Chapter 1050: You Can Attack Me Now

    Chapter 1050: You Can Attack Me Now

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    Without Kun Yun's reminder, Mo Wuji could also sense that there was an expert outside. After all, he had contributed a fair bit to set up this deathtrap array, so he only didn't know what cultivation level their new visitor was at.

    The half moon halberd was drawn out by Mo Wuji and the Kun Wu Sword was also left floating behind him. Mo Wuji knew his limits. While his strength had risen, no matter how fast it could rise, his current state would be no match for a God King. Now that a Unity God, that the entire God Domain didn't even have based on some rumors, he naturally wouldn't ease up.

    "I'll trap him with all my might, then you'll attack him with everything you've got. Whether we can kill this guy will depend on that sword of yours." A message from Kun Yun came once more, and Mo Wuji didn't mind as the existence of his Kun Wu Sword was revealed to Kun Yun a long time ago.

    As for Kun Yun, Mo Wuji didn't have any doubts about him. Regardless how strong Kun Yun was initially, his current cultivation level was not even at God Monarch Stage. If a guy that wasn't even at God Monarch Stage could use a deathtrap array to restrain a Unity God expert while also attacking the expert, that would really make Mo Wuji shake in his boots.

    The pale cultivator with the tall hat stood in front of the Grade 5 deathtrap god array from over 10 breaths, then he chuckled coldly before stepping straight into the deathtrap array, waving his hand out.

    Wild god elemental energy swept outwards, creating a crisp sound of the Grade 5 deathtrap array shattering that Mo Wuji could hear very clearly.

    The dense primal god spiritual energy was instantaneously detected by the unity God expert, which made his eyes flash with excitement for a moment. After which he took a step in without hesitating.

    He felt that it was a great decision to come here today.

    There were primal spiritual eyes found in the Leafless Forest regularly, but actually, none of them lasted for very long. Worldly Gods and above found it very difficult to locate a primal spiritual eye for them to cultivate for long periods in, but today he was sure that he saw an origin primal spiritual eye today.

    Something's not right! The moment that the Unity God expert just stepped into the deathtrap god array, he felt his surroundings suddenly change, and his spiritual will could no longer extend outwards.

    The pale Unity God stopped in his tracks, with a cold grin appearing on his face. The Grade 5 deathtrap god array outside was actually a front, and there was actually an even high grade deathtrap array inside.

    In a place like the God Domain, how high a grade of deathtrap god array could this get? Grade 7 was out of the picture, as no one would be able to set up a Grade 7 deathtrap array in a short period of time unless Cang Zhengxing came over.

    Thus, this deathtrap array could only be Grade 6. The Unity God expert stretched out his hand, drew his magic treasure, and launched an attack of white light.

    The white light seemed to be like small blades when it was just launched, and in an instant, those blades began to grow, hitting a few metres long and counting.

    "Boom!" It seemed like the attack withered away, and the white light suddenly disappeared.

    "A Grade 8 trap god array? How is this possible?" The Unity God expert exclaimed. Soon after the space around him began to twist, and endless killing intent started to tear his domain to shreds.

    "No, it's a Grade 8 deathtrap array..." When the Unity God expert realised that he was in a Grade 8 deathtrap array, his face turned even paler. At this point, the primal spiritual eye was of secondary importance already, so he swiftly backed up, trying to flee before doing anything else. However, a Grade 8 deathtrap array was completely different from a Grade 8 trap array - one would allow him to slowly grind his way out, while the other posed a threat to his life at all times.

    "You still want to leave after entering my deathtrap god array? How embarrassing, I, Kun Yun, actually have to borrow the power of a deathtrap array to deal with a small ant like you..." Kun Yun's voice echoed by the Unity God's ears, which almost caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

    How many Unity Gods were there in God Domain? He could enter Unity God Stage as he was a genius of the Gods Race, and as a result, he became one of those at the peak. However, this guy actually trapped him with a deathtrap god array and could still continue spouting casual nonsense.

    "Mo Wuji, what are you waiting for? Attack." Kun Yun's infuriated voice travelled to Mo Wuji's ears.

    The scene before Mo Wuji's eyes cleared up in an instant, allowing him to see the Unity God expert's position. But his heart sank, as he knew that if Kun Yun wanted to deal with him, it was very likely that he could only hide inside the Book of Luo.

    Drawing out the half moon halberd, Mo Wuji turned it into a blast of white radiance that was shot at the Unity God expert.

    This expert also saw Mo Wuji at the same time, however, he was restrained by the Grade 8 deathtrap god array, not able to do anything to Mo Wuji. As it was a mere elementary God Monarch attacking him, he didn't bother to even look. Even if he were stationary, what could an elementary God Monarch do to him?

    "Boom!" The halberd radiance slammed against the Unity God expert's domain, causing a significant rebound, and Mo Wuji felt waves of tightness in his chest.

    How impressive, Mo Wuji thought to himself. Although he didn't use any sacred arts, this slash had 70% of his strength behind it and now it didn't even break through a Unity God expert's domain.

    One had to realise that this Unity God was trapped in a Grade 8 deathtrap array, free for Mo Wuji to attack as he pleased.

    "Did you not eat?" Kun Yun's unhappy voice sounded out. He thought that Mo Wuji was preserving some strength with this strike. This guy was trapped in the deathtrap god array, so why would anyone still hold back?

    "You're right, I haven't eaten in many years." As Mo Wuji spoke, his halberd turned into a silver river and landed down.

    Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao was in a stage of initial completion, and his cultivation level was at God Monarch Level 3, so at this point, the full force Winding River brought with it a heaven and earth shattering aura as it landed.

    A strong killing intent swept out, and the Unity God who had been wildly attacking the deathtrap array stopped for a moment as an unparalleled sacred art aura was blasted his way. He felt his spiritual will freeze for a moment, and even though it was only for an instant, it was enough to shock him thoroughly.

    "Boom!" The silver river tore through the Unity God expert's domain. God elemental energy exploded, and wild energy from the rebound hit Mo Wuji's body, causing him to feel waves of tightness at his chest once more.

    However, with his Sage Physique, his god elemental energy circulated slightly and the tightness disappeared completely.

    It seemed like when Mo Wuji's Winding River sacred art tore open the Unity God expert's domain, thousands of killer radiances were activated by Kun Yun to be blasted onto the Unity God's body.

    A mist of blood bursting out of the Unity God's body was clearly seen by Mo Wuji, and he was secretly shocked that Kun Yun chose such an opportune time.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji didn't let this great opportunity slip through his fingers. The Kun Wu Sword turned formed a single strike that tore through all killing intent that flew towards the Unity God expert.

    "The Kun Wu Sword?" The moment that the Unity God expert laid eyes on the Kun Wu Sword, a tinge of fear appeared in his eyes, and he no longer bothered to use his magic treasure to block the various killer attacks from the deathtrap array, instead striking back at the Kun Wu Sword with full force.

    The Kun Wu Sword was an ancient god sword, hence even though Mo Wuji was only at God Monarch Stage, it was enough to tear his body to shreds. For a Unity God expert like himself, once his physical body was destroyed, he could only wait for death inside such a deathtrap god array.

    "Bang!" The Unity God expert's magic treasure clashed against the Kun Wu Sword, and Mo Wuji could feel an endless stream of killing intent gushing towards his body. Mists of blood burst out from him, causing him to fly backwards.

    At that moment, Mo Wuji realised that he had been set up. Kun Yun set him up.

    Upon seeing Mo Wuji fly backwards, Kun Yun chuckled as his two hands threw out various hand techniques, releasing the total power of the Grade 8 deathtrap array without holding back.

    Distortions in space were formed irregularly, and just then, that Unity God expert, whose domain was torn open by Mo Wuji, felt killer strikes landed on his body one after another.

    Blood sprayed all over while the Unity God expert could only look on as his body was broken apart in the deathtrap god array.

    The bloody Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief before retrieving the Kun Wu Sword and carrying it on his back.

    If his physical body had not advanced to Sage Physique, then it would have been him that had his physical body torn to bits by the Unity God Expert. If he had a primordial spirit, that would have been all that was left. But he didn't have a primordial spirit, so after his physical body was torn apart, he could only rely on his vitality channel to slowly recover.

    More importantly, Kun Yun was observing this from the side, so could he really use his vitality channel to heal up?

    "Mo Wuji, are you ok?" Kun Yun's voice appeared just in time, seemingly deeply caring about Mo Wuji. Deep inside, he was stunned. He thought that this strike would have been enough to break down Mo Wuji's physical body completely. Who knew that Mo Wuji would actually be so durable - to actually remain fine with the bloody wounds all over from the killing intent.

    Actually, he didn't want to kill Mo Wuji. Instead, all he was interested in was for Mo Wuji's physical body to be destroyed and only for a primordial spirit to be left behind.

    As long as Mo Wuji's physical body disintegrated, Mo Wuji would have to use the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to reconstruct a new physical body, and this was an extremely long process.

    While that went on, he, Kun Yun, would be able to do so many things. Firstly, he would open up the world of the Unity God expert to take everything for himself. Secondly, he could cultivate crazily as he no longer had to worry about Mo Wuji fighting for primal god spiritual energy with him.

    By the time Mo Wuji finished condensing a new physical body, he would have reached his goals. Most importantly, Mo Wuji's cultivation level would have had to be controlled at elementary God Monarch Stage, in order to prevent any unexpected things from happening.

    Honestly speaking, Kun Yun was fearful of Mo Wuji - at a level that was much greater than fear of a Unity God. There were many ways to deal with Unity God experts, but Mo Wuji was one that could escape from his sea of consciousness when barely a Nascent God.

    As for Mo Wuji's tricks, he really wanted to find out about everything, but up until today, he could only understand a small part of them.

    This scheme failed to come to fruition this time, and it caused him to guard against Mo Wuji to a greater extent as he realised that Mo Wuji's body was of Sage Physique. An elementary Nascent God was actually at Sage Physique. No one would believe this outside. Even for him, when he was at his strongest in the past, his physical body was at most hovering around half Sage Physique.

    The reason that it was difficult to breakthrough to Sage Physique, other than the rarity of physique tempering techniques, was that spiritual cultivation and physique tempering clashed with each other. The higher one's cultivation level, the harder it was to allow external forces to temper one's physical body.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I'm ok, at least I'm still alive. Kun Yun, you can attack me now. This is the time that I'm at my weakest."

    "How could I do that, please don't make this kind of joke anymore. We are partners, so just heal as much as you need to, I'll stand guard for you. That's right, how long will you need to recover?" Kun Yun said as he forced a laugh.

    Mo Wuji had his vitality channel and top tier healing pills, so this kind of injuries would only take a moment to settle. However, his plan had changed, hence he weakly replied, "I'll take at least a year or more."
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