Chapter 1078: Mortal Mo Wuji

    Chapter 1078: Mortal Mo Wuji

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    "It must not be built. If the Gods Tower is built, God World will become their farm of ants..." Kun Yun sprang up and said anxiously.

    Mo Wuji discovered that Blazing Heaven and co. weren't saying anything; they only shot glances at one another. Mo Wuji knew that they were probably hesitating. After all, this was a Sage's decree. Not only that, God Thrones were promised.

    Today, these group of them were existences at the pinnacle of the God World. If Sage Luo Xu was truly bestowing God Thrones, then they would definitely be able to have a share of it.

    Before the Sage's decree, they could only choose to believe Kun Yun. But after hearing the decree, Kun Yun's words were clearly placed in the back.

    Although Kun Yun was very anxious, Blazing Heaven and co. remained silent.

    "Old Brother Wuji, I'm really speaking the truth," Kun Yun could only turn to Mo Wuji nervously.

    If only one or two people didn't believe him, he, Kun Yun, could force them to listen. However, this was the entire God World; this was enough to stop him.

    Not just Kun Yun, Blazing Heaven and co. also turned to Mo Wuji. Their trust towards Mo Wuji far exceeded the already throned Kun Yun.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "I believe that Sage Luo Xu's promised God Thrones are the real deal..."

    When he heard these words, Kun Yun's face turned pale, "Old Brother Wuji, I'm really not speaking blindly."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and continued, "However, I believe Old Brother Kun Yun's words. There's no need to ask me much. It's simply because I have seen a Gods Tower before and I have even entered it. Within that Gods Tower, there was an immortal sealing array. Countless gods were trapped in that array, and each of them was stronger than the few of you."

    Kun Yun nodded forcefully, "Right, the Gods Tower is a place to confine and raise Gods. They extract the fate of the world to fuel their own Dao. There's nothing that they wouldn't do. They don't even require the Gods Tower to be fully built. As long as the foundation is completed, they could use the Gods Tower to enter God World. After which, they would extract the fate of God World and suck out God World's roots..."

    Before Kun Yun finished speaking, Clear Rise said determinedly, "If God World's foundations would be destroyed, I, Clear Rise, would not do it, even if he gives me a God Emperor Throne. I believe Sect Head Mo's words. We definitely mustn't build the Gods Tower."

    Blazing Heaven also didn't hesitate to say, "I also believe Sect Head Mo's words. My idea is the same as Clear Rise's. We definitely mustn't be the accomplices to the destruction of God World."

    With Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven leading the way, Wen Mingyang and Scoured Sea both expressed their support.

    Mo Wuji could feel that Clear Rise and Blazing King were truly in disagreement with the decree. However, Wen Mingyang and Scoured Sea did seem to have some other thoughts.

    "Old Brother Wuji, the two of us will go and destroy that golden staircase together. After this matter is done, I will definitely follow you to God Burial Valley to find your dao companion." Although Mo Wuji had verbally agreed to support him, and Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven had agreed with him, Kun Yun was still nervous.

    Mo Wuji guessed that this Gods Tower definitely didn't spell anything good for Kun Yun. However, he didn't say anything much. This was because he also knew exactly what the Gods Tower was.

    Kun Yun was truly anxious. With the restoration of God World, there were plenty of God Kings and Unity Gods. Even with the support of Blazing Heaven and co., it didn't add up to much when compared to the entire God World.

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "Old Brother Kun Yun, if we destroy this golden staircase, will it appear again?"

    Kun Yun said resolutely and decisively, "It definitely wouldn't. This golden staircase is created with the help of creation energy. The God World would soon be stabilised. After the God World stabilises, those people would have to use some other method before they could create that golden staircase again. By that time, many years would have already passed."

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "That means to say that after many years, they would still be able to come to God World."

    Kun Yun said with utmost sincerity, "That's right. At the very least, they wouldn't be able to come now. After many years, there might be a change to this story. Perhaps I would be able to re-obtain my God Throne and do something for the God World."

    Mo Wuji did not mince his words as he said, "What ** can you do? You're merely one of the 36 Ministers."

    An expression of embarrassment appeared on Kun Yun's face. He knew that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth. In his eyes, being one of the 36 Ministers of the Principal Gods was already a high and lofty existence. But to Sages, it was indeed a puny position.

    To Kun Yun, he didn't really care whether God World was destroyed. He only cared whether he could take back the God Throne which belonged to him before that happened.

    Everyone knew what Kun Yun was saying. No one stood forward to rebut him. After all, a disaster which takes place many years later was better than a disaster which takes place now.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "Let's go. We'll go to Nirvana Ocean. No matter what, we cannot let the Gods Tower be built."

    Mo Wuji had seen the might of the Gods Tower before.


    Fortunately, the golden staircase was at Nirvana Ocean. That wasn't very far from Mortal Sect.

    By the time Mo Wuji and co. arrived at Nirvana Ocean, the surroundings of the golden staircase were already filled with cultivators. Moreover, Mo Wuji and co. weren't the only ones that were rushing here. Countless beams of light shot towards Nirvana Ocean.

    A thin man was speaking loudly, "I believe that many people know of me, Spirited Flame. Now that the opportunity of a God Throne has appeared, I hope that everyone would support me in the construction of the Gods Tower. If I have a chance to obtain a God Throne, I definitely wouldn't forget the dao friends that supported me. By my side, there would definitely be a place for you."

    "I, Pan Xi, support Throned God Spirited Flame!"

    "I, Fen Zhong, support Throned God Spirited Flame!"


    As Spirited Flame's voice descended, it caused the crowds to gather in agreement.

    Kun Yun chuckled, "A mere ant that is billions of miles from a God Throne actually dares to call himself a Throned God? How shameless."

    "Who are you?" Just as Spirited Flame uttered that question, his eyes landed on Blazing Heaven. As for Clear Rise, Wen Mingyang and co., they were all dismissed by him. Mo Wuji, who was at the very back, was completely disregarded.

    "Oh, so it's Blazing Heaven. Haha... Blazing Heaven, over the past countless years, you have always been suppressing me, Spirited Flame. But don't think that I, Spirited Flame, am afraid of you. If you dare to stop me from obtaining the God Throne, I will definitely kill you. If you know how to behave, you can ask me for help. There's more than one God Throne. Naturally, you would be given a position." Spirited Flame's voice was filled with killing intent. The surrounding seawater was pushed back by his killing intent, resulting in huge waves forming.

    Cultivators with lower cultivations all hurried to retreat.

    Mo Wuji knew Spirited Flame. This fella was ranked 2 among the Ten Great God Kings of God Domain. It could be said that Blazing Heaven and him were like well water and river water respectively. [1]

    Blazing Heaven said harshly, "Spirited Flame, this Gods Tower definitely cannot be built. If it's built, our God World would be uprooted and its fate would be extracted. The countless cultivators of God World would be treated as ants. You still dare to do it?"

    Spirited Flame chortled loudly, "Blazing Heaven, your words could only fool idiots. I, Spirited Flame, understand you well. You are a false gentleman, putting on the pretence that you care about the God World, all so that you would be respected. Today, I, Spirited Flame, am telling you this. From today onwards, you, Blazing Heaven, can only stay in that puny land of your Blazing Heaven Palace. If you dare to fight with me for the God Throne, you will be killed without mercy."

    As he said this, Spirited Flame's eyes turned to the crowd. He hoped that everyone would support him. Except for a few God Kings and one Unity God, most people were hesitating.

    After all, Blazing Heaven's influence in God Domain was too big. Few would actually dare to stand up against Blazing Heaven openly.

    "I, He Mo, naturally support Dao Friend Spirited Flame. If you stand against my Dao, what's the difference between that and killing me?"

    "I, Fan Qi, also support Dao Friend Spirited Flame. Who is Blazing Heaven? He dares to behave arrogantly here?"


    Ten voices sounded consecutively. Following which, many figures landed around Spirited Flame.

    Blazing Heaven's face changed. He scolded harshly, "Spirited Flame, you are a Human Race cultivator. You actually dare to team up with the Gods Race to bring disaster upon God World?"

    By the side, Scoured Sea said to Mo Wuji, "Sect Head Mo, these are all Gods Race experts."

    Mo Wuji nodded. He had already seen it. Among the people that arrived, there were at least 5 Unity Gods and 10 God Kings.

    He Mo chuckled and pointed towards Blazing Heaven, "Dao Friend Blazing Heaven, aren't those words of yours equivalent to slapping yourself in the mouth? Those years ago, when I represented the Gods Race to meet with God Domain, you welcomed me personally and you agreed to my requests. Moreover, you said that there will no longer be a Gods Race and God Domain, and that we would all be cultivators of God World. Today, you are actually bringing up the matters of the different races. Could you be slapping yourself in the mouth?"

    Blazing Heaven's face turned ashen in anger but he didn't continue to argue. This was because He Mo's words were completely true. Those years ago, he did agree to He Mo's requests elatedly.

    Mo Wuji said impatiently, "Old Brother Kun Yun, you take the lead here. Eliminate these ents. Don't let them continue to spout their mouths off. I don't have that much time to wait."

    Mo Wuji also wanted to see exactly how strong Kun Yun was.

    Kun Yun said awkwardly, "I can only get rid of two to three of them at the very most. So many Unity Gods, I can't do it..."

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun in disbelief. After a long time, he finally said, "Old Brother Kun Yun, have you spent all those years on a dog?"

    Kun Yun helplessly glanced at the pot behind him and transmitted a message to Mo Wuji, "Old Brother Wuju, over these years, I didn't spend the time cultivating, nor collecting treasures. I spent it all on this pot."

    Mo Wuji suddenly came to an understanding. This Kun Yun intended to borrow without returning. He looked at Kun Yun with disdain as he said, "Kun Yun, with this kind of character, don't ask to borrow anything from me in the future. Otherwise, I promise to beat you to death."

    Blazing Heaven and co. turned to look at Mo Wuji. Don't simply look at how everyone seemed to be on talking terms. If everyone actually fought, things would immediately escalate into an explosive mess. If their side fell into a disadvantage, the surrounding cultivators would definitely swarm over and help Spirited Flame and his group.

    Mo Wuji could only come forward and say, "Everyone, calm down. According to what I know, Dao Friend Blazing Heaven's words are true. The Gods Tower definitely cannot be built. If it is built, it would cause a disaster on God World."

    Mo Wuji did not believe that he was a talented speaker. Thus, as he was speaking, his spirit storage channel already started to inscribe void array runes.

    "Who are you? You dare to behave so brazenly here!" Spirited Flame shouted harshly. If not because of his slight apprehension towards Blazing Heaven, he would have sent a slap over to squash Mo Wuji.

    "I do want to behave brazenly. Come and bite me then." Mo Wuji chuckled. Opening his hand, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in front of him.

    "Mortal Mo Wuji?" Looking at the Half Moon Weighted Halberd, Spirited Flame's expression changed. He finally realised who Mo Wuji was.

    [1] Basically, these two kinds of water don't mix.
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