Chapter 1065: I Dont Have Any Of These

    Chapter 1065: I Don't Have Any Of These

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    Blazing Heaven didn't dare to show any sort of dissatisfaction as he continued to reply respectfully. "Senior, my trip here is to look for Dao Friend Mo Wuji. I have a few cultivation resources which I want to gift them to Dao Friend Mo. Concurrently, I want to thank Senior on behalf of the God Domain for killing that Unity God of the Gods Race and for saving the life force of the God Domain."

    Even though Mo Wuji's seniority and cultivation level were both far below God King Blazing Heaven and God King Clear Rise, God King Blazing Heaven didn't dare to show any form of disrespect because Kun Yun addressed Mo Wuji as his brother.

    Kun Yun coughed awkwardly because he thought that these two fellas were here to bootlick him. Who knew that they were actually here to bootlick Mo Wuji?

    Mo Wuji said faintly. "I wouldn't dare to accept Dao Friend Blazing Heaven's cultivation resources. I'm afraid that if I'm not cautious, I might be chased into the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction again."

    God King Blazing Heaven was stunned because he knew that Mo Wuji was being sarcastic with him. However, he didn't think that Mo Wuji really escaped into the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. After entering the Nirvana Ocean, how did Mo Wuji survive there? Very soon, Blazing Heaven regained his composure. If Mo Wuji was an ordinary cultivator, would there be a need for him to come over personally to gift Mo Wuji cultivation resources? If Mo Wuji was an ordinary cultivator, would he be able to gift the Primal God Lattice to others?

    God King Clear Rise, who was standing by the side, hurried to add in. "Wuji, you've truly mistaken Brother Blazing Heaven. Blazing Heaven had always held responsibility for the God Domain and was even willing to sacrifice his own life for the God Domain. Back then, Blazing Heaven wanted to look for you only because he wanted to gain some cultivation insights from you so that he could step into the Unity God Stage. He had truly had no personal interests in this matter or any intention to hurt you."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand. "Now I know so I wouldn't hold any more grudges with the few of you anymore. In the future, we shall walk our own paths."

    Mo Wuji had no bad impression about God King Clear Rise because he had heard from others than he was a decent God King with a good sense of justice. However, God King Blazing Heaven's pursuit many years ago made him very unhappy. One must know that he was the true victim at that point in time.

    God King Blazing Heaven didn't punish the vicious hands of God King Yi Ming and God King Salt Pavilion who destroyed the Heavenly Mortal Sect without mercy. Instead, he turned to go against a weakling like himself and that made Mo Wuji lose all respect for God King Blazing Heaven. Just because he was not calculative, it didn't mean that he would comply.

    Kun Yun chuckled. "Old Brother Wuji, I think you can accept Blazing Heaven's good intention. It wouldn't hurt you even if you accept some cultivation resources."

    Having said that, he transmitted a message to Mo Wuji. "This fella must have predicted your bright future and is intending to use all cultivation resources on you. He probably wants to help you enter the Unity God Stage before asking you to help the God Domain's fight against the Gods Race. And you do know what is about to happen in the God World so hehe..."

    Mo Wuji was clear of Kun Yun's meaning. He knew that since Blazing Heaven was offering these resources to help him, it would be a waste if he had rejected them.

    The God World was about to restore its equilibrium. Even if cultivators of the Gods Race were to look down on other races, they wouldn't come together to deal with the human race anymore. When the laws of the God World were restored, everyone would be busy cultivating so who would have time to fight and kill?

    Mo Wuji wasn't as thick-skinned as Kun Yun. In his subconscious, accepting the gifts of others would mean that he would have to work for them. Mo Wuji never had the intention to protect the God World so he wouldn't want to accept a few items and be forced to put his life on the line for the God World.

    God King Blazing Heaven spoke with a straight face. "Dao Friend Mo, I know that your aptitude must be really good and you're also a man with great fortune. I only hope that I can gift these resources accumulated by the God Domain for many years to you. In the future, if you can help the God Domain once, I would greatly appreciate it. If you're really unable to help, feel free to leave and there is no need for you to explain yourself."

    Sensing God King Blazing Heaven's extremely sincere words and attitude, Mo Wuji started to believe that the words of God King Clear Rise was true. God King Blazing Heaven might really be a person who was willing to sacrifice his life just for the God Domain.

    Because of the sincerity of God King Blazing Heaven, Mo Wuji grew slightly more respectful towards him. He clasped his fists, "God King Blazing Heaven, God King Clear Rise. I know that since both of you have come to me personally, the items must not be of little value and quantity. I have my own principles so if I see that the God World is in any form of danger in the future, and it is within my means, I will definitely reach out a helping hand. If I don't have such an opportunity, I could only apologise to you now. Regardless of the case, I wouldn't want the large amount of cultivation resources. The only thing I'm lacking now is time so if the two of you have nothing else, we shall bid our goodbyes now."

    Mo Wuji believed in karma. If he took the items gifted by God King Blazing Heaven and ended up not being able to help, it wouldn't do his Grand Dao any good. Moreover, he wouldn't be keeping to his principle by doing so.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, God King Blazing Heaven was even more certain of his judgement. If it was any other cultivators who had heard him say that there was no obligations for them to help, they would have accepted the offer without hesitation. Who would react like Mo Wuji did?

    In fact, he didn't even notice that Mo Wuji mentioned God World instead of just the God Domain.

    "Hehe, my Old Brother has such high moral principles. The pity was that I don't have any of that." Kun Yun chuckled. However, he understood Mo Wuji's thought process. A greedy person would certainly not be able to reach the high levels like Mo Wuji did.

    God King Blazing Heaven revealed eyes of disappointment as he took out a jade container for Mo Wuji. "Back then, I was at fault. I don't have many good items but since you mentioned that you lacked time, I do have a Time Talisman here. Even though it couldn't be use for cultivation, it should be enough for you to use it to forge equipments, concoct pills or gain some knowledge."

    Time Talisman? Mo Wuji subconsciously received that jade container to open up.

    "Time Transformation Talisman?" Kun Yun exclaimed.

    "What is a Time Transformation Talisman?" Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun doubtfully.

    Kun Yun exclaimed. "This item is very hard to forge or at least even I am unable to forge it. Only a person who had extreme understanding of the Laws of Time would be able to forge such a talisman. After you activated this talisman, time within it will flow for a hundred years while the time in the real world would only be very short. As for the specific time, it would depend on the grade of the talisman. Looking at this talisman, I predict that the time in the real world wouldn't be more than a year."

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji was instantly surprised because a talisman like this was a timely help.

    Kun Yun laughed coldly. "Don't be too happy so early just because this item sounds useful. You wouldn't be able to cultivate with this item and don't listen to how this fella mentioned that you can use the time to learn pills or smithing. There was a lack of laws within this talisman and other than some extra monotonous time, there was basically nothing else."

    Hearing Kun Yun's words, God King Blazing Heaven appeared slightly awkward. This talisman was indeed very impressive but just like what Kun Yun said, it only appeared very useful. He did mention that one could forge equipment inside but it was only very low grade equipment. This was because the laws inside were not complete thus being unable to forge any high grade pills or equipment.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about Kun Yun's words as he kept the jade container as he clasped his fists towards God King Blazing Heaven. "Many thanks God King Blazing Heaven, this talisman is of use to me. I have something to let the two of you know as well. There is no need to protect the God Domain anymore. The God World is about to restore and that would be the time both of you could step into the Unity God Stage. As long as preparations were apt, you would definitely be able to advance further."

    Mo Wuji didn't wish to owe any favours so he gifted God King Blazing Heaven the words of Kun Yun.

    Kun Yun grunted as he spoke ungratefully. "Old Brother Wuji, even if you want to use my news as a return of your favour, shouldn't you do it behind my back? Aren't you a little too casual to do it right in front of me?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled. "Old Brother Kun Yun, I want to head off to borrow something. I shall leave now, goodbye."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji didn't bother about Kun Yun as he left in a flash with his Wind Teleportation. Wei Ru, Da Huang and Shuai Guo were all here gaining insights to the laws so there was nothing for him to worry about.

    Kun Yun shook his head speechlessly. Did Mo Wuji really think that supreme treasures of fortune were something off the streets? Without even bidding goodbye, Kun Yun turned and left.

    'Brother Blazing Heaven, what did Mo Wuji mean by those words?" God King Clear Rise looked at God King Blazing Heaven with a confused expression.

    God King Blazing Heaven suddenly turned to the massive chasm as he looked at it in disbelief. "Dao Friend Clear Rise, previously whenever the God Domain Nest incubated, it was like a new creation with all sorts of clear laws. However, the time period of those were simply too short. Could this chasm be the same as the God Domain Nest's incubation? Could it produce supreme Laws of the Heaven and Earth? And even restore the God World?"

    God King Blazing Heaven wouldn't be blame for such thoughts because Mo Wuji did say that when the God World was restored, they would be able to step into the Unity God Stage. If it wasn't this chasm, he really couldn't think of any other reason why the God World would restore itself.

    "Mo Wuji knew that senior with indiscernible cultivation. Perhaps he was saying..." God King Clear Rise didn't continue as God King Blazing Heaven had understood what he meant. That fella Mo Wuji called Kun Yun, didn't Mo Wuji say that he was using his news as a favour?

    Once they understood this, neither God King Blazing Heaven nor God King Clear Rise had the heart to continue staying here as they left in a hurry. If Mo Wuji was right and the God World was about to restore, they must indeed make their preparations to step into the Unity God Stage.


    After Mo Wuji greeted Wei Ru, Da Huang and Shuai Guo, he teleported into the Leafless Forest. He was desperate for time and he needed to control his Furnace of Heaven and Earth as soon as possible. He had an advantage over Kun Yun and that was the fact that he could keep his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth as and when he wished into his Mortal World.

    Presently, the Mortal World had a radius of over 500,000 kilometres and had turned into the embryonic form of a world. All sorts of laws were continuing to condense as time passed.

    Mo Wuji no longer had the mood to care about this as he landed beside the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth with his Time Transformation Talisman.

    Indeed, a space was formed but unfortunately, the laws within this space was simply too weak and monotonous. Even Mo Wuji could tell that the cultivation level of this person who forged this talisman was not very high.

    After Mo Wuji had completely absorbed the pill energy of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji came forward to refine this furnace fearlessly. Otherwise, he would look like a joke if he took out a massive furnace like this to gather fate.

    It was still blurry within the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. To speed up the refining of the laws within the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji spat out a few drops of blood.

    Dao insights were seeped into the furnace by Mo Wuji and then Mo Wuji started his spiritual circulations intensely. He started to form a connection with the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth while starting to refine all laws and restrictions within the furnace.
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