Chapter 1072: Gathering Fate

    Chapter 1072: Gathering Fate

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    At almost the same time Mo Wuji stepped into the God King Stage, he felt an indescribable energy landing on his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    He felt as though he saw his future in the blurriness, even his soul had been sheltered. At the God King Stage, he was only able to feel and unable to touch. As he opened his spiritual eye, he saw mist-like purple energy.

    This was definitely fate as Mo Wuji's heart was in mad glee. Even though he didn't know how to use fate, he knew that his furnace had been collecting the God World's fate intensely.

    "Why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and rebuild your Mortal Sect and become the number one sect of the new God World. After you are done establishing your sect, I will bask in your light..." Following this voice, a figure flashed across.

    In an instant, Mo Wuji recognised that person as Kun Yun.

    Kun Yun looked ridiculous as he flew across the void with a large pot on his back.

    Mo Wuji didn't know if Kun Yun spotted his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth but he couldn't care anymore. He believed that Kun Yun was right that if he were to build a sect now, it was likely to become the number one sect of the new God World.

    Presently, the land of the Mortal Sect had calmed down and to Mo Wuji's surprise, there wasn't a significant change to the Mortal Sect except for the destroyed array and transformed mountains. He suspected that it was due to his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth.

    Mo Wuji constantly threw out more array flags as he managed to envelop the sect with a defensive array once more. After setting up the defensive array, Mo Wuji shockingly realised that the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction had not be toppled over. After the restorations of the laws, it had turned into a real ocean.

    In a flash, Mo Wuji landed on the Nirvana Ocean and it felt just like an ordinary ocean without its suction or energy of extinction. Ripples started to appear on the water as it had truly become a true ocean.

    Using his spiritual will, Mo Wuji noticed many cultivators escaping in all four directions madly. Mo Wuji knew that he needed to increase his speed.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's Wind Escape technique was executed at full force. The newly formed gigantic mountains had been shifted away by Mo Wuji and so were the newly formed rivers. Even those newly formed secret realms with god spiritual herbs had been brought away by Mo Wuji using array dao techniques.

    Three months later, the Mortal Sect had been completely transformed.

    An area with a radius of 500,000 kilometres was enveloped temporarily by Mo Wuji's defensive array and at the core centre of the Mortal Sect was filled with unending mountains and winding rivers.

    Half a year later, Mo Wuji was thoroughly done with the set up of the Mortal Sect. With his spiritual eye, he could see that on the void above the Mortal Sect was pieces of purple colour hovering around. These purple colour have gradually seeped into the Mortal Sect as the sect's aura grew.

    The word 'Mortal' looked even more ordinary under the encirclement of these purple colour energy.

    Kun Yun was indeed not lying to him. After the sect had been established, fate was really gathered here. However, fate only gathered at the sect which was reestablished after the restoration of the God World.

    On the peak of the Mortal Sect's main mountain, Mo Wuji installed another concealed defensive array before installing Grade 7 deathtrap arrays. Only after doing this, he left the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth there for it to gather fate.

    The restoration of the God World would certainly not only last for one or two days. Naturally, it would be better if he could gather more fate with the furnace.


    Mo Wuji wasn't wrong because the restoration didn't only last for one or two days. After secluded cultivation for many years, the God World was still having its laws restored.

    Presently, Mo Wuji's speed of cultivation was multiple folds slower than before. Regardless of how suitable the energy of creation was for cultivating, it would turn back into ordinary god spiritual energy once it started to merge with the Laws of the Heaven and Earth in the God World. It wouldn't allow him to have such rapid increase in cultivation like before.

    After the multiple years of secluded cultivation, Mo Wuji had stabilised his cultivation at God King Level 1. He started to progress gradually towards God King Level 2.

    Even though many laws in the God World was still perfecting itself, most of the places had stabilised and calmed down. Countless sects started to rebuild and nobody would bother about how their sects were previously destroyed.

    The restoration of the God World resulted in those elemental energies of creation. Even cultivators of the poorest aptitude would be able to breakthrough rapidly.

    Those with better luck would be able to make use of these energies of creation to cleanse their spiritual roots and had their aptitude increased by one more level. Cultivating under such conditions, it wouldn't be obvious whether your aptitude was good or bad.

    Yet another hundred years had passed and Mo Wuji stepped into the God King Stage Level 2. Following the stabilisation of the laws in the God World, Mo Wuji's cultivation started to slow down.

    At this point, the God World had gradually quietened down. As Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye, he could clearly see how the fate of the Heaven and Earth had started to stabilise too. Even if he continued to leave his Furnace of the Heaven and Earth on his highest mountain, it wouldn't gather any more fate.

    Mo Wuji sent his furnace into his Mortal World as he was still clueless as to how he could use the fate. He was certain that Kun Yun would come looking for him so there was no need to rush. He could simply ask Kun Yun when he arrived.

    "Mo Wuji, get out here now." Just as Mo Wuji was going to contact Da Huang and the rest of them, a clear voice sounded.

    As Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will outwards, he saw Wei Ru, Da Huang and Shuai Guo. Standing beside them was a familiar fella named Jin Xinjue.

    That pair of huge ears were simply too eye-catching.

    Shuai Guo gave a glare. "Jin Xinjue, don't think that just because you've helped us once, you can act all arrogant here. How dare you order My Lord to get out here as you wish? Your balls have gotten quite big now eh?"

    Da Huang commented while staring doubtfully at Jin Xinjue. "Small fella, you better be more polite in front of My Lord."

    Mo Wuji's figure flashed across and landed just outside the sect's defensive array.

    "My Lord!" Both Da Huang and Shuai Guo exclaimed at the sight of Mo Wuji as they rushed forward.

    Wei Ru greeted Mo Wuji before walking over too.Jin Xinjue was the only one left standing at his original position.

    "Not bad, everyone has made a great improvement." Mo Wuji could sense that Wei Ru was in the God Monarch Level 4, Da Huang was in the World God Level 4 and Shuai Guo was in the World God Level 1. These improvements made him very pleased.

    "Jin Xinjue, your cultivation level had improved quite a bit too ah? But since when have I offended you? Speaking of which, I've even helped you once before. What is the problem that you have to shout here at my sect?" Mo Wuji said unhappily.

    Jin Xinjue was merely in the God Monarch Stage Level 1 back then and now, he was already in the World God Level 3. His improvement was no lesser than Shuai Guo and co. Evidently, everyone had made a huge jump forward in terms of cultivation during the God World restoration.

    Jin Xinjue looked gloomy as he replied. "Mo Wuji, back then when you gifted my Junior Sister Qu You the Primal God Lattice Crystal, I have admired your generosity as well as open-mindedness. However, you've returned to the God World for so many years now so how could you remain so unconcerned for my Junior Sister Qu You? Even if you cannot rescue her, shouldn't you help her seek revenge? You killed that Unity God expert of the Gods Race right? What's so hard about helping my junior sister seek revenge?"

    Jin Xinjue felt that Mo Wuji wanted to explain himself when he mentioned the first part. However, when he spoke about avenging Qu You, Mo Wuji started to furrow his brows. Qu You was from the Forgotten Creek Dao School so who dared to kill Qu You? Even if Qu You was killed, didn't the Forgotten Creek Dao School do anything?

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji questioned because Qu You did save his life once. Even after Mo Wuji gifted her the Primal God Lattice Crystal, Mo Wuji never felt that a life-saving grace could be repaid with items. He and Qu You weren't related in a way many thought they were but if Qu You was in danger because of him, Mo Wuji would never stand idle and not help.

    "You really didn't know?" Jin Xinjue stared doubtfully at Mo Wuji. To him, the first thing Mo Wuji would do after returning to the God World was to find out more about Qu You's wellbeing.

    The fact that Qu You was forced into the God Burial Valley by many big sects was known to many. If Mo Wuji had the heart, he would have found out about it.

    Mo Wuji replied calmly. "Yes, I have no idea. Please enlighten me and I will definitely seek justice for Qu You."

    He was after all in the God King Stage Level 2 and also one of the Mortal Dao. Even if he were to face an elementary Unity God expert, Mo Wuji was confident he could handle that.

    As for God Kings, Mo Wuji wouldn't even put them to heart. He might be in the God King Level 2 but he was completely different from the other God King Level 2 experts. Ever since the Nascent God Stage, every stage of his had 12 levels. Without mentioning that his cultivation resources were multiple folds more than others, every small level of his cultivation would surpass the other same stage cultivator. This proved how perfect his Grand Dao was.

    While he made use of the Grade 7 deathtrap array to kill a Unity God expert while he was in the World God Stage Level 3, Mo Wuji was confident that he wouldn't need a deathtrap array to kill an elementary Unity God now.

    The God World had just been restored and it was true that many God Kings managed to step into the Unity God Stage due to the perfect laws as well as the energy of creation. However, Mo Wuji believed that they would at most be in the elementary stage of Unity God.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji really looked clueless about what happened to Qu You, Jin Xinjue calmed down as he answered. "Since that is the case, let me tell you."
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