Chapter 1070: Land Waves

    Chapter 1070: Land Waves

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    "You..." Bai Dai's voice revealed endless anger and despair because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to act even after he showed him his world. Even if Mo Wuji wanted to attack, he should have allowed him to take out the items first right?

    "Trying to play tricks with me? Even a Unity God like you shouldn't try..." That was the last few words Bai Dai heard.

    "Boom!" Just like the collapse of an entire world, a terrifying explosion could be heard. Mo Wuji's heart jumped because the reason why he slowed down his attack when Bai Dai talked about his world was because he wanted to destroy Bai Dai's world completely.

    Even Bai Dai didn't reveal his world, Mo Wuji wouldn't have the capability to cause the other party's world to collapse. Given his understanding of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, he wouldn't have been able to find Bai Dai's world.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that the collapse of Bai Dai's world would cause such a commotion. The laws of the surrounding started to mess up and Mo Wuji started to worry that his Grade 7 deathtrap array might be destroyed by this explosion.

    The Chasm of Laws continued to shoot out god spiritual veins. If he spent the time to install another deathtrap array, who would help him collect the god spiritual veins?

    Mo Wuji took out the Book of Luo without hesitation as six pages of the Book of Luo formed a protective screen to block off the explosion from the collapse of the Unity God's world.

    Even with the protection by the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji's deathtrap array was still unstable, surprising God King Clear Rise who was on the outside. His array dao was limited from the start and as much as he wanted to enter the array to help, he couldn't even find the entrance.

    After a while, the laws of Bai Dai's world had collapsed completely. Besides a golden light, everything else in Bai Dai's world had turned into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji opened his palm as he caught hold of the golden light. This was a gold coloured leather scroll with a few words which shocked Mo Wuji. It says 'Great Art of Destruction'.

    Everything else was destroyed in Bai Dai's world except for this Great Art of Destruction's leather scroll. Evidently, one could tell how powerful this scroll was. It was so powerful that even the collapse of Bai Dai's laws was unable to cause any harm to it.

    At the moment Bai Dai revealed his world for Mo Wuji to see, Mo Wuji had such a thought when destroying Bai Dai's world entirely.

    If there was anything not destroyed within Bai Dai's world, it would undoubtedly be a good item. If nothing was left behind, he wouldn't feel any heartache because this meant that Bai Dai's world didn't have any ridiculously powerful treasure. He knew that if an old fella like Bai Dai was unwilling to give up any of his items, Mo Wuji would not be able to receive any of it.

    After sending the golden light leather scroll and Book of Luo into his Mortal World, Mo Wuji shot out multiple array flags as he instantly managed to recover his deathtrap array.

    "Dao Friend Mo, you're alright?" Seeing how Mo Wuji walked out calmly, God King Clear Rise approached him anxiously.

    Bai Dai was known as the Gods Race's number one Unity God expert and the only one in the Unity God Stage Level 4. Mo Wuji was actually able to walk out in perfect condition against Bai Dai? Moreover, from the looks of Mo Wuji's expression, it seemed like he had slaughtered Bai Dai easily.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist as he replied. "Many thanks, Dao Friend Clear Rise for coming to help. I've gotten rid of Bai Dai."

    Towards God King Clear Rise, Mo Wuji was thankful even though this fella almost spoilt his big plan. Even so, Mo Wuji was convinced that God King Clear Rise was sincerely attempting to help him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to intervene against an expert like Bai Dai.

    Mo Wuji didn't lower his voice and all the cultivators standing afar heard the words of Mo Wuji and shivered subconsciously. After which, most of them simply turned and left the scene.

    Those few God Kings who had gathered to attack Mo Wuji's Grade 6 deathtrap array lowered their heads as they left hurriedly. If Mo Wuji was able to kill Bai Dai, killing them wouldn't be any harder than killing chickens.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the escaping God Kings but he didn't chase after them.

    With his current strength, he could only kill an intermediate or advanced God King Stage expert with the help of his deathtrap array. If he didn't have his deathtrap array, dealing with an advanced God King expert might be slightly troublesome.

    "Ah..." God King Clear Rise revealed a flabbergasted expression but managed to calm himself down soon after. Previously, Mo Wuji killed Huan Ji with the help of his friend and now, killing Bai Dai of the Gods Race should not appear odd too.

    "I am going to continue collecting god spiritual veins. If Dao Friend Clear Rise needs my help for anything in the future, feel free to sound out." Mo Wuji said joyfully.

    God King Clear Rise's heart was finally calmed because he was expecting to die when he made his decision to help Mo Wuji. He was hoping that in the few seconds which he could distract Bai Dai, Mo Wuji would have the chance to escape. In his heart, Clear Rise could die but Mo Wuji must not die. Whether it was in the God World, Immortal World or even Cultivation World, people like God King Clear Rise and God King Blazing Heaven were already extinct.

    Mo Wuji's last sentence reassured God King Clear Rise that he didn't make a mistake. Mo Wuji would rather reject God King Blazing Heaven's offer of a large sum of cultivation resources than to make a promise. Now that he displayed his intention to help Mo Wuji on his own accord, Mo Wuji actually said such words.

    Evidently, Mo Wuji was very different from all the other cultivators. He was indeed a unique person who valued gratitude.

    "Many thanks, but I didn't help much. I shall make my move first and when the God World had been restored, we shall meet again." God King Clear Rise hurried to express his thanks.

    He knew that Mo Wuji needed to collect god spiritual veins so he took the initiative to leave after expressing his gratitude.

    The Chasm of Laws was still producing god spiritual veins wildly and the speed at which the veins were being shot out kept increasing. Even though many cultivators found a pattern and formed a few domains together to restrain one god spiritual vein, there were only a minute few people who managed to obtain one of the god spiritual veins.

    Because the restrained god spiritual veins were getting increasingly lesser, every god spiritual vein restrained resulted in a bloodshed. Perhaps it was because Mo Wuji had proved his might by killing the number one expert of the Gods Race, nobody dared to stay anywhere near Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had seen a few god spiritual veins coming to his direction so he chose not to change location.

    These god spiritual veins made too many people jealous so staying near his Grade 7 deathtrap array proved to be the safer option. Even though he had no way of luring an expert like Bai Dai into his deathtrap array while he was attacking it, Mo Wuji was confident he could change the array to draw a weaker cultivator into his deathtrap array. This was, of course, if any of those cultivators dared to attack his array.

    Yet another wave of god spiritual veins were shot out and while the range was wider, Mo Wuji could feel that the god spiritual veins this time around were much thinner. He was frustrated at the timing of Bai Dai because he came right at the time when the thickest and most god spiritual veins were being shot out. Now, he had missed that golden opportunity.

    However, Mo Wuji was certain that even if that short Unity God didn't find him, there would be an increasing number of experts trying to stop him from collecting those large number of god spiritual veins from the same spot.

    Multiple restriction array discs were thrown out by Mo Wuji as a few god spiritual veins were drawn into Mo Wuji's Grade 7 deathtrap array.

    The god spiritual veins in Mo Wuji's Mortal World was also growing continually and when the numbers had hit over 200, the Chasm of Laws stopped producing anymore.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Another frightening sound was heard from beneath and the entire God Domain felt like a massive earthquake was going to happen. The entire land started to tremble vigorously.

    Dense god spiritual energy was emitted from the Chasm of Laws and dark shadows emerged from it.

    Mo Wuji knew that this chasm was a chasm of creation and was about to restore the Laws of the God World. However, when he saw such frightening aura, he was still dumbfounded.

    The chasm started to compress rapidly from both sides and the black shadows emerging from the boundless chasm were unbroken mountains, rivers, deserts, swamps, oceans, glaciers, wastelands...

    All the cultivators standing on the land of the periphery of the God Domain Nest were being engulfed by the land beneath them as the new land was going to replace the original land.

    The land replaced itself continuously just like waves on the ocean. The sight was simply breathtaking.

    Explosions were constantly heard as clear laws started to extend. Even though Mo Wuji had yet to start cultivating, the clear laws coupled with the dense elemental energy of creation resulted in him being able to step into the World God Stage Level 4 anytime.

    "I've been fooled by Kun Yun that old fella." Looking at the wave-like transformation of the land, Mo Wuji knew that even if he had set up a Grade 70 deathtrap array, let alone Grade 7, he would eventually be swept away and gobbled up by the rigorous land waves.

    Why would Mo Wuji care about his deathtrap array anymore? Without any hesitation, Mo Wuji grabbed onto his large ocean bowl as he placed it on top of his head. He started waving for Wei Ru, Da Huang and Shuai Guo to retreat instantly.

    The god spiritual energy and laws of this place would allow anyone to breakthrough but the key was that one wouldn't be able to find a place to land their feet to cultivate.

    Mo Wuji wasn't the only one as every other cultivator in the periphery of the God Domain nest started to retreat anxiously.

    Just like Mo Wuji, they couldn't wait to start cultivating here. However, they were well aware that with such immense transformation of the land, no one was capable enough to sit down to cultivate.
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