god equipment to make the array base, thus in a few days, Kun Yun had completed the Grade 8 deathtrap god array.

    As he observed Kun Yun set up a concealment array and another Grade 5 deathtrap god array outside of the Grade 8 deathtrap god array, Mo Wuji knew that Kun Yun was extremely sly.

    "We can go in to cultivate now." After finishing his sentence, Kun Yun grinned at Mo Wuji before diving into the array.

    While he had taken part in the setting up of this array, once Kun Yun decided to make a move against him, he would be as good as dead inside of the deathtrap array, which made him hesitate.

    "Don't worry, what I need your help with is worth much more than your puny life. Even if I wanted to kill you, I won't do it now." Kun Yun's voice echoed out.

    So Mo Wuji grit his teeth and stepped into the deathtrap array. Even if it was a Grade 8 deathtrap array, it might be able to kill him.

    After all, he did help to set up this deathtrap god array, hence he had a certain level of understanding about it. Moreover, he also had the Book of Luo and Sage Dao Talisman, and he just didn't believe that the Book of Luo wouldn't be able to block the attacks from the deathtrap array.

    At this point, cultivating was the most important to him.

    Going back to his previous spot in the primal spiritual eye, Mo Wuji raised his hand and set up a few restrictions that blocked out spiritual will. Then he took out the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills before starting to cultivate once more.

    It was quite likely that Kun Yun could sense the aura from the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills, but even if he knew, Mo Wuji still had to set up the restrictions.

    This time when he restarted his cultivation, Mo Wuji didn't hold back any further. The energy from the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills melded together with the primal god spiritual energy and enveloped him a short while later.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation kept going up, and at the same time, Kun Yun's was as well.

    A few cultivators that stumbled upon this place couldn't even make it to the Grade 8 deathtrap array and were killed in the Grade 5 deathtrap array outside.

    As time passed, everyone came to know that this area in the Leafless Forest had two fierce men cultivating, so no one should casually go over there.

    Another month went by, and Mo Wuji broke through from God Monarch Level 2 to Level 3.

    Just as he reached God Monarch Level 3, the thing that he worried about happened. A pale faced man, who was wearing a tall hat, landed before Mo Wuji and Kun Yun's defensive array. At the same moment, Mo Wuji received a message from Ku Yun that a Unity God expert had arrived outside of their defensive array.
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