Chapter 1067: Even Kun Yun Knows What Is Fear

    Chapter 1067: Even Kun Yun Knows What Is Fear

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    Why would Mo Wuji stop at this point in time? The Grade 6 Deathtrap Array had been ignited as large halberd radiances was swept towards God King Lone Cauldron.

    God King Lone Cauldron never expected Mo Wuji to dare attack him first. In his eyes, Mo Wuji was still merely an ant. Even while God King Clear Rise had mentioned how Mo Wiji managed to kill Luo Huangsang, he wouldn't believe it. To say that a Nascent God was able to progress so far that he could kill Luo Huangsang in less than ten thousand years, nobody would believe it.

    Just when God King Lone Cauldron was still digesting the words of God King Clear Rise, the space around him tightened up and a deathly energy was directed right into his soul. In the next moment, there were signs of his domain being crushed and to make things worse, he could feel his spiritual will turning sluggish.

    "Boom!" Explosive god elemental energy was felt as God King Clear Rise was forced to enter Mo Wuji's deathtrap array. He stopped Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd with a fist.

    "Kacha!" God King Clear Rise's fist was destroyed in an instant as Mo Wuji stopped his Winding River's dao spirituality. He didn't want to hurt God King Clear Rise. The truth was that Mo Wuji was capable of killing both God Kings once they were inside his deathtrap array but God King Clear Rise was a loyal elder. As for why God King Clear Rise wanted to rescue Lone Cauldron, Mo Wuji could guess a few reasons.

    He told God King Clear Rise about the restoration of the God World. However, God King Clear Rise was doubtful and if the God World had not been restored, killing God King Lone Cauldron wouldn't do the God Domain any good.

    Mo Wuji's mercy towards God King Clear Rise was felt by God King Lone Cauldron at the very first moment. He hurried to move back in an attempt to retreat out of the array.

    However, the moment he moved, the spatial laws within Mo Wuji's deathtrap array moved accordingly. In an instant, God King Lone Cauldron was trapped within his deathtrap array once more.

    This deathtrap array wasn't an imprisonment array and was merely something Mo Wuji used his void runes to set up temporarily. God King Lone Cauldron's face turned pale as he didn't try to attack this array forcefully. He was worried to truly anger Mo Wuji if he attacked the deathtrap array. At that point in time, even if God King Clear Rise pleaded for him, it wouldn't stop Mo Wuji from killing him.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji didn't continue as he looked calmly at God King Clear Rise. "God King Clear Rise, I'll let him off on your behalf but there will not be a next time."

    "Many thanks Dao Friend Mo." God King Clear Rise hurried to clasp his fists towards Mo Wuji before pulling God King Lone Cauldron out of Mo Wuji's dissipating deathtrap array.

    Mo Wuji stared coldly at God King Lone Cauldron as he wasn't worried that God King Lone Cauldron would continue attacking him. If God King Clear Rise allowed God King Lone Cauldron to attack Mo Wuji in his presence without stopping him, it would simply mean that he had misjudged God King Clear Rise. After the laws of the God World had been restored, his cultivation would improve yet again. By then, God King Lone Cauldron would no longer be a threat to him.

    God King Lone Cauldron had a sensing that if Mo Wuji didn't use a deathtrap god array, Mo Wuji wouldn't be a match for him. Even so, God King Lone Cauldron didn't have the guts to continue attacking Mo Wuji.

    After God King Clear Rise thanked Mo Wuji a few more times, he pulled God King Lone Cauldron out and left. Having seen how her own father wasn't a match for Mo Wuji, why would Yu Zhenna stay to face Mo Wuji? In a hurry, she fled without saying anything.

    "Boom boom boom!" The Chasm of Laws was beginning to let out even louder explosions as the god crystals that were being shot out were getting bigger.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he looked at the crowd of cultivators snatching the countless god crystals raining down. He was pondering as to how he could make use of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to gather fate.

    Despite hearing from Kun Yun that supreme treasures of fortune could gather fate, he had no idea how to do so. Could it be that all he needed to do was to leave the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth in one corner when the God World started to restore itself? And then the fate will come to him?

    Just when Mo Wuji was confused as to what he should do, he saw Kun Yun, who was carrying a large pot.

    At the same time, Kun Yun spotted Mo Wuji and landed right beside Mo Wuji. After which, he stared at the large ocean bowl at the back of Mo Wuji before letting out a huge laughter.

    "Old Brother Wuji, back then when Sage Luo Xu hosted a guest reception, even the comedian he hired to entertain the crowd wasn't as funny as you... Hahaha..." Kun Yun couldn't help it as he burst out laughing.

    Just because he carried a pot on his back to gather the fate of the God World, Mo Wuji followed suit by carrying an ocean bowl. His pot was actually the Tao Tie Pot and was the one and only in the entire universe.

    Mo Wuji knew what Kun Yun was laughing about and he heaved a sigh of relief instead. It seemed like Kun Yun couldn't tell that his ocean bowl as actually the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    "Old Brother Kun Yun, may I ask how is your pot going to gather fate of the God World?" Mo Wuji asked while chuckling.

    Kun Yun stopped laughing as he took out a jade letter carved with some words before throwing it to Mo Wuji. "This is for you, but it isn't something impressive. Old Brother Wuji ah, why didn't you listen to your old brother and focus on cultivating and collecting god spiritual veins?"

    Mo Wuji took over the jade letter in a good mood as he replied. "By placing my lucky bowl there to gather fate, I can also go ahead to cultivate and collect god spiritual veins ah."

    Kun Yun was surprised as he responded. "You are right too."

    "Old Brother Kun Yun, I still have something to ask you. Who was the Sage Luo Xu whom you talked about earlier?"

    Kun Yun shook his head as his expression turned slightly ugly. He didn't even answer Mo Wuji's question.

    Mo Wuji patted Kun Yun's shoulder. "Old brother ah, were you bullied by Luo Xu that old man? You look like a princess who had been bullied. Don't worry, your brother will avenge you in the future! If I ever see Luo Xu that fella, I will pull his ear and get him to plead for forgiveness from you..."

    "Boom!" Just as Mo Wuji spoke, a black coloured lightning bolt as thick as an infant's arm landed.

    Even a lightning bolt as thick as a water pail wasn't able to do anything to Mo Wuji but this infant's arm sized lightning bolt actually sent Mo Wuji flying with broken bones.

    "I am not involved..." Kun Yun shrieked as his body flashed and disappeared without a trace.

    Mo Wuji was flabbergasted as he blocked the impact with his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    As if it couldn't sense Mo Wuji's energy, a formless and terrifying energy finally disappeared in the void.

    Mo Wuji kept his furnace as he looked at the boundless void with an ugly expression. How impressive and if he wasn't in the Sage Physique Stage, he would have been killed by that joke he made.

    Mo Wuji didn't know where this Luo Xu was from to be terrifying to such an extent. Mo Wuji didn't think that he was punished because Luo Xu heard his words. If this was the case, Mo Wuji would have lost his life already. It should be because Luo Xu managed to leave behind the energy of the laws belonging to him in the God World. Therefore, when someone scolded him, it would unintentionally set off the energy of the laws to attack him with the lightning bolts.

    Kun Yun didn't even dare to say anything as he escaped in an instant. Evidently, one could tell how powerful this Luo Xu was in the eyes of Kun Yun. Mo Wuji was well aware of how arrogant a person like Kun Yun was. To make an arrogant person like Kun Yun turned and fled in a hurry, Luo Xu might not just be powerful.

    Mo Wuji took out the jade letter given by Kun Yun. The introduction stated clearly that he needed to set up a grand array to gather fate. As to how to set up this grand array, the jade letter had briefly explained it too.

    Kun Yun's mentioned that this grand array could be installed anywhere, as long as the treasure to gather fate was placed in it. However, Mo Wuji still chose his own location which was facing the Leafless Forest.

    Primal Spiritual Eye had always been spotted in the Leafless Forest. In Mo Wuji's eyes, this Leafless Forest was undoubtedly related to the creation chasm.

    Mo Wuji was unable to set up a Grade 8 god array but it didn't matter if the array used to contain the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth was strong or weak. When the God World restored, there would be an endless fate of the Heaven and Earth. Even if the grand array was strong, the supreme treasure of fortune would also not be able to gather all the fate endlessly.

    Mo Wuji was able to set up a Grade 7 god array and because this was related to his future, he would definitely not waste this opportunity.

    He set up a Grade 7 God Fate Array and an additional Grade 7 defensive array together with a Grade 7 deathtrap array on the outside.

    The Chasm of Laws was still constantly producing all sorts of god crystals containing primal energy but Mo Wuji didn't fight for those crystals. He was in his own defensive array as he took out the Heavenly Spirit Transformations.

    When the laws of the God World started its restoration and when an endless number of god spiritual veins were produced, one could imagine how much bloodshed there would be. As a cultivator, nobody would be afraid when it comes down the temptation to climb further up the cultivation ladder. Every cultivator would fight for all these resources wildly.

    Even though Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of an ordinary God King, Mo Wuji would be at a disadvantage if he were to face an expert in the intermediate God King Stage and above. The Heavenly Spirit Transformations was a peak grade treasure. If he could gain insights on one or two skills of the Heavenly Spirit Transformations before the restoration of the God World, he would definitely grow stronger.

    The Heavenly Spirit Transformations was only a piece of black tree bark. When Mo Wuji first kept this piece of tree bark, he didn't pay detailed attention to it. Now that he had brought it out once more, he instantly felt a boundless and majestic supreme aura.
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