Chapter 1060: Start Of The Muddled War

    Chapter 1060: Start Of The Muddled War

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    Mo Wuji intended to try his luck and only take out his magic treasures if he really couldn't withstand the lightning bolts. While over ten thick lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji's body, they didn't even tear Mo Wuji's skin apart. This was when Mo Wuji recalled that he was already in the Sage Physique Stage.

    The World God's tribulation might be strong but to him, it was like strolling in a heavy storm. It looked threatening but it wasn't challenging.

    When the next wave of ten lightning bolts descended, Mo Wuji threw out punch after punch fearlessly. A lightning tribulation like this wasn't even enough for him to temper his physique. Therefore, all he could do now was to trigger the lightning tribulation so that the lightning bolts that descended would be much stronger. This was the only way he could absorb the lightning source at a much faster rate.

    The lightning tribulation was indeed triggered. Lightning tribulation under the Laws of Heaven and Earth had their own pride as well.

    Initially, the lightning bolts which descended were blue in colour. Now, they had all turned into purple coloured lightning bolts and was several folds thicker and more threatening.

    Mo Wuji let out a breath and with the support of the defensive array, he dashed into the sky. Even if the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction was below him, it wouldn't stop Mo Wuji from charging towards the sky.

    His spirit storage channel was in full circulation and almost at the instant the purple lightning bolt struck Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji felt like the shackles of his cultivation had been blast opened. The god elemental energy suppressed within the meridians and Dantian instantaneously surged throughout his entire body.

    A mighty aura overwhelmed Mo Wuji's body as he ignited even more god elemental energy into his punches to cater to the incoming purple lightning bolts.

    At this moment, clear laws of the world were captured by Mo Wuji. Just as Mo Wuji was wondering if this was the World God Stage, his Mortal World suddenly merged together with all his dao spirituality.

    Presently, the god spiritual vein underneath Mo Wuji seemed to be shone upon by a scorching sun as it started to melt. All those god spiritual energy was constantly absorbed by Mo Wuji without leaving any behind. Simultaneously, Mo Wuji's cultivation level was on the rise.

    This is...

    Mo Wuji was dazed. He knew that he had stepped into the World God Stage and understood what he needed to do after stepping into this stage.

    That would be to condense his own world by merging his laws into his world.

    Currently, the laws of his Mortal World were rising rapidly as it was perfecting itself. This was when Mo Wuji realised that he was different from others.

    After stepping into the World God Stage, other people's world would only be in the embryonic form. On the other hand, his world was formed by his World Channel back when he was in the Heavenly Immortal Stage many years ago.

    This was why when he stepped into the World God Stage, there were no bottlenecks at all. As long as he had sufficient resources, everything would flow smoothly and he would be able to advance. Not only this, the rewards of his lightning tribulation were used to increase his cultivation instead of forming his world or breakthrough the shackles.

    If he hadn't formed his Mortal World before, he would be working hard to charge past the shackles of the World God Stage before perfecting the laws of his own world until the lightning tribulation ended.

    Now, all he needed to do was to work hard to increase his own cultivation level. Compared to the other God Monarchs, he had long condensed his own Mortal World.

    In actual fact, Mo Wuji was still uncertain about the World God Stage. He thought that the other World Gods would be just like him, possessing a world of their own after stepping into the World God Stage. The truth was that the reason why the World Gods were so reputable was that after entering this stage, any cultivator would be able to create a space belonging to their own. This space would increase in accordance to the cultivator's cultivation level and understanding towards the Laws of Heaven and Earth before being perfected.

    After a certain extent, the world that they created would then be able to form the world channel before evolving into a real world with laws. Before the evolution to a real world with laws, the 'world' of the World God was at most a movable super-storage ring.

    Or it might be capable of storing some spiritual beasts but it would definitely not be a world as perfect as Mo Wuji's Mortal World; a world which could give rise to laws, nurture all sorts of god herbs or even allow others to cultivate in it.

    "Kakaka!" The god spiritual veins beneath Mo Wuji's feet were destroyed one after the other as Mo Wuji's cultivation rose from World God Level 1 to World God Level 2 before charging right into World God Level 3.

    The power of the lightning tribulations grew weaker and Mo Wuji knew that even if he took out more god spiritual veins, his cultivation level wouldn't rise any further. The reason being that his world had already been settled a long time ago.

    After entering the World God Stage, being able to have his cultivation rise a few levels already made Mo Wuji very pleased.

    Even though he didn't know how far apart was his strength at World God Level 3 from a God King, there was one point that he was certain of. If he were to meet any of those so-called God Kings again, there was no need for him to think of ways to escape anymore.

    The Mortal Sect had been constructed into a magnificent place by following Mo Wuji's outline. Even though he knew that the Mortal Sect would be transformed once more when the laws of the God World restored, Wei Ru continued to put his heart and soul into constructing every small detail on the side of the Mortal Sect.

    As compared to tens of years ago, the Mortal Sect presently, besides the number of members, certainly didn't look too different from a peak grade sect. Additionally, with the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction as the backyard of the Mortal Sect, the Mortal Sect looked even more imposing and majestic.

    "Congratulations Da Shixiong on entering the World God Stage." The moment Mo Wuji returned to the sect, Wei Ru came over to congratulate.

    Mo Wuji took out a storage ring for Wei Ru before saying. "There are large amounts of cultivation god pills here. Feel free to use them and don't be worried about pill poisoning. There are also Monarch Condensing God Pill among them..."

    "Monarch Condensing God Pill?" Wei Ru heard these four words and almost dropped the storage ring on the floor.

    Cultivators, who could advance into the next realm without the use of pills, were incredibly rare. Because of this fact, the Monarch Condensing God Pill used by Heavenly Gods to step into the God Monarch Stage were extremely valuable. In the God Domain, the appearance of the Monarch Condensing God Pills would always ignite a fight for it, regardless of the tier of the pills.

    Mo Wuji patted on Wei Ru's shoulder before replying. "Besides the Monarch Condensing God Pill, there were also the World Bearing Pills and God Jade Pills. As long as you make steady progress, you will undoubtedly step into the God King Stage in the future."

    To Mo Wuji, the most precious pill was only the God Jade Pill. As for the Monarch Condensing God Pill and World Bearing Pill, he had loads of them. However, he only had one furnace worth of God Jade Pill and the Clear Jade God Flower was even gifted by Chi Bing.

    When Wei Ru heard that there was still the World Bearing Pill and God Jade Pill, he held onto the storage ring nervously before saying. "Da Shixiong, I will definitely advance into the God King Stage."

    In the God Domain, many people were stuck in the God Monarch Stage or the World God Stage. Besides the influence of the laws, the more important reason was the lack of pills which could aid their advancement. Wei Ru had been wandering outside for many years so he had understood this logic since a long time ago. Now that Mo Wuji had paved the way for him, he would simply be too weak if he chose not to walk down that path.

    "Alright, I am going into seclusion for a few months and then we can head into the God Domain Nest. During the restoration of the God World, the God Domain Nest would be where our opportunity lies." Mo Wuji stated.

    He needed to go into seclusion because he wanted to forge some offensive array disc and offensive halberd talisman for Wei Ru. Besides that, he also wanted to forge the restriction array disc.

    Kun Yun had mentioned this before. The moment the God World started its restoration, countless god spiritual veins would spill over from the heavens. If he had a restriction array talisman, it would undoubtedly be crucial to collecting those god spiritual veins.


    The God Domain Nest's Chasm of Laws was already a few hundred inches wide and the speed at which it was widening was also increasing.

    Endless laws were emitted from the Chasm of Laws as many cultivators started making use of these laws to breakthrough.

    God Domain, God Continent and every cultivator in the God World charged intensely towards the periphery of the God Domain Nest. This place had become a peak grade cultivation holyland.

    At this point in time, even rivals wouldn't be bothered to seek revenge on each other if they saw each other here. Everyone was fully focused on cultivating with all their might. Who knew how long such an opportunity would last for?

    Also, nobody continued to jump into the Chasm of Laws as everyone knew that entering it would only mean death.

    Intense explosions were constantly heard from the Chasm of Laws and everytime it sounded, it felt like the God World had been struck by an enormous iron hammer. Everyone could feel the tremble in their legs.

    A faint red light radiance suddenly emerged from the chasm and the God Monarch closest to this light radiance hurried to retreat. A Heavenly God behind this God Monarch took a step forward and grabbed this red light radiance with his hand.

    Even before the Heavenly God could keep this red radiance, everyone by the side had seen what it was as one of them shouted. "Scorching Fire Sacred Art. That is a natural dao law sacred art..."

    A majority of them saw what the red radiance was. It was a simple and unadorned bent shell and a few diagrams and words were carved on it. On the very top of the shell were two ancient words: Scorching Fire.

    Just like oil spilling on a burning fire, this sacred art ignited the massive fight between cultivators as they attempted to get their hands on it. The Heavenly God who caught the Scorching Fire Sacred Art had yet to react and it was already snatched away from him. He was then destroyed to pieces.

    The first God Monarch cultivator who missed it might not have good fortune but it didn't mean the fortune of the Heavenly God cultivator was good.

    Once the chaos had started, it was no longer under control. More people went up to fight for the Scorching Fire Sacred Art because how could anyone resist the urge to have something that came straight out from the Chasm of Laws?

    Before the muddled war could start, yet another purple coloured light radiance shot out from the Chasm of Laws.

    This time, nobody retreated out of fear as everyone started charging towards that purple coloured light radiance.
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