Chapter 1058: Youre Really Extremely Unlucky

    Chapter 1058: You're Really Extremely Unlucky

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    When Mo Wuji left, Murong Xiangyu began to shake with rage, almost as though as she couldn't keep it in any longer.

    A grey clothed man, that had been sitting with his eyes closed at the edge of the God Domain Nest's crack to gain insights in laws, finally opened his eyes and shot a gaze towards Murong Xiangyu, "Xiangyu, is that person very important to you,"

    Rubbing her eyes, Murong Xiangyu replied, "He took something off mine, lied, and cheated me. If I didn't have my own principles, I, I..."

    She was very aware that she was just an ant in front of this grey clothed man and despite him taking her in as disciple in name, she knew that he only wanted her as a plaything. The reason he hadn't done anything yet was that he thought she had some treasures on her. But up till this point, she didn't reveal a single trace of her treasures at all.

    Murong Xiangyu's pages of the Book of Luo were integrated into her sea of consciousness which meant that Unity Gods wouldn't be able to find them, much less for a Worldly God.

    "Do you want me to take care of him for you?" The grey clothed man casually remarked.

    "Ah..." Murong Xiangyu appeared shocked, seemingly surprised by this statement.

    She might have worn a surprised expression on her face but in her heart, she was aware that this grey clothed man was only joking. Getting him to chase after and fight with Mo Wuji wasn't something she could accomplish with a few simple sentences.

    Since the time they fought over the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji could suppress the top notch geniuses of a few top immortal sects. Even Gu Zijian, the eight star genius that she admired, didn't dare to make a sound in front of Mo Wuji. Although she borrowed the power of the laws of time to advance to Immortal King in a short period of time, she was still completely overwhelmed by Mo Wuji...

    After that incident, she never underestimated Mo Wuji again. While she was at Heavenly God Level 8 now, she was sure that it wasn't good enough to match up against Mo Wuji. Seeing Wei Ru still worshipping Mo Wuji completely although he was at Heavenly God Level 5 confirmed her suspicions.

    What had she, Murong Xiangyu, not seen after roaming the world for so many years? She desperately hoped to obtain the pages of the Book of Luo from Mo Wuji but at the same time she was aware that it was impossible. It was enough to have made a mistake two times in front of Mo Wuji, so she definitely did not want to do it for a third time.

    Precisely because of that, she thought of everything she could to manipulate the Worldly God that conspired with her to deal with Mo Wuji. The best outcome would be both sides leaving with severe injuries.

    As long as Mo Wuji could handle the Worldly God for an incense worth of time, she would have the chance to flee. She had already found an ideal location but only lacked the opportunity to go there. Once she escaped from the Worldly God, she would enter the world of her pages of the Book of Luo and she was also confident that she could remove the spiritual will imprint he left on her.

    After removing the imprint, she would never come back here again.

    As for the bug, she might have some way to make it recognise her as its owner if Wei Ru was killed by the Worldly God. Even if it were a one in ten thousand chance, it was better than nothing.

    "What is his name?" The Worldly God closed his eyes once more and casually asked.

    Just as Murong Xiangyu expected, he wouldn't waste his own time for such a small issue, so asking for a name was his way of entertaining her.

    "Mo Wuji." Murong Xiangyu gave Mo Wuji's name up. In her heart, she was already considering whether she should reveal that Mo Wuji possessed pages of the Book of Luo.

    Only with a treasure like the Book of Luo in the picture, then the Worldly God would hunt down Mo Wuji relentlessly.

    "What? His name is Mo Wuji?" The Worldly God suddenly leapt up and asked in a shocked tone.

    Murong Xiangyu nodded while being rather confused, "Yes, he's Mo Wuji."

    After finishing her sentence, she seemed to recall something and casually produced an image of Mo Wuji.

    When Mo Wuji was standing here a moment ago, Murong Xiangyu was also using her spiritual will to contact the Worldly God. However the Worldly God didn't even bother about Mo Wuji and Wei Ru. He was too lazy to even scan the area with his spiritual will as his focus was on the clear laws in the crack.

    Now that he saw the image that Murong Xiangyu produced, he frantically asked, "Which direction did he leave in."

    Murong Xiangyu lifted her hand to point in one direction and in an instant the Worldly God disappeared.

    Staring at the direction that the Worldly God expert vanished in, Murong Xiangyu took a few moments before she finally regained her senses. All of the tricks she tried to employ didn't work but once she mentioned Mo Wuji's name it triggered something in the Worldly God to chase after him.

    She was quite confident that Mo Wuji was now more important in the eyes of the Worldly God than herself, hence at this point of time, he would stop tracking her location, making it her only chance to run.

    As she thought about this, Murong Xiangyu's figure turned and disappeared in a different direction. She had to find a place to erase the spiritual will imprint on her before cultivating wildy.

    Just as she had guessed, the grey clothed Worldly God valued Mo Wuji over a hundred times greater than Murong Xiangyu. Even if he knew that Murong Xiangyu would escape, he wouldn't go after her - firstly because he knew that she wouldn't be able to run away from him, and secondly, Mo Wuji was the only one on his mind.

    It was rumoured that Mo Wuji was in possession of some extremely valuable treasures and as he was so close from the Worldly God, the Worldly God would regret for life if he was allowed to escape. The Worldly God even regretted that he didn't use his spiritual will to scan Mo Wuji just now.


    Mo Wuji didn't misjudge Murong Xiangyu as he made the same mistake before. Murong Xiangyu desperately tried to obtain the pages of the Book of Luo from him and after that many years of roaming and struggling, the Murong Xiangyu now was nothing like the woman of the past. But at least he wouldn't expect her to dare to come after him with only Heavenly God Level 8 in cultivation.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect either was that the relationship between Murong Xiangyu and that Worldly God was that of captor and captured, totally not what it appeared to be on the surface.

    "Ha ha... So it's you indeed, Mo Wuji. It seems like my luck isn't that bad." The grey clothed Worldly God saw Mo Wuji within an incense's worth of time since he started his chase, landing in front of Mo Wuji and Wei Ru.

    Medicinal Cauldron Stone, Primal God Lattice Stone...

    At this point, countless natural treasures appeared in the Worldly God's mind.

    "Actually, your luck is really as bad as it could ever be." After seeing that Murong Xiangyu wasn't giving chase behind the Worldly God, Mo Wuji said while heaving a sigh of relief.

    Man proposes God disposes. When he was cultivating, how could others not cultivate at the same time? Regardless whether it was enemies or friends, this logic was the same.

    "Wei Ru, back off for now. I didn't think that a miscellaneous person would arrive before the master." Mo Wuji sighed.

    Since it was just an elementary Worldly God, Mo Wuji decided that he didn't have to use the deathtrap arrays that he had set up in advance. Those were mainly meant for dealing with Murong Xiangyu, but didn't that mean that she was stronger than this Worldly God? He knew that Murong Xiangyu was in possession of pages of the Book of Luo and with that kind of natural treasure, what if it had some means of helping her flee?

    "Da Shixiong, this man is named Hui Ge. He's a Worldly God who's very famous in the Leafless Forest." Wei Ru spoke in a flustered manner as he recognised Hui Ge.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to speak, Hui Ge leapt straight at him with open hands ready to grab his head, "Die!"

    He had heard of how fierce Mo Wuji was back in the day. When Mo Wuji was just an elementary Nascent God, he managed to hold his ground against 49 Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods. Only ten thousand years had passed since then, so even if Mo Wuji was the reincarnation of the God of Creation, he shouldn't be able to advance to God Monarch Stage. Thus, in the eyes of a Worldly God, he wasn't even comparable to an ant.

    As Mo Wuji swung his hand, the halberd on his back formed a boundless silver river which struck down.

    The domain of the Worldly God suddenly broke open and his hand that reached out towards Mo Wuji slowed down as well. At this moment, the entire space around the Worldly God had turned into a world of silver as a silver river that seemed to tear apart the void landed from above.

    An overbearing aura surrounded the grey clothed Worldly God expert, causing even his spiritual will to become sluggish.

    "This is impossible..." The Worldly God's eyes were finally willed with fear. Before this strike of Mo Wuji had completely landed on him, he was completely restrained by the laws.

    Now there was indeed an ant, but this ant was him, Hui Ge, instead of Mo Wuji.

    In an instant, Hui Ge regained his senses. He was sure that Mo Wuji was a Worldly God too and had much more complete worldly laws than him which directly locked up the space around him.

    Hui ge flew into a wild fit - almost disregarding everything to circulate his spiritual will, even if it meant igniting all he had.

    But soon after he discovered that this was all for naught. There was simply too big a gap between him and Mo Wuji. His worldly laws before Mo Wuji's worldly laws were like an egg meeting a rock.

    "Boom!" When the silver river landed, it appeared as if a large splash had been made.

    "Crack!" A domain shattered, a world of laws shattered, bones shattered, and a mist of blood exploded.

    By the time Hui Ge landed on the ground with a splat, his body had already been split into two. Just as his primordial spirit seeped out, it was blown to bits by a flash of halberd radiance.

    Although he knew that there shouldn't have been much in his opponent's ring, Mo Wuji still casually kept it away.

    "Da Shixiong..." Wei Ru stared at Mo Wuji with a look of shock on his face. He never imagined that Hui Ge, an unrivalled expert of the Leafless Forest, wouldn't be able to last a single round against Mo Wuji before being reduced to nothing.

    "Let's go. That woman must have fled. She still has some tricks up her sleeve seeing that she could send a Worldly God idiot to his death." Mo Wuji patted Wei Ru's shoulders.

    Finally, Wei Ru regained his senses and happily asked, "Da Shixiong, you're a Worldly God already?"

    Shaking his head, Mo Wuji replied, "Not yet, however, I should be advancing to Worldly God soon. You'll also enter the ranks of God Monarchs soon, and even that of Worldly Gods. As for why, I'll explain to you on the road."

    "Sure, I'll listen to Da Shixiong's instructions." At this moment Wei Ru's heart was filled with excitement and faith.

    Someone as strong as Hui Ge couldn't even handle a single blow from his Da Shixiong, so what was there to be afraid of?

    Grandmaster Pang Jie was also very impressive but the way he did things was rather different from how Da Shixiong did things. From Wei Ru's perspective, Grandmaster Pang Jie was overly cautious and still got stabbed in the back in the end. On the other hand, his revered Da Shixiong did things decisively - repaying kindness with kindness, repaying grudges with vengeance. Ultimately working with the mindset that one had to do a few foolish things in one's life.
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