Chapter 1074: Head On Fight With A Unity God

    Chapter 1074: Head On Fight With A Unity God

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    "Did your God Evolution Sect and the two other sects force Qu You into the God Burial Valley?" Mo Wuji's tone was icy cold.

    Tie Lanshan's heart stopped beating for a moment. After learning that Mo Wuji had killed Bai Dai, this was his biggest worry. Before the restoration of the God World, Mo Wuji was already capable of killing Bai Dai. During the restoration, any cultivator would be able to improve tremendously in terms of their cultivation level. Taking this into consideration, one could only imagine how much stronger Mo Wuji was than when he killed Bai Dai. He had just stepped into the Unity God Stage so how was he supposed to stop Mo Wuji?

    The fact that Bai Dai was tricked by Mo Wuji's Fetal Transformation Technique and how Mo Wuji forced him into the deathtrap array, Tie Lanshan had no idea of it.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I'm merely at the Forgotten Creek Dao School to propose a marriage. Just like what you've said, my God Evolution Sect wasn't the only one to do so. Qu You's choice to enter the God Burial Valley was not forced by my God Evolution Sect." Tie Lanshan spoke while preparing to defend against Mo Wuji.

    As for Mo Wuji's act of destroying the God Evolution Sect's defensive array, Tie Lanshan didn't even mention about it. Mo Wuji managed to destroy his defensive array in one move so it showed how powerful Mo Wuji was.

    "So that's how it was..." Mo Wuji calmed his tone as he retracted his killing intent.

    "Yes, that was what happened back then." One of the God King beside Tie Lanshan sensed that Mo Wuji's killing intent had subsided so he hurried to comment.

    Mo Wuji nodded. "I wonder if Sect Head Tie has any dao companion?"

    Tie Lanshan furrowed his brows as he replied calmly. "Dao Friend Mo should stop joking. Everyone in the God Domain knew that i have a dao companion."

    "That's right and I knew that you have a dao companion too. I've admired her for a long time now so I wish that you could let me have your dao companion. Is that possible?" Mo Wuji spoke with sarcasm.

    "Mo Wuji, so what if you managed to kill Bai Dai? Don't you think you're going overboard by coming to my sect to bully us?" Tie Lanshan was infuriated now.

    The entire God Domain knew that Tie Lanshan's dao companion was a first class beauty who had tonnes of suitors in the God Domain. Eventually, she chose Tie Lanshan.

    Mo Wuji's voice had turned warm and gentle now. "Since Sect Head Tie was so infuriated, why must you propose a marriage to Qu You, who had mentioned that she already had a dao companion? Unless in this world, only Sect Head Tie's dao companion is a dao companion and you can snatch other people's dao companion?"

    "..." Tie Lanshan was dumbfounded and was at loss for words.

    Qu You was Mo Wuji's dao companion and this was a fact that the entire world knew about. Otherwise, why would Mo Wuji gift Qu You the Primal God Lattice Crystal?

    Mo Wuji didn't have the mood to continue wasting time as he drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd once more. Concurrently, he brought out 6 pages of the Book of Luo.

    Regardless, Tie Lanshan was still a Unity God with the help of three other God Kings. He was after all, only in the God King Stage Level 2.

    The sky full of halberd radiance had turned into the immense sand as it charged towards the entire God Evolution Sect. Mo Wuji's first strike was with all his force as he had no intention of showing any mercy.

    "Everyone attack together to kill him!" Tie Lanshan shouted furiously as loud as he could.

    After Mo Wuji stepped into the God King Stage, the Grand Desert of the Half Moon Weighted Halberd brought along an insanely massive wave of sand with incredible energy swept over.

    Mo Wuji didn't reveal his own energy so even Tie Lanshan was unable to discern Mo Wuji's cultivation. However, there was one point which he was certain and that was how Tie Lanshan was probably the only person in the God Evolution Sect who could stop Mo Wuji's sacred art.

    After Mo Wuji swept out his Grand Desert Sacred Art, he rushed to the front as he raised his hand to sweep up his Thousand Piles Snow.

    Yes, it was really a thousand piles of snow.

    Countless snowflakes instantly turned into piles of extremely cold snow. These piles of snow had turned into a killing array as it surged towards Mo Wuji.

    The laws of the God World was already complete and these snow piles appeared likely to freeze the spatial laws in the surrounding. Not only that, the Thousand Piles Snow shot out invisible icicles which contained deathly energy in every single one of them.

    "Boom!" Before both their sacred arts clashed, their domains collided first.

    Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain managed to tear Tie Lanshan's domain but even his whirlpool domains started to show signs of being routed.

    Tie Lanshan was inwardly delighted because he felt that Mo Wuji wasn't as strong as he imagined. His spiritual will started to ignite his sacred art with full force.

    However, in the very next moment, Tie Lanshan's heart sunk. He noticed that the item Mo Wuji brought out was the Book of Luo. The six pages of the Book of Luo managed to block off his Thousand Piles Snow completely.

    Fortunately, the killing array formed by his Thousand Piles Snow was about to freeze the space. Even if he had the Book of Luo, he wouldn't be able to do much once he could lock onto Mo Wuji's space.

    At this moment, Tie Lanshan suddenly felt an obstruction in his spiritual will.

    Despite not seeing a Chance Water before, Tie Lanshan had heard of it. This was definitely the sign of Spiritual Severing which could only be executed by a Chance Water's magic treasure.

    Tie Lanshan let out a breath as that obstruction in his spiritual will disappeared and the Thousand Piles Snow was like an endless protective screen of ice. It was going to lock the entire space around Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji had the Book of Luo, it would be frozen together with his body.

    Moreover, under his killing array, the Book of Luo couldn't protect the entire space and had revealed a few cracks.

    A long white halberd radiance was condensed behind Tie Lanshan. He was waiting for the instance Mo Wuji was locked onto by the Thousand Piles Snow before finding the gap of the Book of Luo to kill Mo Wuji.

    Even if he couldn't kill Mo Wuji in one attempt, he must injure Mo Wuji severely. Presently, Tie Lanshan had forgotten about the fear in his heart. He felt that Mo Wuji wasn't that strong or had yet to display any bit of the frightening strength which helped him kill Bai Dai.

    Mo Wuji could sense that the laws in the space around him had disappeared or rather, it seemed like everything was frozen by Tie Lanshan's Thousand Piles Snow. Without mentioning Tie Lanshan, all the other God Kings knew that Mo Wuji was certainly going to die.

    All of them heaved a sigh of relief as it seemed like Mo Wuji's strength had been exaggerated. Who knows what method this fella used to kill Bai Dai?

    Mo Wuji appeared as though he didn't see how the piles of snow were going to restrain him as he raised and waved his hand calmly.

    At this moment, time seemed to have slowed down and all the laws had come to a halt.

    Even though this halt lasted for less than a breath, Unity God Tie Lanshan was able to notice it. He looked shockingly at Mo Wuji's act of waving his hand and his heart was in fear and disbelief.

    What did he just see? It was a Time Sacred Art. Yes, it was truly a Time Law Sacred Art.

    In the vast universe, the Time Law Sacred Art might not be the strongest but it was definitely one of the great supreme sacred arts. Even the Gods Race's cursed arts would only mean little against a Time Law Sacred Art

    Before Tie Lanshan could regain his composure, he saw a finger descending from above.

    In the very stabilised God World, this finger was still able to ignite a massive tremble.

    No matter how strong the God Evolution Sect was in the past, how much hope they had for the future, whether Tie Lanshan was a Unity God or not, everything under this finger became ordinary and had turned into an ordinary World of Man.

    Tie Lanshan panicked as he drew out his magic treasure hurriedly as he tried to break out of this World of Man. Even more God Evolution Sect's cultivators had already lost themselves in this World of Man.

    "Boom!" The World of Man instantly transformed and an entire lifetime was merely a breath of time now.

    If it was just like that, there would be nothing harmful if he were to spend an entire lifetime living ordinarily in this World of Man. However, at this moment, calamities fell upon the World of Man as the Heaven and Earth were flipped and the world was crushed.

    All the cultivators within this World of Man, including Tie Lanshan, seemed to have seen the same majestic land waves which they witnessed during the restoration of the God World. Everything before was being destroyed while new things were produced. Everything that was being destroyed was simply everything in the World of Man including all their lives and future.

    Mo Wuji's Seven World Finger Sacred Art, second finger, Heaven and Earth.

    "No!" Tie Lanshan woke up once more as he raised his hand and that white radiance had turned into an impressively long and massive blade.

    The Thousand Piles Mountain suddenly erupted as the coldness seemed to be tearing the space around Mo Wuji. Even Mo Wuji's Book of Luo was being blown apart and Mo Wuji was currently exposed.

    After losing the protection of his Book of Luo, Mo Wuji's skin was torn apart by the freezing cold as blood scars started to form on his body. Tie Lanshan's long and massive blade had descended as it contained an indescribable anger wanting to slice Mo Wuji into two. He had struggled free from Mo Wuji's World of Man and while he had yet to break free from Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth Sacred Art, he could tell that Mo Wuji was definitely a Sage Physique expert. Otherwise, the explosion of his Thousand Piles Snow shouldn't have only caused those minor external injuries.

    Mo Wuji remained calm as his Half Moon Weighted Halberd strikes again. It struck out a Setting Sun as if it was about to exterminate this entire world.

    Halberd Sacred Art's Third Realm: Setting Sun.

    As compared to the Setting Sun previously, the Setting Sun now had merged with Mo Wuji's Time Laws and after the set off by the World of Man, Tie Lanshan started to see the nightfall of his declining years.

    The Setting Sun was like a disk but also like a ring of flame.

    Even the most gorgeous flame was bound to wither upon landing on the disk.
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