Chapter 1076: God Throne

    Chapter 1076: God Throne

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    "Sect Head Mo, when you were at the Chasm of Laws, you should know that the Laws of God Domain were restored, right? At the same time, you should also know that God Domain, God Continent, Nirvana Ocean and even the Gods Race belong to God World, right?" Blazing Heaven asked.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. I do know of this."

    "Then do you know why we need to condense a god lattice?" Blazing Heaven asked one question after another.

    Mo Wuji knew that Blazing Heaven definitely wanted to lead to something. However, he didn't mind answering such questions, "Wasn't it said that those that didn't condense a god lattice would be unable to step into the Heavenly God Stage?"

    Blazing Heaven sighed, "Yes, it's true that a person that didn't condense a god lattice would be unable to step into the Heavenly God Stage. However, have you heard of the God Throne?"

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly. He did hear about God Thrones before but his knowledge of it was very shallow.

    Before Mo Wuji could answer, Blazing Heaven continued in a solemn tone, "Sect Head Mo, why do we cultivate the Dao?"

    Mo Wuji said with pride, "Of course, this is so that we will not be corroded by the Heaven and Earth and we can always be with our loved ones."

    The reason why cultivators pursue the Dao has always been eternal life. But to Mo Wuji, besides eternal life, he also wanted the peace and quiet to do what he wants. He would not disturb others and he hoped that others would not disturb him. It was just that he didn't need to say such ideas aloud. For example, in the Immortal World, he started Ping Fan, while in the God World, he started Mortal Sect.

    As for being with his loved ones, that was also one of his honest feelings. If not for the cultivation of the Dao, Shuyin would have perished a long time ago. Because of cultivation, Shuyin was still around. It was just that he hadn't managed to find her.

    Blazing Heaven continued, "Actually, even if we are able to step into the Unity God Stage, we will still be unable to achieve eternal life. Even if we got stronger, we will still ultimately fall into the rivers of time."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji asked in shock.

    In reality, Mo Wuji had never thought much about longevity. Most cultivators spend their longevity in secluded cultivation. Through secluded cultivation, they raised their cultivation level, and in turn, they extend their longevity. However, cultivators would need to continue to cultivate in order to continue to extend their longevity. Otherwise, they would still return to the earth.

    Mo Wuji didn't know how much longevity he had left. However, he believed that he would still be alive after millions of years.

    He had always thought that as he continued to raise his cultivation, his longevity would eventually reach an immeasurable level. But today, after hearing Blazing Heaven's words, he suddenly came to a rude awakening.

    Blazing Heaven said solemnly, "Only those that possess a God Throne would truly live forever. This is because these people are the ones that truly control the Dao. The reason why Nascent Gods need to condense a god lattice is so that they could strive towards a God Throne. Those that don't condense a god lattice would not be able to obtain a God Throne, even if they managed to step into the Heavenly God Stage.

    Even though there were countless cultivators in the God World, the number of God Thrones were limited. Not everyone could obtain a God Throne. Most people, even those with high cultivations, could only remain under those with the God Thrones.

    Mo Wuji didn't ask any further. All this was still too distant from him. He looked at Blazing Heaven calmly and asked, "Dao Friend Blazing Heaven, why did you suddenly tell me this?"

    "Because, according to the information I have obtained, after the God World recovers, it will attract the attention of those Throned God. After they set their eyes on God World, our life and death would be within their control." Blazing Heaven's voice contained a hint of hoarseness and helplessness.

    Wen Mingyang said with certainty, "Sect Head Mo, Dao Friend Blazing Heaven's words are the truth. We are not fabricating this. Previously, when the God World was complete, such a situation had also taken place. It was just that after the God World broke apart, it no longer attracted the focus of the Throned Gods. In their eyes, we were merely loaches stuck in a drain. But if this drain becomes an ocean, we would have the rights and opportunity to threaten their position. I'm afraid that things would no longer as stable as it was before."

    Clear Rise also said, "Sect Head Mo, besides discussing this matter with you, we also came here to seek a consultation."

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding, "You are here to seek a consultation with Kun Yun, right?"

    Blazing Heaven stood up, "Yes, we wish to seek a consultation with Senior Kun Yun."

    Kun Yun's slightly raspy voice sounded, "You guys are right. Moreover, your knowledge on this matter isn't shallow."

    Just as his voice sounded, Kun Yun's figure appeared within the hall.

    "Senior." When they saw the pot-backed Kun Yun enter, Clear Rise, Scoured Sea and Wen Mingyang all stood up and paid respects.

    Kun Yun nodded to the group. After which, he turned to Mo Wuji, "Old Brother Wuji, this is also the reason why I need your help. It was just that I didn't think that the God World would be restored. The restoration has caused me to feel a deep sense of urgency. After the God World is restored, this place would no longer be as safe as it was before. This place would become coveted by those shameless people."

    "If you have anything to say, then just say it straight. There's no need to beat around the bush. That simply vexes me." Mo Wuji knew that Kun Yun wanted his help. It was just that he still didn't know exactly what Kun Yun needed help with.

    Kun Yun chuckled and sat down, "Old Brother Wuji, you are already a God King. You should know that the stage after the God King Stage is the Unity God Stage. If the day comes when you surpass the Unity God Stage, what existence would you be?"

    Kun Yun's casual question caused everyone's ears to perk up. Mo Wuji wasn't the only one that wanted to know this. The rest of them were also equally eager to find out.

    Mo Wuji didn't have a master. His Mortal Dao was forged according to his meridians. Because of his dao revelation channel, he would automatically move on to the next cultivation stage after he reaches the peak of his current stage. It was exactly because of this, that he didn't think too much about the stage after the Unity God Stage.

    Kun Yun retracted his smile and said seriously, "Don't simply notice that the Laws of the God World are recovering. This restored God World could allow many God Kings to step into the Unity God Stage. However, I need to tell you this: in the entire God World, there probably wouldn't be a single person that could surpass the Unity God Stage and reach the next level."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Old Brother Kun Yun, don't scare me. Isn't your stage above the Unity God Stage?"

    Kun Yun shook his head and said, "I have indeed surpassed the Unity God Stage. However, I'm not a person of the God World. I'm an existence with a God Throne."

    Hearing that Kun Yun was a Throned God, Blazing Heaven and co. went incomparably silent.

    Kun Yun slowed down and said solemnly, "The stage after Unity God is Quasi-Sage..."

    When Mo Wuji heard the two words 'Quasi-Sage', his heart pounded. Immediately, he laughed and said, "Then is there the Sage Stage after that?"

    Kun Yun nodded his head seriously, "You're right. The stage after Quasi-Sage is the Sage Stage. However, in the boundless and vast universe, the total number of sages will not exceed 8. Not only is the number of sages limited to 8, only those with extreme fortune would be able to be a Quasi-Sage."

    Mo Wuji recalled the myths of China. Ancient Ancestor Hong Jun was naturally a Sage. His six disciples were also Sages. [1] Thus, the total number of sages was only seven. Wait, that's not right. Ancient Ancestor Hong Jun should have surpassed the Sage Stage.

    Could it be that those Sages were the Sages of myth? Mo Wuji immediately shook his head. This didn't seem likely. Although some treasures were the same as myths, he had never actually seen a person from the ancient myths.

    "Old Brother Kun Yun, is Sage Luo Xu one of the eight Sages?" Mo Wuji suddenly recalled Sage Luo Xu.

    Kun Yun nodded, "That's right. He's indeed one of the eight Sages. The distance between Sages and us is too far. Even in my eternal life, I cannot hope of reaching it. Old Brother Wuji, don't simply look at the fact that you opened a new Dao. There's no need to think about becoming a Sage. I look upon you highly, which was why I allowed you to establish a sect to suppress fate. In the future, you have a chance of entering the ranks of Quasi-Sages. If you are able to obtain a God Throne, you will be able to live forever in this Heaven and Earth."

    Mo Wuji remained silent. He did not question Kun Yun's words. In Chinese Mythology, which Quasi-Sage wasn't a world-shaking figure?

    Ancestor Zhen Yuan, Eastern Emperor Tai Yi, Celestial Emperor Hao Tian, Ancestor Xuan He, Daoist Duo Bao, Emperor Jiang, the God of Water, etc.

    However, which one of these figures were able to live freely? The 12 Magic Gods were hunted to extinction, Eastern Emperor Tai Yi died, and even Xuan He's outcome wasn't very desirable.

    On the other hand, the Sages were the ones that get to play and scheme. They used the lives of others to take part in the machinations.

    By this point, Mo Wuji started to believe Kun Yun's words. Kun Yun had allowed him to establish the sect, so that the sect could defend against the calamity.

    Mo Wuji did not wait for Blazing Heaven and co. to ask about his sect. Instead, he asked a question that Blazing Heaven and co. were also thinking of, "Old Brother Kun Yun, then may I ask who are the true God Thrones?"

    Kun Yun chuckled, "This was the thing that I wanted you to do. Those years ago, I was struck by the Cataclysm to the point where I almost lost the opportunity to free myself. If I don't take revenge, then I'm a cowardly tortoise."

    [1] Wow, Hong Jun's disciples include the Supreme Lord Lao Zi, Buddha, Bodhi, Pan Gu, Tong Tian and the Heavenly Monarch Yuan Shi.
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