Chapter 1083: Paramita Flower Blooms

    Chapter 1083: Paramita Flower Blooms

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    "This is the land of cultivation treasures?" Mo Wuji was slightly suspicious of Kun Yun's words.

    Kun Yun waved his hand over himself and cast a dust-removing spell. After which, he chuckled, "Of course it isn't. This is the God Burial Cave. The place that we are going to is called the Resting Land of Gods. When we reach the Resting Land of Gods, you will realise that the number of geniuses and experts in this universe is truly more than you could count."

    Mo Wuji nodded. Thereafter, he passed a jade letter to Kun Yun and said, "This is a segment of my Great Art of Destruction. En, according to what you said, this should be a Minor Art of Destruction. Now, I need you to bring me to find that Dao Monarch Darkness Ku Xinren."

    "No problem, leave it to me." Kun Yun accepted the jade letter and slapped his chest. Then, he picked up his pot and sped off. Compared to Mo Wuji, he was much more eager to reach the Resting Land of Gods.


    Nirvana Learning Academy.

    After the restoration of God World, this was the only place which was not hugely affected.

    The Laws over Nirvana Learning Academy had always been more complete as compared to the rest of God Continent. Thus, when the God World got restored, there were only minor restorations to the Laws; most land terrains remained largely the same.

    This was also the case for the Land of Mortals; there was no change in the terrain here, Although the defensive array that Mo Wuji installed previously had been destroyed during the restoration, Bai Yue was still around and he had immediately installed a new one.

    Now that the God World was restored, Bai Yue had already reached the early World God Stage. Even though this was still a puny cultivation when compared to the rest of Nirvana Learning Academy, it was much better than when the two of them were in the Heavenly God Stage.

    Because of his low cultivation level, Bai Yue knew that he would be oppressed if he left the Land of Mortals. Thus, he rarely left the area and he mainly spent his time in secluded cultivation. Thus, he didn't really know much of Mo Wuji's deeds in God World.

    He only knew that Mo Wuji had gone missing after accepting a mission. With his current abilities, there was no need for him to consider taking revenge for Mo Wuji; he didn't even have the rights to leave the Land of Mortals and investigate what happened. The only thing he could do was to continuously raise his cultivation level.

    At this moment, a lady in a light-grey dress arrived at Nirvana Dao City's city gate. As she lifted her head and saw the majestic and grand 'Nirvana Dao City' words, she went silent. These words were the trace that she had been searching for more than 10,000 years.

    Nirvana Dao City was like Nirvana Learning Academy; after the restoration of God World, it didn't experience many changes. Also, it was still the largest city in the entire God Continent.

    This grey-dressed lady stared at these words for an entire incense's time before she finally retracted her gaze and walked into the Dao City.

    After walking into Nirvana Dao City, she went straight to the Affairs Guild.

    "This Senior Sister, are you here to issue a mission?" The person at the reception window was a red-robed female who looked equally young. This attendant could sense that this grey-dressed lady's cultivation was higher than hers; she should be in the late Heavenly God Stage.

    This grey-dressed lady hurriedly bowed and said, "I want to obtain news of a person called Mo Wuji. I heard that he had taken part in Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment and had gotten in."

    "Ah..." This red-robed female uttered a slight exclamation before she hurriedly said, "I know of this Senior Brother Mo. He had taken part in the selection and he had passed the tests. Moreover, he even got the 22nd place. Your information is right; he had successfully entered Nirvana Learning Academy. However, after he chose the Land of Mortals, there's no longer any news of him. Oh right, he had another name called Rogue Cultivator 2705. This was the name he used during the assessment."

    The red-robed female uttered all these information in a single go. After all, this information was common knowledge in God Continent.

    "Right, right, that's him. Where is he now? Is he still in Nirvana Learning Academy?" This grey-dressed lady agitatedly grabbed the red-robed female's hands. Her voice was slightly choked; there were even two trails of tears flowing out from her eyes.

    How many years had it been? She had always been searching for her young master. From Zhen Xing to the Immortal World, from Immortal World to God Domain...

    All this time, she had only heard some scattered pieces of news of her young master. With these scattered pieces of news, she found her way to Nirvana Dao City.

    Even the red-robed female could sense the elation and excitement radiating off her.

    "Is he your dao companion?" This red-robed female could not help but ask this unprofessional question. She was truly touched by this grey-dressed lady's desire.

    This grey-dressed lady blushed slightly. Immediately, she shook her head and said, "No. He is my clan's young master."

    "What?" This red-robed female looked at the grey-dressed lady in disbelief. This grey-dressed lady was clearly telling the truth. However, a late-stage Heavenly God was actually willing to be a female servant? And such a loyal one at that?

    This grey-dressed lady was exactly Yan'Er. Over these 10,000 years, she had been to many places and experienced countless deadly experiences. The only thing that didn't change was her desire to search for her Young Master Mo Wuji.

    Back when her peak-grade wood-type spiritual roots were destroyed, it was her young master that risked his life to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain to save her. Not only did this save her life, it allowed her spiritual roots to evolve and become mutant wood-type spiritual roots.

    However, it was also due to this incident which caused her to forget about her young master.

    Even so, her young master did not have any regrets nor resentment. Back in Thunder Fog Forest, he saved her once more. His words still ring beside her ear: Work hard to survive.

    Perhaps, he was the only such young master in the entire universe.

    No matter what, she was going to try and find her young master. No, she definitely needed to find her young master. Then, she would tell him that she had listened to his words; she had worked hard and survived to this day.

    "Can you please tell me where my young master is? Is he still in Nirvana Learning Academy?" Yan'Er's voice was trembling slightly.

    This red-robed lady could sense the deep attachment that Yan'Er felt towards her young master. She hesitated slightly before she said, "Senior Brother Mo is an exceptional genius. However, he chose to go to the Land of Mortals. The Land of Mortals is desolate with no future. It's said that there's no further news after Senior Brother Mo entered the Land of Mortals. However, I have also heard people say that Senior Brother Mo had perished during a mission."

    "That's impossible." Yan'Er was completely unaware that she was speaking loudly. Her words immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.

    Seemingly noticing that, Yan'Er hurriedly said in an apologetic tone, "I'm sorry. May I ask how I can enter Nirvana Learning Academy's Land of Mortals?"

    The red-robed female didn't scold Yan'Er. She only shook her head as she thought in her heart: How could it be so simple for you to enter Nirvana Learning Academy?

    Just as she was thinking how she could break the news to Yan'Er, a shrill cry suddenly came from outside the guild. All the cultivators within the guild frantically rushed out; even the red-robed female in front of Yan'Er dismissed everything as she charged out.

    Yan'Er followed the crowd and arrived on the streets. Everyone's eyes were turned towards Nirvana Learning Academy.

    There was a 300-meter-wide red flower floating above the Academy. The red flower was continuously shooting out a faint gold light. Even though Nirvana Dao City was a distance away, everyone could feel the resounding and clear dao energy from the flower.

    Even in this distance, some cultivators started to have breakthroughs in their cultivation.

    That red flower was expanding rapidly. Soon, it was 3,000-meters wide and that clearly wasn't the limit.

    "That's Nirvana Learning Academy's Nirvana Flower..."

    "No, that's just Nirvana Learning Academy's name for it. I heard that it's real name is Paramita Flower..."

    After a short discussion, many cultivators understood what was going on. Back when the God World was restored, countless cultivators had obtained great opportunities. Now, another opportunity had presented itself in front of them.

    Although the Paramita Flower was in the space above Nirvana Learning Academy, countless cultivators still swarmed over. There was no need to talk about how the Paramita Flower was moving away from Nirvana Learning Academy; even if it remained stationary above the Learning Academy, no one would let go of such an opportunity.

    Yan'Er also charged over.

    After roaming alone by herself for so long, she was clearer than anyone else about the importance of power. She was merely at Heavenly God Level 9. To her, it was very important that she raised her power.

    Just as Yan'Er charged out of Nirvana Dao City, she suddenly stopped. This was because she saw a yellow figure speeding past everyone at an extreme speed.

    She recognised that person. He was Lei Hongji. She also knew that Lei Hongji was her young master's enemy. With the speed that Lei Hongji had displayed, he was clearly many times stronger than her.

    After a brief hesitation, Yan'Er decided to use a veil to cover her face. Then, she joined the crowd and charged over to the flower.

    Lei Hongji had already become so strong. If she didn't raise her cultivation, how was she going to help her young master?
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