Chapter 1056: An Old Acquaintance of Heavenly Mortal Sect

    Chapter 1056: An Old Acquaintance of Heavenly Mortal Sect

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    Kun Yun said that the rate that the crack of creation, which would complete the God World's laws, opened up at would be rather slow. Despite that, dense god spiritual energy seeped out from the crack and cultivating near it would allow one to gain insights into laws with extreme clarity.

    Precisely because of these many cultivators of various races crowded around the crack - every single one cultivating without exception. In his heart, Mo Wuji was thinking about setting up a sect as Kun Yun had suggested, so he didn't want to stay here to cultivate. With the resources he required to cultivate, a few hundred years by the side of the crack might not even help him enter the peak of God Monarch Stage.

    Moreover, it was as Kun Yun had mentioned. Although a crack of creation had appeared, it would take at least a few decades to a few hundred years before the actual explosion happened.

    As for Kun Yun, Mo Wuji was sure that this guy went to make his own preparations, naturally to get a windfall when the God World eventually got restored by the laws of creation. However, this guy didn't bring him along and Mo Wuji couldn't do anything about it.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to leave in a flash, a familiar figure appeared before him.

    "Wei Ru?" Mo Wuji landed in front of this cultivator with a step, exclaiming in surprise.

    "Da Shixiong!" Wei Ru was even more surprised to see Mo Wuji, hence he shouted out in excitement. His voice was trembling while his heart was racing.

    "It's great that you're ok." Mo Wuji patted Wei Ru's shoulders and laughed with happiness in his heart. Back then many members of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had died, so it was an extremely happy occasion for him to meet Wei Ru here today.

    A good while later, Wei Ru finally calmed down, but he still spoke excitedly, "Da Shixiong, I've been worried about you all this while. Now that I've met you, I'm really happy."

    If Wei Ru had someone he respected the most, it was undoubtedly Mo Wuji, his Da Shixiong. Memories of his Da Shixiong speaking to him by his side were still fresh in his mind. One person had to do a few foolish things in one's life - Da Shixiong really did this. He allowed Wei Ru to leave first while he stayed behind to face the combined attack of 49 cultivators stronger than himself.

    Once he thought of the fierce and bloody battle that Da Shixiong went through against the 49 cultivators, a sort of angry and helpless feeling welled up in Wei Ru. On top of that, when he recalled that Da Shixiong killed 47 out of the 49 men he fought and seriously injured one other guy, his felt immense pride in his heart.

    Since that day, every time he heard a rumour about Da Shixiong, he would become more confident in his decision to make Mo Wuji his role model.

    This was the only secret in the depths of his heart: before he achieved anything of the same level as Da Shixiong, he would definitely not reveal his background.

    Mo Wuji could obviously see that Wei Ru had too much to say, hence his gaze swept across the crowd of cultivators before he said, "Let's leave this place first then we'll talk later. That's right, why are the Gods Race and God Domain cultivators getting along so well?"

    Wei Ru also knew that this wasn't a good place to talk, but when he heard Mo Wuji's question he was very surprised, "Da Shixiong, you should have just arrived here so you don't know what's going on. Our God Domain produced a super expert. This expert killed a Unity God, Huan Ji, of the Gods Race in the Leafless Forest which prompted some members of the Gods Race to come over to negotiate a truce. Now, at the areas close to the God Domain Nest, everyone can fight for cultivation resources but no one can kill without any reason. Moreover, after the truce, both sides released all sorts of restraints they placed on the area, such as law and god spiritual energy restraining arrays..."

    Something clicked inside Mo Wuji - could this be related to the crack of creation? Did it appear because the Gods Race and God Domain came to a truce? As for the Unity God expert of the Gods Race that was killed in Leafless Forest, he was sure that it was the guy that he and Kun Yun killed together. Who knew that they would have unknowingly helped God Domain out?

    "Wei Ru, have you seen other surviving disciples of Heavenly Mortal Sect around here?" Mo Wuji followed up with another question.

    Without hiding anything, Wei Ru responded, "I only saw Elder Jie once before."

    "Wei Jie is not dead?" Mo Wuji asked excitedly. The image of this silly old man appeared before his eyes once again.

    "Ah, a genius, I can't believe I am able to meet a top notch genius like yourself..."

    When he heard these words of Wei Jie at first, he became a little excited as someone had finally realised how much potential he held and recognised that he was someone impressive.

    Only sometime later did he find out that Wei Jie said this to everyone. A 'top notch genius' like himself only barely made it into the sect and in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, the lowest ranking position was an inner disciple. There weren't any outer disciples at all. As for other top notch geniuses, Wei Jie made them core disciples or direct disciples.

    This was a warm and caring old man that he couldn't forget, hence he brought Wei Jie over to the newly incubated God Domain Nest back in the day.

    "Yes, I saw Elder Wei Jie in God Domain Nest back then. He gave me some god pills then pat my shoulder and told me that my future was very bright, so the future of the Heavenly Mortal Sect rested on my shoulders. Thus I shouldn't follow him and waste my youth. He also asked me to work hard, then he left." Wei Ru sadly recounted.

    Mo Wuji laughed secretly in his heart. This fella really didn't change a single bit.

    "Wei Ru, I plan on setting up a sect of my own. Are you willing to join me?" Mo Wuji felt that time was very precious, so he had to set up his Mortal Sect quickly in order to fight for fate when the God World was restored.

    Upon hearing Mo Wuji's words, Wei Ru exclaimed, "Da Shixiong, I'm very willing to go with you. Are you restarting the Heavenly Mortal Sect?'

    The reason Wei Ru had been roaming the border of God Domain Nest in search of cultivation resources was not that he didn't want to join a sect, but he just didn't have a sect to join. Since the Heavenly Mortal Sect was gone and many other sects were enemies of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, where could he go to join a sect?

    Shaking his head, Mo Wuji explained, "No, my dao has nothing to do with the Heavenly Mortal Sect. I plan to start a new sect of my own. In the past, I had my own sect in the Immortal World and now I plan to set up another one in the God World called Mortal Sect."

    "Da Shixiong, wherever you go, I'll follow." Wei Ru declared without hesitating.

    The main source of his sense of belonging for the Heavenly Mortal Sect was Mo Wuji as Mo Wuji gave him cultivation resources and asked him to leave alone, and helped him take on the attacks of 49 Nascent God and Heavenly God cultivators. Hence he made Mo Wuji his role model from then on. As for Heavenly Mortal Sect, he joined it with Mo Wuji and not for long, so his loyalty to the sect didn't run that deep.

    "Ok, I will choose a location for our sect now." The addition of Wei Ru to his team made Mo Wuji rather pleased.

    At first, Heavenly Mortal Sect's original location seemed the most suitable but now Mo Wuji didn't want to alter that area to become the Mortal Sect. This wasn't because he respected Liu Xing but instead out of respect for Pang Jie.

    Regardless which angle one approached this from, Pang Jie wouldn't have wanted Heavenly Mortal Sect to become another sect. His 'Mortal' was obviously completely different from Heavenly Mortal Sect so he had to find a different place.

    "Shixiong, I know of a place." Wei Ru quickly reported. "That place is very scenic and he god spiritual energy is also sufficient. The only problem is that it's a little too close to the Nirvana Ocean."

    Proximity to the Nirvana Ocean meant that they would be affected by the corrosive energy, hence no sect would locate themselves there.

    Actually, Mo Wuji didn't really care much about the choice of location as he knew that the appearance of the entire God World would totally change after the world's laws were restored. Even if the location they chose was an excellent one now, there would soon be an extreme alteration to the surrounding geography - almost equivalent to a world shaking super earthquake. Some large sects would fall as a result, then the whole world would be reformed.

    However, Wei Ru was the first person that joined Mortal in the God World, so Mo Wuji could only say, "Sure, then let's go to the location you're suggesting. As for the Nirvana Ocean, there's no need to worry about it. I have a way to deal with it."

    The God World's laws were going to be affected by the law of creation and become complete. Thus the Nirvana Ocean would similarly be restructured by the laws, which would cause the corrosive energy in the Nirvana Ocean to disappear. At the same time, the sect that he newly set up might be destroyed as a result.

    What Mo Wuji cared about wasn't all these issues but that he had to set up the sect first. Only after his sect was set up would he be able to rely on it to gain a fair share of fate when the God World was restored.

    When the fate was in his hands, he would reconstruct the sect on the same piece of land.

    "Ok, I'll bring Da Shixiong over now. I also have a companion. She'll definitely follow me when I call her over later." Once he finished speaking, Wei Ru shot out a flying messenger sword while raising his hand.

    "Who is that?" Mo Wuji casually inquired.

    "Her name is Murong Xiangyu. She saved me once before and she's a very kind person. When we were in the Leafless Forest looking for primal spiritual eyes, she would always allow me to cultivate first before she went in." As Wei Ru mentioned Murong Xiangyu, his voice had a tinge of warmth in it.

    "Murong Xiangyu?" Mo Wuji was shocked. Could this be that Murong Xiangyu from Immortal World? She actually came to God World? It seemed like this woman wasn't that simple. She could leverage on the laws of time in the Book of Luo to cultivate so her cultivation level would definitely be much higher than others.

    But Murong Xiangyu's Book of Luo's laws of time had one problem - her Book of Luo wasn't complete which meant the book's laws were not complete either. If she could really cultivate all the way to Nascent God with these incomplete laws of time in the Book of Luo, she definitely would have met with some other opportunities.

    "Draw her face for me to see." Mo Wuji still suspected whether Murong Xiangyu, with the incomplete Book of Luo, would really have appeared in the God World.

    Wei Ru didn't mind doing so and he drew the picture of a beautiful young woman in midair. It was very apparent that he was familiar with Murong Xiangyu's appearance. Even all of her good looking features were reflected in the drawing.

    Slightly frowning, Mo Wuji never thought that it would really be the Murong Xiangyu that obtained five pages of the Book of Luo.

    For a woman like Murong Xiangyu, Mo Wuji despised her greatly. At the time that he just got to know her, this woman still retained a trace of kindness and innocence, but the Murong Xiangyu that borrowed the power of the Book of Luo to advance to Immortal King had completely changed into a selfish and despicable woman.

    Now what he wanted to know was how she managed to come to the God World. With the broken laws of the God World, there shouldn't have been any paths for ascension.

    "Wei Ru, can you tell me how you met Murong Xiangyu?" Mo Wuji would never allow a woman like Murong Xiangyu to join Mortal Sect, and at the same time, he knew that a woman like her would never try to join Mortal Sect.
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