Chapter 1054: A Significant Event Of God World

    Chapter 1054: A Significant Event Of God World

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    He really couldn't understand why Mo Wuji knew about Darkwood as well. When he heard that Mo Wuji didn't need too much god crystals and only wanted half, he wanted to spit out a mouthful of blood too.

    "How do you know of Darkwood?" Since he still needed Mo Wuji's assistance, Kun Yun suppressed the desire to cause trouble with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "So it's really Darkwood. I read about it in a damaged jade slip. I didn't expect it to really exist."

    For the Darkwood, he actually saw it from the crystal ball of Ku Cai. It was a tree that had the Laws of Darkness within - essentially a priceless treasure. One could say that any cultivator that cultivated with Laws of Darkness would view Darkwood as their most precious item. But what lay before him wasn't Darkwood itself, but a piece of damaged Darkwood only.

    "Brother Wuji, you know that I lack cultivation resources the most now. Why don't I give you some high grade god equipment instead?" Kun Yun was sobbing in his heart. If his items were still around, he wouldn't even have to bother with these cultivation resources. But as of now, they were treasures that were given to him when he needed them most.

    Mo Wuji intentionally went forward to pat Kun Yun on the shoulder, "It's ok, I have god equipment already so I don't need anymore. That's right, let's set a time to meet up again, I have some personal issues to attend to."

    "Don't." Kun Yun quickly stopped Mo Wuji. he was sure that once Mo Wuji left, there would no longer be any partnership between them. "Brother Wuji, there are 304 god spiritual veins here, out of which there are 61 high grade and one alchemy king god spiritual veins. There's also a single damaged peak grade god spiritual vein..."

    "Give me the alchemy god spiritual vein and we'll split the rest evenly. I must have the piece of Darkwood." Mo Wuji interrupted Kun Yun straight away. He knew that these so called peak grade god spiritual veins were actually only high grade ones, and now Kun Yun indeed identified them for what they were.

    "Sure, we have a deal." Since he knew that he had to give some things to Mo Wuji, Kun Yun decisively agreed. Straight away, he gave half of the items from the Unity God's world to Mo Wuji.

    If it weren't for the fact that he was lacking in cultivation resources, he might not even have picked up those god spiritual veins if they were thrown on the floor before him.

    After receiving the ring that Kun Yun passed to him, Mo Wuji was very satisfied. This time, he had obtained over a hundred god spiritual veins, and on top of that, a few tens of millions of high grade god crystals went into his pocket. Add that to the god crystals he had on hand, the number of god crystals in his possession exceeded 100,000,000.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji kept the ring, the terrible feeling in Mo Wuji's heart vanished almost completely and he said to Mo Wuji, "Brother Wuji, now that we have made slight progress in our cultivation level, I can bring you to somewhere fun. I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with it."

    Mo Wuji knew what Kun Yun's intention was - now that you've received some benefits from me, it's time to get to work for me.

    All of this was what Mo Wuji agreed to in the first place, and if it wasn't for Kun Yun trying to destroy his physical body in the deathtrap array, he really wouldn't have forced Kun Yun to hand over half of the spoils.

    "Of course. Brother Kun Yun, please lead the way." Mo Wuji raised his hand and sheathed the half moon halberd on his back. He still feared this Kun Yun.

    The rusty Buddha Spade on Kun Yun's back made Mo Wuji even more afraid, but he just didn't have the chance to see Kun Yun use it yet.

    "That halberd is not bad." Kun Yun praised as he saw Mo Wuji's half moon halberd.

    "Why don't we swap?" Mo Wuji stared at the Buddha Spade on Kun Yun's back as well.

    "No way." This time Kun Yun didn't even bother trying to put up an act. He sped up, obviously wanting to leave Leafless Forest.

    When Mo Wuji saw Kun Yun's speed, he suspected whether he had guessed Kun Yun's cultivation level wrongly. From his perspective, it seemed like Kun Yun should have been an advanced God Monarch too, but with Kun Yun's current speed, it was very likely that Kun Yun had broken through God Monarch to enter the ranks of Worldly Gods. Moreover, he could see that Kun Yun wasn't putting in his all and just casually running along.

    However, he couldn't exchange blows with Kun Yun to confirm anything.

    A mere two hours later, the both of them emerged from the Leafless Forest.

    The moment Kun Yun came out, he was shocked and stood on the spot. Mo Wuji also suspiciously observed the large group of cultivators around, thinking to himself when did the cultivators of the Gods Race and God Domain begin to live in harmony?

    They were outside of the Leafless Forest, in an area without any primal spiritual eyes.

    Outside of the Leafless Forest, countless cultivators moved about, out of which there were Gods Race and God Domain cultivators mingling together. Mo Wuji did not see any conflict between them, so what exactly was going on?

    Soon enough Mo Wuji found out what was wrong. The Leafless Forest was at the border of God Domain Nest, which was the border between God Domain and the Gods Race. At the outer region of the border, a small crack had appeared. This small crack extended far into the horizon, seemingly without an end.

    "That crack will grow in size." Kun Yun obviously noticed the crack as well and he spoke to Mo Wuji with a suppressed voice. After this sentence, his expression changed to a surprised on, then an ugly one.

    Observing Kun Yun at his side, Mo Wuji knew that this guy must have found something out, hence he quickly asked, "Brother Kun Yun, did you discover anything?"

    Kun Yun took in a deep breath before replying, "Mo Wuji, let's push back our partnership. I have something to deal with now."

    Once he was done, he didn't even care about Mo Wuji and disappeared in a flash.

    Deep inside, Mo Wuji cursed Kun Yun. This bast*rd actually burnt bridges with him, not even giving an explanation at all before running away. Next time they worked together, he would take a good amount of stuff from this guy.

    Since Kun Yun left after seeing this crack, and as Kun Yun had begged for his help, it was obvious that the crack wasn't simple.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on the crack, he could sense that it was different. He didn't dare to stare at it for long and suspected that he had already been mentally affected by it already.

    From it, he could actually sense the energy of creation. There was no way he could have wrongly picked up that energy.

    This was because he had his world channel and created his own Undying World.

    Could this crack create an entirely new world?

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to find someone to ask about this, Kun Yun appeared by his side once more, "Brother Wuji, once the God World is completed, if I meet with any trouble, I'll need to trouble you to help me out. You see, we can be considered old friends already since we've cultivated together until today..."

    Mo Wuji snorted, "Brother Kun Yun, I'm not targeting you, but you left when presented with other benefits, so it doesn't seem like you've treated me like a brother."

    Only an idiot would treat you as a brother, Kun Yun thought to himself. Yet, he still said frantically, "I don't have the time to explain. Something must have happened between the Gods Race and God Domain which caused the origin law world that predates the beginning of the universe to appear. Only when that world completely fuses with God Domain and God World, then the Laws of Heaven and Earth of this world would become complete."

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji exclaimed, "Kun Yun, you're saying that God World will have complete laws?"

    Kun Yun replied seriously, "That's right, Brother Wuji, do you know which period's cultivators were the strongest?"

    This made Mo Wuji think of the ancient myths - Great Ancestor Hong Jun, Pan Gu opening the skies, the Seven Great Sages, and other exceptionally strong people... Although myths were not guaranteed to be true, he had really seen the Book of Luo, the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, and Shuai Guo also had the aura of an ancient beast, the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito. Weren't all these also only part of ancient Chinese myths?

    As he thought of these, he casually said, "It should be the cultivators who were born during the time of creation, as they have the resources of creation..."

    Ku Yun nodded his head in agreement, "You're right, the cultivators who were born during the time of creation were the strongest. Once the God World becomes totally complete, it'll be similar to that, and countless people will benefit from the process of the laws being completed. This is the origin essence of the universe, the energy of creation. Our cultivation levels will balloon, possibly even crossing into God King Stage."

    Mo Wuji pleasantly responded, "Isn't this a good thing?"

    Kun Yun snorted again, "Yes indeed, it's a good thing, but when the time comes you'll find out why it's not necessarily all good."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji quickly probed as he knew that Kun Yun had more life experiences than himself. If he didn't ask now, it would be too late once Kun Yun left.

    It was very obvious that Kun Yun wanted Mo Wuji to help him, hence while he wanted to leave very urgently, he still explained in a rushed manner, "There are many others like me in this world. Many other super experts have hidden in many corners of the world, and once the God World's laws are restored, and itself turned into a true world, those people will obtain vitality prematurely and complete their own laws. Just from the time you came out of my sea of consciousness, you passed through Tao Tie Valley right? That's right, I already had the intention of sabotaging you then, and actually that Tao Tie was a super expert that rivals me..."

    This revelation made Mo Wuji's heart jump. He thought of the shred of Liu Xing's spiritual will that he threw into the Nirvana Ocean, that guy on Turtle Shell Island, and the mysterious expert in the Immortal World's Sword Prison...

    The thought of these people all appearing made Mo Wuji feel like his scalp was going to explode. Compared to them, Kun Yun was easy to negotiate with.

    "Old Friend Kun Yun, quickly teach me how to approach this event. You know, if anything happens to me, no one will be able to help you in the future." Mo Wuji quickly stopped Kun Yun.

    Regarding Mo Wuji only calling him 'old friend' when help was required, while it was simply 'Kun Yun' this, 'Kun Yun' that normally, Kun Yun had already grown numb to it. He originally planned to help Mo Wuji as the Mortal Dao that Mo Wuji cultivated was of great importance to him.

    "Brother Wuji, when the God World is restored, there will be endless origin elemental energy of creation and all sorts of clear laws will form. At this time you must remember to increase your cultivation level at an insane rate without any hesitation. At the same time, countless god spiritual veins will shoot out of the land of creation origin and land in various locations in the entire God World. This sort of god spiritual vein is difficult to catch, but you must catch at least a couple. They are the best cultivation resource. Remember, once a god spiritual vein gets away, you must not give chase because you will definitely not be able to catch up to it."

    Kun Yun was speaking the complete truth without hiding anything from Mo Wuji as he still had something to ask of Mo Wuji.
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