Chapter 1075: The Rock Cave of the God Burial Valley

    Chapter 1075: The Rock Cave of the God Burial Valley

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    Tie Lanshan was a Unity God and even though Mo Wuji's Setting Sun's intent level sacred art was fully executed, he still managed to wake up from it.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't give him any chance to fight back. Under the restraint of his Seven World Finger's Heaven and Earth, the Setting Sun descended.

    Just like a drop of water descending from high above onto a green slab, a splash of faint water fog was formed.

    "Ai!" Blood fog was formed as the surrounding exploded.

    Tie Lanshan's eyes revealed an expression of unwillingness as he saw his own forehead exploding into a fog of blood. Before his consciousness went into an endless darkness, he felt a lightning bolt striking his primordial spirit.

    His entire life flashed across his eyes like a lightning bolt.

    The God World had finally been restored and he had just stepped into the Unity God Stage but he was going to die anytime now. How did it end up like this?

    "Boom!" After the explosion of the God Evolution Sect was heard, Tie Lanshan's consciousness fell into complete darkness.


    After Mo Wuji left, the news of him exterminating the God Evolution Sect as well as killing their Sect Head Tie Lanshan started spreading like wildfire. In the shortest possible time, the entire God Domain knew of the news..

    The Sect Head of the God Evolution Sect was definitely a Unity God expert because many cultivators had witnessed his lightning tribulation. A Unity God expert, with the help of his sect at the territory of his sect could still be killed by Mo Wuji. Moreover, the sect was fazed by Mo Wuji. After that incident, Mo Wuji's reputation in the God Domain surged once more.

    The only difference from the first time Mo Wuji became reputable in the God Domain was that back then, Mo Wuji as a fat sheep that everyone wanted to capture. Now, Mo Wuji had become the taboo in the God Domain. This wasn't simply in God Domain. Even the Gods Race didn't dare to openly find trouble with Mo Wuji.

    If people were still not fearful back when Mo Wuji killed Luo Huangsang, Mo Wuji went on to kill the Gods Race's Bai Dai and then the God Evolution Sect's Unity God Tie Lanshan. This was not all because Mo Wuji even razed the God Evolution Sect.

    Rumours spread that the Gods Race's Huan Ji was also killed by Mo Wuji and his friend.

    Try imagining who would dare to find trouble with a vicious person like Mo Wuji?

    The Mortal Sect was near to the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction and after the laws of the God World had been restored, it was immediately established. One could say that their aura and land were a first-class existence in the God World.

    Even so, nobody dared to do anything to Mortal Sect. This was because everyone knew that Mo Wuji was the one who established Mortal Sect.

    In the God Domain, besides the God Evolution Sect that had been exterminated by Mo Wuji, the Forgotten Creek Dao School was equally as worried that Mo Wuji might find his way there.

    The Forgotten Creek Dao School had two Unity Gods but both Scoured Sea and Guiding Wood didn't believe that Mo Wuji would be fearful of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    The transfer array of the Nirvana Ocean had yet to be repaired so Mo Wuji was unable to head over to the God Continent to find the Cultivators Embassy and Star Concealing Mountain. If Mo Wuji was bent on seeking revenge, he would definitely head to the Forgotten Creek Dao School next.

    The Forgotten Creek Dao School had just been rebuilt and it looked even more impressive than before it was destroyed by the restoration of the God World. However, everyone in the Forgotten Creek Dao School was constantly worried that Mo Wuji might appear out of the blue.


    Naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't act against the Forgotten Creek Dao School even though he really didn't like a sect like them. He didn't fancy them but it wasn't to the extent where Mo Wuji would destroy them the way he did to the God Evolution God Sect.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had arrived at the periphery of the God Burial Valley. Just like what Jing Xinjue mentioned, the previous God Burial Valley had disappeared. The one in place of it was a flat piece of land and there was no longer any signs of the previous God Burial Valley.

    Mo Wuji had just stepped into the God Burial Valley and his spiritual will extended outwards. He wanted to find some traces of clues. The pity was that this place felt as though nobody had been here before and there was not a single trace left behind.

    After half a day when Mo Wuji was prepared to leave this place, his spiritual will sensed a cave entrance with the size of a fist. Because this entrance was this small, it looked more like mouse hole. To Mo Wuji's surprise, his spiritual will was actually unable to seep through the depths of this hole.

    Mo Wuji took a step and landed right beside the hole. Concurrently, he threw out a punch.

    "Hualala!" The sound of collapsing rocks could be heard and an entrance of at least 30 metres appeared in front of Mo Wuji. This entrance was tilted downwards and the sides of the rocks were covered with rock runes. As he extended his spiritual will downwards, it felt as though he saw fog and was unable to head any further into the depths of the place.

    Instead of saying it was a hole, one could call this a rock cave.

    Mo Wuji suddenly recalled the words of Tian Nu. Tian Nu mentioned that the only way to survive in the God Burial Valley was some cave. Could this be the place which Tian Nu mentioned?

    Mo Wuji hesitated for a while but chose not to head down because he had no idea where this burrow would lead to. Even if he must head in to take a look, he wanted to settle whatever leftover matters of the Mortal Sect before making an announcement to look for Shuyin. With his present strength, nobody would do anything to him even if he were to search for Shuyin openly.

    After doing these, Mo Wuji still had something he must do. He wanted to destroy the Cultivators Embassy first. Truth be told, Mo Wuji had been very unhappy with the Cultivators Embassy for a very long time now.


    After covering this rock cave with a concealment array, Mo Wuji returned to the sect.

    Once he set foot back into his Mortal Sect, he saw a few familiar faces.

    God King Blazing Heaven, God King Clear Rise and possibly God King Scoured Sea. The last one was a white face scholar looking cultivator who Mo Wuji didn't recognise. Of course, these four people here were no longer God Kings as they had already stepped into the Unity God Stage. It seemed like 90% of the cultivators in the advanced God King Stage managed to step into the Unity God Stage during this restoration of the God World.

    Blazing Heaven's cultivation level seemed to be the highest and Mo Wuji's guess was that he should be in the Unity God Level 2. Mo Wuji was not surprised to see this because he did warn Blazing Heaven about the restoration beforehand. Blazing Heaven should have been well prepared and in addition to the fact that he had been in the Great Circle of the God King Stage for a very long time, stepping into the Unity God Level 2 wasn't too surprising to Mo Wuji.

    "Congratulations Sect Head Mo for establishing the Mortal Sect. Here's a small gift which I hope you won't mind." Scoured Sea was the first one to clasp his fist with a smile as he greeted Mo Wuji before handing Mo Wuji a jade box.

    Even though Mo Wuji looked down on Scoured Sea, he didn't have much personal enmity with Scoured Sea. Back then, Scoured Sea had also tried to capture him but out of the four experts in front of him, who didn't try to capture him? This was of course, with the exception of Clear Rise.

    Mo Wuji could guess what Scoured Sea was worried about. He should be worried that Mo Wuji would destroy his Forgotten Creek Dao School. If he didn't accept this man's gift, he would undoubtedly feel uneasy. Mo Wuji casually accepted Scoured Sea's gift as he nodded. "Many thanks, Dao Friend Scoured Sea."

    Following which, Blazing Heaven and Clear Rise both presented their congratulatory gifts.

    As he sensed that Mo Wuji didn't recognise everyone here, Blazing Heaven took the initiative to introduce. "Sect Head Mo, this is Valley Lord Wen Mingyang of the Godly Grain Valley. You should know him right?"

    "So you're Valley Lord Mingyang. Please hurry in." Mo Wuji extended his arm politely.

    As for the Godly Grain Valley, Mo Wuji had a good impression of them. Back then when Ancestor Pang Jie hosted the ceremony, the Godly Grain Valley was the only big sect who came to congratulate. Even though it wasn't Valley Lord Wen Mingyang who came down himself, it was still a good gesture.

    Wen Mingyang clearly knew about this matter and was rejoicing that his Godly Grain Valley took the initiative to head over to congratulate God King Pang Jie. He was pleased that they managed to form this friendship with Mo Wuji from the very beginning.

    The Mortal Sect had just been established but it looked menacing and majestic. The only drawback was the lack of people in the sect. Even though Mo Wuji had just returned, there was only five of them. To be specific, it was only Mo Wuji, Kun Yun, Wei Ru, Da Huang and Shuai Guo.

    "Sect Head Mo's Mortal Sect had a multifarious ambience and looked destined to be a reputable peak grade sect in the God World." Wen Mingyang sensed the aura of the Mortal Sect as he commented enviously.

    He was a Unity God expert so he was naturally able to sense such majestic aura.

    Mo Wuji didn't reply because he knew that his Mortal Sect had collected a large amount of fate which was hovering around the sect now. Even if there came a day where he had to leave the sect, he would leave one page of the Book of Luo behind to protect the fate of the sect.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji invited the few of them to the guest hall and after pouring tea for these Unity God experts, Mo Wuji inquired. "I don't think the few of you came all the way to my Mortal Sect just to congratulate me right?"

    Even though the Mortal Sect was established, Mo Wuji had yet to announce this to the entire God World. He was certain that these Unity Gods didn't come here just to congratulate him.

    Blazing Heaven clasped his fists as he said with a serious face. "Before anything else, I must thank Sect Head Mo for your early notice which was why I am able to charge into the Unity God Level 2. Besides coming to congratulate you, the few of us are here to ask you about some matters."

    Mo Wuji replied. "Dao Friend Blazing Heaven please ask. If there is anything I know and I can tell, I will definitely let the few of you know."

    Blazing Heaven expressed his thanks before saying. "I wonder if I could ask if Sect Head Mo did condense a Primal God Lattice too?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "No, why did you ask?"

    Mo Wuji didn't condense the Primal God Lattice and all he answered was no. He didn't let Blazing Heaven know that he didn't even condense any god lattice.
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