Chapter 1063: What Kind Of Fart Was Luo Huangsang?

    Chapter 1063: What Kind Of Fart Was Luo Huangsang?

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    "You have guts but do you believe I will crush your bones into ashes and not take any of your items..." Luo Huangsang could no longer control his killing intent and anger. He had never seen a World God as arrogant as Mo Wuji. Others might think that Mo Wuji was a God King but he, Luo Huangsang would never judge a person wrongly. Mo Wuji was definitely not a God King and must be a World God. At the very most, he would only be in the advanced World God Stage.

    "Your grandfather really doesn't believe." Now that his Grade 6 God Deathtrap Array had been completed, why would Mo Wuji waste any more time? His Half Moon Weighted Halberd had already turned into a crescent as it enveloped Luo Huangsang.

    Luo Huangsang was beyond furious when he saw that Mo Wuji took the initiative. "You're courting death!"

    A lightning hammer was drawn out. Following which, five earth-shattering blue lightning bolts, which were thicker than pails, flew towards Mo Wuji.

    Seeing the release of those lightning bolts, Mo Wuji was slightly depressed. If he knew that his opponent was a lightning cultivator, he might not even need to set up the deathtrap array.

    These five thick lightning bolts might be powerful but it was still short when compared to his World God's lightning tribulation. It wasn't just the power of the lightning bolts but also the poorer Laws of Heaven and Earth within the lightning bolts.

    Now that Mo Wuji had set up the deathtrap array, he would definitely use it. Within seconds, he had ignited the deathtrap array and sent out a finger.

    Seven World Finger, World of Man!

    Noticing how Mo Wuji didn't even bother defending against his five lightning bolts, Luo Huangsang sneered coldly. His five lightning bolts were something even an advanced God King expert, who didn't defend against it, would suffer severe injuries from. Following which, all he needed to do was to land the finishing blow. Mo Wuji was merely a World God and he dared to go against his lightning bolts without protection.

    "Boom boom boom boom boom!" Five consecutive lightning bolts struck against Mo Wuji and one of them even landed on Mo Wuji's head.

    On the surface, Mo Wuji appeared to have exploded into a blood fog and sounds of cracking bones could be heard. However, the truth was that Mo Wuji didn't even slow down his movement. His one finger sacred art was ignited.

    Luo Huangsang was dumbfounded at what kind of sacred art this was. Mo Wuji didn't even use any defensive magic treasure and was able to block off his five lightning bolts? One must know that this sacred art of his was able to control all domains and regardless of what domain, the five lightning bolts would be able to destroy it immediately. Others might think that the lightning bolts worked against Mo Wuji but he knew clearly that his five lightning bolts didn't even hurt him.

    Before Luo Huangsang could continue looking for a reason, the Laws of Heaven and Earth started to change. Luo Huangsang instantly felt like he was living in an ordinary mortal world. Mo Wuji was the dictator of that world and if Mo Wuji wanted him dead, death was his only option. If Mo Wuji didn't want him dead, all he could do was to grow old and die.

    Hurry up and retreat! Despite knowing that this sacred art of Mo Wuji was at most an intent-level sacred art and was unable to cause any threat to his life, Luo Huangsang wasn't willing to be trapped within Mo Wuji's sacred art. He didn't like the idea that Mo Wuji could attack him as freely as he wished.

    Luo Huangsang raised his hands and managed to tear Mo Wuji's sacred art world apart. In the very next moment, the space around him started turning viscous as if many formless ropes were restraining him. Luo Huangsang was cursing in his heart because being a well-experienced cultivator with killing array, how could he not know what was going on?

    At this moment, he would be a total idiot if he didn't realise that he was trapped in an invisible deathtrap array.

    The main purpose of Mo Wuji's Grade 6 God Deathtrap Array was indeed to trap Luo Huangsang. He had merely added a few killing radiances because he was too lazy to form more. This was because he knew that he was still unable to set up killing strikes in a deathtrap array capable of killing of a God King.

    To Mo Wuji, these were no longer important. As long as he was able to trap Luo Huangsang temporarily, he considered himself to have succeeded.

    "Dao Friend please stop! I, Luo Huangsang, agree to your conditions..." Luo Huangsang called out anxiously as a flame started burning in his sea of consciousness. Even if he were to lose his consciousness, he mustn't fall here.

    "Kakaka!" Mo Wuji's Grade 6 God Deathtrap Array was carved out by his spirit storage channel hurriedly. To an expert like Luo Huangsang, his deathtrap god array was simply too weak.

    Indeed, when Luo Huangsang started burning his dao spirituality, the deathtrap god array started to tear apart.

    Since the opponent had been trapped by his own deathtrap array, why would Mo Wuji let him leave so easily? He charged directly towards Luo Huangsang as he struck out a fist, the Domain Crushing Fist.

    The originally stunned Luo Huangsang's domain was destroyed inches by inches under Mo Wuji's fist.

    "Kacha!' The fleshly body was torn apart as sounds of his bones exploding could be heard. The initially struggling Luo Huangsang had stopped completely. The World of Man of his Seven World Finger managed to trap Luo Huangsang's mind in once more. In one move, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had struck towards Luo Huangsang. Mo Wuji knew that mercy must not be shown when going up against an expert like Luo Huangsang.

    Just like the final radiance of a setting sun, Luo Huangsang seemed to be woken up by the moments before death as he hurried to call out. "I am the Elder of the Gods Race with the Gods Race's direct descendant blood. You are not to touch me, otherwise, you will be entirely destroyed by the Gods Race..."

    Mo Wuji chuckled coldly. "I dared to kill the Unity God of the Gods Race so why would I care about a small fart like you?"

    "What? God Lord Huan Ji was killed by you?" Luo Huangsang seemed to have woke up abruptly as he muttered to himself. "Wrong, completely wrong..."

    His eyes were filled with regrets. If he knew that God Lord Huan Ji was killed by this ant in front of him, the Gods Race would not have changed their plan to seek temporal peace with the God Domain.

    As for how Mo Wuji killed Huan Ji, it must have been through deathtrap array just like how Mo Wuji dealt with him.

    "Ai!" Blood fog exploded and Luo Huangsang was turned into nothingness.

    Just like Mo Wuji's prediction, he didn't notice where the other party's world was and Mo Wuji wasn't concerned anyway. He wasn't Kun Yun so it was perfectly normal if he couldn't find the other party's world.

    After things had calmed down, none of the other God Kings dared to charge towards Mo Wuji anymore. Who wasn't aware of Luo Huangsang's strength? An expert like that didn't even last half an incense worth of time in front of Mo Wuji.

    Everyone witnessed how Mo Wuji trapped Luo Huangsang and finished him off with a finger, a fist and one halberd strike.

    This was considering the fact that Luo Huangsang did attack Mo Wuji. However, his five lightning bolts felt nothing more than an inch as it struck against Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji's cultivation level wasn't much higher than Luo Huangsang, the only possibility of this happening was that Mo Wuji was a Sage Physique expert.

    Were there any Sage Physique experts in the God Domain?

    If Mo Wuji was truly a Sage Physique expert, even a Unity God might not be able to do much about Mo Wuji. At the very most, he would be able to attack and scare Mo Wuji away but would definitely not be able to finish Mo Wuji off.

    God King Yi Ming, who watched from afar how Mo Wuji got rid of Luo Huangsang, shivered as he instantly ignited his escape talisman before Mo Wuji could look over his direction. In seconds, he disappeared without a trace.

    As for finding Mo Wuji for revenge, he would certainly not commit such foolish act. He was certain that even if he combined hands with God King Salt Pavilion, they wouldn't be a match for that Luo Huangsang. After seeing how easy it was for Mo Wuji to get rid of Luo Huangsang, why would he, Yi Ming, still find Mo Wuji for revenge?

    If God King Yi Ming still harboured any thoughts of this, it would only end up in endless regrets. Back then when they got rid of Pang Jie, he didn't even receive any treasure or any rewards. Just like that, he formed an undeniable feud with a person like Mo Wuji. One could imagine that as long as Mo Wuji was still alive, he, Yi Ming, would have to live in the dark forever. If he had received or obtained any rewards or benefits back then, it would still sound reasonable that he was chased after by someone. Ironically, he didn't even get anything and had offended such a powerful enemy.

    Mo Wuji spotted God King Yi Ming's escape but he didn't chase after him. He was well aware that he managed to kill this Gods Race's God King Level 7 expert not because he was much stronger than his opponent. It was because he was a Grade 7 God Array expert and also possessed a method of using void runes to set up a deathtrap array. Otherwise, even if he wasn't fearful of a lightning cultivator expert like Luo Huangsang, he wouldn't be able to finish him off.

    Even so, not every God King was the same as Luo Huangsang. Not every God King wanted the items on him and even waited for him to finish setting up his god array.

    God King Yi Ming wasn't the only one who ran away. The fat monk God King Yan Du, who was initially planning to pay Mo Wuji some greetings, had also sneaked away. He wanted to form a relationship with Mo Wuji previously because even though he was convinced that Mo Wuji was strong, he thought that Mo Wuji would still not be able to do anything to him. Now that Mo Wuji had killed God King Stage Level 7 Luo Huangsang so casually, God King Yan Du lost his guts.

    The Chasm of Laws had stopped shooting out all sorts of techniques and magic treasures. Even though the ground was killed with bloodstains and murdered cultivators, the crowd of cultivators, who noticed Mo Wuji walking over, subconsciously took a few steps back to path a way for him.

    Mo Wuji walked over to the periphery of the chasm and at this moment, he could clearly feel the energy of the laws. The god spiritual energy wouldn't be any weaker than the Primal Spiritual Eye in the Leafless Forest. The only difference was that the god spiritual energy here was not stable. In a place like this, it wasn't suitable for him to cultivate.

    This chasm had widened to over hundred feet and kept expanding towards the periphery of the Leafless Forest, which remained unaffected. Any cultivator wishing to cross over didn't dare to fly across the chasm as they made a detour around the Leafless Forest instead.

    Just when Mo Wuji wanted to wave towards Wei Ru, Shuai Guo and Da Huang to come over to have a sense of the energy of creation, a short man gradually walked towards Mo Wuji. He walked very slowly but in a few steps, he was in front of Mo Wuji.

    Sensing this man's killing intent, Mo Wuji hurried to carve his void runes.

    However, when he started to carve out his first void rune, this man raised his hand and destroyed the void runes which he tried to carve. Following which, he looked at Mo Wuji coldly before speaking. "Are you Mo Wuji? The Mo Wuji who killed Luo Huangsang of my Gods Race?"

    The space around them seemed to have turned cold as it soaked Mo Wuji in it. A deathly threat was felt in the bottom of Mo Wuji's heart. He had a premonition that if he wanted to escape from the hands of this man, there would be a huge price to pay.

    "What kind of fart was Luo Huangsang? Your old man here even killed the Gods Race's Unity God Level 2 expert in the Leafless Forest." Kun Yun's arrogant voice could be heard and Mo Wuji's ice cold body finally felt some warm.
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