Chapter 1084: This Is Not A Good Place

    Chapter 1084: This Is Not A Good Place

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    Closer to the Paramita Flower, the Dao Laws became much clearer.

    Many cultivators knew that they wouldn't be able to get a spot right next to the Flower. Thus, they directly took out their flying ships and started to cultivate.

    At this moment, even the people in Nirvana Learning Academy didn't bother about blocking others from approaching the Paramita Flower; they were also not willing to miss out on this opportunity to cultivate.

    Everyone could still clearly remember the benefits which came when the God World was restored. Because many of them didn't prepare themselves for it, they missed the opportunity to advance through a stage. They could only live on in regret and self-blame. Now that they encountered a treasure like the Paramita Flower, no one was willing to fall back.

    Yan'Er knew that her cultivation level was very low and she would only be courting death if she tried to fight for a space right next to the Paramita Flower. Thus, she was like many of the other cultivators, she brought out her flying ship while at a distance from the Paramita Flower and frantically started to cultivate.

    Yan'Er's innate talent had always been first-rate. After her spiritual roots mutated, her talent improved even further. Back when she first arrived at God Continent, her cultivation was merely in the late Immortal Reverent Stage.

    But because of the restoration of the God World, she was able to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage, Nascent God Stage... and eventually, the late Heavenly God Stage in a short period of time.

    If not because of the upheaval of the terrain that she was cultivating on, she might have already reached the Great Circle of the God Monarch Stage.

    Now, the Paramita Flower had brought the clear Dao Laws from the Paramita. Yan'Er's cultivation rose rapidly, and in a short time, she felt the God Monarch Lightning Calamity brewing.

    Yan'Er hurriedly retreated into the distance and prepared to face her tribulation.

    At this moment, no one cared about Yan'Er's tribulation. This was because there were far too many people that were experiencing their tribulations. It wasn't simply Yan'Er; many cultivators suddenly broke through their bottlenecks and started to face their tribulations. There was no need to talk about the God Monarch Lightning Calamity; there were even people experiencing the World God and God King Lightning Calamities.

    If there was a person whose innate talent was higher than Yan'Er, it was naturally Lei Hongji. In less than half a day, he welcomed his Unity God Lightning Calamity.

    Since he started cultivating, Lei Hongji had never experienced any bottlenecks. For other's, an innate talent was fixed. In fact, some's innate talents might weaken due to emotions or battles. However, his innate talent got more powerful as his cultivation level increased.

    Lei Hongji didn't even have any intentions of moving away. He directly started his tribulation right next to the Paramita Flower.

    One bolt after another came crashing down. The cultivators that were next to Lei Hongji all hurriedly retreated.

    "Everyone, hurry and destroy that Paramita Flower. Otherwise, the entire God World would be implicated..." An anxious voice cried. Following which, two old men appeared.

    "It's Senior Cang Zhengxing and Senior Xing Mu." When they saw the two, many people bowed in respect.

    Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu. Not only were they venerable existences in Nirvana Learning Academy, they were also top experts in the entire God Continent.

    At almost the same instant that the two arrived, an arch-like rainbow appeared. It hung above the Paramita Flower.

    Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu whipped out their magic treasures and started to attack the Paramita Flower. At the same time, they shouted loudly, "Everyone, attack the Paramita Flower together. Hurry..."

    Many Nirvana Learning Academy disciples and some cultivators that respect the two of them listened to their words and started to attack the Paramita Flower.

    However, most people continued to cultivate. In their eyes, raising their cultivation level was the most important thing. Moreover, even if the sky collapses, there were giants to tank the weight. Dwarves like them didn't need to do anything.


    Mo Wuji followed Kun Yun and sped along God Burial Cave. After travelling for a few days, he suddenly felt an immense pressure on him.

    Cultivating to such a level, there was no need for him to breath. However, Mo Wuji actually felt suffocated; he felt like an ordinary mortal deprived of oxygen.

    "This is not a good place," Mo Wuji said in a low voice.

    Kun Yun chuckled, "Naturally. But when compared to the previous God Burial Valley, this place is much better."

    "Hand me the spiritual veins." Mo Wuji felt as though something was amiss. He directly stopped walking and asked Kun Yun for the spiritual veins.

    Kun Yun laughed and said, "There's no rush. After we borrow the Time Plate, I will definitely give them to you."

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun calmly, "What if we don't get to borrow the Time Plate?"

    "We will definitely be able to," Kun Yun said with great certainty.

    "Then that's good enough. Since we will definitely be able to borrow the Time Plate, it will only be a matter of time when the god spiritual veins will come to me. But you aren't willing to give them to me now. Could you have some other intentions? You must remember, I have already given you the Minor Art of Destruction." Mo Wuji was straightforward and went straight to the point.

    Kun Yun laughed embarrassedly, "Oh, you're right."

    Helplessly, Kun Yun handed a storage ring to Mo Wuji. These were 500 peak-grade god spiritual veins; ones that contained the energy of creation at that. These were treasures that many could only dream of. But now, he had given them to Mo Wuji. However, he also knew that he could not avoid it.

    He understood Mo Wuji clearly. If he didn't give them to Mo Wuji, there would only be two possibilities. One: Mo Wuji would turn against him and lay hands on him. With his current abilities, he wasn't confident that he was able to handle Mo Wuji. Two: Mo Wuji would turn and leave. Even if he called, Mo Wuji probably wouldn't listen.

    Mo Wuji examined the storage ring, then he contentedly threw it into his Mortal World, "Not bad. Continue leading the way."

    Now that he had these 500 peak-grade god spiritual veins, he would no longer need to be worried about any tricks that Kun Yun might play. At the very most, he would run away. With his abilities, he didn't believe that he would fail to find a way to survive.

    Perhaps it was because he had given a good half of his peak-grade god spiritual veins to Mo Wuiji. Kun Yun seemed to lose the mood to talk and his speed had also increased significantly.

    God Burial Cave seemed to be vast and boundless. Kun Yun finally stopped after travelling for another 7 to 8 days.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already scanned the area. In front of them, was an array gate. This array gate held rows of wave runes; these wave runes radiated an enigmatic and vast dao aura. When Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will in, it was like when a raindrop met an ocean; it instantly disappeared without a trace.

    "Old Brother Wuji, explode a hole in this array gate and we would be able to get through," Kun Yun pointed to the array gate and said.

    Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun in confusion, "Old Brother Kun Yun, this should be a transfer array gate. As long as we step through, wouldn't we be transferred away?"

    Kun Yun laughed coldly, "You can try and see whether you will be transferred away. If you dare to take a step in, your entire body and soul would be destroyed thoroughly."

    "This is a trap?" Mo Wuji jumped in fright.

    Kun Yun shook his head, "This can't be considered a trap. Because, except for inexperienced people like you, everyone else would be able to see through it."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He was worried about Cen Shuyin. If Cen Shuyin came here, treated this as a transfer array gate and stepped in, what would have happened to her?

    Kun Yun seemed to know what Mo Wuji was thinking. He said indifferently, "Do you think that it is easy to come here. That woman of yours wouldn't be able to find this place. If I didn't lead the way, you definitely wouldn't have found this array gate even if you had 100,000 years.

    Do you know why I can't attack this array gate? It's because I don't cultivate the Mortal Dao and I am subjected to the pressure of the Laws of Heaven and Earth. As long as I dare to attack this array gate, I would immediately face the pressure of the Laws of Heaven and Earth and my cultivation would begin to fall indefinitely. Eventually, I could be killed with a single brush."

    "This is why you found me?" Mo Wuji looked at Kun Yun and asked.

    Kun Yun nodded, "You could say that this is one of the reasons."

    Mo Wuji didn't ask anything else. He gestured for Kun Yun to retreat and he whipped out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. At the same time, he prepared his few pages of the Book of Luo in his sea of consciousness, ready for anything that might happen.

    He only believed half of Kun Yun's words. To Mo Wuji, he would rather believe himself than believe Kun Yun.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd moved in a silver arc as it cleaved down against this array gate.

    At almost the same instant, Kun Yun hurriedly retreated. He believed that Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao would be able to dismiss the pressures from this array gate. Even so, he wasn't willing to risk his life.

    If Mo Wuji's attack failed, then he would pack up and go. If Mo Wuji's attack succeeded, then he would naturally continue to work with Mo Wuji.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd slammed against the array gate, resulting in loud rumbles from the gate.

    Mo Wuji could feel waves of myriad Laws surging towards him. These waves of Laws made it feel much more unbearable.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't startled. Kun Yun was right. Attacking this place would result in the huge pressures from the Laws; this was the same when one went from a higher plane to a lower plane. However, he cultivated the Mortal Dao. Although he could sense these pressures, they didn't have any effect on his own dao flow.
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