Chapter 1079: I Dont Have The Time To Tell Jokes

    Chapter 1079: I Don't Have The Time To Tell Jokes

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    If there was only one person in the entire God World that was enough to strike fear in Spirited Flame, it would be Mo Wuji.

    He could not see through Mo Wuji's exact cultivation. He only knew that before the God World was restored, Mo Wuji was able to kill Gods Race's number one God King, Bai Dai, in a head-on battle. After God World was restored, Mo Wuji killed a river of blood out of God Evolution Sect. Not only did he kill God Evolution Sect's Unity God Tie Lanshan, he razed God Evolution Sect to the ground. From that day one, there was no God Evolution Sect in God World.

    Mortal Sect was the sect established by Mo Wuji. Mortal Sect's land was top-class. Moreover, Mortal Sect's mountains were the most majestic and oppressive ones in the entire world. It was also rumoured that after God World was restored, Mo Wuji plundered many secret domains for his Mortal Sect.

    However, no one dared to covet all these. This was because Mortal Sect was Mo Wuji's.

    Mo Wuji looked at Spirited Flame coldly but he did not say a word. If Spirited Flame dared to continue to spout rubbish, he would directly seal that fella and kill him.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji merely looked at him coldly without saying a word, a sense of helplessness arose in Spirited Flame's heart.

    He was a proud man. He was proud to the point where being the number 2 God King in God Domain was considered shameful to him. This was why he didn't want to work together with Blazing Heaven. The reason why he dared to oppose Blazing Heaven was because he believed that he was stronger than Blazing Heaven now that he had stepped into Unity God Stage Level 2.

    However, even if he was any stronger, he did not dare to say that he was stronger than Bai Dai. Mo Wuji was able to kill Bai Dai, and that was even before the Laws of God World were restored.

    "Since Sect Head Mo wishes to lead the construction of Gods Tower, I, Spirited Flame, do not dare say anything much. I only hope to contribute my effort and resources." If not for the chance of a God Throne, Spirited Flame wouldn't have backed down and offered his items to Mo Wuji.

    "You didn't believe the words that I said? If the Gods Tower is erected, the God World will be uprooted. After which, it would collapse like it did before."

    Spirited Flame shook his head, "Sect Head Mo, I admire your cultivation. However, the Sage's decree is glorious and respectable. How can I dare to suspect it?"

    After saying these words loudly, Spirited Flame even turned to clasp his fists towards the golden staircase. In reality, Mo Wuji's rejection of the construction of the Gods Tower had infuriated him. If not for his fear of Mo Wuji, he would have already attacked.

    "Fuck off!" Mo Wuji could no longer be bothered to exchange words with this fella.

    Spirited Flame's expression changed and his aura immediately started to rise.

    Mo Wuji did not say another word as his whirlpool domain swept outwards with great force. Although Spirited Flame's domain was very strong, it was also helpless against Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain.

    Spirited Flame did not wait for Mo Wuji's domain to envelope him. His figure flashed and he instantly disappeared without a trace. After sensing Mo Wuji's powerful domain, he was scared. He suspected that if he really fought this Mortal Sect Head Mo Wuji, he, Spirited Flame, might not have a tomorrow.

    Mo Wuji did not chase after Spirited Flame. Instead, his gaze turned towards Gods Race's He Mo.

    Before Mo Wuji said anything, He Mo and co. clasped their fists respectfully, "Greetings Sect Head Mo. Congratulations to Sect Head Mo for establishing Mortal Sect. Mortal Sect will definitely become the number one sect of the entire God World."

    Mo Wuji said calmly and expressionlessly, "I killed Huan Ji and I also killed Bai Dai. If you people still dare to behave arrogantly in my God Domain, don't blame me for killing you and exterminating your entire God Domain."

    "Sect Head Mo must be joking." He Mo's expression changed. He barely forced a smile to Mo Wuji,

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I'm not funny enough to tell jokes. If you'd like, you can try me."

    This time, Mo Wuji did not wait for He Mo to retreat. He directly activated his trap array, trapping those ten-over experts of the Gods Race. His domain and killing intent also soared rapidly. At the same time, his Half Moon Halberd threatened to cleave down.

    "Sect Head Mo, slow your hand. Since Sect Head Mo isn't willing to approve the agreement between Gods Race and God Domain, my Gods Race will take our leave." He Mo did not wait for Mo Wuji to make a move as he hurriedly cried out anxiously. No one was clearer than him about Bai Dai's might. Till now, he still didn't know how Mo Wuji was able to kill Bai Dai. He wouldn't believe it even if someone told him that Mo Wuji had killed Bai Dai with the help of an array. Even a Grade 6 trap array would not pose much of a threat to Bai Dai. A Grade 7 god array? Besides Cang Zhengxing, who else could install a Grade 7 god array?

    Mo Wuji did not make a move. He knew that his Grade 5 trap array was enough to scare these fellas. If a battle really ensued, he definitely wouldn't be a match for the group of them.

    Even if Blazing Heaven, Kun Yun and co. all joined in to help, who was sure that Spirited Flame wouldn't come back and interfere? The moment this became an all-out battle, it would not be settled for a long time.

    "Hahaha... A bunch of cowardly mice." Kun Yun chuckled. He was clearest of Mo Wuji's bottom line. Mo Wuji definitely wasn't stronger than him. However, Mo Wuji was adroit at creating opportunities. In God World, Mo Wuji's reputation was resounding. In comparison, his reputation could not be compared to Mo Wuji's.

    Mo Wuji glared at Kun Yun, then he turned to clasp his fists towards the crowd, "Various Dao Friends of God World, all the words that I said were the truth. This is because I have seen an actual Gods Tower. Within the Gods Tower were Gods that were sealed by various methods. This golden staircase isn't a path to God Thrones but a path to death. I suggest that everyone joins me to destroy this golden staircase. We definitely mustn't construct the Gods Tower."

    "We will listen to Sect Head Mo." A voice called out loudly.

    Following this voice, more people continued to show their support for Mo Wuji.

    Blazing Heaven and co. didn't know Mo Wuji's true bottom line. They also believed that Mo Wuji was far stronger than them. Thus, they did not find it strange that Mo Wuji was able to scare away Spirited Flame and those Gods Race experts.

    On the other hand, Kun Yun, who knew Mo Wuji's bottom line, could not help but sigh emotionally. He even suspected that if Mo Wuji's power continued to grow, Mo Wuji might actually be able to obtain a God Throne.

    However, Kun Yun soon shook his head. He knew that this was unlikely. It wasn't because Mo Wuji didn't have the ability, nor because Mo Wuji's Dao wasn't good. Instead, it was because Mo Wuji had offended Sage Luo Xu.

    Was Sage Luo Xu a person that could be casually offended? This fella's banquet was full of Sages, Dao Monarchs, Rogue Sages and God Emperors. Even he, Kun Yun, barely managed to obtain a remote spot on that banquet. Mo Wuji had offended Sage Luo Xu. This was equivalent to severing his road to a God Throne.

    Mo Wuji did not know what Kun Yin was thinking. He said loudly, "Various Dao Friends, since we know that we cannot build Gods Tower, I hope that everyone can lend me a hand to destroy this golden staircase."

    With that, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Halberd cleaved down with a Winding River.

    God elemental energy exploded. Light from the magic treasures shot out a beautiful scene above Nirvana Ocean.

    Those that didn't know what was going on might even think that a war was taking place. They definitely would not believe that everyone was attacking the same object.

    Some newcomers that arrived did not even ask anything as they directly took part in bombarding the golden staircase. Perhaps they thought that treasures would fall after the golden staircase was destroyed.

    With so many experts attacking the same staircase, even if this staircase had a strong foundation, it would fall. Moreover, its foundation wasn't even very strong.

    In merely half a day, the golden staircase released cracking sounds. Thereafter, it exploded into countless beams of light which disappeared into the air.

    At this instant, all the cultivators could feel an enigmatic dao energy. Regardless of whether they regretted their actions, most of them all stopped to gain insights on this dao energy.

    The happiest person was naturally Kun Yun. When he saw the golden staircase collapse, he was so happy that he released a long roar.

    Thereafter, he ran to Mo Wuji and clasped his fists, "Old Brother Wuji, I owe you a favour. You can rest assured. In the future, I will definitely help you with my full effort."

    "Enough with the nonsense. Follow me to God Burial Valley." Mo Wuji said straightforwardly as he clapped Kun Yun's shoulder.

    Although Mo Wuji didn't say anything much, Blazing Heaven and co. all unconsciously treated Mo Wuji as the leader of God World, Even Clear Rise, who had a good relationship with Blazing Heaven, felt that Mo Wuji was more suitable than Blazing Heaven as the leader of the God World.

    Even without Mo Wuji's reminders, Blazing Heaven and co. all reassured Mo Wuji that they would not allow trouble to befall Mortal Sect.

    In reality, there was nothing much that could happen to Mortal Sect. Currently, there was only Shuai Guo, Da Huang and Wei Ru in Mortal Sect. If anyone wanted to invade Mortal Sect, it would definitely be for the land. But with Mo Wuji's name, even those with big balls would not dare to cause trouble with Mortal Sect.
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