Chapter 1086: First Confrontation With The Great Sage

    Chapter 1086: First Confrontation With The Great Sage

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    "Come on up." A warm voice sounded. Following which, a golden path appeared from above and paved its way to Mo Wuji and Kun Yun.

    Mo Wuji was extremely sensitive to the Dao Laws of Heaven and Earth. The moment this golden path appeared, he immediately noticed that it was from a Dao Law which he had never interacted with before. Originally, he wanted to ask Kun Yun about it. However, Mo Wuji noticed that Kun Yun had stepped onto the path with a lowered head, seemingly not having any intentions to speak. Thus, Mo Wuji could only forget about it.

    This is not right. The instant Mo Wuji's feet stepped onto the golden path, a deep sensation of danger struck him.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to step back. After suffering those years ago, he had a strong trust in his sixth sense.

    At almost the same time, Kun Yun also stepped off the golden path. He bowed and said, "Great Sage, Kun Yun's current cultivation is very low. If I enter the Sage's mountain like this, it would be disrespectful to the Great Sage. I can only request for the Great Sage to return me the items that I left behind with you. When Kun Yun recovers his cultivation, he would come back and work for the Great Sage."

    What kind of person was Kun Yun? He was unable to notice anything amiss with the golden path. However, Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao. Since Mo Wuji seemed to notice something, that meant that it was truly possible that something was wrong. Even though he had the Tao Tie Pot and wasn't worried of what the Great Sage could do to him, he still believed in those words of Mo Wuji: It's better to be safe than sorry.

    It was true that the Great Sage was magnanimous and just. However, so many years had passed. Who could know whether the Great Sage had changed? There was no need to talk about the Great Sage, didn't he, Kun Yun, also change? If someone had treated him the way that Mo Wuji does, he would have extracted that person's soul and used it as a lamp. How could he work with a person like Mo Wuji? Moreover, why would he even have given so many cultivation resources to Mo Wuji?

    "That's fine. These are your things. You can go and cultivate peacefully. If you need anything, you can always come and find me." As the Great Sage was speaking, a storage ring appeared from the sky and floated in front of Kun Yun.

    Kun Yun accepted the ring. He didn't look in it before he bowed deeply in gratitude, "Many thanks to the Great Sage for safekeeping Kun Yun's treasures. Kun Yun will definitely repay this debt. Kun Yun will take his leave now. Wishing the Great Sage limitless fortune."

    "You can leave and cultivate. Being able to escape God Burial Cave and obtaining a suitable fleshly body is also considered your fortune. This Mo Wuji that came with you, however, will need to stay." The voice said indifferently.

    Kun Yun's heart pounded. He hurriedly said, "Because Mo Wuji is young, he doesn't know too much about manners. I seek the Great Sage's magnanimity to forgive him."

    Mo Wuji was his most important loop. If anything happened to Mo Wuji, then there would no longer be any meaning for him here. If not for the fact that the Great Sage would definitely know that he had arrived at the Resting Land of Gods, he definitely wouldn't have come here.

    "Of course I wouldn't blame his lack of courtesy. It's just that he cleaved the primordial spirit of one of my disciples. My Resting Land of Gods is not a place without order. I will need to punish him to face the wall in solitude for 10,000 years. After these 10,000 years, he is free to leave." The voice was still calm.

    Kun Yun's heart sank. He subconsciously glanced towards Mo Wuji.

    How could Mo Wuji not know Kun Yun's meaning? Not only did he not step onto the gold path, he retreated backwards and said in a manner which was neither haughty nor servile, "This Lord had not investigated the matter carefully but you are already attributing punishment. Could this be the Sage Dao that you pursue?"

    It's over! When he heard Mo Wuji's words, Kun Yun's heart sank. He knew that things had gone south. Min Yuan's power was valiant and without equal. Otherwise, he couldn't have fought with Sages while in the Quasi-Sage Stage, nor would he have named his God Throne as the Great Sage.

    Everyone knew of Min Yuan's just. However, there was also a problem about him; he loved to be at the top and respected by everyone. At the same time, he didn't like it when people questioned his authority.

    Mo Wuji had just arrived at the Resting Land of Gods and he already scolded the Great Sage. This clearly wasn't a simple matter.

    Before Kun Yun could try to ameliorate the situation, a golden hand imprint came pressing down.

    This hand grabbed Mo Wuji. Under the might of this golden hand, all space was sealed. Even Kun Yun found it hard to move.

    Kun Yun sighed. He really wanted to resist and escape with Mo Wuji. If he still had his former power, that might have been possible. However, he didn't even have 0.01% of his former power. It was already amazing that he could borrow the Tao Tie Pot to protect himself.

    Even if he could use the power of the Tao Tie Pot to escape, he wouldn't be able to save Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji harrumphed and the Laws of Space around him suddenly changed. The Laws which sealed the space had been blocked by Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao Laws. Mo Wuji was instantly freed. Immediately, he struck out with a finger.

    Seven World Finger - Heaven and Earth.

    Under this finger, Mo Wuji was the ruler of this Heaven and Earth. All other Laws and Dao Laws were cast to the side as the Laws in this Heaven and Earth were renewed. Anything that was against his Dao Laws would be shattered.

    "Boom!" The Dao Laws exploded. Mo Wuji was sent flying. But at the same time, the huge, golden hand imprint also dissipated.

    "Kun Yun, I will leave now. We will meet if fate permits." After Mo Wuji said that, his figure transformed into a breeze and disappeared without a trace.

    Even though the Great Sage Min Yuan had stayed in the Resting Land of Gods for countless years, he was currently unable to locate Mo Wuji.

    After learning the Heavenly Spirits Transformation, Mo Wuji had transformed into an actual breeze. Even if the Great Sage was any stronger, he could not see through a sacred art like Mo Wuji's Heavenly Spirits Transformation.

    "Kun Yun, where is that person from? What kind of Dao does he cultivate? He can actually dismiss the hand imprint formed from my Dao Laws?" The Great Sage's voice was calm and slow, seeming as though nothing major had happened.

    Kun Yun knew that the Great Sage's power had also declined greatly. Even so, Kun Yun wasn't as bold as Mo Wuji. He hurriedly and respectfully said, "I only know that his name is Mo Wuji. He should be cultivating the Mortal Dao... Oh right, it's similar to the technique that Liu Xing cultivated those years ago. I met him just as I recovered my fleshly body and we travelled here together. If I knew that he would behave so disrespectfully to the Great Sage, I definitely wouldn't have treated him so nicely."

    In Kun Yun's heart, he knew that Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao was countless times stronger than Liu Xing's. However, Mo Wuji's importance to him was far more than the Great Sage Min Yuan's. He wouldn't reveal Mo Wuji's true origins. As for the fact that Mo Wuji cultivated the true Mortal Dao, he definitely wouldn't tell Min Yuan about that.

    After some time, Min Yuan finally said calmly, "I understand. You can leave now. If you meet that Mo Wuji, tell him to hurry and come here to confess to his mistakes. On account of his young age, I can reduce his punishment."

    "Yes." Although Kun Yun's heart was filled with contempt, he still bowed respectfully.

    There was no need to talk about this false Sage Min Yuan, a bold person like Mo Wuji didn't even fear a true Sage Luo Xu. Min Yuan must be dreaming to think that Mo Wuji would choose to admit his mistakes.

    Although Min Yuan's power had declined greatly, Kun Yun was still shocked that Mo Wuji could destroy Min Yuan's golden hand imprint and escape. Recalling that Mo Wuji could also control himself during the fall towards God Burial Cave, Kun Yun knew that he didn't even have a 10% understanding towards Mo Wuji.


    Just as Kun Yun was thinking how he should find Mo Wuji, he suddenly received a transmitted message, "Kun Yun, you must have lied to me so that I would get screwed by that Great Sage, right? If I didn't have my methods, I would have died under that dog** Great Sage's hands."

    "Where are you?" Kun Yun cried out in alarm. He immediately sent his spiritual will sweeping outwards.

    However, Kun Yun soon began to break into cold sweat; he was actually unable to locate Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji suddenly attacked him, he, Kun Yun...

    Kun Yun didn't dare to think any further.

    Mo Wuji's voice came once more, "Old Brother Kun Yun, this is not a good place. Tell me the location of Ku Xinren. I will personally find him."

    At this moment, Mo Wuji didn't dare to reveal himself. He suspected that if he showed himself, he would warrant that Great Sage's wholehearted capture. He didn't even dare to cultivate in the Resting Land of Gods.

    How many years had the Great Sage stayed in the Resting Land of Gods? He definitely knew this place like the back of his palm. If he, Mo Wuji, dared to cultivate here, how could he be sure that Min Yuan wouldn't suddenly ambush him?

    Kun Yun inhaled deeply. He tried to calm down as he said, "It's in this jade letter. You can go by yourself then. Also, remember not to leave using the same array gate that we came in. Because the Great Sage would catch you before you even manage to blast a crack open."

    With that, Kun Yun instantly disappeared. He understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. If Mo Wuji didn't raise his cultivation, then he, Kun Yun, would no longer be able to find Mo Wuji. In reality, he also didn't wish for Mo Wuji to be caught by the Great Sage.

    At the instant that Kun Yun left, the jade letter suddenly disappeared. Immediately after, a breeze brushed by and disappeared without a trace. If an observant person was here, he would notice that an inconspicuous grass had disappeared.
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