Chapter 1055: Being Enlightened

    Chapter 1055: Being Enlightened

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    Mo Wuji sincerely bowed and said, "Old Friend Kun Yun, thank you. Other than what you've mentioned, are there other methods?"

    This time Mo Wuji was really grateful towards Kun Yun from the bottom of his heart. If it wasn't for Kun Yun's reminder, he would have definitely reaped some benefits, but it wouldn't be doing something with a goal in mind.

    Kun Yun hesitated for a moment before saying in the end, "In this kind of battle for resources during the time of creation, everyone will progress in cultivation level by a large amount. However, the true battle is after the laws of the God World have completely formed. The fight for resources then will determine how far each person can go on the path of cultivation."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji quickly probed.

    "Fate." Kun Yun said softly.

    This shocked Mo Wuji and he stared at Kun Yun while speaking, "Kun Yun, you can't be thinking of taking the fate of God World again right?"

    Kun Yun laughed coldly, "Taking the fate of God World, who do you think I am? Do you still want to know more, otherwise I'll leave."

    Mo Wuji quickly stopped Kun Yun and said with a smile on his face, "Of course I still want to find out more, could Brother Kun Yun please enlighten me."

    Kun Yun carried in, "After the God World is completed, that's when fate is the densest. At that point, the person that takes the most initiative will obtain the most fate. This fate isn't something that you can fight others for. Even if you were a Sage, it would be very difficult for you to snatch this fate from others. The fate is distributed by the laws of God World and it will be up to the opportunities each person has to determine how much fate one gets. Of course, doing things to get a larger share of the fate is sort of a fight in itself."

    "Old Friend Kun Yun, do you have any way to obtain more fate from the God World?" Once Mo Wuji heard this piece of news, he became very excited. Obviously, Kun Yun had something like that in mind.

    In response, Kun Yun snorted, "No matter how much fate one obtains, it will be difficult for one to emerge victorious in the fight between the real great daos..."

    "What is the fight between the great daos?" Mo Wuji quickly interjected.

    "You'll know when it comes, I won't tell you these things." Kun Yun declined to explain without hesitating.

    Mo Wuji also understood the intentions of Kun Yun, so he could only ask, "Could Old Friend Kun Yun please tell me how to obtain more fate."

    "Set up a sect. Only by setting up a grand sect will you be able to obtain more fate. The closer a sect is to being the top in God World, the more fate of creation it will get. This fate will not only be divided between all disciples of the sect, but the founder will obtain the most of it." Kun Yun said as he stared at Mo Wuji.

    Set up a sect? Mo Wuji thought to himself that he was originally planning to set up Ping Fan, but because his cultivation level was too low and he had not connected well with other large powers, he could only roam around. Hence all this while he was never able to settle down to set up a sect.

    "Old Friend Kun Yun, honestly speaking, I've wanted to set up a sect since a long time ago, but my strength has always been too insignificant and a few random people have been hunting me down as well. Thus it has dragged on until today. Actually, I have a sect named Ping Fan in the Immortal World." Mo Wuji drew the two words 'Ping Fan' while he spoke.

    Seeing those two words that Mo Wuji drew, Kun Yun became a little unsure.

    Who was Mo Wuji? He had gone through too much, hence with a single look, he knew from Kun Yun's expression that Kun Yun had was holding something inside. He wouldn't allow Kun Yun to continue thinking, hence he patted Kun Yun's shoulder, "Old Friend Kun Yun, we're friends now and I'll definitely help you to the best of my ability in the future. Now I have something I don't really understand, so could Old Friend Kun Yun please don't hide anything from me?"

    Finally, Kun Yun decided to reveal it, "Brother Wuji, my following statement will really be confiding in you with the greatest of sincerity. You must remember to return the favour, no, I don't want you to pay me back. Just remember this sincere gesture from your old friend."

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji assured, "Old friend, don't worry. Just speak your mind."

    "Ok." Kun Yun grit his teeth and continued, "Old Brother Wuji, your Mortal Dao is definitely the number one great dao. It is not any weaker than the dao of any of those old fogeys. But you don't really understand your Mortal Dao very well yet."

    "Pray tell." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully, this time really wanting Kun Yun to enlighten him. Back in the day, he thought that his Mortal Dao was complete but in the end, he gained insights in how to condense his own world using his own laws on God Continent. This method allowed him to get rid of the Origin Beads in the Undying World and change it into a world based on his own laws. The Undying World also changed into the Mortal World.

    With this kind of precedence, Mo Wuji immediately asked for advice once Kun Yun told him that his understanding of the Mortal Dao wasn't deep enough. Although the Mortal Dao was created by him, the experience of an old man like Kun Yun wasn't something he could match up to.

    Word by word, Kun Yun explained, "The name of your sect is already wrong. You're cultivating Mortal Dao, and everything should be within the realm of the ordinary. But as you used the words 'Ping Fan' [1], you abandoned your original dao, so this is a problem with the state of your heart. Hence, why don't you change it back to 'Ordinary' that way, your sect will be more closely related to your great dao and it will allow you to obtain a great amount of fate."

    Kun Yun's word hit Mo Wuji's mind like a hammer, and Mo Wuji muttered to himself, "So it's like this."

    Initially, he came up with the name 'Ordinary', but it didn't sound as grand as 'Ping Fan'. However, he was cultivating Mortal Dao, so why did he need a nice sounding and impressive name? 'Ordinary' would be ordinary and if his sect's name couldn't even address how ordinary he was, how could his great dao reach the level of being truly ordinary? Initially, when his Undying World transformed into the Mortal World, this was the actual meaning behind it, just that he didn't manage to thoroughly understand it.

    Mo Wuji's ability to understand things was top notch. He never had a master and everything he had was made by himself. Now that Kun Yun nudged him in the right direction, he suddenly became enlightened.

    "Mo Wuji thanks Old Brother Kun Yun for the advice. I've learnt a lot. I will no longer hold a grudge against you for sabotaging me back in the day. In the future, if you need my help with anything, I, Mo Wuji, will definitely put my best foot forward." Mo Wuji bowed respectfully towards Kun Yun.

    What was a statement that could enlighten someone? This was it. Also, what was a heavily loaded sentence? Was Kun Yun's statement heavily loaded? This process enabled Mo Wuji to understand his own great dao more clearly.

    Although he had been pursuing Mortal Dao alone all this while, unconsciously, he had formed the impression that the word 'Ordinary' did not suit the Mortal Dao. It had already deviated from the right path.

    Just like a son that despised his mother for being ugly, this was something that self-obstructed one's great dao and he, Mo Wuji, had actually done it. What more, he did it happily. Wasn't this confusing cause and effect?

    Only a top notch expert like Kun Yun could delve deeper into the intricacies within.

    Gazing deeper was one thing, but being able to explain it was another. Some people could have a deep understanding but couldn't explain it to you. Precisely because of this, Mo Wuji was extremely grateful towards Kun Yun. This was the truly an inspiration.

    When he saw that Mo Wuji could absorb these ideas so well, Kun Yu regretted even telling these things to Mo Wuji in the first place. What Mo Wuji said after that helped to rebalance his emotions as he realised that not telling Mo Wuji was just harming another without benefiting himself. After all, hiding such information wouldn't help him in any way.

    Now that he told everything to Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji disregarded his previous backstabbing attempt straight away. To him, it was a pretty good favour to get.

    "Ha ha, Brother Wuji's ability to understand ideas is really impressive. In the future, I might even have to seek protection at your sect for some time." Kun Yun chuckled and at least appeared happy on the surface.

    Mo Wuji didn't ask if Kun Yun was also going to set up a sect as he knew that an old fella like Kun Yun definitely had one too many ways to collect fate.

    "Don't worry Old Brother, as long as my sect is set up, you'll be welcome whenever you decide to come over." Mo Wuji's tone became much more respectful than before.

    "It seems like you're ready to rename your sect 'Ordinary'." Kun Yun smiled.

    Shaking his head, Mo Wuji replied, "No. I'm originally a mortal, hence when I set up a sect in God World, its name will be 'Mortal"."

    This statement shocked Kun Yun and he instantly understood Mo Wuji's intention. What Mo Wuji was doing was of an even higher level, hence he sighed and said, "If you're able to survive this banquet of battles, you'll definitely be among the ranks of the experts at the peak of the world."

    After finishing his sentence, Kun Yun disappeared with a flash again. His final sentence was what he sincerely felt. All this while, he never underestimated Mo Wuji and now he knew that in the process he was still underestimating Mo Wuji. This level of perception was something he never came across before.

    If someone guided Mo Wuji, his achievements wouldn't only be at his current level. However, Mo Wuji's own exploration wasn't a bad thing either. Although he might have gone on many detours at the start, in the end, he would go on to achieve much more.


    Seeing Kun Yun leave, Mo Wuji was made up his mind. In the vast universe where there were billions of great dao, he didn't believe that his Mortal Dao was weaker than others.

    He had to build the Mortal Sect in God World and it wouldn't be that suffocating Land of Mortals in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    [1] Ping Fan is a synonym for the Chinese characters for 'ordinary', but a different character is used for the 'Fan'. The 'Ordinary' in the next sentence refers to the 'Ping Fan' that's more closely related to Mortal Dao.
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