Chapter 1071: The Great Era Of The God World

    Chapter 1071: The Great Era Of The God World

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    Mo Wuji was different from the other cultivators because he cultivated with meridians and didn't have any primordial spirit or spirit roots. As long as all 108 meridians formed spiritual circulations, he would be able to cultivate.

    Others might need to find a quiet place to cultivate but Mo Wuji was able to cultivate while retreating. Mo Wuji was not the only one who could do this as Da Huang could the same or even better than Mo Wuji.

    Da Huang had 108 meridians and also 108 spirit channels. However, Da Huang learnt from Mo Wuji so he didn't cultivate his primordial spirit too. Moreover, Da Huang had a purer heart and mind so he was able to cultivate well even while retreating.

    Everyone was dazed by this change because nobody expected such a huge transformation in the God World.

    A few experts of great sects wanted to retreat back to their sect to retrieve some of the sect's valuables items like god spiritual veins. Under such tremendously frightening transformation, all sects were merely as useful as a small rock.

    Some of them tried to enter the newly transformed land but just as they approached it, the hurriedly transformed laws crushed them.

    After multiple days, Mo Wuji managed to advance past the World God Level 3 as he stepped into the World God Level 4.

    The terrifyingly dense energy of creation coupled with the insanely clear Laws of Heaven and Earth allowed Mo Wuji to feel an indescribable type of carefree as he cultivated.

    Kun Yun was right because the restoration of the God World was indeed his big opportunity. It wasn't just for him but it was also for everyone else in the God World.

    Because a few days had passed, there were flying ships meant for cultivation. As long as you paid a specific number of god crystals, you would be able to cultivate peacefully on those ships. The flying ship would constantly retreat and promised that they would not be sucked into the transformation. Such a land transformation was caused by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth so once someone was sucked in, death was the only outcome.

    Even Wei Ru had brought Shuai Guo onto the flying ship and after handing over the god crystals, they started to cultivate wildly. At this point in time, nobody cared about how you cultivate. Everyone was focused on cultivating because they knew how rare such an opportunity was.

    There was a great rise of cultivators undergoing their tribulation as one tribulation occurred after the other. Normally, millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years were required for a cultivator to breakthrough the bottleneck or gain insights to sacred art. Now, there was someone breaking through during every minute and all the previously complicated sacred arts were no longer complicated under such clear Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    While Mo Wuji was cultivating, he could still feel the changes of the surrounding land. He personally witnessed how many great sects were swept away by the land waves and a new land had emerged.

    This was simply land exchange.

    Such ferocity was not something any cultivator could go against.

    A month later, Mo Wuji stepped into the World God Level 5. Two months later, World God Level 6...

    Seven months later, Mo Wuji had already stepped into the World God Level 9.

    His Mortal World had grown to be even more majestic and gorgeous. Just like his cultivation level, it was constantly changing.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" A shockingly loud lightning explosion was heard as Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed God King Blazing Heaven standing on the void as he tried to block off the incoming lightning tribulation.

    Mo Wuji had heard of God King Blazing Heaven's matters before. A God King with shocking talents and was wholeheartedly concerned for the God Domain so much so that he had chased after him before. Even though God King Blazing Heaven mentioned that he wasn't chasing to kill him, Mo Wuji didn't believe. Mo Wuji was certain that if he was caught, even if God King Blazing Heaven wasn't the one who killed him, he would have been dead by now. Therefore, no matter how great God King Blazing Heaven was to the God Domain, Mo Wuji never had a good impression of that man.

    At the very most, Mo Wuji would admire that fella's heart for the God Domain which was why he could give up his intention to kill him. When Blazing Heaven gave Mo Wuji the Time Transformation Talisman, he instantly told him about the restoration of the God World. Mo Wuji really didn't wish to owe him any favours.

    God King Blazing Heaven had been stuck in the Great Circle of the God King Stage for countless years now. At this very moment, Mo Wuji knew that God King Blazing Heaven was undergoing his Unity God tribulation.

    The restoration of the God World was indeed an opportunity for everyone. Because of his early warning, God King Blazing Heaven was undergoing his Unity God tribulation now. It could be said that his lifelong wish had finally been fulfilled.

    Besides God King Blazing Heaven's tribulation, there were even more World Gods stepping into the God King Stage. Also, numerous God Monarch and World God tribulations could be seen everywhere.

    Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will. He knew that after the restoration of the God World, the God World's God Domain would not just have that few God Kings anymore. There wouldn't be as many God Kings as dogs but the numbers in the future would be significantly greater than now.

    A great era was about to arrive.

    He needed to step into the God King Stage because otherwise, he wouldn't have any rights to establish a sect in the God World.

    The ocean bowl above his head was calm as usual. Mo Wuji didn't feel any God World's fate surging in.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind because he was fully focused on increasing his own cultivation level.

    A year later, Mo Wuji had arrived at the Great Circle of the World God Stage.

    In spite of the terrifying clear laws here and the wave-like god spiritual energy of creation surging over, Mo Wuji was still unable to step into the God King Stage.

    Two years later, Mo Wuji had retreated to the periphery of the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction. When he arrived at the periphery of his Mortal Sect, his spiritual will had sensed that the continuous land waves had come to a halt.

    The entire God World let out a loud explosion of displacement as tall mountains were instantly gobbled up as rivers turned into tall mountains.

    The God World was no longer transforming in the form of land waves but transformation on the spot. This was almost like the clash of tectonic plates of ancient Earth.

    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating and in one Wind Teleportation, he landed on top of his Mortal Sect.

    The space around the Mortal Sect started to let out sounds of explosions. Mo Wuji was wondering if the Mortal Sect started transforming and the land shape started changing, would he be able to keep his small life?

    Before Mo Wuji could finish wondering, the mountains beneath his feet started to collapse. The Grade 7 defensive array which he had installed previously was being torn apart like paper.

    Not good! I bet Kun Yun, that old fella, didn't know what was going on too. He didn't sense any fate of the sect but was swept into the transformation of laws.

    'Ai!" A warped law broke Mo Wuji's shoulder as the space around Mo Wuji no longer had any directions and Mo Wuji had nowhere to escape.

    Mo Wuji cursed in his heart because he was well aware of how terrifying this replacement of laws could be. If he didn't leave now, he would be crushed by these laws.

    Enter the Mortal World first. At the thought of this, Mo Wuji's cultivation shackles loosened and a vast and terrifying lightning source energy locked onto him.

    F*ck. Mo Wuji cursed out loud. After being stuck in the Great Circle of the World God Stage for almost a year, he didn't even touch the shackles of the World God Stage. Now that he was escaping for his life, the shackles turned loose and even without any further cultivation, the God King lightning tribulation had descended on him.

    Under the lightning tribulation, Mo Wuji had no means of escaping.

    "Boom boom boom!" Lightning bolts fell and Mo Wuji couldn't think of anything else except to pass his God King tribulation first. Every single lightning bolt that descended had Mo Wuji's heart palpitating in fear. This was the first time he suspected if he was able to survive a lightning tribulation, even in his Sage Physique.

    "Kakaka!" Mo Wuji's ocean bowl started to crack under the ferocious lightning bolts. The lightning soul stones which he used to wrap around the ocean bowl were sent flying like mud. In just one wave of the lightning tribulation, his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth had returned to its original appearance.

    The God King tribulation was about two times mightier than what he expected. However, none of the lightning bolts landed on his body.

    All the lightning bolts were blocked off by the towering Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Any lightning bolt which landed on the furnace was instantly turned into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji was delighted and in one step, he landed beside the furnace.

    He wasn't afraid of the lightning tribulation but he was fearful of the transforming Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    Yet another wave of lightning bolts descended and those landed on Mo Wuji's body. The lightning bolts tore his clothes and resulted in the cracking of his bones and bleeding of his flesh.

    Mo Wuji calmed himself down. He was at the periphery of the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. As long as the spatial laws were still transforming, he would hide in his furnace first.

    Meridians had formed spiritual circulations as Mo Wuji started absorbing the lightning source of the lightning bolts. The Heaven and Earth elemental energy were swept away by Mo Wuji intensely.

    The lightning bolts kept descending and Mo Wuji was struck so many times that he no longer had much skin left on him. However, because his cultivation level was continually on the rise, he managed to break through the shackles of the World God Stage.

    A clear explosion was heard from Mo Wuji's world channel as Mo Wuji suddenly felt as though he was standing on top of the world. He became mightily tall and big and everything else in space became much smaller.

    Mo Wuji let out an ecstatic breath as he knew that he had stepped into the God King Stage.
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