Chapter 1064: Kun Yuns Pot

    Chapter 1064: Kun Yun's Pot

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    Kun Yun's Pot

    "God Race's Huan Ji was killed by this person?" The short man turned around as he looked at Kun Yun astonishingly.

    "Scram or I will not spare your life," Kun Yun was like a rogue as he shouted once more.

    When he said this, the spatial laws surrounding them started to change abruptly. A space which did not belong to this place was instantly felt by the short man. His face turned pale immediately because what did it signify if someone's laws were much higher than the space around them? This would mean that the other party had surpassed a Unity God expert.

    Before he could continue thinking, a suffocating deathly energy enveloped him. This short expert didn't even dare to utter a word as he turned and left without a trace.

    He was certain that if he didn't leave any moment now, this fella carrying a pot really wouldn't spare his life.

    Mo Wuji didn't find it odd as he saw how that short cultivator left so hurriedly. Earlier, Kun Yun used his own Dao spirituality to oppress God World's Laws of the Heaven and Earth. If the opponent wasn't an idiot, he would definitely run away.

    "How was it? Your old brother, I, helped you again." When this Unity God of God Race had left, Kun Yun smirked at Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji understood those eyes of Kun Yun as it meant that Mo Wuji had owed him yet another favour.

    However, Mo Wuji was staring at the iron pot on Kun Yun's back instead. Previously, Kun Yun was carrying a corroded and stained monk's spade. After a short period of absence, he came back with an iron pot?

    "Old Brother Kun Yun, even if that fella acted against me, I would be able to escape on my own. You have to admit this right?" Mo Wuji was certain that he mustn't appear as though he owed him yet another huge favour. Otherwise, this fella would definitely cross the line and suggest even more unreasonable requests.

    Kun Yun laughed, "I know, that was why I've said that I've helped you, not rescued you."

    Kun Yun was aware of Mo Wuji's capabilities and that even that Unity God expert might not have been able to kill Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "I am thinking if that fella wasn't threatened by you, you would be in deep trouble."

    Kun Yun spoke casually, "Wrong, if he really dared to stay, I will kill him instantly. Don't think that I'm merely threatening him."

    Looking at how serious Kun Yun was when speaking, Mo Wuji started to doubt his own guess. Was this fella really capable of killing a Unity God now?

    Noticing the slightly shocked Mo Wuji, Kun Yun went up to pat him. "Old Brother Wuji, I am slightly apologetic. I didn't know that this place would leak so many Heaven and Earth treasures and resulted in you being unprepared."

    Kun Yun might be an experienced man but he wasn't a figure of creation. Therefore, he was truly clueless that this place would produce so many treasures at a time like this.

    Mo Wuji simply replied, "It's okay because my rewards were pretty decent and I have gotten what I should have gotten. But Old Brother Kun Yun, why did your monk's spade become an iron pot so suddenly? Could it be that you're going to beg others for rice?"

    While speaking, Mo Wuji intentionally walked to Kun Yun's back as he knocked on Kun Yun's iron pot.

    Kun Yun replied proudly. "Please don't underestimate my pot. Initially, I thought I needed to spend a lot of effort to borrow it but I didn't expect myself to be able to borrow it so easily."

    Kun Yun was only focused on speaking as he didn't notice how dumbfounded Mo Wuji was. In a single knock of the pot, he felt a grand energy almost similar to his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    Could this pot of Kun Yun be like his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth? Belonging to the class of treasures of fortune which couldn't be compared to?

    "What treasure is this?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    Kun Yun had spent quite a long period of time together so he knew that Mo Wuji didn't have a mentor. Naturally, he would be clueless about a lot of things. Presently, Mo Wuji asked and he merely waved his hand. "You wouldn't know even if I told you about it. Anyway, you will know of its use when the laws of God World start to restore."

    Mo Wuji answered faintly, "Big Brother Kun Yun, you're not being kind and honest this way. Given your lofty character, you will definitely not carry a pot on your back and let others look down on you. If I were to guess, it should be because you cannot keep this pot in your world right? Just like your previous corroded and stained monk's spade."

    "Ah, Old Brother Wuji, you are pretty knowledgeable to know that this is a Xiantian treasure?" Kun Yun exclaimed.

    Mo Wuji chuckled coldly, "Don't look down on me just because I am from the rural areas. Xiantian treasures? I have at least hundreds of Xiantian treasures with me. If yours is a Xiantian treasure, I will swallow it myself."

    As for the hundreds of Xiantian treasures, Kun Yun neglected it completely. Even the Lord of Fortune wouldn't have that many Xiantian treasures. Instead, he was astonished that Mo Wuji was able to tell that his pot wasn't a Xiantian treasure. "Old Brother Wuji, you really recognise my pot?"

    Mo Wuji acted as though he had seen such a pot before as he replied, "Isn't this a supreme treasure of fortune? You make it seemed like you're carrying billions of dollars."

    Kun Yun jumped as he pointed at Mo Wuji in disbelief, "You really do know..."

    Kun Yun was in disbelief because there shouldn't be a lot of people who knew about treasures of fortune. How could Mo Wuji know about it? What he didn't know was that many disciples of the big sects in God Domain knew that there was a supreme treasure of fortune called Furnace of the Heaven and Earth in God Domain itself. However, nobody knew where it was.

    "Spill it out then. You've spent over ten years and could even forgo our friendship just for this pot. What is the use of this pot?" Mo Wuji took a step forward to glare at Kun Yun.

    Kun Yun chuckled yet again, "It is just for some defensive purposes..."

    If Mo Wuji believed Kun Yun's words, he would have been sold off by Kun Yun. Kun Yun spent over ten years just to bring back a pot with some defensive purposes?

    "Kun Yun, you're being too dishonest with me. You got me to establish a sect to gather fate and you went to get this pot? Could it be to gather fate too?" Mo Wuji replied coldly.

    "How did you know?" Kun Yun asked shockingly.

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun disdainfully, "Others might not know but how could I not know? Back then, you didn't even want your old face just for the sake of my Immortal World's fate. You would even go so far into hiding in your own sea of consciousness for countless of years. If this trip of yours to obtain this pot wasn't to gather fate, I, Mo Wuji, would have misjudged you and would apologise to you immediately."

    Kun Yun revealed an awkward expression, "That is quite some thought."

    Following which, he spoke in a high pitched voice sounding like he was hurt, "Old Brother Wuji, I am not lying to you. You've established Mortal Sect and you would be gathering great fate in the future. It would definitely not be any lesser than mine."

    Mo Wuji finally understood, "Even though you said it wouldn't be lesser than yours, what if it was lesser eventually? How about this? I shall go and find a supreme treasure of fortune for myself. I will not fall behind you in terms of collecting such items."

    What was the use of fate? In Mo Wuji's mind, he was still confused. To him, it could be said as good luck or fortune. Now that he had seen how much emphasis and importance Kun Yun placed on gathering fate, Mo Wuji knew that fate was definitely not something simple. Gathering more of such items would certainly be better and being dependent on the sect to gather fate would depend on the heavens.

    If the Heavenly Dao felt that your sect was a Grand Dao of the Heaven and Earth, your sect would receive more fate.

    The feeling of leaving your fate in someone else's hands was something Mo Wuji hated. He also had a supreme treasure of fortune in Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

    Xiantian treasures cannot contain treasures of fortune but his Mortal World was capable of doing so. He had made his decision to control his own Furnace of Heaven and Earth when the fate appeared in God World's restoration. He wanted to let his Furnace of Heaven and Earth gather God World's fate.

    "Hahahaha!" Kun Yun pointed at Mo Wuji and started laughing hysterically. "You really think such items are there for you to find just because you said so? Old Brother Wuji, listen to your older brother and install a defensive array here. When God World is restored, you would save your effort and not waste time running around."

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Kun Yun. Just when he was about to leave, two people landed in front of Mo Wuji.

    "May I ask if you are Dao Friend Mo? This should be the senior who killed God Race's Huan Ji right?" The one speaking was a good looking middle aged man with long black hair. This most striking part of him was his purple beard.

    Behind this good looking man was an average built man.

    Kun Yun's eyes swept across the two people as he said faintly, "Report your name."

    "Yes, I am God King Blazing Heaven of God Domain's Blazing Heaven Palace. This is God King Clear Rise." The middle age man spoke respectfully to Kun Yun.

    He was indeed respectful because someone spotted how Kun Yun shouted and scared off the number one Unity God expert of God Race, Unity God Level 4 Bai Dai. In front of Bai Dai, this man actually shouted that he was the one who killed God Race's Unity God Huan Ji. In the end, Bai Di didn't even let out a fart as he left instantly.

    One must know that the reason why God Race gave up on their attack on God Domain was because God Race suspected that Huan Ji was killed by a new Unity God of God Domain. Now that the Unity God expert, who killed Huan Ji, was standing right here, Blazing Heaven came over to greet him as soon as he could.

    "I have no interest in knowing you so move to one side. Don't interrupt my conversation with my brother," Kun Yun acted as though he was chasing a bedbug away as he simply waved his hand.
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