Chapter 1081: Fighting For A Sage Throne

    Chapter 1081: Fighting For A Sage Throne

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    Because of Kun Yun's fright, he momentarily lost control of the Tao Tie Pot. Once again, Mo Wuji felt like he was descending like a rock.

    Even though Mo Wuji had the spirit storage channel and didn't have to worry about being hurt, he still scolded Kun Yun, "Kun Yun, are you trying to get me killed? It's just a mere Paramita Flower. Is there a need for you to be frightened like a little mouse?"

    Since he discovered Kun Yun's disregard of Shuyin's life and death, Mo Wuji had been very discontented with Kun Yun. If Shuyin didn't have the Book of Luo and she fell like this, it was possible that she might lose her little life.

    Kun Yun finally regained his countenance and took back control of the Laws of Space. Mo Wuji's pace of descent finally slowed down. After a whole half an incense time, Kun Yun finally asked, "Where did you see the Paramita Flower? Was it red?"

    Mo Wuji replied, "That's right. It was indeed a red mutation. It was near a sect. That flower was floating in mid-air and it was at was at least 30-meters wide. What's the matter? Could there be something wrong with that flower?"

    Mo Wuji knew that Kun Yun had never been to God Continent, so he didn't talk about Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "Ai..." Kun Yun released a long sigh. "There are two Paramita Flowers, one red and one white. Both of these flowers allow people to reach Paramita, that is the plane controlled by the Sages..."

    Mo Wuji wasn't a fool. The moment he heard Kun Yun's words, he came to an understanding. His face changed as he said, "You mean that even after we destroyed Sage Luo Xu's golden staircase and prevented the God World cultivators from building the Gods Tower, Sage Luo Xu could still use the Paramita Flower to come to God World?"

    Kun Yun's voice was lined with slight fatigue and helplessness, "You're right. Perhaps the person that comes to God World might not be Sage Luo Xu. But what's the difference? The Laws of God World have just been restored. To all those with God Thrones, this place is a huge slab of meat."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji subconsciously asked.

    Kun Yun said indifferently, "A world that has just restored its Laws of Heaven and Earth could be considered the highest-grade world in the entire universe. Anyone could have the opportunity and fate to use the God World to enter the Sage Dao. They can extract God World's world channel or strip God World of its fate. They can even use the Chasm of Laws to search for the secrets of creation. What do you think now?"

    Hearing Kun Yun's words, Mo Wuji's heart sank. He had offended Sage Luo Xu and he was also the master of Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals. Not only that, his Mortal Sect still had Shuai Guo and Da Huang... If a Throned God like Sage Luo Xu comes to God World, would Sage Luo Xu simply forgive him?

    "Kun Yun, why are we still wasting our time? Let's hurry back to destroy that Paramita Flower. Isn't your Tao Tie Pot a supreme treasure of fortune? Let's hurry and go back. Hurry..." Mo Wuji cried out anxiously.

    Mo Wuji knew that even if the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean hadn't been properly built, he would still have a way to rush back to God Continent. He knew that there was that turtle-shell island. Although he didn't know who that fella on turtle-shell island was, he knew that he didn't even fear Kun Yun now. Thus, he believed that he didn't need to be afraid of that fella.

    Kun Yun remained silent.

    How could Mo Wuji not know that he had been lied to again? His expression was ugly as he asked, "Kun Yun, did you lie to me again? This Tao Tie Pot isn't able to get us up?"

    "Sorry, Old Brother Wuji. I did not mean to lie to you. Actually, the Tao Tie Pot can get us out. It's just that it will require my cultivation to return to the half-step Quasi-Sage Stage. Moreover, the place that we are going to will definitely allow me to recover my cultivation back to that level. Thus, you cannot say that I lied to you." Kun Yun clearly wasn't very confident when he said these words.

    Mo Wuji knew that not only was this fella not a reliable partner, he even had to constantly be on the guard in case this fella tried to cheat him.

    Fortunately, he wasn't without his own methods. The moment Kun Yun apologized, Mo Wuji directly stepped out of the domain of Kun Yun's Tao Tie Pot. He had the spirit storage channel. He didn't believe that without this Butcher Kun, he would still need to eat pork with hair left on it.

    "You can control your own descent?" The instant Mo Wuji left the domain of his Tao Tie Pot, Kun Yun noticed it. He instantly exclaimed in shock.

    Mo Wuji was the first person he met that was able to control his descent in God Burial Cave without the help of a supreme treasure of fortune and with a cultivation less than the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    At this instant, Kun Yun's heart was filled with agitation. Could the Mortal Technique really be that amazing? He even started to think that he would support Mo Wuji. Perhaps Mo Wuji might actually be a Sage Throne holder. If that's the case then he will ride along the waves and benefit from it.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Kun Yun. He struggled to control his body and soar upwards.

    No matter Mo Wuji activated his spirit storage channel and controlled the Laws of Space around him, he was only able to slow down his descent; he was unable to truly fly up.

    Kun Yun's voice came timely, "Old Brother Wuji, there's no need to continue with such useless actions. No matter how impressive your methods are, your cultivation is too low. You will not be able to get rid of restraints here. I do have an idea. You can follow me to find my resources and I will work hard to help you raise your cultivation. Thereafter, we will rush to God Continent as soon as possible. Perhaps, by the time we return, those Sages haven's used the Paramita Flower to get here? After all, it would take time to connect with the Paramita Flower."

    Mo Wuji sighed and finally gave up on his meaningless actions. He allowed himself to fall. A the same time, he took out his Great Art of Destruction and started to study it.

    If his Mortal Sect and Land of Mortals are destroyed when he returns to God World, then he would use this Great Art of Destruction to strike back.

    So what if it was a Throned God, or a Sage? If this person dared to offend him, Mo Wuji, then that fella better be ready for his retaliation.

    The Great Art of Destruction was recorded on a gold scroll. The moment Mo Wuji took out the Great Art of Destruction, Kun Yun caught its ancient aura. Kun Yun's heart started to pound. This... this was a Great Sacred Art, this was definitely a Great Sacred Art. Others might not know about Great Sacred Arts, but he, Kun Yun, knew about them all too well.

    "Old Brother Wuji, you actually obtained a Great Sacred Art?" Kun Yun's voice was trembling slightly. When Mo Wuji obtained the Great Art of Destruction and the Heavenly Spirit Transformations, he was still busy refining his pot.

    Mo Wuji was too lazy to respond to Kun Yun. Since he dared to take his Great Art of Destruction out, he wasn't afraid that Kun Yun would snatch it away from him.

    After some time, seeing that Mo Wuji was ignoring him, Kun Yun could only say, "Old Brother Wuji, can you use that Great Scared Art to derive some Minor Sacred Arts for me to learn?"

    Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "What do you mean by deriving Minor Sacred Arts?"

    Kun Yun hurriedly explained, "Only the original text can be considered a Great Sacred Art. The moment it is replicated into other books, it will become a Minor Sacred Art. If the Minor Sacred Art is replicated once more, it will become scattered sacred arts..."

    Mo Wuji acknowledged with an 'Oh', but he didn't speak any further.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was ignoring him again, Kun Yun felt vexed. He could only say, "Lord Wuji, we two brothers from the same world. Is there a need to differentiate between who's the leader and who's the follower? You can let me learn the Minor Sacred Art while you learn the Great Sacred Art. In the future, if you need any help from a brother, you only need to ask."

    Mo Wuji sneered, "I don't dare to be brothers with a cunning, old fella."

    Kun Yun hesitated slightly before asking, "Old Brother Wuji, what's that sacred art of yours?"

    "Great Art of Destruction." Mo Wuji was too lazy to lie to Kun Yun. He told the simple truth.

    When he heard that it was the ancient Great Art of Destruction, Kun Yun's heart started to itch, "Old Brother Wuji, as long as you allow me to learn the Minor Art of Destruction, if you become a Sage in the future, I will definitely stand behind you and serve you."

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji asked. Kun Yun had previously said that there were only eight Sages. Although he didn't think that his Mortal Dao was weak, he didn't think that he was strong enough to compare with the Sages. There was no need to talk about Sages, if this Kun Yun was fully recovered, he, Mo Wuji, would be nothing more than an ant.

    Kun Yun said seriously, "Old Brother Wuji, although I previously believed that your Mortal Dao is not simple and it might even be one of the more powerful Daos, I still felt that your Mortal Dao is still a distance away from those Sages. But this time, you actually showed me that you were able to control yourself within God Burial Cave and slow down the Laws of Space. This made me think that my previous perception was wrong.

    Perhaps you might actually have the rights to fight for a Sage Throne. I, Kun Yun, understand my own Dao clearly. There's no need to talk about the Sage Thrones, it would be too hard for me to even fight for a God Emperor Throne. Moreover, every battle for a Sage Throne is a process which will result in mountains of corpses and oceans of blood. You, alone, definitely wouldn't be enough. Not only would you need a sect, you would need powerful followers."

    "You want to be my follower?" Mo Wuji asked in disbelief.

    Kun Yun hurriedly said, "Old Brother Mo, don't be mistaken. I'm only saying that if you actually earn the rights to fight for a Sage Throne, I will be willing to follow you to fight through the heavens."
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