Chapter 1069: Mo Wujis Sacred Art

    Chapter 1069: Mo Wuji's Sacred Art

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    Mo Wuji was not foolish enough to think that this Unity God would follow him into his Grade 7 deathtrap array. The deathtrap array which he had set up was not entirely made of void runes. A Unity God, even with an ordinary level of knowledge on array dao, would be able to tell.

    Moreover, this short Unity God's array dao was certainly not ordinary. If it was ordinary, he wouldn't have been able to destroy his void runes so casually.

    The moment he entered the array gate, Mo Wuji's body trembled before disappearing into the thin air. In the next moment, an ordinary looking rock appeared at the entrance of the deathtrap array.

    Mo Wuji had executed the Fetal Transformation Technique and in his first attempt, he managed to turn himself into a rock. This calmed Mo Wuji's mind and heart.

    Every sacred art of the Heavenly Spirit Transformations had its benefits. Mo Wuji's choice of learning the Fetal Transformation Technique first was definitely a wise choice.

    No matter how incredibly powerful Bai Dai was, he would never have expected Mo Wuji to turn into a rock so abruptly. It wasn't because he was inexperienced but because whether it was the God Domain or Gods Race, transformation sacred art was simply unimaginable. In his eyes, all he saw was that Mo Wuji had darted into the deathtrap array.

    No matter how strong a deathtrap array was, it would be useless unless he stepped inside it. He didn't believe that after he destroyed the deathtrap array, Mo Wuji would still choose not to show himself. Given Mo Wuji's ant like strength, he was certainly unable to sweep him into the deathtrap array.

    He was fearful of Kun Yun, not Mo Wuji.

    Did he really think that he could survive after killing a God King of his Gods Race? Even though he wasn't able to kill Kun Yun now, he would eventually get rid of him someday. Before killing Kun Yun, it was a must for him to kill an ant like Mo Wuji.

    Bai Dai landed in front of Mo Wuji's Grade 7 deathtrap array before expanding his domain. Despite being certain that Mo Wuji had no means of drawing him into his deathtrap array, he was still on high alert.

    A large imprint was brought out by Bai Dai as it swept up an overwhelming amount of god elemental energy. This entire force was struck against Mo Wuji's Grade 7 deathtrap array.

    Even though the Grade 7 deathtrap array set up by Mo Wuji appeared strong, it started to tremble intensely after suffering a strike of such power.

    Bai Dai started to sneer as his large imprint started to strike against the deathtrap array once more. After tens of strikes, the Grade 7 deathtrap array finally let out a cracking sound. The large ocean bowl placed in the centre of the array had half its body exposed too.

    A few God Kings of the God Domain saw how Bai Dai was attacking Mo Wuji's defensive array but no one came up to say anything. Mo Wuji ah Mo Wuji, even you have a day where you fall.

    "What was happening?" God King Clear Rise landed beside God King Lone Cauldron as he asked.

    God King Lone Cauldron looked at God King Clear Rise before chuckling away. "Nothing much."

    "Is that Gods Race's Bai Dai attacking Mo Wuji's defensive array?" God King Clear Rise didn't need God King Lone Cauldron to inform him as he had already seen the situation.

    Everyone knew that Mo Wuji had been installing a deathtrap array so openly at the periphery of the Leafless Forest. Now that Bai Dai was attacking Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, he instantly knew what was happening.

    "Ahah, the evil we bring upon ourselves is the hardest to bear. That fella had it coming." God King Lone Cauldron laughed and just when he was about to tell God King Clear Rise to not intervene in such matters, God King Clear Rise and already charged forward.

    Mo Wuji was his and God King Blazing Heaven's future for the God Domain. If a talent like this were to be destroyed in the hands of Unity God expert of the Gods Race, what future would the God Domain have?

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed the arrival of God King Clear Rise as he sighed. Initially, he wanted to wait for a little while before attacking. Now that God King Clear Rise had intervened, he couldn't wait any longer.

    At this moment, because his deathtrap array was destroyed by this Gods Race expert, he was already considered near the entrance of the deathtrap array. Once Clear Rise arrived, he would definitely back down.

    Bai Dai's spiritual will sensed the arrival of Clear Rise who was a God King even he, Bai Dai, knew of. Even though Clear Rise was one of the ten great God Kings of the God Domain, Clear Rise was merely an ant in the eyes of Bai Dai.

    At this moment, a killing intent, capable of tearing a void apart, had surged towards his back. This shocked Bai Dai as he was certain that his domain had covered the area well. Before this, he didn't even detect any threat so where did this killing intent appear from?

    Mo Wuji put all his strength behind this strike of the Kun Wu Sword. From Mo Wuji's judgement, he guessed that only the killing intent of the Kun Wu Sword would be able to destroy Bai Dai's domain in the shortest possible time.

    Mo Wuji's guess wasn't wrong as the Kun Wu Sword's killing intent contained energy of the Heaven and Earth. It destroyed his killing intent and locked onto his life force in all directions.

    Bai Dai didn't even think as he dashed forward. Even if it was a deathtrap array in front of him, he had no other choice.

    If he dared to not dodge this ambush which caught him off-guard, he would undoubtedly be severely injured in the very next moment. An injury like this wouldn't just be an injury to the fleshly body but also his sea of consciousness and primordial spirit. Given Mo Wuji's craftiness, he didn't believe that Mo Wuji would let him go after severely injuring him.

    The instant Bai Dai entered Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, the killing intent of the Kun Wu Sword disappeared.

    Bai Dai reacted promptly as he tried to back out immediately.

    "Kacha!" An ear-piercing sound was heard and following that, Bai Dai found out to his shock that his retreat route had disappeared because the deathtrap array had been sealed.

    The spatial laws in the surrounding started to change and his domain was no longer able to expand. Bai Dai didn't attack because he knew that if he was the only one in the defensive array, he could still destroy the deathtrap array from the inside before escaping.

    However, it was clear that this deathtrap array belonged to Mo Wuji and Mo Wuji was the one who had just ambushed him. Even though he had no clue how Mo Wuji did that, he had a strong sensing that his judgement was right.

    "Mo Wuji, I've underestimated you." Bai Dai placed that massive red imprint suspending on top of his head before staring at the deathtrap array as he spoke.

    In front of him, there was nothing at all except for some blurry fog.

    "Ai, you made me feel odd since you actually didn't attack." Mo Wuji's calm and clear voice was heard.

    "Would I be able to destroy this deathtrap array if I attacked?" Bai Dai was equally as calm.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly. "No, because before you destroy it, I would have killed you."

    "Then why should I attack?" Bai Dai laughed. "Before I die, I do want to know how you're able to hide behind my back unnoticed and even managed to ambush me? And if I'm not wrong, the sword you used to ambush me should be the Kun Wu Sword right?"

    Mo Wuji's voice was heard once more. "Sure, let me tell you..."

    "Boom!" At the instance Mo Wuji spoke, intense explosions were heard.

    "How cunning!" Bai Dai's heart was infuriated. He was planning to burn his life force into one mighty attack while Mo Wuji was speaking. Who would have thought that Mo Wuji had the same thought as him?

    When he used all his strength to attack, Mo Wuji also drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    If they were outside this deathtrap array, Mo Wuji's halberd would have been sent flying even if its power were to multiply by several folds.

    Because this was Mo Wuji's deathtrap array, this was his turf.

    Bai Dai's large imprint was brought out but was instantly restrained by the deathtrap array's dao spirituality. Following which, lightning bolts and halberd radiances charged towards him. Concurrently, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had struck against the large imprint.

    Bai Dai sensed that his spiritual will had turned sluggish and his large imprint was no longer struck out.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd drew out yet another silver halberd radiance. At this very moment, the full force of this deathtrap array was displayed. Even a Unity God expert like Bai Dai found it difficult to manoeuvre in Mo Wuji's Grade 7 deathtrap array.

    If Mo Wuji was merely a God Monarch, there was still a chance that Bai Dai could kill Mo Wuji before breaking out of this deathtrap array.

    The truth was that Mo Wuji was no longer a God Monarch but a World God expert who could match any God Kings. Not only that, Mo Wuji's halberd was also peculiar in a sense that it was actually able to turn his spiritual will sluggish.

    "Boom!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd clashed against the large imprint once more as Bai Dai spat out a mouthful of blood.

    This wasn't caused by his Half Moon Weighted Halberd but two of the god equipment hammers from within the deathtrap array which struck against Bai Dai's chest.

    With his domain destroyed, god elemental energy suppressed and spatial laws restrained, it was considered impressive that Bai Dai only spat out a mouthful of blood after being struck by the hammers.

    Mo Wuji no longer wanted to let Bai Dai off and was even unwilling to slow down his attack.

    His Winding River had descended and this was the first sacred art Mo Wuji executed after trapping Bai Dai.

    A silver coloured winding river descended from the top of the grey and foggy deathtrap array which reflected a type of gloominess in the surrounding. Bai Dai had countless techniques to break free of this halberd radiance but the pity was that he was unable to execute any of the technique. Just like a sick patient, Bai Dai finally understood what it meant to have the heart but not the energy to do something.

    "Mo Wuji, if you stop, I'm willing to gift you the entrance of my world and let you obtain all the treasures of my world. I've obtained a large number of heavenly techniques from the Chasm of Laws. As long as you stop, they are all yours..." Bai Dai was no longer as calm as before. His tone became evidently anxious and worried.

    The descending silver river stopped abruptly and Mo Wuji's voice was heard. "I wouldn't be interested in those rubbish techniques of yours. So many people have been fighting for the Chasm of Laws..."

    "Take a look for yourself..." Following Bai Dai's voice was the appearance of a large void gate in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's spiritual will could see the large pile of treasures easily.

    "Ai!" The Winding River landed rapidly and Bai Dai's body was split into two.
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