Chapter 1080: God Burial Cave

    Chapter 1080: God Burial Cave

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    God Burial Valley. This was the second time that Mo Wuji came here. The only difference was that Kun Yun was now with him.

    "That's right, that's God Burial Cave." After Mo Wuji removed the concealment seals, a rock cave was revealed. Kun Yun immediately cried out in astonishment.

    "Why does it have such a name?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Kun Yun pointed at that rock cave and chuckled, "Because in God Burial Valley, only this place has a path of retreat. In other words, one would have hopes of surviving after entering God Burial Valley. Within God Burial Cave, there's a flower called Paramita Flower. If you possessed the Primal God Lattice, you would be able to see the Paramita Flower. The Paramita Flower will send you to Paramita, which is a plane controlled by a Sage.

    There, even an ant is worth more than an average Unity God... Oh right, if your dao companion was able to make it to God Burial Cave, then she might have a chance of surviving. In God Burial Cave, she will not face any corrosion of her spirit channels and sea of consciousness."

    "You want to go in and find the Paramita Flower?" Mo Wuji immediately asked.

    Kun Yun shook his head, "If I go in just to search for the Paramita Flower, it's the same as not going in. God Burial Cave is vast and endless. Moreover, there's only one Paramita Flower and it's white. Those without the Primal God Lattice would be unable to see the Paramita Flower. I heard that you gave a Primal God Lattice to a woman? You truly deserve hardship. Otherwise, if you were able to find the Paramita Flower, it's set in stone that you would be able to become a Quasi-Sage."

    Mo Wuji's expression was slightly unsightly as he said, "Old Brother Kun Yun, you're saying that after we enter here, we might be unable to leave?"

    Kun Yun chuckled, "I knew that you would ask that. Others might be unable to escape, but I have my ways. Moreover, I can promise you that I will be able to bring you out. Look at this pot on my back? This is a supreme treasure of fortune. It will definitely help us escape God Burial Cave."

    Hearing that Kun Yun actually didn't mention his ocean bowl, Mo Wuji wondered: Could this fella not know about my own supreme treasure of fortune?

    "What do you intend to do inside?" Regardless of Kun Yun's purpose, Mo Wuji intended to go in and take a look. However, before all this, he still wanted to know.

    Kun Yun sighed, "Because there're many people that are similar to me inside. After they snatched a God Throne, they fell into God Burial Cave. God Burial. The people being buried aren't cultivators of God World, but Throned Gods. Besides trying to take back what belongs to me, I also intend to recover my cultivation and wrest back my God Throne."

    As he said this, Kun Yun paused slightly. He looked at Mo Wuji seriously and asked, "Old Brother Wuji, do you know how I managed to escape from here those years ago?"

    "How?" Mo Wuji subconsciously asked. After asking that question, he realised the meaning behind it. So Kun Yun used to be one of the people trapped in God Burial Cave.

    Kun Yun patted the pot on his back and said, "The reason why I was able to escape was this pot. The previous owner of this pot was a demon. The true form of that demon was a Tao Tie. You should also know, that Tao Tie stays at Tao Tie Valley. The two of us came from God Burial Cave. It's just that he found God World's Tao Tie Valley while I could only struggle between world. Eventually, I could only hide in my own sea of consciousness."

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun with contempt, "Tao Tie saved you but you actually coveted his pot. Your character is indeed like a flimsy pole."

    When Kun Yun heard Mo Wuji's words, there was no guilt on his face. He said indifferently, "You think that I want his Tao Tie Pot? It was just that he had to give it to me. Those years ago, if not for me, he wouldn't have escaped God Burial Cave even with his Tao Tie Pot. Moreover, he coveted my monk's spade [1] for many years. This time, I used my monk's spade as a leverage and I agreed to give him 50% of God World's fate. That's why that fella decided to lend me this Tao Tie Pot. I'm sure that fella is currently trying hard to refine my monk's spade so that it would be his weapon.

    Do you know why he wants my monk's spade? Because without my monk's spade, even if he was given another 10 million years, that Tao Tie can only hide in his Tao Tie Valley, forever unable to come out."

    Mo Wuji shook his head and remained silent. He felt that such transactions were truly tiring.

    "Old Brother Wuji, if your dao companion entered God Burial Valley and survived, she would definitely be in God Burial Cave. Why don't we enter right now." Kun Yun was still worried that Mo Wuji wouldn't follow him in.

    "If you get killed by your friends in God Burial Cave, how should I use your Tao Tie Pot to escape?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    Kun Yun looked at Mo Wuji is slight speechlessness, "Old Brother Wuji, if I am killed, do you think that you would survive?"

    "I only know that it's better to be safe than sorry. What if you die but I manage to survive?" Mo Wuji continued asking without any expressions on his face.

    Kun Yun looked at Mo Wuji with a peculiar expression and said, "As long as you have the Tao Tie Pot on your back, you would be able to easily leave God Burial Cave. You can rest assured. When I leave, I definitely wouldn't leave you behind."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Now, can you finally tell me why you need my help?"

    Kun Yun said sincerely, "Because the Laws in that place is superior to everything. Everyone that enters would be pressured by the Laws with no means of resistance. Only you cultivate the true Mortal Technique. Perhaps you can dismiss the pressure from the Laws of Heaven and Earth and support me."

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of air. He could not help but admire Kun Yun's acumen. This old fella was right; he could do that. The Laws of Heaven and Earth did not have any pressure on him.

    "Come on then. Follow behind me." With that, Kun Yun's figure flashed as he jumped in.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate as he followed behind Kun Yun and jumped in.

    The instant that he jumped in, Mo Wuji felt that his sea of consciousness and spiritual will had lost all their abilities. He felt just like a falling rock.

    If this height was tall enough, he suspected that he would be turned to mush even with his Sage Physique.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly activated his spirit storage channel. Immediately, he felt his body loosening. His spiritual will could finally slow down his descent.

    However, Mo Wuji soon retracted his spirit storage channel's spiritual will. He believed that since Kun Yun got him to jump down, Kun Yun would definitely have some methods.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that Kun Yun actually said, "Old Brother Wuji, there's no need for you to worry. After we fall, only all our bones would be shattered. With our abilities, we only need to rest for a few days before we can start moving."

    As Mo Wuji heard this, his heart sank. Kun Yun seemed to know what Mo Wuji was thinking. He continued loudly, "Old Brother Wuji, there's no need to worry about your dao companion. This descent is dependent on your cultivation level. The higher your cultivation, the faster your descend. The lower your cultivation, the slower your descend. If you have the Primal God Lattice, then you would even be able to use your spiritual will. Wait, my pot can also simulate the Laws..."

    As Kun Yun said this, Mo Wuji felt the Laws of Space around him shaking. Soon, his speed of descending became slower.

    Mo Wuji was not a fool. He had a gloomy expression on his face as he said, "Kun Yun, did you just lie to me? Even if Shuyin's cultivation was weaker, things wouldn't bode well for her when she falls like this, right?"

    Kun Yun went silent. After some time, he finally said, "That is true. Of course, if your dao companion has some Xiantian defence-type treasure, she could end up safe..."

    Mo Wuji was furious. This old fella was truly devious. This old fella only cared about getting him down here. As for Shuyin's life and death, this fella definitely didn't put it in his heart.

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything further. He knew that Shuyin had a page of the Book of Luo. If Shuyin fell here, she might be able to protect herself.

    "Old Brother Wuji, sorry. I have definitely been selfish. But you should also know, your dao companion has already been here for so many years. If she died, she would have died a long time ago. But now, I really need your help. If you don't help me, then I wouldn't even have the rights to obtain the things which belong to me." Kun Yun knew that now was definitely not the time to anger Mo Wuji. Otherwise, his years of effort would be equivalent to using a wicker basket to hold water."

    Mo Wuji indifferently asked, "What things?"

    "My good things definitely wouldn't be weaker than the energy of creation when God World was restored. Rest assured, I will definitely give some to you. That will definitely allow you to reach the intermediate Unity God Stage." When Kun Yun heard Mo Wuji ask about his things, he was instantly spirited and he hurried to add oil to the flames.

    "I want half and I get first pick." Mo Wuji was expressionless. He knew that his chances of winning this old fella in terms of cunningness weren't high.

    "That's too vicious." Kun Yun hurriedly said, "Didn't you obtain the God Primal Lattice before? As long as you have a bit of its crystal shreds, I can use it to help you find the Paramita Flower. The Paramita Flower is very useful, Perhaps you might..."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Stop, it's not as if I had never seen the Paramita Flower before. It's nothing special."

    "What? You've seen the Paramita Flower before?" Kun Yun's voice jolted. It started to tremble with fear.

    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monk%27s_spade

    This is what a monk's spade looks like!
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