Chapter 1073: Solo Trip To The God Evolution Sect

    Chapter 1073: Solo Trip To The God Evolution Sect

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    "Back then, Cultivators Embassy's Embassy Lord God King Xu Ping brought his son Xu Sha, Star Concealing Mountain's Elder Rao Xi brought genius disciple Ji Feiyan and the Sect Head Tie Lanshan of the God Evolutions Sect brought disciple Wang Yunqian towards the Forgotten Creek Dao School to look for Qu You. At that point in time, the Forgotten Creek Dao School had no choice and they needed to choose one.

    Under pressure, Qu You said that her heart had belonged to you and wanted to see you for the last time in the God Burial Valley. Using that excuse, she escaped into the God Burial Valley and never came out..."

    After listening to Jin Xinjue's brief explanation, Mo Wuji's face turned gloomy. Killing intent started shrouding his body and if he didn't have anything else to settle, he would have left to avenge Qu You.

    How could Mo Wuji not know how the God Burial Valley was like? Back then, he was almost forced into the God Burial Valley and that was where he met Tian Nu too.

    If it was before the restoration of the God World, Mo Wuji would have left for the God Burial Valley. Now, he was certain that the God Burial Valley would have been destroyed and looked totally different from before. Qu You had entered the God Burial Valley for countless years so naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't expect her to still be alive.

    "Wei Ru, you, Da Huang and Shuai Guo shall return to the sect to cultivate. I will make a trip to the God Burial Valley." Despite knowing that the land appearance had changed and the God Burial Valley shouldn't be there anymore, Mo Wuji's heart was still fixed on heading to the God Burial Valley before finding the other sects to avenge Qu You.

    Jin Xinjue shook his head. "There's no need for you to head to the God Burial Valley now. I've been there and it had turned into a piece of flat and empty land. There was no longer any energy of the previous God Burial Valley so even if you head there now, all you would see is a piece of flat land."

    "I know." Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of air. "Even if I know that place had turned into a piece of flat land, I still want to head there."

    Mo Wuji had made his decision to first head to the God Burial Valley to look for Qu You. Even if he couldn't find her, he felt like he needed to make the trip. However, the first place he wanted to visit was the God Evolution Sect. Out of the three sects that Jin Xinjue mentioned, only the God Evolution Sect was in the God Domain.

    The God Evolution Sect should have more than one Unity God but since they forced Qu You to her death, Mo Wuji had to make a ruskus at their sect regardless of how many Unity Gods they had. Even if he was incapable of killing everyone, the least he had to do was to kill Tie Lanshan and Wang Yunqian. Mo Wuji's heart was certain that after killing their Sect Head and genius disciple, Mo Wuji would have formed a deadly feud with the God Evolution Sect. Therefore, between himself and the God Evolution Sect, only one could survive.

    "Old Brother Wuji, you must not go anywhere now. I am here to stabilise my cultivation level and once I'm done, you must fulfil your promise." Kun Yun descended from the void. He was still carrying the same massive pot on his back. The only difference was that the pot was covered with restrictions now and Mo Wuji was no longer able to see what was inside the pot.

    Mo Wuji's face turned gloomy as he replied. "I have urgent matters to settle now. You can stay here to cultivate first."

    Noticing Mo Wuji's expression, Kun Yun knew that Mo Wuji was determined. He replied, "Alright, I shall cultivate here but make sure you come back fast. Also, haven't you offend too many people already? You've offended Liu Xing too right? Ai, it seems like you're pretty similar to Liu Xing himself."

    Liu Xing? Mo Wuji instantly thought of the statue back at the Heavenly Mortal Sect. The statue had some residue will left on his sacred art Wheel of Life and Death. Eventually, he spent so many years to peel off those residue will and threw them into the Nirvana Ocean.

    "You know Liu Xing?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    Kun Yun sneered coldly. "This fella's dao was slightly similar to yours but he was far from being comparable to you. If you're the old ancestor of the Mortal Dao, that fella could only be considered as a newbie who had just joined the outer sect. However, you must be careful of this fella because he had a very powerful backing. Even though he had offended a vicious person and was torn into pieces back then, he had obtained new life because of the restoration of the God World. His strength should surpass you in a very short period of time."

    Once he said this, Kun Yun lowered his voice. "You must be careful of this fella's woman. If his woman found out that you have offended Liu Xing before, hehe, you would be dead. Everyone knew how insane this fella's woman was."

    "How did you meet him?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Kun Yun pointed at the Nirvana Ocean. "That b*stard chanced upon an opportunity in the Nirvana Ocean and used the energy of creation to condense his fleshly body. After which, he spotted me carrying this huge pot while I was crossing the Nirvana Ocean. That fella didn't recognise that it was me so he tried to snatch my pot. Naturally, I wouldn't show any mercy as I kicked his ass..."

    Mo Wuji sensed that Kun Yun's words were not completely honest so he asked with a straight face. "Kun Yun, are you hiding anything? If you refuse to say and I suffer a disadvantage, I will no longer help you with anything."

    "But you agreed since a long time ago." Kun Yun replied anxiously.

    Mo Wuji answered. "I've agreed but I didn't swear. Maybe about a hundred years later, when I'm feeling happier, I will follow you over."

    "Don't." Kun Yun hurried to stop Mo Wuji as he continued. "It was a slip of the tongue when I mentioned that you have an ocean bowl which wouldn't be worse than my pot. It was only after that which I realised you have a beef with him."

    Mo Wuji glanced viciously at Kun Yun because he was certain that it wasn't a slip of tongue but intentionally. Mo Wuji was not sure of the specific reason but he could guess that Kun Yun was taking advantage of him.

    "Old Brother Wuji ah, if you're willing to let me take a look at that huge ocean bowl, your matter will be my matter." Kun Yun wasn't bothered by Mo Wuji's attitude as he chuckled.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about Kun Yun as it seemed like Kun Yun started to suspect that Mo Wuji had the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. However, the furnace was in his Mortal World so no matter what tricks Kun Yun played, he wouldn't be able to bring his furnace away.

    As Mo Wuji drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, he stepped right onto it. The halberd drew out a long and clear halberd radiance as he left in a hurry.

    Kun Yun wasn't worried about Mo Wuji as he looked at the suspending word, 'Mortal'. "Not bad, it is pretty impressive and this was indeed a good place to cultivate."


    God Evolution Sect, it was an existence in the God Domain which wouldn't be any weaker than the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Before the restoration of the God World's laws, Sect Head Tie Lanshan of the God Evolution Sect was also one of the ten great God Kings in the God Domain. He was ranked number 8 with a title, God King Orchid Tomb.

    When Mo Wuji was escaping from the God Domain, he knew where the God Evolution Sect was.

    After the restoration of the God World's laws, the God Evolution Sect would definitely be destroyed and rebuilt into a new sect. However, Mo Wuji believed that the land of the God Evolution Sect wouldn't change.

    After stepping into the God King Stage, Mo Wuji's strength rose insanely. Even without using any transfer array, he had already appeared in front of the God Evolution Sect in less than a day.

    Just like Mo Wuji's guess, the God Evolution Sect had been rebuilt completely. A Grade 6 god array covered the continuous stretch of mountains. A few of the higher mountains were inside the sect's defensive array which was suspending in mid-air.

    The golden buildings looked even more majestic and when the words 'God Evolution Sect' were floating within the clouds, it displayed an extremely mighty dao spirituality.

    Mo Wuji had no idea how the previous God Evolution Sect looked like but he was certain that the present was much more impressive than the previous one.

    Not all the disciples of the God Evolution Sect had returned. As Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to bypass the defensive array of the sect, he only saw about a hundred disciples within the sect.

    Sensing Mo Wuji's spiritual will, a few cultivators darted towards the entrance of the defensive array speedily.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand and the halberd landed in his hand. With a swing of the halberd, a winding river started to descend from above.

    "Boom!" The descending winding river fell accurately on the sect's defensive array's foundation.

    "Kacha!" The entire defensive array of the God Evolution Sect was destroyed in an instant. The collapsing sound was heard by everyone in the sect.

    The situation within the sect became clear to Mo Wuji and before Mo Wuji could use his spiritual will to sense the area, he felt as though his Half Moon Weighted Halberd had plunged into a pool of powerful energy. Following which, many runes restrictions started to appear on the pitch black Half Moon Halberd's shaft. These runes soon fade out into his halberd.

    Mo Wuji was in mad glee because his Half Moon Weighted Halberd had advanced.

    At this moment, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd was equivalent to an intermediate grade equipment at the peak of the grade.

    The Rootless God Steel was indeed a good item. To Mo Wuji's surprise, the advancement of the Half Moon Weighted Halberd was not dependent on how many souls he had destroyed but it was a natural process.

    "Where did this thud come from? How dare you attack the defensive array of my God Evolution Sect? I, Tie Lanshan, do want to see how you look like." An enraged voice was heard.

    Following which, a middle aged man with a face full of beard landed in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's guess wasn't wrong because this fella was indeed in the elementary Unity God Stage.

    Standing beside this bearded man were three God Kings but all of them were in the God King Stage Level 1.

    "It's you? Mo Wuji, my God Evolution Sect had no enmity with you so why did you destroy the defensive array of my sect?" Tie Lanshan recognised Mo Wuji and his angry tone was suppressed.

    Before the restoration of the God World, Mo Wuji killed the Gods Race's Unity God Stage Level 4 Bai Dai. No matter how proud Tie Lanshan was, he didn't believe that he was comparable to Bai Dai.
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