Chapter 1085: Great Sage

    Chapter 1085: Great Sage

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    After verifying that there was no effect on him, Mo Wuji cleaved out with his Half Moon Weighted Halberd once more. This time, he used Winding River.

    A resplendent, silver river came cascading down from mid-air, crashing the array gate.

    "Kacha!" A minute crack appeared on the array gate.

    In the distance, Kun Yun almost sprang in glee. He had guessed that Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao wouldn't be subjected to the pressures of the Laws. However, a guess was still a guess. But now that he had personally witnessed Mo Wuji attacking the array gate to the Resting Land of Gods without facing any backlash, his heart was simply overflowing with excitement.

    At this moment, he felt that his 500 peak-grade god spiritual roots had been well-spent.

    Seeing that the Winding River had been effective, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd continued to conjure one Winding River after another.

    It felt as though countless silver fireworks were bursting in front of this array gate. Each time the Winding River landed, a beautiful silver flower-shaped light would splash from the gate.

    Mo Wuji also discovered that if he didn't increase his attack speed, the crack which he formed would gradually disappear.

    After attacking for ten times, that crack was big enough for a person to fit through. Mo Wuji did not hesitate as he directly entered that crack.

    At this moment, Kun Yun was still sighing in praise at the strength of Mo Wuji's spiritual will as he was able to strike out with sacred arts consecutively. When he saw that Mo Wuji had actually entered the crack alone without calling him, he could no longer care about anything else as his body transformed into a light beam and shot through the crack.

    At almost the same instant that Kun Yun passed through the crack, it closed up.

    "Old Brother Wuji, you can't do such a thing. If I hadn't noticed it, I would have been trapped outside." Kun Yun was very dissatisfied with Mo Wuji's actions.

    Mo Wuji shot a glance to Kun Yun and said indifferently, "If you aren't agile enough to do such a simple thing, then I really can't be bothered to work with you."

    Kun Yun could only keep his anger to himself as he continued to lead the way.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about Kun Yun. Instead, he was examining his surroundings. After he went through the array gate, he immediately felt the pressure disappear without a trace. Moreover, the Laws here seemed rather peculiar. However, the rich elemental energy here was clearly very suitable for cultivation. At the same time, Mo Wuji could detect a faint aura of massacre and rage.

    "Old Brother Kun Yun, where are you going?" Just as Mo Wuji asked that question, a world-shaking rumble reverberated through the air.

    Following which, Mo Wuji saw two magic treasure lights crashing against one another, exploding into bursts of elemental energy.

    The space in the area trembled vigorously. At this moment, Mo Wuji could clearly and unmistakenly sense the stability of the Laws of Space in this area.

    "There are people fighting?" Mo Wuji stopped and stared at Kun Yun questioningly.

    After witnessing those two magic treasure lights, Mo Wuji knew that he was not a match for those people.

    Kun Yun chuckled, "This is too common. There are too many experts here. At every instant, there would be a battle."

    "Kun Yun, I didn't think that you would actually be able to find yourself a fleshly body. You even brought the Tao Tie Pot..." Following this voice, a khaki primordial spirit whizzed down and appeared in front of Mo Wuji and Kun Yun.

    "Eh, who's this ant? Why has he lapped himself up to you? Haha, Kun Yun, this fleshly body you brought is not bad. Thank you." The khaki primordial spirit exclaimed when he saw Mo Wuji. Soon, he realised Mo Wuji's huge value. It was almost impossible to leave the Resting Land of Gods. Thus, those without bodies here could only roam around with their primordial spirits.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand and his Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured a silver light.

    When this khaki-coloured primordial spirit saw that Mo Wuji actually dared to attack him, he sneered deviously. He directly opened his mouth as he tried to suck Mo Wuji in. Now that a great fleshly body had presented itself in front of his door, how could he let it go?

    However, he was soon dumbfounded. The space around him had actually been sealed by Mo Wuji. At this moment, it even felt as though time had slowed down.

    "Stop... Kun Yun, hurry and get this fella to stop..." Feeling the threat of death, this khaki-coloured primordial spirit instantly cried out in alarm.

    "Old Brother Wuji, this fella is rather tactless with his words. Just spare him this once." Although Kun Yun didn't want to seek mercy from Mo Wuji, he still asked for it.

    Mo Wuji's face remained emotionless as his Half Moon Weighted Halberd continued to descend. After slicing this primordial spirit in half, the halberd suddenly paused. At this moment, Mo Wuji said indifferently, "If you have anything to offer to save your own life, then take it out. Otherwise, then you can disappear from this world."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji wasn't even afraid of Kun Yun, this khaki primordial spirit finally knew that he should be afraid. He hurriedly said, "I have some smithing materials. I will give them all to you..."

    As he was speaking, his already opened his world. When Mo Wuji saw the pile of peak-grade smithing materials in this primordial spirit's world, he did not even hesitate as he waved his hand and swept them all away. After which, he kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and sneered, "Kid, next time, pay attention to your words. Make sure not to offend me."

    "Yes, yes..." This khaki primordial spirit acknowledged multiple times, then he hurriedly disappeared into the darkness.

    Kun Yun smiled ruefully as he said, "Old Brother Wuji, you have gotten yourself into a huge trouble. Do you know who that fella is? He is working under the Great Sage, ai..."

    Mo Wuji stopped and looked at Kun Yun, "You're saying that there's a Sage here? Previously, didn't you say that there were only eight Sages and all of them had God Thrones?"

    Kun Yun didn't directly answer Mo Wuji, but transmitted, "It's true that there are only eight Sages. However, there's a supreme Quasi-Sage here called Min Yuan. Although he isn't a Sage, his power is no weaker than one. Those years ago, he was beaten into God Burial Cave during his attempt to obtain a Sage's God Throne. While in God Burial Cave, he sealed his God Throne. This God Throne is the Great Sage, implying that it is above the eight Sages. This time, I have come here to find the Great Sage."

    "Find that fella? Why?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Kun Yun continued to use voice transmission, "During the Cataclysm, all those below the Sages were in danger. No one could be sure that they wouldn't die. At that time, the Great Sage stood forward and volunteered to deal with the Sages. He spoke for the ordinary Throned Gods and he even offered his life to help them. In all of history, he is the only Quasi-Sage that dared to stand up against the Sages. Because of his forthright character and his benevolent behaviour, many Throned Gods placed their treasures with him before the Cataclysm arrived. If they survived, they would go back to him and take back what was theirs."

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He immediately asked, "That means that you have also placed your treasures with him?"

    Kun Yun seemed to know Mo Wuji's worry. He chuckled and said, "Old Brother Wuji, there's no need to be worried. The Great Sage is benevolent and magnanimous. He is even willing to lend his Xiantian treasures and sacred arts to people. In terms of integrity, no one in the entire universe could compare to him. Moreover, I have only left a portion of my items with him. As for the other portion which is related to my cultivation, I had hidden them somewhere else. When the time comes, you would have to help me retrieve them."

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything else. He could tell that Kun Yun also had doubts with this Great Sage. It was just that this fella didn't wish to say it out loud.

    "Kun Yun, welcome back to the Resting Land of Gods." Another voice sounded. Following which, a pale-faced youth in red robed walked over.

    Although he was welcoming Kun Yun, his eyes were glued to the Tao Tie Pot on Kun Yun's back.

    Kun Yun did not seem to fear that his Tao Tie Pot might be taken. He clasped his fists and said, "So it's Dao Friend Ting Lin."

    After saying that, Kun Yun introduced to Mo Wuji, "Old Brother Wuji, this is Dao Friend Ting Lin. He was one of the 108 Valued Gods. Because he wasn't loyal to the Sages, he also fell under the Cataclysm."

    Hearing Kun Yun's words, Ting Lin clasped his fists towards the sky and said loudly, "If it wasn't for the Great Sage, how could there be Ting Lin? If the Great Sage chooses to leave, I, Ting Lin, will always be his beck and call. Only death will end it."

    Kun Yun smiled and said, "I have to request Dao Friend Ting Lin to lead the way. I wish to meet the Great Sage."

    Ting Lin nodded, "Alright, follow me."

    Mo Wuji transmitted a message to Kun Yun, "Old Brother Kun Yun, why does this Ting Lin have a fleshly body."

    Kun Yun returned a transmission, "Do you think that everyone in the Resting Land of Gods would have lost their fleshly bodies? Only some of them are like that. However, a perfect fleshly body does not mean that the other parts of him are perfect. You will come to realise it after staying here for awhile."

    Ting Lin's speed was very fast. In less than a day, he brought Mo Wuji and Kun Yun to the bottom of a huge mountain.

    As Mo Wuji saw this dazzling mountain, he realised that the Resting Land of Gods also had mountains and rivers.

    In fact, right in front of this mountain, there was a river. This river significantly raised the majesty of this mountain, making one feel like prostrating oneself in worship.

    Kun Yun bowed deeply, "Kun Yun - 36 Minister Principal Gods, has come to meet the Great Sage."

    Mo Wuji didn't bow. He only clasped his fists and said, "Rogue Cultivator Mo Wuji greets the Great Sage."
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