Chapter 1061: Frightening The God King

    Chapter 1061: Frightening The God King

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    "That is the sacred art: Heaven and Earth Sword Radiance..." Another person's spiritual will had detected what that purple jade letter was as he exclaimed out loud.

    Even if it was the most ordinary of sacred arts, let alone the Heaven and Earth Sword Radiance, such heaven and earth's sacred art would ignite the fight among cultivators for it. All sorts of magic treasure's radiance started flying everywhere as blood spattered all over.

    The calm and peaceful periphery of the God Domain Nest suddenly erupted into a blood-filled chaos. Just like a hibernating beast who has woken up abruptly and started acting out violently.

    Just as a Heavenly God grabbed onto the Heaven and Earth Sword Radiance Sacred Art, a few offensive radiances landed on him. In the next moment, his fleshly body was instantly torn apart as his primordial spirit hurried to escape. Fortunately, nobody paid any attention to his primordial spirit at a time like this. Everyone's focus was only on that purple sacred art.

    As if it was unwilling to see so many people snatching for just one sacred art, yet another faint gold coloured radiance was shot out from the Chasm of Laws.

    "It is the Minor Cut Sacred Art..." Despite knowing that they had no fate with these sacred arts, those who saw the emergence of the sacred art still continued to exclaim out loud.

    If the previous Heaven and Earth Sword Radiance had started a muddled war, this Minor Cut Sacred Art simply got everyone crazy.

    Back then, an expert of the Gods Race used a small Curse Arts to kill millions of cultivators in the God Domain easily. This Minor Cut Sacred Art was evidently of the same grade of sacred art as the small Curse Arts. Now that it had appeared, how could it not cause a greater commotion?

    Even Unity God experts had joined in the fight for these sacred arts, let alone God Kings.

    As if someone had kickstart a row of dominoes, even more light radiances were shot out from the chasm when everyone was fighting for the Minor Cut Sacred Art.

    "Icebound Sacred Art..."

    "The first blade dao..."

    "The ninth escape..."

    "Oh god, what am I looking at? That is the Great Art of Destruction..."

    A golden light radiance, which shone as brightly as the sun, attracted the attention of everyone. Following the exclamation of those few words, almost all the experts here dashed towards that golden light radiance.

    "Da Shixiong, these people are crazy..." Wei Ru and Mo Wuji, who had just arrived at the God Domain Nest, stared blankly at this crazy bunch of people. At this moment, cultivators were flying everywhere and blood was splattering everywhere. Everyone was fighting with one another for these sacred arts.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before commenting. "They are not crazy but because the Chasm of Laws had started to produce sacred arts. These were all ancient sacred arts, formed by the Heaven and Earth. Every single one of these sacred arts was of tremendous power. To think that Kun Yun that b*stard, actually didn't inform me of this earlier."

    Wei Ru's eyes instantly turned red as he said. "Da Shixiong, let's join in the fight for these sacred arts. If we're late, we might not even obtain any benefits at the end of the day."

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "Wei Ru, you should retreat to as far back as possible. This isn't a place where you can fight for any of these sacred arts. The moment you caught hold of any sacred art, you would be dead in the next moment. I will fight for these sacred arts later and they will all belong to our Mortal Sect."

    Mo Wuji wasn't speaking mindlessly. Entering a fight like this with Wei Ru's physique and Heavenly God Level 5 strength would simply be sending himself to death.

    In that short period of time, Wei Ru saw the bodies of a few cultivators, who approached the sacred arts, being torn and ripped apart by countless radiances. He was reluctant but he knew that his Da Shixiong was right. Heading in would be equivalent to sending himself to death.

    "Da Shixiong, I'll listen to you." He had a large number of cultivation pills and a low-grade god armour. Moreover, he also had quite a few offensive halberd talismans. These were his foundation and basis for survival in this place.

    Mo Wuji called out for Shuai Guo and Da Huang as he instructed them. "I've told you about this before. Whether this feast is beneficial for you two, it will depend on your own fate. Now, both of you shall retreat with Wei Ru and wait for further opportunities. I am going in to bring back a few Heaven and Earth techniques."

    Da Huang was in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage but had been stuck there for a while now. Because Da Huang was stuck there, Shuai Guo had already caught up with him. Just like Da Huang, Shuai Guo was also stuck in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage.

    The God World's restoration this time around would also be Da Huang and Shuai Guo's chance.

    "My Lord, we know." Da Huang and Shuai Guo replied cohesively. Shuai Guo, who heard Mo Wuji said that the God World was about to be restored, clenched his fists excitedly. He was ready to make a good fortune out of this opportunity.

    After instructing Da Huang and co, Mo Wuji no longer hesitated as he charged towards the periphery of the chasm. He had his Sage Physique as well as Wind Escape Technique so he would definitely have an advantage in a fight like this.

    All sorts of light radiance were shot out from the chasm but Mo Wuji didn't start fighting for them. Very soon, Mo Wuji noticed that the golden light radiance's sacred arts were the strongest and should be a peak grade sacred art. Up till now, a Great Art of Destruction had emerged and was taken away by a Unity God expert. That Unity God expert didn't dare to extend his stay here as he hurried away upon obtaining the Great Art of Destruction.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. That fella should be unaware that insane god spiritual veins were about to emerge from this place which could make everyone go crazy.

    At the thought of this, a black long sword emerged from the chasm. Mo Wuji was well aware of that energy which was emitted from it and he knew that it was undoubtedly a Xiantian treasure.

    Mo Wuji was clearly not the only knowledgeable one as several God Kings had already darted towards the black sword the instant it appeared.

    After this black sword, there were two more grey radiances which brought along the same type of energy.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air. Just how many treasures would this chasm let out today?

    Mo Wuji didn't fight for any of these items. Firstly, it was because too many God Kings were fighting for it and secondly, Mo Wuji didn't need these items desperately.

    At this moment, a faint gold coloured light radiance shot out. Without hesitation, Mo Wuji rushed towards it as the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel had already noticed what that item was. It was the Rain Beckoning Sacred Art.

    Without mentioning that Mo Wuji had been thinking about the Rain Beckoning Sacred Art, the faint golden coloured sacred art was something only second to the golden coloured sacred art.

    Mo Wuji's wind teleportation was incredibly quick as he managed to send that faint golden radiance right into his Mortal World the moment he appeared.

    "Mo Wuji?" God King Yi Ming's eyes were filled with surprise. He didn't expect Mo Wuji to send himself to death here. Previously while he was snatching all sorts of sacred arts and techniques, he didn't even notice Mo Wuji's presence. Now that Mo Wuji had kept a faint golden coloured sacred art, God King Yi Ming would certainly have noticed him.

    "Put that item down." A cultivator in the advanced World God Stage shouted at Mo Wuji as he charged towards him. In his eyes, Mo Wuji was only an ant-like existence.

    Regardless of how speedy he was, he was still an ant.

    At the same time, tens of magic treasure's radiances were shot towards Mo Wuji's domain. These offensive radiances were completely useless against Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't even bother spouting unnecessary words as he swept up his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. He struck his halberd against the World God who was charging towards him.

    The halberd radiance was like a sand wave in the desert as it instantly drowned that World God. That World God was in World God Stage Level 7 but he could only feel his sacred art and spiritual will being cut off by the opponent's halberd strike. Even his domain was being torn apart by this wild sand waves that were drowning him.

    "I don't want it anymore. Let me go..." How could this World God not realised that he had come up against an iron board? This fella was certainly not an ant but a God King expert.

    Mo Wuji had no intention of showing mercy as the desert exploded and a blood fog was formed. This World God didn't even have any strength to retaliate against Mo Wuji's sacred art.

    Unless Mo Wuji was foolish, why would he show any mercy at a time like this?

    A few Heavenly Gods and World Gods saw Mo Wuji's threat and they subconsciously stopped in their tracks. Who else, other than a God King, was capable of killing a World God in one single move?

    Even God King Yi Ming, who was prepared to charge towards Mo Wuji, stopped in his tracks subconsciously. He started to suspect if Mo Wuji actually made used of the deathtrap array to kill God King Dark Bodhi back in in the God Domain.

    Mo Wuji spotted God King Yi Ming as he struck out his halberd radiance as well. A silver river descended from the void towards God King Yi Ming.

    Mo Wuji was the only one who would act because of vengeance.

    "You're asking for death!" Initially, God King Yi Ming was planning to snatch for more treasures before finding God King Salt Pavilion to get rid of Mo Wuji together. Now that Mo Wuji had acted against him first, how was he supposed to keep his anger in check?

    As he opened up his palm, God King Yi Ming's QianKun Eight Trigrams was brought out. Everything in the space around them was locked on by God King Yi Ming's Qiankun Eight Trigrams. Mo Wuji felt as though he was trapped within the opponent's spatial laws.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's silver river finally descended and it looked like an explosive sea of water had descended on the space trapped by God King Yi Ming's eight trigrams. In that instant, the space trapped by the eight trigrams disappeared without a trace.

    God King Yi Ming could feel his domain trembling as he was in awe at how perfect the laws of this silver river was. The descending energy brought with it a serious killing intent.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly delighted at his decision to add the Chance Water when forging his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. When he used this halberd to fight, it was truly too satisfying.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji's second sacred art to form up, God King Yi Ming's body flashed as he said coldly. "I'll let you live for a few more days."

    Having said that, God King Yi Ming had already escaped far away from Mo Wuji's position. He was frightened because he was definitely not stronger than God King Dark Bodhi. If he died in the hands of Mo Wuji here, he wouldn't even have the chance to regret. Towards Mo Wuji, he was now subconsciously fearful of him.

    Mo Wuji forcefully blocked off the impact brought by God King Yi Ming's Qiankun Eight Trigrams spatial laws and he knew that there was still a distance between God King Yi Ming and himself. Therefore, he didn't go ahead to chase after God King Yi Ming. Instead, he looked at a slightly fat monk standing not too far away from him. "Fat monk, you should be God King Yan Du if I am not mistaken. Back then, I believe you, Salt Pavilion, Yi Ming and Dark Bodhi share the same pants everywhere you go right?"

    God King Yan Du hurried to bow towards Mo Wuji. "Benefactor Mo really did accuse me. Back then, someone wanted to harm Dao Friend Pang Jie and even invited me along. Because I have a decent relationship with Dao Friend Pang Jie, how could I do such a thing to him? Therefore, I simply left without hesitation. I've admired Benefactor Mo for a long time so how could I liaise with others to deal with Dao Friend Pang Jie?"

    It was true that Yan Du was indeed unwilling to deal with Pang Jie but it wasn't because he had a decent relationship with Pang Jie. The main reason was because he was fearful of Mo Wuji.

    In his eyes, his judgement was indeed right. How many years had it been? God King Dark Bodhi died at the hands of Mo Wuji and God King Yi Ming fled after a single exchange of attacks.
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