Chapter 1059: Mortal

    Chapter 1059: Mortal

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    Following behind Wei Ru through many transfer arrays, they finally arrived at the place Wei Ru mentioned after a few days.

    There were indeed mountains on one side and water on the other. However, it was only tens of kilometres away from the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. The few mountains weren't very towering and from afar, they looked pretty miserable. Because of the energy of extinction from the Nirvana Ocean, there were extremely few life forms despite the presence of dense god spiritual energy.

    Mo Wuji didn't notice any living weeds, let alone demonic beasts or god spiritual herbs.

    Wei Ru spoke awkwardly. "Da Shixiong, when I was here previously, there was still some low grade god spiritual herbs around. I didn't expect that after thousands of years, this place had turned into such a state. Why don't we find somewhere else?"

    Mo Wuji smiled. "This place is not bad, let's just stay here."

    If Mo Wuji wasn't aware that the laws of the God World was about to be restored and the God World was about to transform drastically, he wouldn't have chosen this place too.

    This place was indeed decent but the proximity to the Nirvana Ocean made it worthless. Otherwise, other sects would have chosen this place a long time ago.

    Mo Wuji was interested in this place, more importantly, because this place had mountains, water and a boundless plainfield.

    When the laws of the God World returned, this plainfield would be a suitable place to grow and nurture Green Dew Rice. In the future when the God World had returned to its original state, this would definitely be a place where people would fight for.

    Noticing that Wei Ru was still slightly confused, Mo Wuji spoke. "Remember what I told you while travelling?"

    "Da Shixiong, could it really happen?" Even though Mo Wuji had said so, the restoration of the laws of the God World was simply too shockingly unbelievable to Wei Ru.

    Mo Wuji nodded. "Yes, it will definitely happen. Therefore, this location that we chose would certainly be the most suitable location to establish a sect in the God World."

    Mo Wujiwas convinced not because of Kun Yun's words but because he could sense the energy of creation within the chasm. In addition to Kun Yun's words, Mo Wuji was certain that this matter would be true and Kun Yun wasn't lying to him.

    "Da Shixiong, I'm worried that a God King expert might chase after us. We only have the two of us." Even though Mo Wuji's sacred art was capable of killing of a World God, Wei Ru was still worried.

    "There's no need to worry. As long as a God King doesn't come within the next one year, they wouldn't have a chance anymore." Mo Wuji replied confidently.

    Presently, he could set up Grade 7 God Array and a year later, he would have completed the set up of the sect's defensive array. Given his current strength coupled with a Grade 7 deathtrap god array, Mo Wuji was confident he was qualified enough to deal with an expert in the God King Stage.

    Mo Wuji had more than enough resources on him. Without mentioning the large number of resources he obtained from the God Continent, even half of the items of that Unity God which he killed with Kun Yun was enough to install the sect's defensive array.


    When Mo Wuji and Wei Ru were fully focused on establishing the Mortal Sect, that chasm in the God Domain Nest grew bigger every day. The chasm expanded far more rapidly than Mo Wuji and Kun Yun expected. Half a year later, that chasm was already 3-4 inches wide.

    The energy of the clear laws spread outwards as the dense god spiritual energy seeped out.

    Even those who didn't know the reason would know that once this chasm expanded to a certain extent, the entire God World would have a complete transformation.

    Because of the clear and vast laws, this increasingly wide chasm was known as the Chasm of Laws.

    Countless cultivators surged towards the Chasm of Laws and even God Kings were of no exception. Those who were stuck at the bottlenecks of their cultivation managed to breakthrough here. At that point in time, the periphery of the Chasm of Laws suddenly became a temporary ground for tribulations.

    A few desperate cultivators risked everything as they jumped right into the chasm. However, those cultivators who jumped right in would all disappear without a trace.

    Presently, Mo Wuji was already done with the installation of the Mortal Sect's defensive array. He managed to install a Grade 6 God Defensive Array to protect the sect. Within the Grade 6 god array was a Grade 7 Deathtrap God Array and a Grade 6 Energy Gathering God Array. The main purpose of the Grade 7 Deathtrap God Array was meant for any incoming God Kings.

    In the space above the Mortal Sect, the word 'Mortal' was suspended for everyone to see.

    Just like Ping Fan of the Immortal World, located at the entrance of the Mortal Sect were two tall stone tablet erected by the side. It reads 'One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal'.

    Other than this, Mo Wuji also constructed the sect's main hall. Outside the main hall was carved with four words with dao spirituality: I Am A Mortal.

    At a time like this, Mo Wuji believed that there was no need for him to hide anymore. Since he was going to fight in the God World, he mustn't be low profile.

    When the laws of the God World were restored, the lower profiled a person was, the less opportunity would present themselves to the person.

    In order to obtain more opportunities of the God World, Mo Wuji managed to seep his Mortal Dao into the words which he wrote himself including the 'One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal' as well as the 'I Originate From A Mortal'.

    He wanted to let the Laws of Heaven and Earth of the God World to know that his Mortal Dao was also one of the Grand Daos and would not be weaker than any other Grand Dao. He was unable to recruit too many disciples to fight with the others so the only way was to use his own dao spirituality to fight with others.

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that given his clear-cut Grand Dao in the God World, the future opportunities he received would be worse than all the ordinary sects.

    After completing the installation of the array, Mo Wuji decided to go into secluded cultivation as his cultivation level was still too low. If he was able to enter the World God Stage when the God World was restored, the advantages that await him would be immeasurable.

    Others might not be able to cultivate here but he cultivated the Mortal Dao so he was completely unaffected.

    As for Wei Ru, Mo Wuji got him to stop cultivating. Given Wei Ru's aptitude, even secluded cultivation for 1000 years might not guarantee his advancement into the Heavenly God Level 6. He left a large pile of god pills for Wei Ru so when that chasm emerged completely and the laws had been restored, that would be when Wei Ru would finally get his opportunity.

    Wei Ru's aptitude might be average but that was if you compared him to the other geniuses. As compared to average cultivators, Wei Ru was considered in the intermediate category. Because Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao, he duplicated a copy of most of the techniques and sacred arts which he had obtained for Wei Ru.


    Within his own deathtrap array of his sect, Mo Wuji took out that broken primal god spiritual vein as well as the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth instead of using his World Channel to interact with it. The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was also brought out beside Mo Wuji.

    As for the World Bearing Pill concocted using the Pill Cleansing Sacred Art, every pill was worth cities. At this moment, Mo Wuji brought it out to be used as a supporting pill for his cultivation and not for charging into the World God Stage.

    Mo Wuji started cultivating without restraint while being in the God Monarch Level 10. In the space above the Mortal Sect, a massive god spiritual energy whirlpool was formed. Coupled with that primal god spiritual vein, the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction appeared like a burst dam as all the dense god spiritual energy surged wildly towards Mo Wuji.

    The person who could sense it first-hand was Wei Ru as he was in the Mortal Sect touching up the interior designs of the sect as instructed by Mo Wuji. Presently, he was dumbstruck by Mo Wuji's mighty cultivation. Da Shixiong was indeed extraordinary, no wonder he was able to kill Hui Ge in one strike of the halberd.

    The reason Wei Ru used a halberd was also because he was influenced by Mo Wuji. But whether it was his halberd or cultivation, they were still exceedingly far from his Da Shixiong.


    When Mo Wuji was quietly cultivating, cultivators from both the God Domain or the Gods Race were turned quiet too. Even the occasional killings were reduced tremendously as everyone was heading towards the Chasm of Laws, desperately wanting to increase their cultivation.

    Mo Wuji's Mortal Sect was located right at the edge of the Nirvana Ocean like a discarded weed at the corner. Nobody would notice it, let alone God Kings.

    Just like the serenity before a massive explosion, the God World was incredibly quiet and peaceful. Only a person like Mo Wuji, who had inside information, would know that this was the serenity before an explosion.

    Three years later, Mo Wuji charged into the God Monarch Level 11.

    Seven years later, Mo Wuji broke through the God Monarch Level 11...

    Even though Mo Wuji's cultivation speed was frightening, Mo Wuji was aware that it was still multiple times slower than ideal. This was because he lacked the appropriate elemental pills as well as the primal spiritual eye. He was only at this speed mainly because of the World Bearing Pill.

    When his broken primal god spiritual vein and pill energy of his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth was completely exhausted, his speed of cultivation would slow down tremendously.

    Therefore, Mo Wuji wanted to enter the World God Stage before that happened. Otherwise, he would have to make use of the restoration of the God World to step into the World God Stage.

    According to Mo Wuji's calculations, an opportunity like the restoration of the God World should be used for his advancement into the God King Stage, not World God Stage.

    "Kacha!" The primal god spiritual vein beneath Mo Wuji's feet was exhausted as the pill energy was also completely diminished.

    Mo Wuji let out a long breath as he could feel a vast energy surging through his meridians. A type of Grand Dao was hovering within reach in his mind.

    He was in the Great Circle of the God Monarch Stage already and could enter the World God Stage anytime now. There were no bottlenecks and everything flowed smoothly.

    Mo Wuji's body flashed and he landed on the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. Tens of high grade god spiritual veins were thrown under his feet as his aura exploded. 108 meridians started circulating fearlessly.

    "Boom boom boom!" Terrifying lightning fell and Mo Wuji knew that his World God tribulation had arrived.
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