Chapter 1051: I Might Really Get Into Trouble

    Chapter 1051: I Might Really Get Into Trouble

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    "Ah, it's that serious? This time it's my fault. I didn't expect that this guy would still be so strong in my Grade 8 deathtrap god array." Kun Yun spoke with a surprised tone as he blamed himself. Soon after, he loudly said, "Mo Wuji, focus on your healing. I'll try to gain insights in some sacred art and wait to cultivate with you half a year later."

    Kun Yun definitely did not believe that Mo Wuji would require half a year to a year to recover. Since Mo Wuji had claimed it to be as such, he was definitely trying to test Kun Yun. Coincidentally, Kun Yun wanted to spend some time to break into the world of the Unity God expert that he killed to retrieve the items in it.

    However, he was worried that Mo Wuji would begin cultivating before he finished opening the world, leaving him in the dust. Also, who could confirm whether that the spiritual energy source in the primal spiritual eye had a limit? Once it was used up by Mo Wuji, it wouldn't be clear whether there was enough compensation from whatever was in the Unity God's world.

    "You're going to wait till I'm fully recovered before cultivating together?" Mo Wuji was a little shocked. How was this guy so loyal?

    Kun Yun just stopped short of patting his own chest, "That's natural because we're partners. There's limited primal god spiritual energy here, so I can stop cultivating first, otherwise, I'll drain the primal spiritual eye dry."

    This can as a surprise to Mo Wuji, but he quickly regained his senses. If one claimed that Kun Yun was doing so out of goodwill, he definitely didn't believe it. The only reason that Kun Yun was willing to delay cultivating for half a year to a year was for something that the Unity God possessed.

    Unity Gods had their own worlds and all of their belongings were kept in it. Hence, even if one killed a Unity God, one wouldn't be able to get the other party's items.

    Mo Wuji knew that no matter how long he spent, he wouldn't be able to break open a Unity God's world. But who was Kun Yun? This guy was surely an old monster, so it wasn't impossible to think that he would be able to break into a Unity God expert's world. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said, "Thank you Kun Yun old friend. I'll tell you once my injuries become better so that we can cultivate together."

    "So it's settled then, you should start on your recovery. Let me study my sacred art." Kun Yun casually said.

    Without any further blabbering, Mo Wuji entered his own defensive array and threw out three to four layers of defensive restrictions.

    This time, breaking the code of Kun Yun's Grade 8 deathtrap array was his priority, not cultivating. Otherwise, he would surely lose out. Kun Yun's suggestion of waiting for half a year fit his plan nicely.

    Although he wasn't going to cultivate, Mo Wuji's 108 meridians continued to circulate wildly. The only difference was that they were sucking in the primal god spiritual energy previously, but now their major circulation was in service of the dao revelation meridian.

    The hand techniques in Mo Wuji's hands kept changing, then the insights from the dao revelation meridian constantly influenced Mo Wuji.

    The Grade 7 explosion god array that Kun Yun set up previously, and the methods used to set up the current Grade 8 deathtrap array kept being played back time and again in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Most of the possible methods were abandoned by him while some of the main essences behind the arrays was absorbed by him. Mo Wuji's Array Dao level rose rapidly and many days later, he became a Grade 6 God Array King. His Array Dao might have borrowed some aspects of Kun Yun's Array Dao, but its foundation was completely different from Kun Yun's.

    At this point, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel slowly extended outwards. When he was going to attempt to break through to Grade 7 God Array Master, he wanted to thoroughly understand Kun Yun's Grade 8 deathtrap array.

    Time passed by with this happening, and Kun Yun constantly tried to break the Unity God expert's world's laws in order to open up the hidden world. On the other hand, Mo Wuji kept increasing the strength of his Array Dao, slowly deciphering the secrets behind Kun Yun's Grade 8 deathtrap array.

    Ever since a Unity God expert disappeared after entering this area, complete silence fell on the place that the both of them were cultivating in.


    The God Domain Nest's god city grew a few times larger than before and the defensive array on the outside was set up anew while the interior of the city didn't change much.

    Other than the God Protection Hall, the God King Hall remained the largest meeting place. At this moment, there were at least 30 God Kings sitting in the God King Hall.

    God King Blazing Heaven of Blazing Heaven Palace still sat at the top, and his cultivation level was only a step away from Unity God Stage. However, it seemed like this small step was extremely difficult to take. The Gods Race already had two God Kings crossing into the ranks of Unity Gods, but he the Unity God Stage continued to elude him.

    Two months ago, a Unity God of the Gods Race gained insights in Curse Arts and unleashed this sacred art. With this single Curse Art sacred art, it caused the entire God Domain to decay by a great amount. Although the dao traces of the Curse Arts had disappeared, their morale never returned to their original levels.

    While there were many God Kings gathered in the God King Hall, the atmosphere was still very gloomy.

    God King Blazing Heaven sighed in his heart. The laws of the Gods Race was actually more broken than God Domain, but they could still produce Unity God experts. If it weren't for the two Unity God experts from the God Continent, God Domain would have been utterly destroyed and turned into the Gods Race's territory by now.

    Initially, God Continent's god array expert, Cang Zhengxing, set up a Grade 7 god array to protect the area, which led to a stalemate. Although the God Domain were always on the losing end in the battle, they were still able to barely hang on.

    But the members of Gods Race had too well of an understanding of Heavenly Dao Laws, which allowed two Unity Gods to join their ranks in the short span of 10,000 years. Out of which, one of the Unity Gods had gained insights in the terrifying Curse Arts sacred art, under which, other than Unity Gods who could barely block it, God Kings could only flee.

    God King Uncruel broke the silence in the God King Hall, "The Gods Race should have a total of five Unity God experts while we only have two. Senior Cang Zhengxing has also always been controlling this defensive array and is unable to fight. The only one that can fight is Senior Ji Ju. However, it's difficult for Senior Ji Ju to fight four opponents with two fists. If it weren't for Senior Cang Zhengxing's defensive array's protection, the members of the Gods Race would have overrun us already.

    Now that the Gods Race has the Curse Arts sacred art on their side, it's a double whammy for us God Domain cultivators. Fellow dao friends, I suggest that the God Domain retreat and give up the God Domain Nest."

    God King Blazing Heaven suddenly stood up and responded, "We of the God Domain must not give in. Our opponents are only at the border of God Domain Nest and could produce two new Unity Gods in a short period of 10,000 years. If we give up God Domain Nest, then God Domain will never be able to make a comeback."

    A pale, beardless man who looked a rather down spoke up as well, "Dao Friend Blazing Heaven, do you know how many genius cultivators fall on the frontlines of the border of God Domain Nest every day? If this carries on, I'm afraid..."

    Before the gloomy man could finish his sentence, a sharp voice interrupted him, "Definitely not. Dao Friend Xu Ping, do you think that the Gods Race would let the God Continent go after trampling over our God Domain? I agree with Brother Blazing Heaven. This time we must not give in to them at all. We still have Senior Cang Zhengxing and Ji Ju, so we can definitely defend God Domain Nest. The Gods Race won't be allowed to take even half a step..."

    The person speaking was God King Clear Rise of God Domain, number 10 out of the 10 Great God Kings; an upright person.

    The pale, beardless, and gloomy man was Xu Ping of Cultivators Embassy. If it weren't because he was backed by Nirvana Learning Academy, he would have left a long time ago.

    Now that he heard God King Clear Rise's words, Xu Ping shattered the teacups by his side with a slam and coldly replied, "So what, God King Clear Rise does this mean you're ready to teach me, Xu Ping, a lesson?"

    Upon seeing this, God King Blazing Heaven quickly intervened, "Dao Friend Xu Ping, it's just a misunderstanding. What I mean is that we secure the border of God Domain Nest before we put everything into producing a top notch expert..."

    Now Xu Ping's expression eased up as he nodded, "This is a pretty good idea. Star Concealing Mountain's Ji Feiyan and my Cultivators Embassy's Xu Sha are all top notch geniuses, if we put everything into their development..."

    God King Clear Rise was more direct, hence he didn't wait for Xu Ping to finish and simply interrupted, "Dao Friend Xu Ping, we already have a candidate in mind."

    "Oh? I didn't know that there was anyone that could be more talented than the Star Concealing Mountain's Ji Feiyan?" Star Concealing Mountain's Elder Rao Xi casually remarked without hiding anything.

    Never did God King Clear Rise think that these guys could be so thick skinned, so he could only respond, "This person is a rogue cultivator of our God Continent. His name is Mo Wuji. Although he's just a rogue cultivator, but..."

    "Mo Wuji?" Xu Ping, who had been sitting down all this while, suddenly shot up. Killing intent emanated from his entire body as he raged, "Where is Mo Wuji?"

    Most God Kings from God Domain in the God King Hall didn't understand why Xu Ping would become so angry upon hearing Mo Wuji's name, but they were used to being arrogant, hence no one stepped forward to ask anything.

    The God Kings from God Continent knew very clearly why Xu Ping was so infuriated. In the battle for resources in Nirvana Learning Academy, Mo Wuji killed Cultivators Embassy's Li Wuzhen.

    "Dao Friend Blazing Heaven, where is Mo Wuji?" Another angry voice rang out.

    This time it was a tall, thick browed middle aged man that stood up. Everyone could recognise him - God King Lao Fengyi of Returning God Gate who was at God King Level 8.

    Even those God Kings from God Domain who didn't understand what was going on started to get an idea of the big picture. Mo Wuji must have gone to God Continent and offended a large number of experts.

    Speechless, God King Blazing Heaven rubbed his forehead. This Mo Wuji really knew how to get into trouble; No matter where he went, something would happen.

    Star Concealing Mountain's God King Rao Xi casually spoke, "Mo Wuji killed the greatest genius disciple of Dao Friend Feng Yi of Returning God Gate, He Ji, and Cultivators Embassy's direct disciple Li Wuzhen, and stole my disciple Ju Shen's cultivation resources. Dao Friend Blazing Heaven, do you think this Mo Wuji can be developed for our cause?"

    At this moment, a beam of red light suddenly landed in God King Blazing Heaven's hand. It was a flying messenger sword. God King Blazing Heaven grabbed it to take a look and immediately said in shock, "This is just in, Gods Race cultivators are retreating out of the border of God Domain Nest once more. What's going on?"

    "I know what happened." A middle aged man in black walked in.

    "Dao Friend Lone Cauldron, what happened?" God King Blazing Heaven probed. It was God King Lone Cauldron, Liu Ang, number 9 of the 10 Great God Kings, that just walked in.

    However, most felt that God King Lone Cauldron could enter the top five now. He was placed in ninth position back when he was still God King Level 6 but now he had gained some opportunities in God Domain Nest and advanced to the Great Circle of God King Level 7, only a small step away from becoming God King Level 8.

    "Because a Unity God expert of Gods Race, Huan Ji, was killed in the Leafless Forest!"

    "What?" Lone Cauldron's words fell like a bomb in the God King Hall, causing all God Kings to stare at each other in disbelief. Huan Ji was a Level 2 Unity God, the number two expert of the Gods Race, so how could such an expert be murdered in the Leafless Forest?
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