Chapter 1062: Heavenly Spirit Transformations

    Chapter 1062: Heavenly Spirit Transformations

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    Mo Wuji knew that this fat monk had always been very crafty but he didn't doubt his words. According to the information he received, this fat monk was indeed not involved in the death of Pang Jie.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji didn't reveal any killing intent, Yan Du was inwardly pleased. Despite knowing that Mo Wuji might not be able to kill him even if Mo Wuji was a match for him, Yan Du was unwilling to form any feud with Mo Wuji. He simply took a step forward to whisper. "Benefactor Mo, old man here does have an extremely important news to inform you. Benefactor Mo should have heard of the Forgotten Creek Dao School right? The Forgotten Creek Dao School's genius disciple..."

    Mo Wuji, who was initially listening to the words of God King Yan Du, suddenly flashed away as he headed towards the periphery of the chasm.

    God King Yan Du was in shock. He was intending to let Mo Wuji know that Qu You had entered the God Burial Valley alone because of him. God King Yan Du didn't expect Mo Wuji to leave even before he could complete his sentence.

    When God King Yan Du saw where Mo Wuji was headed towards, he understood why he Mo Wuji did that.

    An eye striking golden colour radiance, which shone brighter than the sun, was shot out of the Chasm of Laws. It appeared to be a pitch black tree bark. The words carved onto the tree bark was something even his spiritual will was unable to discern clearly. Given God King Yan Du's experience, how could he not know that this tree bark was the most peak grade sacred art?

    Evidently, Mo Wuji had gone over to fight for it. The pity was that God King Yan Du had seen it late because otherwise, he would have been the first to head over there.

    At this moment, there were at least five God Kings and 10 World Gods who had already darted towards the tree bark.

    Fat Monk God King Yan Du's spiritual will might not be able to discern what was on that black tree bark but Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will saw it clearly.

    Three golden bright and dazzling words were suspended on the surface of black tree bark. Heavenly Spirit Transformations!

    As a person from Earth, Mo Wuji was naturally familiar with the Heavenly Spirit Transformations. By making sense of the name, there was a high possibility that this could contain the 36 transformations of heavenly spirit. Even if he learnt how to call for the wind and rain, it was merely one type of the 36 heavenly spirits.

    In the legends of the Journey To The West, the Monkey King learnt the 72 metamorphoses while Zhu Bajie learnt the 36 heavenly spirit transformations.

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, the 36 Heavenly Spirit Transformations was the true transformation sacred art while the 72 metamorphoses were only the smaller version of it. Similarly, Mo Wuji believed that the 36 Heavenly Spirit Transformations did not only refer to physical transformation. Zhu Bajie was able to transform his physique but he didn't make full use of his technique. This simply meant that Zhu Bajie didn't have much gifts for cultivation and only learnt a tiny bit of the true 36 Heavenly Spirit Transformations.

    On the other hand, Monkey King, Sun Wukong, studied the 72 metamorphoses so vividly and thoroughly that he managed to surpass Zhu Bajie. Even so, that doesn't mean that the 72 metamorphoses were stronger than the 36 Heavenly Spirit Transformations.

    For example Golden Light Rising, Stars Shifting Technique, Reversed Yin Yang, Bean To Soldier Transformation, Wind and Rain Beckoning, Heavenly Reversal, Fortune Mediation, River To Land Transformation, etc were all sacred arts belonging to the Heavenly Spirit Transformation. And what were those belonging to the 72 metamorphoses? They were like Mountain Carrying, Water Termination, Phantom Path, Fog Spreading, Borrowed Wind, Clear Skies Prayer, Rain Prayer, Water Indulgence, Sun Shielding and the other small arts.

    The Heavenly Spirit Transformations had sacred arts like Wind and Rain Beckoning and Heavenly Reversal while the 72 metamorphoses only had powers like the Clear Skies Prayer and Rain Prayer. The difference between these was simply immeasurable. Whether the legends were right, the Heavenly Spirit Transformation was definitely much stronger than 72 metamorphoses.

    Ever since he started cultivation, Mo Wuji had encountered countless experts. However, he had never met a cultivator who could transform himself. At the very most, it was using a magic treasure, pills or other methods to change their appearance.

    If it really was a transformation sacred art, it would undoubtedly be one of the greatest peak grade sacred art.

    Now that such a sacred art had appeared, Mo Wuji wouldn't let it go even if it meant that he had to go against a Unity God. As for the Forgotten Creek Dao School which that fat monk was talking about, what has it got to do with him?

    Even though Mo Wuji's Wind Teleportation was at full force and just as he was about to grab hold of that tree bark, a light radiance had already wrapped around this black tree bark.

    This was by an expert in the God King Stage Level 2. Mo Wuji didn't show any mercy as he instantly extended his domain wildly and threw out a finger.

    The third finger of his Seven World Finger: Fortune.

    Kun Yun's mention that Mo Wuji had cultivated his Seven World Finger wrongly was completely disregarded by Mo Wuji. In Mo Wuji's eyes, his World Finger would grow stronger when his own laws grew stronger. Making use of the laws of the outside world would indeed make it stronger but its potential would also be limited.

    Presently, Mo Wuji had already stepped into the World God Stage Level 3. As he struck out his finger, an area with a radius of 10 feet was instantly turned into a large smelting furnace. All the cultivators within this space were like lumps of copper inside a smelting furnace as they started to melt.

    It wasn't just the fleshly body that was melting because even the dao spirituality of their sacred arts and laws of their domain were all melting within this finger.

    The remaining God Kings were still far apart as they didn't make it within the boundary of Mo Wuji's finger. They didn't know where Mo Wuji came from and how strong Mo Wuji actually was. Now that they had sensed the changes in the laws of space, an energy of extinction could be felt across the entire space, everyone started to slow down subconsciously. However, the expert in the God King Stage Level 2, who was enveloped by Mo Wuji, was not that fortunate.

    The Seven World Finger, third finger: Fortune. It instantly tore his domain apart as the energy of the large smelting furnace surged over. This God King could feel his own laws disintegrating rapidly and he was no longer concerned about the tree bark sacred art. All that was in his head now was to escape.

    A silver river landed and the extremely long halberd radiance appeared to have cut open the entire void as it sealed up the God King's escape route.

    "Boom!" Even without the support of the domain, this God King suddenly brought out a red lash which was slowed down by Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd. The long lash was still able to forge out an endless Lash Shadow Broken Chasm which defended himself against the winding river sacred art.

    The exploding god elemental energy was like a firework as it shot out in all four directions.

    Mo Wuji could feel the backblast of the strong god elemental energy as his chest tightened up and almost spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    "Ai!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd had yet to descend completely but a blood fog was already formed. One of the arms of the God King was slashed apart from his shoulder by this halberd strike.

    In the next moment, this God King grabbed onto his decapitated arm before escaping immediately. As for the tree bark sacred art, he didn't even bother taking a last look at it.

    Mo Wuji didn't chase after him as he instantly sent that tree bark sacred art into his Mortal World. If his cultivation was slightly higher or at the World God Stage Level 4, that God King could forget about escaping from his clutches already.

    Cultivation Level, was still his greatest shortcoming now.

    At the instant he landed on the ground, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel started to carve out hundreds of void runes and in a short period of time, he had installed a Grade 5 deathtrap array around him.

    If the Heavenly Spirit Transformations was indeed the same as what he imagined, then it would simply be too ridiculously strong. Mo Wuji didn't dare to guarantee that nobody would come fight against him for it.

    "Hand that item over or today shall be your deathday..." A gloomy voice could be heard by Mo Wuji and a middle age man with a slightly green face landed in front of Mo Wuji. He had no idea that he had already stepped into the region of Mo Wuji's deathtrap array.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to size this man up and knew that he was at least in the God King Stage Level 7.

    If it was a head-on fight, Mo Wuji could only temporary retreat against a God King Stage Level 7 expert. Even if he was stronger, he wouldn't be able to deal with a God King expert in the advanced stages. The difference between God King Stage Level 4, God King Yi Ming and this green face God King was simply too vast.

    Seeing how this green face God King stood forward to stop Mo Wuji, a few other God Kings subconsciously took a few steps back. Not many people in the periphery of the God Domain Nest didn't know the Gods Race's Luo Huangsang. This green face cultivator was indeed the Gods Race's Luo Huangsang.

    Even though this man was in the God King Stage Level 7, he had never been fearful of facing a God King Stage Level 9 expert. In fact, he had even won on many occasions. Moreover, this man had a habit of always saying 'Today shall be your deathday' before he picked a fight with someone.

    In the end, he was right everytime he said this. Without any exception, it would always be his opponent's deathday after the fight.

    Mo Wuji was still carving his deathtrap array. Given his current strength, unless an expert like Cang Zhengxing was here, no one else would be able to find out that he was using his spirit storage channel to carve these void runes.

    "Name a price. Otherwise, you can forget about it." Mo Wuji replied faintly as he continued to carve his void runes. The grade 5 deathtrap array was about to become a grade 6 deathtrap array.

    Presently, he was stalling for time and even if the opponent knew that he was doing this, he wouldn't be suspicious. In fact, he would allow him to stall for time just because he was a World God. A World God's items could be kept in his own world. Not everyone was like Kun Yun who could break apart a World God's world.

    "Hand that sacred art over and you can name your own price." Luo Huangsang oppressed the inner rage in his heart as he uttered out every word clearly.

    A faint golden sacred art and ten peak grade god spiritual veins. What I meant was true peak grade god spiritual veins and not some high grade imitation like 100 high grade god spiritual veins put together. 10 billion high grade god crystals..." Mo Wuji stopped talking as his grade 6 deathtrap array had been completed.

    With his current strength, it shouldn't be a problem for him to deal with a God King Stage Level 7 expert under his own Grade 6 deathtrap array.
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