Chapter 1068: Fighting For The God Spiritual Veins

    Chapter 1068: Fighting For The God Spiritual Veins

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    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was sent inside and a clear and majestic Grand Dao energy was felt.

    Every word inside was of the highest quality as it contained energy of the primordial world.

    Mo Wuji felt as though he was swimming freely in a vast and boundless ocean of Grand Dao. Within the universe of his own mind, there were 36 golden light radiances.

    Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at these 36 golden light radiances and instantly knew that his guess was accurate. The Heavenly Spirit Transformations wasn't 36 types of transformation but 36 types of sacred art.

    Heavenly Spirit 36 transformations was merely one of the sacred art. This sacred art was renowned as the Fetal Transformation Technique because one could change appearance casually.

    If not for the fact that he had limited time, there were too many sacred arts which Mo Wuji wanted to learn. Earth Shrinking, Predicting Future, Bean to Soldier Transformation...

    Alright, even Mo Wuji knew that with his current understanding and control over the Laws of Heaven and Earth, he wouldn't be able to learn all these great sacred arts.

    Most importantly, he needed to learn Fetal Transformation Technique which was also more commonly known as the transformation sacred art.

    To be frank, transformation sacred art was merely a technique to disguise oneself. The only difference was that such a technique made use of the laws of dao spirituality to execute. It wasn't merely just a change of appearance like what cultivators normally do. At the very most, they could only change their energy.

    When Mo Wuji's entire heart was completely immersed in learning the Fetal Transformation sacred art, the remaining golden lights of the Heavenly Spirit Transformations started to conceal themselves. They were no longer able to affect Mo Wuji.

    As time passed by like that, there were lesser fights for the god crystals in the periphery of the God Domain Nest. The god crystals were shot out in all four directions and most of the crystals were shot far away. Therefore, everyone here would have a chance to collect it and there was no need for any fights.

    Wei Ru, Shuai Guo and Da Huang had stopped cultivating and gaining insights as they had joined the crew to collect god crystals containing primal energy. Mo Wuji had instructed the few of them that the moment god spiritual veins were shot out from the Chasm of Laws, he was to be informed at the very first instant.

    As Mo Wuji started to understand the Fetal Transformation Technique and was completely immersed in the sacred art, a message suddenly woke Mo Wuji up.

    Da Huang was the one who sent him the message saying that he had seen one god spiritual vein being shot out. The speed of the god spiritual vein was incredibly quick and the god spiritual energy within were much greater than those so-called 'peak grade' god spiritual veins in his Mortal World.

    Mo Wuji knew that the time he was awaiting had finally arrived. At this point in time, why would Mo Wuji continue cultivating? After putting the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth in place, he rushed out of his defensive array.

    Seconds after he rushed out, Mo Wuji saw two white lights, as long as dragons, flashed by.

    That was indeed the true peak grade god spiritual veins. While Mo Wuji was inwardly ecstatic, he was also worried. The speed at which the god spiritual veins escaped was too fast even for him to react.

    He wasn't the only one with no chance to react as Mo Wuji saw a few other God Kings stood there dazedly. They were simply unable to obstruct the escaping god spiritual veins.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan but he didn't spot Kun Yun anywhere. After spending some time with Kun Yun, Mo Wiji knew that Kun Yun wasn't someone who would miss out such an opportunity. However, Mo Wuji had no idea where that fella was hiding and making a fortune for himself.

    "Boom boom boom!" The Chasm of Laws produced even louder explosions as spiritual wills were no longer able to seep into the Chasm of Laws.

    Tens of white coloured dragons were shot out from the chasm as many cultivators prepared themselves. They drew out all sorts of magic treasures and while some god spiritual veins were stopped, even more escaped.

    Following which was even more shocking as the majority of experts who went to chase after those spiritual veins started attacking with all their might.

    These god spiritual veins were wrapped around by all sorts of domains and spiritual will so no one cultivator was able to bring it away.

    Blood fog flew all over the place as cultivators fell from the void continuously. Among those who fell from the void, there were even God Kings.

    At this moment, there was no longer a divide between cultivators of the God Domain or Gods Race. Everyone was purely focused on one thing and that was the god spiritual vein.

    Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air as he stopped his act of taking out the restriction array disc. Given his current level of strength, he was fearful that the moment he managed to stop a god spiritual vein, it would be the moment he dies.

    Such peak grade god spiritual veins had dense god spiritual energy with complete laws so even Unity God experts would be fighting for it. Who would simply allow a cultivator who used a restriction array disc to get hold of the god spiritual vein as he wished?

    When compared to these peak grade god spiritual veins produced by the Chasm of Laws, the peak grade god spiritual veins of the God Domain or God Continent were simply trash.

    Regardless, Mo Wuji must obtain a large number of god spiritual veins from this fight. Otherwise, his future cultivation would definitely not be fast. The exhaustion from his cultivation was something not any sect could handle.

    Mo Wuji had no idea how long the Chasm of Laws would continue to produce the god spiritual veins so he grabbed a bunch of low grade god equipment. Following which, these pieces of equipment acted like his array flags as he threw them out.

    In a short period of time, Mo Wuji managed to set up a Grade 6 god deathtrap array. This time, everyone around him could see that Mo Wuji had set up a deathtrap array. He used low grade god equipment to set up this array instead of using void runes.

    Even if a God King was trapped in it, he wouldn't be able to get out in about one and a half hour.

    The explosions within the chasm were intensified once more and Mo Wuji had no idea how many god spiritual veins had been produced. However, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered as even more light radiances were shot out. This time, Mo Wuji threw out over ten restriction array discs and a white coloured radiance was caught by Mo Wuji and its speed flowed down tremendously.

    After this, most of the white radiances were drawn into his deathtrap array.

    This time, over ten peak grade god spiritual veins were trapped by Mo Wuji as he threw them into his Mortal World.

    Mo Wuji was incredibly elated as he became exceedingly grateful to Kun Yun. If it wasn't for Kun Yun's early warning, he wouldn't have spent over two years forging these large piles of restriction array discs. Similarly, if Kun Yun didn't mind leaking the array dao secrets to him, he wouldn't have become a Grade 7 Array expert in such a short period of time.

    He was only slightly regretful that he should have installed a Grade 7 deathtrap array first. If he had done so beforehand, he wouldn't need to waste time using low grade god equipment to set up the Grade 6 deathtrap array.

    As for the the Grade 7 deathtrap array which contained his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji never intended to touch it. That was where he was gathering fate and according to Kun Yun, the fate in the God World was much more important than peak grade god spiritual veins.

    Yet another wave of god spiritual veins were produced as the fight outside was getting increasingly violent. Every god spiritual vein that was stopped, a large number of cultivators would perish.

    This time, Mo Wuji threw out tens of restriction array discs as white lights containing pure god spiritual energy were slowed down and drawn into Mo Wuji's array.

    Mo Wuji kept over ten peak grade god spiritual veins and sent them into his Mortal World rapidly. Despite knowing that what he collected was less than 1% of what was produced, Mo Wuji was still delighted.

    After two consecutive collections of a large number of peak grade god spiritual veins, Mo Wuji's actions had finally caught the attention of other cultivators. Even though Mo Wuji had killed Luo Huangsang in front of everyone before, some God Kings couldn't bother about that anymore.

    Even one of this peak grade god spiritual vein was enough to allow a God King in the Great Circle stage to step into the Unity God Stage. Which God King wouldn't dream of having such treasure?

    Without waiting for the next wave of god spiritual veins, a few God Kings started to attacking Mo Wuji's Grade 6 god deathtrap array.

    Mo Wuji spotted the four God Kings attacking his deathtrap array and was furious. The Chasm of Laws was constantly shooting out so many god spiritual veins and instead of fighting for those god spiritual veins, these b*stards came to disturb him.

    Yet another large pile of white radiances were shot out from the chasm and Mo Wuji was even more infuriated. Because of the attacks of these four God Kings, he was unable to collect those god spiritual veins.

    Presently, Mo Wuji gave up restraining those peak grade god spiritual veins as he wanted to expand his defensive array. When he wanted to draw these God Kings in to finish them off, a mighty treasured radiance struck against his defensive array. Mo Wuji's defensive array let out a loud cracking sound and a crack was seen.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk as he actually spotted that short Unity God expert from the Gods Race. Coincidentally, Kun Yun was not around. Fortunately, Mo Wuji had his Grade 6 god deathtrap array protecting him. Otherwise, he could only await his death.

    Following the arrival of this short Unity God expert, even more cultivators of the Gods Race swarmed forward like bees. All of them started attacking Mo Wuji's Grade 6 god array with their magic treasures.

    No matter how strong Mo Wuji's array was, it was still only a Grade 6 God Array. Even though Mo Wuji was controlling his god array, his god array was still being ripped apart. At the sight of how his deathtrap array was about to be torn apart completely, Mo Wuji knew that he shouldn't hope for anyone to come to his aid now. Even if Kun Yun was here, he would probably not have time to help him. He knew Kun Yun well and at a time like the restoration of the God World, why would Kun Yun bother coming to help him?

    Mo Wuji raised his hand to throw out ten more restriction array discs but this time around, the array discs that he threw out were different and were all separated.

    Over ten peak grade god spiritual veins were restrained by Mo Wuji's array discs as they started to slow down. The majority of the crowd who wasn't able to catch any of the god spiritual veins started to surge over to those veins at the sight of it.

    Even some of the cultivators attacking Mo Wuji's array was distracted and about 90% of them were gone.

    Mo Wuji didn't waste time as his body flashed and turned into a radiance as he disappeared. He was heading towards the place where he left his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. That was where he had his Grade 7 deathtrap array. He had a feeling that this short Unity God of the Gods Race wouldn't let him off easily.

    Mo Wuji wasn't wrong because while everyone else was distracted by those restrained god spiritual veins, that short Unity God has his eyes on him as he chased after Mo Wuji.
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