Chapter 1057: Because Of The Spirit Seeking God Bug

    Chapter 1057: Because Of The Spirit Seeking God Bug

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    "When we were fighting for a primal spiritual eye, I found a bug, a Spirit Seeking God Bug..."

    "Wei Ru, you found a Spirit Seeking God Bug?" Mo Wuji cut Wei Ru off with his question.

    That god bug was considered one of the most desired things for everyone in the entire God World. Obtained even a single one would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about lacking cultivation resources in the future. If news of such a god bug leaked out, it would cause a whole messy battle over it.

    Wei Ru nodded his head, "Yes, I relied on that bug to find a large amount of cultivation resources. Due to the bug, I was able to locate primal spiritual eyes often in the Leafless Forest, but it was a pity that I am too untalented, hence I'm only at Heavenly God Level 5 up till this day.

    There was one time in the Leafless Forest that I found a decent primal spiritual eye. Just as I was about to enter it, I met a Heavenly God Level 3 expert. Back then I had only just advanced to Heavenly God Level 1 and my cultivation level wasn't that stable yet. However right before I was going to get killed, Xiangyu appeared. She put her life on the line and threw out dozens of attack talismans wildly to push the Heavenly God Level 3 cultivator back. In the end, she fled with the heavily injured me."

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that Murong Xiangyu would use her own life to save a stranger. She definitely had some hidden agenda.

    "So where's your Spirit Seeking God Bug?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "It's with Xiangyu. She has an excellent spatial treasure so she has been helping me to raise the god bug. It's much better than my spiritual beast sack." Wei Ru quickly explained.

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji could only sigh and shake his head without anything to say.

    "Da Shixiong, is there something wrong?" This time Wei Ru noticed that Mo Wuji wasn't wearing a very pleasant expression, seemingly rather disapproving of his actions.

    Looking at Wei Ru, Mo Wuji spoke, "Junior Brother Wei Ru, do you believe me?"

    "Of course I believe Da Shixiong." Wei Ru said without any doubt.

    Mo Wuji nodded again, "Good, since you believe me, then I won't hide it anymore. Although I might not know why that Murong Xiangyu saved you, I'm sure that she didn't do so out of goodwill. Perhaps she might have known in advance that you have the Spirit Seeking God Bug on you and wanted to use this sort of method to get acquainted with you..."

    Spirit Seeking God Bugs only recognised one owner, so from Mo Wuji's perspective, Murong Xiangyu acted as she knew that Wei Ru had the god bug.

    "Ah, that's not possible." Wei Ru quickly shook his head. "Da Shixiong, you don't understand Xiangyu. While she could encounter primal spiritual eyes by following me, but she always let me take the best position or even allowed me to start cultivating first."

    Mo Wuji chuckled coldly, "Did the primal spiritual eyes dry up very quickly every time?"

    Nodding his head honestly, Wei Ru replied, "It was as such. Two people cultivating used the spiritual energy up far too quickly."

    Mo Wuji couldn't believe that two people would expend that much primal spiritual energy. Murong Xiangyu had the time acceleration from the Book of Luo which allowed her to absorb primal spiritual energy at a rate much higher than Wei Ru. It would have been ridiculous if Wei Ru could actually gain anything out of fighting her for god spiritual energy while cultivating together. This also made Mo Wuji rather impressed with her luck as well. He had refined all six pages of the Book of Luo in his possession but none of them gave him abilities related to laws of time.

    "Then what's Murong Xiangyu's current cultivation level?" Mo Wuji continued probing.

    Although Wei Ru didn't understand why Da Shixiong was so biased against Murong Xiangyu he still replied, "She's now at Heavenly God Level 4. She's so much more talented than me, hence her cultivation speed is much greater than mine."

    Mo Wuji casually commented, "You're wrong, Murong Xiangyu's cultivation level is not Heavenly God Level 4. It's Heavenly God Level 8."

    "Da Shixiong, how do you know that?" Wei Ru asked in a surprised tone.

    "I saw it with my two eyes." When Mo Wuji finished his last word, a slender figure landed in front of them. It was a woman in a dress of green lotus design who appeared pure and with the kind of fragility of a girl next door.

    "Xiangyu." Wei Ru excitedly called out.

    "Mo Wuji..." Murong Xiangyu exclaimed and took a few steps back. She really couldn't understand why Mo Wuji would appear at a place like this.

    The achievements of Mo Wuji had spread around so widely that everyone in the God Domain knew of his but with his disappearance of ten thousand years, he slowly faded away from everyone's memories. Murong Xiangyu hadn't arrived in the God World for long and by the time she came here, no one talked about Mo Wuji anymore. On top of that, Wei Ru never mentioned Mo Wuji in front of her before, hence she never found out that Mo Wuji was also in God World.

    "You two know each other?" Only then did Wei Ru suddenly realise what was going on. Da Shixiong didn't seem to have a good impression of Murong Xiangyu, likely due to some conflict the two of them had a long time ago.

    Calmly looking at Murong Xiangyu, Mo Wuji observed whether she would try to snatch his pages of the Book of Luo. If she attacked, he wouldn't hold back either.

    "Wei Ru, let's go. I don't wish to stay in the presence of this guy." To Mo Wuji's surprise, Murong Xiangyu actually didn't do anything to him.

    Based on his predictions, a woman like her would think that he was an ant and try to take his pages of the Book of Luo for herself.

    "Xiangyu, you must have some misunderstanding with Da Shixiong. Da Shixiong is a very noble man with both courage and wit. I was just about to leave with him to work on a large project, why don't you come along with us?" While Wei Ru didn't know what kind of grudge the both of them had, he definitely did not want Da Shixiong to be loggerheads with his best friend, Murong Xiangyu.

    Deep in his heart, he was rather fond of Murong Xiangyu, to the extent that he wanted to be dao companions with her. However, despite his multiple hints, she was still very hesitant, seemingly asking him to spend all of his energy on cultivation.

    "Wei Ru, I will not leave with him. If you trust me, then come with me. We can go to roam the Leafless Forest and one day we will advance to a much higher level." Murong Xiangyu pleaded.

    This ignited a flame in Wei Ru's heart. From her words, she clearly implied that she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. This was exactly what he wanted, so his gaze unconsciously fell on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji wore a calm expression on his face as he spoke, "Junior Brother Wei Ru, I'll let you make your own decision. If you come with me, you will never have to get into any trouble with this woman ever again. If you think that my words can't be trusted, then let's go our separate ways here."

    What had to be said was already on the table, hence Mo Wuji wouldn't advise Wei Ru any further. From what he saw, Wei Ru's arm had a fresh wound on it, so while he didn't know what caused it, Mo Wuji was sure that Wei Ru spent every day in the Leafless Forest in danger.

    "Xiangyu, has your cultivation level has improved again? Just now when you landed, you gave off some ripples and I felt that you've become much stronger than before." Wei Ru was one to repay kindness with gratitude and wasn't a fool at all.

    His question caught Murong Xiangyu by surprise and she quickly replied, "I experienced a breakthrough not long ago so my cultivation level is at Heavenly God Level 5."

    Upon hearing this, a flash of disappointment appeared in Wei Ru's eyes. To him, Murong Xiangyu was only second to Da Shixiong in importance. But now it was apparent that Da Shixiong was right - Murong Xiangyu was cheating him. He didn't even have to sense the ripples caused by her cultivation level as everything had been revealed through a single sentence.

    After going into deep thought for a long while, Wei Ru looked up at Murong Xiangyu, "Xiangyu, I intend to leave with my Da Shixiong. Return me my bug, and thank you for cultivating and searching for cultivation resources with me all these years."

    This made Murong Xiangyu's heart jump, then she stared at Mo Wuji hatefully. She couldn't understand why she wasn't as important as a man like Mo Wuji to Wei Ru.

    "Ah..." Murong Xiangyu exclaimed and frantically responded. "Then please wait for me, I kept the bug in my cave. I'll go to take it for you now."

    The light in Wei Ru's eyes dimmed even further as he shook his head, "Never mind, I'll leave with Da Shixiong first. Pass me the bug to me if we ever meet again in the future."

    Once he finished his piece, Wei Ru spoke to Mo Wuji in disappointment, "Da Shixiong, let's go."

    He wasn't that big of an idiot to believe that Murong Xiangyu would really leave the but in a cave.

    Nodding his head, Mo Wuji took out a flying ship magic treasure straight away and said to Wei Ru, "Board the ship."

    Without saying anything else to Murong Xiangyu, Wei Ru landed on the flying ship in a single step.

    Mo Wuji also charged up in an instant while controlling the flying ship.

    "Are you in a bad mood?" Mo Wuji chuckled as he asked Wei Ru.

    Wei Ru sighed, "Yes, I did have my doubts about how she coincidentally appeared to save me when I first met her. With her cultivation level, she could just kill me if she wanted the bug so why did she have to go through the entire charade?"

    Mo Wuji casually explained, "You're wrong. With her original cultivation level, it was really not possible for her to kill you. However, even I am impressed with her rate of cultivation. Moreover, the Spirit Seeking God Bug does not recognise a second owner, which is why you were able to live till today."

    If Murong Xianyu had arrived in God World at the same time as himself, Mo Wuji suspected that her current strength would have exceeded his own.

    Seeing that Wei Ru was rather down, Mo Wuji asked, "Your arm was cut off not long ago right? What happened?"

    Wei Ru just shook his head for sometime before saying, "If she's really at Heavenly God Level 8, then she must have faked being severely injured in the past. I had my arm cut off in an attempt to save her. If it wasn't for a senior that passed by, I would have died in the Leafless Forest. I don't understand what's the point for her to do that?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "You're lucky to have met me then. Otherwise, not even a few bits of your bones would be left. If I'm not wrong, that woman should be looking for some means to turn the bug into her own."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji stopped the flying ship.

    "Da Shixiong, why did you stop." Wei Ru faced Mo Wuji with a puzzled look as he asked his question.

    Mo Wuji grinned, "Do you think Murong Xiangyu would let us off that easily?"

    Actually, when he spotted Murong Xiangyu, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel caught a connection between her and a Worldly God cultivator. Murong Xiangyu wouldn't let him go and he wouldn't let her go either. Hence he was sure that she would come chasing after them with that Worldly God expert. He only stopped to make some preparations first.
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