Chapter 1052: Negotiating Peace

    Chapter 1052: Negotiating Peace

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    God King Lone Cauldron carried on with a serious expression on his face, "I just came back from Leafless Forest. Huan Ji was really killed by someone. The information that I gathered was that an expert went to Leafless Forest, seemingly bringing a disciple with him. That expert's cultivation level is very likely at intermediate Unity God..."

    "Intermediate Unity God?" Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping exclaimed. "Why would an intermediate Unity God go to Leafless Forest?"

    This wasn't the first few days that Xu Ping was in God Domain for. He clearly knew that the Leafless Forest wasn't suitable for cultivators of God King and above to cultivate in. The large primal spiritual eyes of Leafless were basically all sucked dry, so only smaller ones remained. Those primal spiritual eyes were difficult to find, and even if one was found by chance, it would dry up after one cultivated in it for a short while. Experts were basically making a loss by going into Leafless Forest to cultivate, wasting all their time on finding primal spiritual eyes.

    God King Lone Cauldron continued with a low tone, "That's all I managed to gather. The expert casually set up a deathtrap array and all God Monarchs that entered were like droplets of water that fell into the sea - disappearing without any traces. After that, some Worldly God cultivators went in, and it was still the same.

    Even after those two cultivate inside for over a month, the primal spiritual eye still did not dry up, which finally drew the attention of Gods Race's Unity God expert, Huan Ji. Huan Ji suspected that the place that those two were cultivating at was an origin primal spiritual eye and as he was at the peak of Unity God Level 2, the best way for him to progress further was to find a location with a constant supply of primal god spiritual energy. However, once Huan Ji left, he was never heard from again."

    "Perhaps it was those two guys that killed Huan Ji?" A God King of God Continent proposed after some hesitation.

    Shaking his head, God King Lone Cauldron replied, "Not possible. Someone saw Huan Ji enter the Grade 5 deathtrap god array of those two before disappearing. Sometime later, the cultivators that occupied the primal spiritual eye came out to set up the Grade 5 deathtrap god array that Huan Ji destroyed once more. Actually, the Gods Race's cultivators will only retreat if Huan Ji died."

    God King Blazing King excitedly said, "Then it means that our God Domain has another Unity God expert?"

    From God King Blazing Heaven's perspective, since that expert in the Leafless Forest could kill Huan Ji, it meant that he was not a member of the Gods Race. Since he wasn't from the Gods Race, he could only be from God Domain.

    "What was God King Lone Cauldron doing in Leafless Forest?" Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping suddenly asked.

    God King Lone Cauldron casually replied, "That's my own business."

    Despite God King Xu Ping's cultivation level being at its peak, God King Lone Cauldron definitely didn't fear Xu Ping. He went to Leafless Forest because he heard that Mo Wuji had appeared at God Domain Nest and he thought that since Mo Wuji wasn't at God Domain Nest, the only other place Mo Wuji could have gone was Leafless Forest.

    "Dao Friend Lone Cauldron please sit down. The Gods Race's retreat comes as extremely good news to us. We must come up with a plan as soon as possible." God King Blazing Heaven went straight to the point.

    God King Lone Cauldron was one of the 10 Great God Kings of God Domain, so he had a rather high level of thinking, hence it was only natural for him to be qualified to join such discussions.

    The person that had been sitting all the way at the bottom, God King Yi Ming, suddenly sent a message to Xu Ping, "Brother Xu Ping, that Mo Wuji stayed at Nirvana Resthouse. He will definitely return to the same place."

    While God King Salt Pavilion had left God Domain Nest, God King Yi Ming stayed behind. Initially, when he heard that God King Blazing Heaven was prepared to pour all resources into cultivating Mo Wuji, he felt very shocked. Thankfully Mo Wuji actually offended a few experts from large sects in God Continent. Although everyone had moved on from talking about Mo Wuji, he wouldn't forget about it. Hence he quickly reminded Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping in hope that Xu Ping would go to eliminate Mo Wuji.

    Xu Ping simply snorted and stared at God King Yi Ming in the eye. How could he not know that Mo Wuji would definitely stay at Nirvana Resthouse upon returning? The important thing was that even if Mo Wuji stayed at Nirvana Resthouse now, would he dare to make a move? This would have to wait until Mo Wuji actually appeared.

    While God King Yi Ming didn't understand how strong Nirvana Resthouse's backers were, he didn't continue blabbering.

    Right after asking God King Lone Cauldron to take a sit, God King Blazing Heaven suddenly stood up. Just as everyone didn't understand why he did so, he said, "Let him in."

    Those three words seemed to extend to every corner of God Domain Nest and everyone could hear them very clearly.

    Xu Ping, who hadn't been taking God King Blazing Heaven seriously, got a shock. He knew that he had underestimated Blazing Heaven. Just based on God King Blazing Heaven's mastery of space, his strength was probably greater than Xu Ping's.

    Without waiting for anyone to ask questions, God Kind Blazing Heaven took the initiative to explain, "Gods Race's God King He Mo has actually come to our God Domain Nest."

    Everyone turned to stare at one another. A God King of the Gods Race in God Domain Nest's god city? What was this?

    Moreover, everyone knew He Mo's level of strength very well. This was a God King Level 9 expert, definitely not one who was beneath God King Blazing Heaven and God King Uncruel.

    A few breaths after God King Blazing Heaven's words left his mouth, a crisp voice rang out from the outside of God King Hall, "Gods Race\s He Mo has come to visit, if I offend anyone, I hope that you will forgive me."

    Following which, a slender and handsome man in green garments entered. This green clothed man had a little lightning rune belt around his waist and based on everyone's observation, that small lightning rune best was at least a high grade god equipment.

    God King Blazing Heaven laughed, "Doa Friend He Mo is our guest from afar, please take a seat."

    When God King Blazing Heaven finished saying the last three words, a white jade chair appeared out of nowhere at the guest seating position in God King Hall.

    Bowing respectfully, God King He Mo moved slightly and made it to the white jade chair, appearing calm and confident.

    Even though there were a few tens of God Kings from God Domain and God Continent around, in his eyes, they were all some ordinary people.

    This place had God King Blazing Heaven as its leader, so while many wanted to know the intention of God King He Mo, it was still God King Blazing Heaven who asked, "May I ask why Dao Friend he Me has come here to visit us?"

    Calmly, God King He Mo replied, "I represent the Gods Race to negotiate for peace. God Domain and Gods Race were once as one, all part of the ancient God World. But now we're killing each other and it will only deplete our vitality. Ouf in the vast universe, there are countless worlds like our God World, and once God World becomes too weak, we'll just become easy pickings for others."

    Upon hearing this, God King Clear Rise laughed coldly, "All these years, your Gods Race has killed countless God Domain cultivators. Not long ago, the Curse Arts killed close to a million cultivators of my God Domain also. Now if we go into a treaty with the Gods Race just because you asked, does that mean we'll be back at war whenever your side wants to?"

    Many felt rather happy when they heard He Mo talk about coming over to negotiate peace. The God Domain had been at the losing end all this while, so if the Gods Race continued to press on, God Domain would even abandon God Domain Nest. In reality, everyone was seated here today to discuss retreating. However, since the Gods Race came over asking for peace, this came as a pleasant surprise.

    But all this was ruined by a single sentence of God King Clear Rise. Didn't this fella know that the God Domain was losing? It was only because the Gods Race's God King He Mo was around that they did not feel like it was appropriate to step forward to chide God King Clear Rise.

    God King He Mo's appeared calm on the surface but deep inside he was in shock. It seemed like the Gods Race's guess was spot on - the God Domain had new and extremely strong Unity God. Otherwise, how would they dare to be so arrogant?

    Although He Mo was here to negotiate for peace, he was actually also tasked with finding out more about the new Unity God of God Domain.

    The Gods Race's thoughts were about the same as God King Blazing Heaven's, which was that the person that could kill Huan Ji had to be God Domain's Unity God expert. As for a Grade 8 deathtrap array, it wouldn't be a possibility to anyone. Regardless whether it was God Domain or Gods Race, there was no one that could set up a Grade 8 deathtrap god array.

    Now that God King He Mo heard God King Clear Rise's words, he was a little more sure that their guess was correct.


    In the Leafless Forest, Mo Wuji didn't know that he and Kun Yun had accidentally killed a Unity God expert of Gods Race, resulting in the Gods Race to go to God Domain to negotiate out of suspicion.

    At this point, Mo Wuji was at the crucial moment of deducing the Grade 7 god array and everything presented itself to him. With the primal god spiritual energy present at the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills, Mo Wuji used the dao revelation meridian to join the ranks of Grade 7 God Array Masters in the fourth month.

    The effect of the laws of the outside world had no effect on him gaining insights. On top of that, he had the Undying World as well.

    In the fifth month, Mo Wuji stopped researching into Array Dao. While he could not completely understand the Grade 8 deathtrap god array, he had already found a way out. At least if Kun Yun activated it, it would not be able to trap him.

    With his current strength as a Grade 7 God Array Master, as long as his cultivation level was not lower than Kun Yun, Kun Yun wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

    No matter how strong Kun Yun's Array Dao was, it was restricted by his cultivation level. In the middle of a fight, he would only be able to set up a Grade 6 deathtrap array in a rush. As of now, Grade 6 deathtrap god arrays posed no threat to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned across Kun Yun without a care in the world and he found out that Kun Yun was still breaking into the Unity God's world. Seeing one after another worldly laws being torn apart by Kun Yun made Mo Wuji very jealous. He knew that if he could learn this, it would benefit him tremendously.

    However, it wasn't his greatest priority to follow Kun Yun to learn how to break other people's world's laws. The most important thing was to raise his cultivation level.

    It didn't matter if Kun Yun was aware, Mo Wuji boldly placed a trace of his spiritual will not far away from Kun Yun to sense how Kun Yun broke worldly laws.

    After which, he took out a large pile of Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills and shouted to Kun Yun, "Kun Yun, I'm already fully recovered and will prepare to cultivate now. You should cultivate with me too. Thank you for waiting for me all this while."

    Once he finished his last sentence, Mo Wuji didn't bother about what Kun Yun thought and activated his Immortal Mortal Technique in full force reverse circulation, drawing in the dense primal god spiritual energy in a whirlpool. Then he began to cultivate wildly once more.

    When Kun Yun saw Mo Wuji start to cultivate, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood in a fit of rage. He also almost made a mistake in the decoding of laws in his hands. One had to know that once a mistake happened in his decoding of laws, it could very well cause the collapse of the Unity God expert's world and everything in it would disappear. The hard work he put in over these few months would be rendered useless at the moment.

    Even though he was very unhappy, Kun Yun could only watch while Mo Wuji started to cultivate and he just continued to slowly break down the Unity God's world of laws.
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